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The Trip
by Fallen

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*** CHAPTER 7 ***

Paul left to go look for Karen. He soon found her. She was leaning on the upstairs railing with a drink in her hand and appeared to be watching the band. There was a small group of guys that kept walking under her and glancing up. A couple of guys were standing next to her talking. Paul walked over to where she could see him below her. She waved and asked if he was, "Happy now?" Paul tried to get her to come down but she just ignored him and talked to the two guys standing by her. He walked toward the stairs and glanced up at his wife as he walked under her. In the low light of the club you could still see up her dress and even with a quick look, it was plain that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Paul walked upstairs and went over to Karen. "Come on honey. I will take you home," Paul said as he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her from the railing.

"Hey let go of me, I don't want to go with you," Karen yelled. Two big guys suddenly showed up grabbed Paul by his arms and asked if there was trouble. "Yes, could you get him to quit bothering me?" Karen asked as she batted her eyes at them.

"Oh we can do that," the big one holding Paul's right arm said. Paul soon found himself outside the club and the bouncers would not let him in. They wouldn't listen and didn't care if she was his wife. The club was off limits to him for tonight. He finally went and waited in the limo for the rest of them to finish partying. The bar in the limo was well stocked and he made good use of it.

Karen was very upset. How dare Paul treat her that way? She hoped he was having fun with his peeping friends down at the bar. The two guys that had been talking to her had left when the bouncers showed up. Look, there was Joe now heading to the restrooms.

A voice from behind her said "Hello Blondie I didn't expect to see you here." Karen was trying to place that voice before she turned around. "I haven't seen your sweet ass since high school." Karen suddenly placed the voice it was Raulo from her old high school. She had hoped never to see or hear from him again. The memories came flooding back of what he had done to her.

She had been mad at her parents and had dated Raulo, who was one of the baddest boys in school, just to piss them off. He was supposed to be leader of some gang and had his pick of the girls in her school. She had gone out with him once even though he called her Blondie and she hated that. The date had gone fine till it was time for him to take her home. Then he had said "Ok Blondie, time to pay for the meal." She had not known what he meant, but Raulo had made it plain as they walked through the park to his car. You need to give me a blow job for the money I spent on all that fine food. You know how this works, I'm good to you and you're good to me.

She had protested and said she wouldn't do it, that he needed to take her home. He had thrown her to the ground and pinned her arms with his legs slapping her each time that she struggled. Unzipping his pants and pulling out his dick he pumped it up to a good 8 inches. He started trying to feed it her. At first she wouldn't open her mouth but a few more hard slaps and she decide it couldn't be any worse than this. He pushed his big tool into her mouth stretching it more than she had thought possible. "Don't bite it or I will cut your fucking throat," Raulo told her. He had grabbed her head, lifting it and forcing his dick farther into her mouth. He started to pump his hips while he pulled her head forward by her hair. The head of his uncircumcised dick was gagging her as it pounded against the back of her mouth. "Bitch, take all of it," he yelled as he pushed even harder starting to force the head past her tonsils. Suddenly his dick bent and slipped down her throat cutting off her air, she fought and he pulled out a little letting her breathe before forcing it back down her throat. She was sure she was going to die from lack of air but found that if she timed it, she could breathe whenever he pulled back. When he had it in all the way in, his curly black hairs would poke into her nose making her want to sneeze but she had no air to do it with. She had given up hope when she felt him stiffen even more and it would no longer bend and go down her throat. He pumped her mouth full of cum and held her nose till she had swallowed it all.

Dropping her head he had moved back and wiped his dick on her tits. She didn't even know when he ripped open the front of her blouse and pulled down her bra. Standing up he had said, not bad for a white girl, but not good enough for a ride home. He had walked off and left her there, to find her own way home. She never told anyone about what had happened. She was scared of Raulo and of the fact that her parents would never let her hear the end of it.

Reality came streaming back as she heard "Da boys and I had been wondering what we were going to do tonight till you showed up just asking to be screwed." All Karen's old fears came roaring back as Raulo lifted up her skirt commenting, "Looks as good close-up as it did from down there."

She turned and saw the two bouncers walking towards them. She ran up to them and pleaded "Help me please."

"Sure," they said as they motioned for her to go into a door behind them. She ran through the door, shut it, and looked around. It was a large office lined with bookcases and no place to run. She checked the door and couldn't get the lock to work but had heard Raulo talking to the men outside.

"Tell the boys the entertainment for the night is about to start," Raulo told the bouncers as he headed for the door after Karen.

The bookcases on the side walls each had a section standing out from the wall at a right angle and a door in the wall behind them. She ran to the one on the right, opening the door and finding that it was just a restroom. Fear began to grip her as she ran across the room to the other door. She opened it to find a set of stairs leading down. Thank goodness, maybe they lead to the ground floor where she would go find Paul and they could leave. Closing the door behind her she made her way down the stairs. They seemed to go down a long ways but it was hard to tell in the dark. She suddenly came to the end of the stairs. There was a closed door with light coming from under it and she could hear the sound of people talking. She heard someone coming down the stairs so she opened the door and ran into the room slamming the door behind her.

Karen stopped as she got to the middle of the room, knowing that she had made a big mistake. There were about a dozen guys sitting around and playing pool all obviously from some gang. Three were sitting at a table smoking a joint and seemed not to care that she had just run in. One sitting on an old couch yelled, "Entertainment's here." She stood there looking for some way out but a great big black man was standing in front of the only door other than the one she had entered by and now Raulo was standing there. Raulo said "This can be easy or hard but you been asking for it since you walked in the club, Blondie." He shoved her to one end of the room where there was a bed and some kind of tall bench with rings welded on the legs. There were chains and stuff hanging on the wall. Karen was begging Raulo to let her go. Her husband and his friends would be looking for her. "But no one will find you here slut," Raulo told her as several of the other guys gathered around. Karen kept pleading to please let her go and for them not to hurt her. Several of the guys called for a little show just to get the night started.

Some one handed her a drink and said, "Here this will help." She took it and took a drink just to use up a little time. More of the guys had gathered around her and the free area was rapidly getting smaller. Raulo told her to get up on the bench and show off her ass like she had been doing in the club, slapping her ass hard. She took another big drink and set the glass down as she got up on the bench. She wasn't very steady and could feel that last drink burning in her belly. They started to whistle and call out to her to take it off. Raulo jumped up on the bench behind her and stated to run his hands over her body. He grabbed her dress and lifted it up exposing her shaved pussy to the group. She tried to push the skirt down and they yelled for him to rip it off.

She tried to fight to keep her dress on and suddenly there were hands grabbing her from everywhere. Thankfully the zipper gave and her dress was pulled off as she was thrown down on the bench. Two guys, who had pulled knives to cut her dress off, put them back, as her hands and feet were tied to the bench. This left her head hanging over one end and her ass hanging over the other. Her long blonde hair was hanging to the floor, with her tits jiggling as she struggled against the cuffs that tied her ankles and wrists to the legs of the bench. She looked so fine lying there naked tied spread-eagle in just a black garter belt and black stockings, her shaved cunt open and inviting, that for a moment everyone seemed to stop and stare. Suddenly hands were all over her probing and grabbing. She could see several of the guys getting their dicks out. Raulo had his out and walked up laughing, he told her to open up bitch. When she refused he slapped her twice and pushing her head down started shoving it in her mouth. He only slowed down a little as he forced her to take all of his 8 inches not stopping till his balls rested on her nose. Cheers went up while they watched the bulge move up and down in her throat as he straddled her head. Raulo bragged that he had taught her to suck cock and now here she was asking for more. He pumped his cock in and out, stopping with just the head in her mouth and then slamming it back down till her lips were buried in the hair at the base of his pole. "Be good to us Blondie and we might let you walk out of here tonight, alive."

A commotion at the stairs caused Raulo to stop and look. Several guys were coming in and they had some little Latin beauty that they were throwing on the bed. "Hey Raulo, here's the one that wants to join the gang."

"Well strip her down and see if she can handle belonging to us," Raulo said.

The stiff cock that had suddenly stopped while deep in her throat cut off Karen's air. Her body struggled for oxygen and her throat constricted around it trying to swallow the intruder so she could breathe. Raulo felt her tighten around his cock and tried to shove it even deeper in her throat. It swelled and spurted hot cum deep into her belly. Her throat muscles milked the cum from him as they tried in vain to force the intruder to finish its journey downward. It was more than Raulo could stand and he pulled out dribbling a trail of cum down her face. She was blacking out when her lungs suddenly filled with air. She raised her head coughing and gagging, vision slowly coming back.

Raulo yelled at someone between her legs "Save the cherry on that white cunt for Juan! You know how he is." The guy cussed but spit in his hand and rubbed it on the head of his dick then pressed it to her asshole. It felt like he was ripping her open as he forced the dick into her with so little lubrication. Someone else grabbed her hair and turned her head to the side pushing a new dick in her mouth. Karen learned to quit resisting and give whatever the other person wanted. She tried to make them cum as fast as she could hoping to reach the end of the line. Some wanted to cram their dick down her throat, while others wanted her to suck till they filled her mouth with cum. Her face and tits were covered in cum. Karen's ass was slick with cum and blood, stretched by all the fucking it had received. She could squeeze her ass muscles after someone had been fucking it for a few minutes and usually get them to blow their load. She had no idea many men had used her but the line never seemed to end.

There were now around thirty people in the room and they had formed two main groups. One group was around the white girl cuffed to the bench, who was getting her mouth and ass pumped full of fresh cum. The other group was around Maria the dark Latin girl on the bed, who was fucking and sucking as fast as she could. Maria was taking on guys sometimes three or four at a once. She seemed to be in competition with Karen to see who could milk the most cum from all those dicks. This went on for over an hour with people wandering back and forth between the groups watching and participating.



This story contains 14 chapters. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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