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The Train
by Bambiaqui

She enters the train station with anticipation of the trip she has planned. Traveling by herself the kids are with her mom. Two weeks of solitude and adventure. But her mind wanders to him again, she knows she will miss him terribly.

Her train finally arrives and she boards with the other passengers. She finds her way to her cabin with the help of the steward. When she reaches her cabin it is filled with flowers, the aroma filling the small room. She eyes a card leaning up against one of the vases. Inside only a short note..."Wishing I could be there with you." Why did his job always have to keep them apart? She wanted him on this trip with her so badly. Oh well, she thought. She was determined to enjoy herself anyway.

She could hear the sound of the trains engine winding up getting ready to leave the station as she started to unpack. It was getting late so she laid out one of her negligees to put on after she came back from the lounge. She thought a drink or two would help her to sleep. She leaves the cabin glancing back, the flowers making her think of him once again. Remembering back to the first time she saw him, how she knew at that moment how much she actually loved him.

Once in the lounge she orders herself a white russian and picks up a magazine. Not being able to concentrate her mind wanders back to thoughts of him once again, thoughts of the night before.....the love making they shared knowing it would be weeks before they were together again. She orders another drink and decides to take it back to her cabin and relax, thinking she really should get some sleep so she can enjoy the day tomorrow.

Sliding out of her clothes, standing there in just her panties, again he creeps back into her thoughts. Thoughts of him touching her, kissing her, holding her....she runs her hands lightly over her stomach remembering where his hands had been, traveling upwards to her breast gently brushing across her nipples. She has got to stop this she was making herself crazy....she was missing him so much already and her trip had just begun. She slid off her panties and slipped on her blue silk nightgown, she switches off the light and lies down on the bed that had already been turned down by the steward while she was in the lounge. She lies there listening to the sound of the train traveling down the tracks, the sound is so relaxing, soothing actually. She begins to fantasize about what it would be like with him there, wondering what they would be doing at this moment if they were together.

She can almost feel him there with her, she slides her hand down finding the soft wetness between her legs, she gently parts her lips with one hand the other teasing herself, sliding her finger up transferring some of the moisture up to her eager clit. Moving her fingers up and down slowly at first, speeding up the tempo with thoughts of it being him touching her. Her fingers were drenched with her juices as they worked quickly on her clitoris, every so often penetrating deep into her body. Her moans filled the room as she worked herself. She moved her left hand to her breasts, rubbing her aching nipples between her wet finger tips.

She felt herself coming towards orgasm. Her fingers moved around her clit with abandon, one hand probing, the other rolling her clit between wet fingers. She arched her back high as the orgasm came, as she spasmed around her fingers she let out a long, slow breath. She fell back to the bed, covered in perspiration. Her body shook with excitement from her climax as she continued to stroke herself slowly. Now totally relaxed, she soon fell asleep. Into the deep recesses of sleep she began to dream of him.

In her dream she was lying on her stomach on the bed in her cabin eyes closed slightly dozing, she felt him above her, she could feel his breath upon her face as he lowered himself to kiss her gently on the back of the neck, teasing with his tongue, she squirms beneath him. He reaches under taking her all ready erect nipple in-between his fingers, massaging it gently through the silk of her gown which causing her to become uncontrollably wet. She felt his hands sliding down then lifting her nightgown up and over head. Her breathing had become shallow and labored, as he used his talented tongue on her neck and back, nibbling and kissing. She let out a moan of pleasure and he laughs softly and slides between her warm sun tanned legs, kissing the inside of her thighs with soft wet kisses, working his way up to her moistness. His tongue sliding up one thigh across her wetness and down the other, gently biting as he goes. All the while his hands massaging her cheeks, her hips, her back.

He centers himself now, she can feel his breath against her as he gently bites her clit, then sliding his tongue inside, then up and down faster and faster, he can sense how close she is, he moves his hand down gently inserting a finger as he sucks on her clit, he feels her spasms as she lets out a squeal her body shaking uncontrollably beneath him. Now she pulls away from him and lay him down flat on the bed. Her lips embrace his and her tongue eagerly explores his mouth. A little nibble on the ears and a love bite on the neck and her tongue slowly makes it's way down his chest. It doesn't take long for her mouth to find it's mark. She runs her tongue along the shaft and around the tip. A drop of precum appears and it is soon gone down her throat.

Grabbing his balls in her hand as she plunges her mouth over his hard cock and starts to move up and down. As she moves up her lips wrap around and put on a little pressure. He groans and she tastes more salty precum. As his hips start to buck mildly, she relaxes her throat muscles in order to let him slide all the way in. His groans are becoming more frequent and his body is starting to tense as she strokes faster and faster with her mouth, her tongue teasing him all the while. She stops. Sitting up, she positions herself above him and quickly slips down onto his cock, letting it slide into her, her hips move in circles at first but then she moves up and down.

Slowly at first but then with more urgency. Rolling over, he is soon on top of her, driving his of her with such speed and strength. Knowing that he is soon going to cum, she matches his speed and clenches herself tightly around him. It works....his body stiffens and a low long groan enters her ears. He shudders and rolls over onto the bed. His face illuminated by the moon shining in the cabin window, she can see his contentment. Both of then drift off to sleep in each others arms.

The moonlight soon turns to daylight, feeling the warmth of the sun shining in as the train travels down it's tracks, she begins to awaken. Remembering the dream of the night before a smile comes to her face. She slowly opens her eyes and turns to rise to find him next to had not been a dream after all.

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