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The Tour
by HSWriter

When Bob Mason, the Director of Tours, called me into his office, I thought that I was going to be fired. My heart dropped when I received the email from him. His memo stressed the word immediately. I slowly rose from my leather chair and exited my small, insignificant cubicle and walked slowly towards his office. I reached the large, glass door at the end of the hallway. As I reached for the doorknob, I took a deep breath. The door creaked a little as I pushed it open, making my presence known to Bob, who had been at one of his various fish tanks feeding his tropical fish. I took a look around the large, overdone office. Along the walls were large fish tanks filled with exotic, and very rare tropical fish. Behind a large oak desk was a huge window. The view of the Los Angeles skyline was breathtaking.

Bob turned to me and smiled lightly. "Good afternoon, Josh. How are you today?"

'Wow.' I thought to myself. 'He's being pretty nice to someone he is probably going to fire in a moment.'

"Good afternoon, Mr. Mason." I greeted him, with a slight tremble in my voice.

"Please," he said, offering me a seat, "have a seat. And call me Bob. Mr. Mason just isn't my thing." I noticed that he was speaking relatively loosely with me. This was very strange, because I had always seen him as a person who would peek his head out of his office door and bark orders to the thirty or forty workers in their cubicles. And, if he wasn't giving us continual instruction, then he was off on a business trip, "overseeing" one of the various tours which Jive Records (my employer) was putting on. "I have asked you to come here today," he continued, "because I am concerned with you work."

Here it came. It was going to be bad, I could tell. "Really?" I stuttered. I didn't want to lose my job. I had worked so hard to get this job. I was only one year removed from college, and at 21, I was moving up in life. I didn't want it to end now.

He stood and began to walk around the room, glancing at his fish. "I am concerned that you are cooped up in this office too much." I was beginning to get confused. "We both know that you are one of our youngest, and best looking workers." That, I couldn't hide. I had been an avid football player in high school and I was built fairly well. I would have never had any trouble getting women if that was what I was looking for. But, that wasn't what I was all about. I was looking for a relationship, something that I was yet to find. Bob continued his speech. "I have also seen that you are one of the best workers that I have. That thing that you set up in Seattle for the Backstreet Boys' tour was amazing. You have a real knack for pulling things together and making them run smoothly." I knew this, I knew how it worked, it was in the handbook for firing people. It was where the boss builds the employee up, then he crushes them. I could feel it coming.

"And," Bob continued, "As you know, I will be out of the country on my honeymoon for two months." This was one thing that only a record executive like Bob Mason could do, take a two month honeymoon. "And we have a couple of huge tours coming up." He stopped there as he peered out of the window. He then turned back and gave me an almost reassuring smile. I was slowly beginning to feel that I wasn't in that office to be fired, but to be moved up in life once again. "I want you to take care of one of those tours for me."

I gasped for air. What a surprise! This was better news than could ever be expected. "Which tour?" I asked, now with a hint of excitement in my voice.

"Well, it is the Starlets Tour." Bob's words hung. I almost fell back in my chair. "It is our new feature tour featuring our biggest female acts. The feature singers are Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Jessica Simpson will also be added as the opening act."

I pinched myself on the arm, trying to make sure that it wasn't a dream. "Well, this is unbelievable." I exclaimed. "Thank you Bob." I stood and shook his hand.

He handed me a manila envelope which was thick with papers giving me the rest of the details on the tour. When I took the envelope from him, it may have been the greatest moment in my entire life. As I exited the office, Bob gave me one final instruction. "Josh, your plane ticket is in the folder. You are going to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow to kick the tour off next week." I turned and gave him a thumbs up. "Have fun!" He yelled to me as I pulled my bag from beneath my cubicle and headed for my car.

I had to go home and pack. I a daze, I packed my clothes, my laptop computer, my pager, my cell phone, and trusty clipboard. I didn't sleep that night, all I could do is lay in my bed and think about the tour. My mind wandered to the three women in the show. Britney Spears with her young, vivacious breasts and firm, round ass. Christina Aguilera with her slim, proportionally hot body. And the young, innocent looking Jessica Simpson, with her firm young breasts and her succulent ass. As I laid there, my cock began to respond to my fantasies. As I imagined more about the three young singers, I reached my hand down into my boxers and grasped my raging hard-on. I began to move my hand up and down my nine inch shaft as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson danced through my head. It all ended with a mind-shattering orgasm. I cleaned myself up and returned to bed, falling asleep shortly there after.

The next morning, at 10 am, I boarded a plane from going from LAX to Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. On the plane, I took out the folder that had been given to me by my boss. It contained a few documents and a CD-ROM. I inserted the CD into my laptop and uploaded it's contents onto my hard drive. Within the CD was all of the information about the tour that could be known, including the hotel arrangements, arena arrangements, and travel arrangements. As I was looking through the travel info, I noticed that I was scheduled to accompany the three stars on the company's private tour jet. This was one big perk that came with the job of Tour Director on a mainstream tour like this one. The company was bringing in two planes: one for the stars, and one for the rest of the performers in the show.

I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 5 pm EDT, losing three hours in crossing time zones. I was met at the airport by Todd Nelson, a guy whom I had worked with on numerous occasions before. He was going to be my assistant on the tour. I loved to boss him around because he was such a little prick. He was in his late forties, and he was balding. He was one of the most despicable people who worked at Jive, but he did his job effectively, and he deserved credit for that.

"Afternoon, Josh." He acknowledged me.

"Todd." I replied with a nod. "How are things?"

"Things are going fine." He explained as he escorted me to his rental car, with my bags in hand. "We are almost all ready to kick this thing off tomorrow. The set is done at the arena here and the set-up crew left this morning for Jacksonville."

"And my stars?" I implied.

"Our stars our at the arena as we speak, rehearsing for tomorrow night's show." He answered roughly.

"Let's go then." I ordered as we drove out of the airport parking lot and headed for the arena.

When we got there, we entered through one of the back gates. The loud beat of the music could be felt as we entered the backstage area. Britney Spears was out on stage, rehearsing the dance number for her hit "Baby One More Time...". When the music stopped, she came running to the side of the stage to meet us. Her youthful breasts bounced, even as they were restricted by her sports bra. The sports bra was all that she dawned on top. She wore a pair of plaid sweat pants and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She looked gorgeous even though she wasn't wearing makeup and she was dripping with sweat. She immediately saw Todd and I and she approached us.

"Very good, Britney." Todd complimented her. "It is going to be a great show tomorrow night."

"Thank you." Britney replied in a sweet voice. She turned to me. "And you must be Josh Thomas, our tour director."

"That would be me." I replied, extending my hand. She placed her sweaty hand in mine and I brought it to my lips, kissing it softly. "It is nice to finally meet you Ms. Spears."

"The pleasure is all mine." She replied in a somewhat seductive tone. "And, call me Britney."

"Ok then, Britney." I complied. She then scampered off to her dressing room. When she was gone, Todd gave me a sharp look. He was always jealous about how I could impress even the most beautiful women in the world with my charm. That was one thing that I had, that he didn't, and he resented me for it.

Rehearsals wound down, and I spent the rest of the day with the crew, the sound board controllers and the lighting controllers, and everyone in between. Every thing was set for the show. I announced that we would have our first production meeting in the morning, then our final rehearsal in the afternoon. I met the other two stars of the show, and I greeted them the same way as I had Britney Spears, and I received the same, almost lustful reaction. When the day was done, I was beat. I retired to the hotel and slept like a baby.

At 9 am the nest morning, I received my wake up call from Todd and we met in the hotel lobby. We made our way to the arena where we would hold our production meeting. The meeting went smoothly, with our three stars half asleep, we ironed out all of the bugs in the show. I then dismissed everyone to rehearsals.

As Christina Aguilera and her dancers went over their dance moves for the song "What a girl wants" I found a seat in the middle section of the lower level of the stands. From there, I sat, the lone spectator among 45,000 empty seats. I watched Christina work her gorgeous little body. My cock began to rise as I watched her put on a seductive little dance number. I glanced around. No one was in sight. The only lighted part of the arena was the stage, the seats were in darkness. Everyone was concentrating hard on the rehearsal at hand. I wanted to be daring, and I was incredibly turned on by the young beauty who seemed to be putting on her most sensual dancing display just for me. He body rocked, her young, firm breasts bouncing slightly and her youthfully tight ass moving sensually form side to side.

I slowly, and subtly reached down and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled the zipper down slowly and inserted my hand into my boxers. I began to slowly masturbate myself, never taking my eyes off of Christina's gorgeous body. I then began to lose my concentration on my surroundings, and I only focused on the heavenly figure up on stage.

Unknown to me, Britney Spears had had the same idea as me. She had come out from the backstage area to see what the show looked like from the seats. She came to my row and began to make her way to me. I didn't even see her until she was right beside me.

"Do you like what you are seeing?" She whispered seductively into my ears.

My blood ran cold and my heart stopped. There I was, beating my meat during rehearsal, watching Christina Aguilera. I looked up at her. My fear was now, so intense that I began to shake, and my dick went instantly limp. I was speechless and I couldn't move a muscle.

Britney sat down in the seat next to me and smiled. "Oh, don't let me stop you." She said. I still sat there motionless. He eyes wandered down to my crotch, where it was noticeable that my erection was long gone. I had by now removed my hand and I sat there, with my pants wide open. "Awww, did I scare you?" She said in a sensual tone. She surprised me as she reached her little teenaged hand down beneath the elastic band of my boxers. I felt her small, cold fingers wrap around my limp cock. I was still unable to move. "Just keep watching Christina." she insisted as she pulled my cock out from underneath my boxers. No one else could see us, because we sat in the darkness. I turned my head back to the stage, where Christina had just started a new dance number. My cock regained its hardness as Britney stroked it. I relaxed as I watched Christina's beautiful body sway seductively.

There I sat, in the stands of the Ft. Lauderdale Arena, watching Christina Aguilera complete a sexual dance number on stage, with Britney Spears' small hand wrapped around my rigid, nine inch cock. I balls began to tighten and I felt my seed rise into my cock. Britney knew that I was close and she began to stroke me faster.

"Oh god." I moaned softly. This was it, I was going to cum right there. To my surprise, Britney's head shot down into my crotch, her puffy lips wrapping around the head of my cock as I unloaded a huge wad of cum into her young mouth. She drank it up like a pro. It was the longest, and most pleasurable cum of my life.

When I was done pumping my cum into her mouth, Britney raised her head and swallowed it all down. "Mmmm Mmmm good." She smiled as she leaned over and kissed me square on the lips. I felt her tongue gently push between my lips and I got a short taste of my own cum. It was a heavenly kiss from a heavenly young woman. When she withdrew from the kiss, I regained my senses and stuffed my spent cock back into my boxers. When I had my pants zipped up and rebuttoned, I looked back up. Britney was gone, she had gone back to the backstage area to prepare for her own rehearsal.

I stood and walked back to the backstage area to meet Todd and make sure that everything was ok with the lighting and the sound. As I walked, a thousand thoughts went through my head. Why did Britney do that? Why didn't she scream and go running? Why didn't she call Bob Mason, or the police even? And most of all, I wondered, What the Hell just happened? I was very confused and in a state of pure guilt. I felt so guilty that I had left myself exposed and I could have been fired, or arrested. I had demonstrated a lack of self control, and I felt terrible about it.

On the other hand, though, I had just received an unexpected hand job from one of the most gorgeous women in the world. She had caught me masturbating, and instead of freaking out, she finished me off herself. This was amazing. I didn't know what to think, but I knew that what I had experienced was unbelievable, and almost impossible. It was the fantasy of almost every man in America.

The show that night went perfectly. The girls did great, the sang beautifully and they danced wonderfully. I didn't have to speak to Britney for the rest of the night. But, when she walked past me to go on stage, she gave me a wink. I didn't really know how to interpret this, but I felt that it was good. The other girls seemed to look at me differently as well. Had Britney told them? How embarrassing that would be. The whole night, I was in wonder about it.

After the show, I went back to the hotel to pack my things, that night, I would board the plane with the three girls and only two pilots. I wondered what would happen, if any of them would bring up the incident between myself and Britney. I hoped that they would bring it up. The only thing that I could be sure of, though, was that I was about to spend the next eight weeks with three of the most beautiful women in the world. I couldn't' wait to see what was going to happen next.

To be continued...

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