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The Trip
by Jimi Linden


She was awakened from her not very comfortable nap by a touch on her left breast. God that felt good, although she was not sure at first where she was. Then she remembered. Her mentor (and employee!) was next to her, driving the company owned van. He was pressing, and furtively stroking, the back of his hand against her left nipple!

If she squinted her eyes carefully, she could study him. He was slightly older than she but still quite athletic and definitely good looking. Moreover, he had a slim cute little butt! Damn! What was she thinking of? He was her subordinate. What she was dreaming about would definitely be called sexual harassment.

She could see the sweat beading on his brow and his hands were trembling. Carefully he pulled his hand away from her breast to wipe his brow.

She felt cold all over, almost as if someone had removed a blanket from her body. God He made her hot! Plus, he had those bedroom eyes.

Like a small child stealing cookies, he slowly placed his hand between her left arm and breast, then gently rubbed it up and down the side of her breast. She leaned toward him just slightly not ready yet to let him know she wanted him to continue. He stared straight out the windshield, as if he was afraid he might waken her by looking her way. The sweat continued to run down his cheeks and drip from his chin.

The swell of her breast, as she slept, was driving him to distraction, making it difficult to concentrate on the road. Though she was his immediate superior at the office, he had not been able to prevent himself from having sexual fantasies about her. That day, six months ago, when she first walked into the office wearing a form-fitting business suit with a figure hugging nylon blouse, nylons and heels he had fallen madly in lust with her. Now here they were, just the two of them, on a trip with almost a thousand miles to drive and a whole weekend to be thrown together at a sales and trade show.

He reached his hand out to touch her arm, tell her the road was getting fuzzy, and ask her to drive a while. Instead, he brushed her left breast! He froze, afraid she might wake and fire him on the spot. She didn't move though, but murmured slightly in her sleep, as if the touch might have awakened a pleasant memory or inspired an even more pleasant dream. He realized he was applying a slight pressure to the touch and she was leaning toward his hand. God, he wanted to stroke and squeeze that perfectly formed mound and as it was he couldn't keep his hand still.

He cautiously pulled his hand away, using it to wipe his now sweaty brow, then slowly wiped his moist and itchy palm against the knee of his pants. Discreetly returning it to the side of her breast, he was careful to place his hand as if he had actually been reaching for her arm. She again leaned against his touch.

The motion of the small motor home as it swayed down the highway, was causing her lithe and small, perfectly proportioned body to rub against his wayward hand ... or was she moving? God! He was rock hard! He had to stop the van or he was going to lose control and cause an accident (or have one of his own in his pants).

Just five miles to the next rest area the last sign had read. He pressed a bit harder and softly stroked the knuckles of his hand forward and back very slowly afraid she might wake up and catch him. Still he was totally unable and unwilling to break the contact.

The rest stop was just ahead. Decision time! Should he stop and lose this wonderful opportunity to touch her? Maybe he could just drive on and she wouldn't wake for many miles yet. On the other hand, if he didn't do something about the log in his pants he was going to go wild. But, damn, he didn't want to stop touching her breast.

Now it really was decision time, the rest stop was here. It was turn off now or not till the next rest stop fifty or sixty miles ahead. Oh Hell! He knew it would be necessary to stop touching her sometime, but he wasn't ready yet. Aw Shit! He was so hard it hurt. Time to get out, walk a bit and enjoy the cool (deflating?) mountain air.

Why was he slowing down? He was turning off the highway, probably into a rest stop. Oh Hell! He had removed his hand. Damn! Now what? There was no way she could fake being asleep now. Maybe after they left the rest area she could pretend to sleep again.

She raised her head and looked out, then back at him with a smile, being careful not to leer.

Suddenly he reached out and rammed his hand into her sweater sliding roughly inside the bra cup over her right breast. She involuntarily jumped, turning to the right in the process, trapping his hand before he could withdraw it.

Glancing over at her, he saw she was grinning at him. Was that a grin of triumph? Had she caught him, and was now planning to fire him? Maybe she'd been just waiting for an excuse like this. Maybe she had someone else she wanted to put in his job. These thoughts so startled him, as he pulled into the parking place, that his foot slipped off the brake pedal. He slammed it back into place, bringing the small motor home to a sudden lurching stop.

Shooting his hand across the space between them, to stop her from hurtling forward, he hit her hard on the chest. Oh My God! He had only been trying to protect her from harm and now his hand was clear inside her sweater! She jumped. He tried to pull his arm back, but his hand was trapped! Oh Shit! Now what?!

Quickly stuttering an apology, he tried to explain what had happened. However, she wasn't letting go of his hand. It was held firmly between her bra and that glorious breast he had been so lusting for. Oh God! He was done for. She'd fire him for sure now. Hell, she'd probably make him walk home from here!

Decision time. Should she turn back and let his hand go, or should she enjoy his discomfort. She knew what she wanted to do, but did she dare? Would he scream sexual harassment if she told him what her true desires were? Oh Hell! Time for action. She wanted him and he wanted her. They were both adults. It was worth the chance.

As these thought vignettes flashed quickly through her mind she rolled further to the right. Now there was no way, other than jerking away so hard it might rip her bra, that he could get away.

She had rolled away from him, snaring his hand even more tightly than it had been. She was going to make an issue of this. So much for this job. Now what? He'd tried to explain and apologize. She had purposely rotated sideways and caught him! No getting out of it now. He was as trapped as his hand was.

Strangely though, he could feel her nipple hardening under his palm. Even though she was going to fire him, she was enjoying this. God, her nipple felt like a little marble in his hand! He couldn't help himself, job or no job, he wanted to see that luscious mound. The sudden fantasy of kissing and nursing it caused a surge of energy, which rippled up the length of his already overly sensitive organ.

No getting out of it now! He may have started it, but she was definitely going to finish it. She reached down, put her left hand on his wrist, and held his hand against her breast. With her right hand, she slowly began to unbutton her sweater - from the bottom up. His eyes grew big as saucers. Without saying a word, she pulled her sweater open, still keeping his fingers trapped with her bra. Thank God, it was getting dark out. Holding his hand with hers, she drew his fingers across her nipple and then brought it to her lips where she kissed and suckled the fingers. Again without saying a word, she got up from the passenger's seat and walked to the back of the van.

My God! She was unbuttoning her sweater. She released the pressure on his hand and guided it from her bra with her small hand. Kissing his fingers, she began to suck them suggestively. Dumbly he stared at her unable to believe this was really happening to him. Maybe she wasn't as mad at him as he had thought.

She walked to the back of the motor home closing blinds as she went. Setting down on the bed she tossed her sweater away and removed her bra. God, he had been right! She did have fantastic, firm, upthrust mounds with gorgeous little nipples. The areolas were almost the same color as her creamy skin, which made each prominent tip stand out like a grain elevator on the Kansas plains. Those nipples were sharply pointed and just waiting for him to nurse them. Why was he just sitting here? Move feet, move!

Why was he just setting there? Had she scared him off? Was she being too bold? Finally he got up and she could see the outline of his gigantic hard-on as he came toward her. He was approaching her with his hands dangling at his sides, like a little boy with stage fright. Was she going to have to seduce him? Was he willing to be seduced? No, there was not a question about that; he was about to burst the front of his pants. She reached up, began to unbutton his shirt, and kissed him softly on the chest.

Oh God! She was unbuttoning his shirt! And she was licking HIS nipples! As she pushed the shirt from his shoulders she pressed her breasts hard against his chest and kissed him with her whole mouth, thrusting her tongue between his teeth. He reached around her hugging her tightly against his body. Then flexed his pelvis toward hers as he pulled her closer with a hand on her tight bottom. Now she was grinding her twin volcanoes against his chest. The nipples were so hard they felt like two little arrowheads against him. The tip of her tongue was dancing with the tip of his tongue. How she did it he didn't know, but she seemed to grabbing his tongue with hers and clutching it.

This man could kiss! She was so wet the front of her jeans was becoming soaked. She pressed her nipples against him then pulled down so she could kiss his throat and the top of his chest. With a quick motion she pushed her pants and panties down to her ankles. Now he had the same hold on her cheeks as before, but there was nothing but skin between his hands and her bottom. His hard-on was so big it felt like a rolling pin. Reaching down between them, without breaking her kiss on his left nipple, she unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and began to slip his zipper down. As the zipper ran down its track, she ran her finger inside his pants across the front of his jockey shorts and along the length of his shaft. She hadn't thought it possible, but he actually seemed to grow bigger. As his pants fell to his ankles, she put her hands on his hips and slowly pushed his shorts down. When his manhood was completely exposed, she began to kiss downward across the width of his chest.

He didn't know how she did it, but suddenly her slacks were around her ankles, and his hands were on her bare buttocks. She stepped out of her clothing and shoes in such a fluid motion he was at first not even aware she was now totally naked. Then she began to undress him! As his shorts were forced down from his skinny hips, his erection sprang up like a surfacing submarine. She pushed him back onto the bed and rubbed herself up and down his body. She was kissing his chest in ever lower and lower circles. When she came to his crotch she kissed first to the right of his erection, then to the left, then she kissed and gently nipped the inside of his thighs. Her hair was brushing his crotch, driving him even wilder. He wanted to take her now, but was afraid if he rushed she might pull back, or worse yet, stop what she was doing.

She loved to tease a man's body and make him rock hard. Then pet him and hold him off till he got even harder. Now this man's penis was actually throbbing it was so engorged with blood. Time to stop teasing and get down to business. She began by licking his balls very gently. So gently that he wouldn't be sure at first whether he was feeling her tongue or her hair touching him. As he moaned softly, she began to lick slowly from the base of his shaft to the point, then with small love bites she nipped back down to the base again. Several excursions like this and his eyes fluttered closed. He was softly mewling and his hips began pumping slowly up and down. She took the end of his now gigantic, steel hard tool into her mouth and gently impaled the tip of her tongue into the tight hole on its head. Immediately his eyes popped open, he jerked upward, and she was afraid he was going to cum right then and there.

This lady was better than good, she was fantastic; superb; absolutely exquisite; beyond belief! If he had not practiced for so long, held himself in check with such tight will power, and been able to concentrate so thoroughly on not cumming till he was ready, he'd have filled her mouth with so much fluid she'd have surely choked. How could he tell her that he had never found oral stimulation exciting? He would always prefer to give than to receive.

Now it was his turn! He worked his shoulders and head between her legs, kissing each bit of skin his lips encountered as he moved. Positioning her legs over his shoulders, he brought her heels to the middle of his back. Then he started gently licking her dripping wet sex. He ran his tongue from the crack between her legs, into the folds of her labia, as deep into her wonderfully flavorful vaginal channel as he could stretch his tongue, out the top across her clitoris, then back through this same fantastically erotic route again and again.

OH MY GOD! He's going to eat me! YES! He's doing it! He's eating me! Yet even she thought this she was not surprised. She had known he would be a good lover, and he obviously was. He didn't just nibble her clit, but actually ran his tongue deep inside her, then up and around her panic button. She had to concentrate not to lose control and pull his hair too hard. He continued to lick her up, down, and inside for several minutes, then he began to concentrate more and more on just softly stroking her clit with his tongue. She was on fire. She was going to come if he didn't stop! Then he gently began to probe her with his finger as he continued to stroke her clitoris with ever increasing vigor. It was too much! She not only came, but actually ejaculated. She was mortified! Now just as things were beginning to work out for them, she'd ruined it!

She had her fingers entwined in his hair. He had to work hard to not let it distract him from his task. He wanted to make her cum! He began to gently work his tongue around her clitoris in small circles. When her clit began to grow harder, he nursed it with his lips even as he continued to lick it. He inserted his finger slowly into her without breaking the rhythm of his tongue. She went wild! She began to slowly hump his hand even as he continued to eat her. At first he just slipped one finger inside her, but as she became more involved he managed to work two, and then three fingers into her dripping shaft. He felt her stiffen. She was going to cum! Then she not only came, but even better, she actually shot! He couldn't get his mouth open wide enough, nor his tongue moving fast enough to catch it all, but he got most of her sweet cum and swallowed and sucked and swallowed till she was still.

He was truly swallowing her cum! Her loss of control hadn't frightened him away! No man had ever done such a thing for her! God, If he licked her again, she would probably cum again. She had never cum that hard, nor that good. Then he did it! He began to lick her clit again! She didn't count, but it seemed to take less than a dozen strokes before she came again. She needed him inside her now! He wouldn't let her bring her legs down though. He was eating her again! This time she didn't cum, she just got hotter and hotter. Her stomach muscles were as tight as his elongated manhood.

After she shot, he continued to eat her. She came more quickly this time, but he knew she could still enjoy more because her stomach muscles were as tight as a drumhead. Now he could feel her body relaxing, but not her sex muscles. Rolling onto his back her drew her lips to his lips. Wrapping his arms around her, he flattened her breasts against his nipples even as he stroked the roof of her mouth with his thrusting tongue. Her body molded itself on top of his as she easily slipped him into her sex. They faultlessly melded together and no hands were needed to guide their bodies into a perfect union.

She felt herself lifted from his wonderful tongue and then he placed her hot hole on top of his wonderfully rock hard meat. Her overly sensitized nipples were rubbing against his chest and she would have moaned in pleasurable pain had her mouth not been full of his tongue. All she had to do to take him in was to open her carnal lips and slip down. She felt as if her love shaft was the size of a railroad tunnel. He slipped in with no guidance or effort, then placed his hands on her hips and squeezed the cheeks of her bottom tightly together. God, when he did that it made her so tight she was afraid she would force him out. He must feel it too because he was holding her closer and tighter even as he thrust deeply into her. Never had she been this hot while a man was inside her. She felt like she might even cum again. Then it happened!

This lady was tight. It felt like he was trapped in a soft vise. The more he pulled her to him, the wider she seemed to open her thighs. Yet, no matter how wide her thighs opened, nor her lips spread, she remained deliciously tight. The nipples he had thought were small points before, now seemed to be the size of grapes ... but very long sharp grapes. Each nipple appeared to be at least half an inch long; and so hard they looked like miniature towers. Fantastic! He pulled her toward him and nursed first one beautiful nipple and then the other. She tensed, which surprised him because he thought she was already wound as tight as an eight-day clock, and then she did it again! She shot! All his life he had wanted to make a woman cream using just his shaft but had never hoped to make it truly happen. She didn't just shoot. She ejaculated; she creamed; she flooded; she exploded! The bed was soaked, they were soaked, and still she was giving him more of her cum. He wanted to taste her fluids, yet couldn't decide whether to push deeper inside her or move down her and drink her sweet nectar.

Never in her life had she shot twice in a row, much less three times! It was fantastic. Was it him, or was it the situation? Why was she analyzing it now? Who cared? She wanted more of him! Pulling her nipple from him, which required a great deal of self-effort and discipline, she sat straight up. WOW! His organ must have penetrated another three inches into her. She slowly raised up until only the ridge at the tip of his circumcision was holding him in her, then just as slowly she slid down until the entire length of his manhood was stretching the back walls of her cavity. If she wiggled carefully the tip of his erection pressed against her cervix, threatening to actually enter her womb. She stroked over and over until she could feel his stomach muscles beginning to tighten. Then she lowered herself as tightly to him as she could and massaged him with her sex lips until he came.

No woman had ever made him cum without his deciding to let himself go. Now she was doing just that! He couldn't hold it any longer. Even as he felt his fluids being pulled out of him by her fantastically alive body, he knew he would never be the same. She pumped him with her vaginal muscles till he felt there was no more liquid anywhere in his body, then she pulled off and took what was left of his erection in her mouth. There was nothing for her to suck from him, but she was doing it anyway. He could feel the juices being drawn from deep inside himself. It was impossible! He was cumming again. Never had he cum twice in such a short period of time.

She had never had such success making a man cum. She wanted to taste his cum. She wanted to draw his sexual fluids from deep within him. She wanted to make him explode! Changing positions, she took his flaccid tool in her mouth in the hopes of sucking some of his residual cum from him. Surprisingly he became hard again as soon as her tongue touched the end of his shaft. She sucked more enthusiastically. She could feel his muscles tightening. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, but would he? She was damn well going to try and draw his last reserves out. His tool was getting harder and his muscles were getting tighter by the minute. She could feel his sperm carrier building deep down in the bottom of his shaft. Then he shot, and she sucked his manhood as far into her mouth and throat as it would go. The cum shot directly down her throat, yet still she vacuumed his shaft. Only when nothing more would come from him did she release her hold on his manhood.

She was so exhausted she dropped to the still wet bed and promptly slipped off to sleep.

God, what a fantastic experience! He was definitely no innocent, but this was without a doubt the most glorious sex he had ever had.

He studied her as she lay on the bed. He was actually able to truly appreciate her naked body for the first time. She was even better than he had imagined! Not an ounce of fat on her, but no stringy muscles either. She looked like a carefully sculpted statue lying on the bed beside him. A small fragile porcelain doll which was too delicate to touch. Taking a blanket from the drawer under the bed, he reluctantly covered her beautiful body. Just to pause and watch her sleep was erotic in itself, and he found himself growing hard again. God what was he, a sex maniac? It didn't matter, he wanted her again. Crawling under the blanket with her, he pressed his body to hers and began to softly stroke her skin.

This was definitely going to be a fun trip.

The bed was wet and cold under her bare skin, but she was just too tired to care. She could still feel his presence on the edge of the bed. He was covering her up with a blanket. God, what a man! Not only a great lover, but sensitive too. He was slipping under the covers with her now. She could feel his prong pressed against the small of her back, and it was getting hard again. She turned over to face him, kissed him, and then climbed astraddle of his body. Even as she rubbed her pubic hair against him, she could feel her juices beginning to warm and flow.

This was definitely going to be a fun trip.


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