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Tub Trouble
by Flatsix99

My wife Kristine and I live in California where we both grew up. A few years ago, our good friends Jeff and Shelby moved to Boston. They visit several times a year with their two kids and typically they stay at Jeff's parent's house whenever they come out. This past summer, Jeff and Shelby were out for a couple of weeks in July and since Jeff's folks were out of town when they arrived, they invited us over on their first evening back in town so we could catch up.

Kristine and I arrived at about seven and shared a couple of pizzas with them and their two daughters. The house was pleasant as usual and Jeff's parents had just installed a new hot tub on the back patio. After the kids were asleep, we played cards and shared several drinks. None of us were drunk, but we were feeling pretty good. When the women won for the third time in a row, Jeff suggested that we try out the new hot tub. Neither Kristine nor I had brought our suits and I joked about all of us going in naked together. Shelby quickly killed that idea when she offered my wife one of her bikinis to borrow for the evening. I was left wearing my boxers since Jeff and I are nowhere near the same size.

When we got into the tub, I sank down to my shoulders in the dark, hot water and immediately started to relax. There was very little light so that we were only able to see each other's faces because we sat together somewhat tightly. Kristine was on my right, Shelby was on my left and Jeff sat across from me. As it happened, I was sitting a bit closer to Shelby than my wife and the steps into the tub separated Shelby and Jeff.

The evening was completely innocent, and while I had casually admired the two women in their bikinis as they climbed into the tub, I didn't have a single sexual thought on my mind. That is until Shelby's leg brushed up against mine. It seemed accidental, but she let her touch remain so that I felt her smooth skin against mine. It was a pleasant sensation and when I glanced at Shelby, her eyes turned back to my wife. Shelby had an attractive face with short brown hair and looking at her figure, you would never have guessed she had been through two pregnancies. I had a quick thought of what she would be like as a lover, but I had never cheated on Kristine and clearly there was no opportunity here given that I was sitting mere inches away from my wife. Nevertheless, just for fun, I decided to lean my leg towards Shelby to make the contact become slightly more noticeable.

We chatted about kids and the like while Shelby and I let our seeming innocent contact continue. Neither of us acted as though it was anything more and I had no reason to think otherwise. After a while longer, I shifted slightly so that even more skin area was in contact. I wanted to see if she would pull away or otherwise react.

It took me a moment to realize that it wasn't Kristine that had just set her hand on my thigh. I startled slightly at the realization and then looked over at Shelby who was listening intently to my wife. I calmed down once I grasped that there was no way any one else could know this was happening since it was dark outside and there was no light in the water that came up to our shoulders.

Shelby's hand continued to rest on my thigh and all four of us continued laughing together about nothing in particular. Not surprisingly, I began to get excited at the hidden touching and my manhood began to expand in the hot water. Without prompting, Shelby started moving her hand slightly higher up my thigh and then paused. Then she started moving once more only to stop just at the edge of my boxers. She eyed me for a moment while my wife was telling a story and I decided to take a chance and put my hand on hers to encourage her to continue upward. Abruptly, she pulled away and I thought I had gone too far until I felt her hand directly on top of my growing bulge. I flushed slightly at the feeling of being groped by another women while sitting so close to my wife. Before I could even register what was happening, her hand retreated completely leaving only our legs touching.

Shelby glanced at me and raised her eyebrows in expectation so that I instantly understood the game. Not wanting to disappoint, I moved my hand to her thigh and slowly moved up between her legs and touched her softly through her swimsuit. She smiled in approval and continued the conversation with her husband and my wife. I caressed her as best I could through her suit and she spread her legs slightly to give me more room. I could feel the crevice between her legs and I massaged her gently. Then it was my turn to pull away.

There was a pause in the conversation and Jeff and my wife were looking at me. "Did you hear me?" Kristine said.

"Huh? I mean yes, ah . . . no, I didn't." My words stumbled out. "I'm just a little spaced from the warm water."

"Do you wanna get out?" Kristine asked. Shelby's hand returned to just above the waist band on my boxers and pulled at them so she could reach underneath.

"NO!-- I mean, --- it feels great, I'm just starting to unwind." Shelby moved her hand down, dragging her nails through my pubic hair.

"Okay, okay. You just relax quietly and I'll talk to Jeff and Shelby." My wife rolled her eyes like I was an air head or something.

Shelby's hand reached my thickened member and she wrapped her hand around it tightly. She stroked it lightly and then reached further down to tease my balls. It felt heavenly and I spread my legs to make more room for her. Then I felt her begin to retreat, continuing the game. I looked at her pleadingly and she just smiled.

Before she had pulled her hand all the way back, I was already putting my fingers under the edge of her swimsuit. They were snug, not giving me much room but I pushed underneath and felt her pubic hair. As I moved down further, she sat up momentarily and slipped her suit down past her knees. With plenty of room, my fingers reached into her slit. The chlorinated water made her outer lips feel a bit rough at first, but she was slippery inside. I could see her face soften as my fingers explored her.

My wife just gabbed away unaware of what was taking place beneath the water. I had no idea how Shelby was able to maintain the conversation while her husband's friend secretly fingered her pussy. At least I was off the hook from talking.

I was just about to pull my hand back when I felt the return of Shelby's under my shorts. As she negotiated her way underneath, I helped her slide my boxers off with my free hand. My equipment floated freely until she grasped it and began stroking me in earnest. I repaid her by focusing my attention on her clit with my fingertips. I wanted to lean my head back and close my eyes to fully enjoy the experience, but Kristine was right there.

Our mutual stroking increased in pace and I could tell from the way she was quivering under the water and the pauses in her speech that she was getting close to her peak. When she came, she tightened her grip around my cock, pressed her other hand on top of mine to put more pressure on her clit and then squeezed her legs together. She sat up slightly, slowly took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

She recovered quickly, but by the time she got back to working at my stiffened appendage, the conversation had hit a lull.

"I'm gettin' out," Kristine said.

"So soon," I said. Shelby stroked me faster trying to finish me off, but my nerves had already taken the strength out of my erection. As Kristine scooted forward getting ready to stand up, I realized that she merely had to brush against me to discover my nakedness. I began clawing at my boxers to pull them back up discretely, but they had come off one leg completely and there was no way I was going to get them on without anyone noticing. I began to panic. My heart was pounding.

"You can stay in if you want." Kristine offered.

"You don't mind?" My heart began slowing as I shifted slightly away from her.

"No, but maybe Jeff and Shelby want to get out now."

Shelby shook her head, "Mmmm . . . I think I'll stay a bit longer." She turned to Jeff, "How about you?"

"I'm ready to go in if that's okay."

"Maybe you guys can make some coffee and we'll get out in a few minutes." Shelby suggested casually.

"That sounds good," Kristine said looking at Jeff.

In moments, Jeff and Kristine were out of the hot tub and toweling off. We watched them go through the sliding glass door and into the kitchen.

Shelby turned to me, "Some luck eh?"

Her hand found my manhood and it was already growing hard again. I didn't know what to say, so I pulled her to me and kissed her. Our tongues began exploring each other's mouths and I could feel her breathing increase as she exhaled through her nose. We finally broke apart and I started nibbling at her neck.

She whispered in my ear, "I want you inside me."

I turned her so that I stood behind her. Her hand never left my cock, and she used it to pull me up behind her. She leaned forward against the edge of the tub and reached back between her legs with her other hand to guide me to entrance of her pussy. As I entered her from behind, we could see our spouses through the glass doors. My thighs pressed against the base of her ass as I found my way completely inside her.

As we fucked, I watched Kristine and Jeff in the kitchen grinding coffee and laughing together. Shelby was grunting softly and in sync with each of my gentle thrusts and the waves from our motion were lapping at the edges of the tub. It didn't take long and I was on the verge of orgasm. She sent me over the edge when her hand reached back between her legs and softly grasped at my balls. I rammed myself into her harder as I came and I could hear the water splashing out onto the patio.

I leaned down and rested against her back as my body relaxed in pleasure. My softened penis slipped from her and floated freely. We sat back on the bench and laid our heads back against the edge of the tub in blissful relaxation. The water began to settle down from all of our hard work. We didn't say a word.

We were brought back to reality when Kristine hollered at us from the doorway, "Hey, the coffee's ready. You guys gonna come inside?"

"We're getting out right now." I called back to her.

When Kristine turned to go back inside, Shelby and I grabbed one more secret kiss and then climbed out of the tub.

When we got inside, Jeff said "Great tub, eh?"

"Yea," I said. "It was fantastic."

Kristine came over and put her arm around me, "I feel great too - maybe we could come over tomorrow night and do the same thing?"

"If they'll invite us, I guess . . ."

Shelby chimed in, and looked at me with a smile "We'd love to have you guys come again tomorrow night." She walked over and put her arm around Kristine, but leaned around her to look directly into my eyes with more emphasis and said, "Hell, I'd make you come every night if I could."


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