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The Temp
by Eve

Geoff didn't look up from his desk when someone entered his office. He knew that it was the temp because the receptionist had just buzzed him only seconds earlier. Temps were usually bad news, because they didn't work overtime, and they're work was usually sloppy and inefficient. When he decided that she had waited long enough, he looked up a condescending smile. His smile was frozen on his lips as he spied a tall black woman, who could very easily have passed for a supermodel.

He shook his head slightly as if to wake from a daydream. She had dark skin the color of polished mahogany, that was smooth and blemish free with only the slightest hint of make-up. Huge dark brown eyes stared back just as intently. Her hair was cropped short in a concoction of spirally curls. She wore a business like skirt suit that was somehow a bit indecent for the length of the skirt that came to mid thigh and the blouse with the matching jacket which had one too many buttons undone to hint at the creamy swell of what appeared to be an impressive swell of her breasts.

He glimpsed at her body to find that it was as magnificent as her face. He found a pair of the longest legs he had ever seen. The legs were encased in a pair of sheer silk stockings that molded to the fine curves of the shapely legs. As his eyes slowly traveled up her body, he noted the very ripe curves of her hips, a tiny waistline, and a set of knockers, that belonged on the centerfold of a penthouse. This had to be one of the sexiest women he had ever laid eyes on. He had never really been attracted to back women before but this one certainly caught his attention.

"If you have finished your appraisal, sir, I would appreciate it very much if we could get to business," she stated coldly in a husky voice that added to her sexiness.

He was so startled that she spoke that he didn't react to the fact that a lowly temp had dared to speak to him that way. "Um....Yes, Miss?"

"Randall, but Yvette is fine."

"Well, Yvette, have a seat and we can go over the things that I would like for you to do while you're here, have you ever temped in a law firm before?" he almost choked on that last word as she sat down, before she crossed her legs, he could swear that he saw her bush. She wasn't wearing any underwear, just the garter holding up her stockings, and his cock twitched involuntarily.

"No, I haven't Mr. Howard, but I pick things up quickly," she said in that sexy voice of hers. He went over the list that his secretary had prepared for him before she left for vacation, but for the life of him he couldn't concentrate to save his live. He kept staring at the her huge breast imagining his white hands on her dark melons, his tongue running over huge nipples and sticking his cock, her wet cunt.

"Mr. Howard!" her voice cut through his fantasy.

"Look, I have an idea of what needs to be done around here so if you don't mind I would really like to get to it," she stood up and her skirt was slightly higher. She tugged it down defensively. For someone who seemed to not like the attention she was receiving, she certainly dressed as if she wanted it.

For the rest of the day Geoff tried to go through legal briefs but he couldn't concentrate for thinking about the sexy black temp just outside his door. He could think of nothing but ravishing that black body of his desk. He thought of several positions that he would like to try with her. It was that he suffered from sexual frustration because he dated regularly and had sex quite regularly, after all he was a good lucking successful lawyer. It miffed him a little that Yvette, looked at him a bit indignantly whereas most women were fascinated with his blonde mane and sea green eyes, he was tall with an athletic physique, but yet this one woman looked at him as if he were scum on her school. Perhaps it was best not to get mixed up with that anyway, he figured.

On his way out to lunch however, he saw the lovely Yvette bending over some files, obviously in the middle of organizing. Her back was turned to him so she didn't hear him come out of his office. He stood there with his mouth wide open, at the sight of her round ass. Her skirt had ridden so far up that the could see how her stockings were being supported by her garter, and a slight glimpse of her firm round ass checks. More than anything he wanted to stick his cock in that ass right then and there his cock was so hard that it hurt. Finally as if sensing another presence in the room Yvette straightened up and turned to face him.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" she asked in a voice used by adults to small children. Her eyes strayed to the huge hard on in his pants. Her lips tighten in displeasure. He flushed with embarrassment. Here he was a high powered attorney and some temp was making him feel like a callous school boy all over again. "Nothing, I will be out to lunch, and I won't be back for an hour or so," he hurried quickly out the door not waiting for a reply. He made a detour to the men's restroom and found a stall to the end.

He was relieved that the bathroom was empty. He unzipped his pants to alleviate the ache in his groin. Damn it hurt. He pulled ten inches of hard meat from his pants and gently jerked it back and forth. He couldn't get the image of that beautiful bush that he caught sight of this morning or that round ass. When he was close to her, her could almost smell her essence and that thought sent him over the edge, and he spewed what seemed like a gallon of cum all over the stall.

Feeling a bit better, her pulled himself together, and headed for the exit. He knew now that he had to fuck her. She would be there for two weeks and he had to find a way to poke that pussy. The thought brought a smile to his face.

To be continued...

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