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The Trainer
by Leslie

My heart was pounding as I watched them sprint on the tartan track. The first baton hand-offs all were performed without a hitch. As the second leg of the relay race began, I found myself jumping up and down, my adrenaline starting to pump. My arms were moving, mimicking the baton receiving motion. The meager spectators were buzzing as the third pass was made and it became evident that it was a very close race. Close races were decided by the anchor leg runners. I stretched and assumed my position, feet facing down the track and my body in a one quarter turn toward my oncoming teammate. I realized that I would be receiving the baton in second place and moved over one lane. Then I could hear the clapping of the runners feet on the track as they approached.

My heart felt like it would explode from my chest. Eye contact was made with my teammate, and the mental gauging of when to start and how fast to run was done in an instant. Off I sprinted. Three full strides later I extended my arm back and received a perfect, in stride pass. I pumped my arms as powerfully as I could, switched hands with the baton and was in full stride. Five meters behind with about 100 meters to go. I was gaining slowly and thought that I could catch up and win. 50 meters to go and only 2 meters behind. I knew the other anchor could feel momentum. I shoved it into mental overdrive and started to make a very serious move on the lead. We were shoulder to shoulder with 20 meters to go when it happened. I felt a sharp pain in my right hamstring muscle and pulled up instinctively. At the same time, I lost control and balance of the pain and the sudden deceleration of speed. I fell hard. I landed heavily on my hip and back and then rolled over a few times.

When I finally stopped, I had to grab my leg and straighten it out because the muscle was cramping. My back was hurting and scraped, and so was my hip. Teammates came running over, followed by the coach and our trainer. My first race on national television ended with an injury, a fall and a defeat for our team. I was more embarrassed at that moment than hurt. I was devastated.

They put me on a stretcher and carried me off the track into the infield area. The trainer Lois, told me it was not a hamstring pull, just a cramp. She put an ice pack on the back of my leg and told me to sit still for a while. About 10 minutes later she returned and helped me up. She suggested that we go to trainers room to take a look at my hip and back. Once inside the office, I sat on the table and waited for her to sort out her ointments and bandages. She asked me to take off my track tank top so she could clean up the abrasion and look at the swelling. After I pulled the tank top over my head, I was wearing only my sports bra an silk running shorts. "There is a small cut on your back just above your bra and some abrasions on the upper back area.". "You probably will have some swelling and may wind up a little black and blue, but you will be all right." " I want to clean up that cut and get some bacterial ointment on it and the abrasions.

She helped me remove the bra and as I pulled it over my head, I realized that my back was going to be real sore the next day. She then pushed aside my running shorts and checked out my hip. "This area is not cut, but it will probably be sore for the next few days." "A little whirlpool will help that a lot." I felt a little funny being nude from the waist up in an office that anyone could walk in at any moment and held my top up to cover my breasts. Lois smiled. She said. "modest are we?"

I replied, Yea, a little I guess."

She smiled and said, "No reason to with lovely breasts like yours." Lois is a very fit woman in her early thirties that had a short career as a professional beach volleyball player and a college high jumper. She was lean and lanky, but she was curvy at the same time. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She came back with a wash cloth, sponge and some type of ointment. She washed my back with the sponge and some soap. She gently dried it off and spread the ointment on the cut and abrasions. It was a cool and relieving feeling. She came around in front of me and used the cool wash cloth to wipe my forehead of perspiration. She cleaned off my face, neck and shoulders as well.

The wash cloth touched the top of the tank top I was holding up to my breasts and she wiped my upper chest area in slow circular motions while humming a nonsense tune. I let the top slide down a little to give her better access and she began to smooth the cool cloth over the tops of my breasts and in between them. She smiled. " I'll put a bandage on that cut now. Don't put you top on for a little while." Give the ointment a chance to penetrate." She covered the cut and said, " I think you will be all right for the conference championships next week." "You will need some rest and some therapy, but you will be ready." "Come in tomorrow morning at 8 and I will change the dressing and treat the leg and the abrasions to your back and hip." Then she left.

"Damn. Tomorrow is Saturday," I thought to myself, "I was planning to go to the beach. Now I guess the sand and surf are out. Well, I guess I can give it up for one week for the good of the team. I didn't sleep too well because of the aching and the heat. I slept nude and left the windows open to try coaxing a breeze to enter, but that attempt failed. I woke up achy, clammy and still a little sleepy. I padded off to the shower all the while noticing that my hip was stiff and sore. I turned on the water and kept it on the cool side. It felt great. I was snapped back to reality when I turned around and the force of the water hit my back. It was painful and I was glad that I was going to the trainers. I toweled of and pulled on a t-shirt. I could not wear a bra because of the cut. I pulled on panties and some shorts and I was on my way.

I made my way to the trainers room in about ten minutes. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I tried the knob and it was unlocked. I made my way into the main treatment area and sat on the bench, knocking a book off it and onto the floor. Lois

peeked her head out from around the corner and said, "Oh, Leslie....I will be out in a minute." "I have to dry off." " I just finished running 5 miles." She came out with a towel wrapped around her head, turban style, and casually drying off her glistening naked body with another. I must have blushed at seeing her that way because she smiled and said, "Not to worry. We're both girls." She looked better out of clothes than in them, and there are not many people that can make that claim. She was 5' 9" and had long, sleek muscles. She was a high jumper, so I guess being tall helped. Her breasts were much larger than I thought they would be. They were perfectly formed and very firm looking. She was in her thirties but had a body any one on the team would love to have. As she toweled off, I stared. She caught me gawking and said, "O.K., enough checking me out." " Get in the whirlpool for your leg and hip therapy."

"How should I position myself so that the jets are set properly?' As Lois was finishing drying off her back, she called over to me and said, "take off the shorts and panties and climb in." "Once you're in there, I will position you." I stripped off my shorts and panties and climbed into the whirlpool. I looked over at Lois, wrapping the towel around her torso as she was walking toward me. She put her hand on my shoulder and then reached under the water with the other hand to located the jets. Then she touched my hip with her hand and gently positioned my hip so that it was 4 or 5 inches away from the jet.

Her touch was soft and knowing. This certainly was not the first time she had treated an injured athlete in this manner. She stepped back and removed the towel from her hair. She simply shook her head and the water flew off in a concentric circle. She turned her attention to me again. Then she looked at the door. She walked over and locked it saying, "Who knows who might come in for therapy unannounced, maybe a male athlete." "Better make them knock first."

She walked over to me and asked me 20 questions about my leg, back and hip. She looked deep in thought for a few seconds, probably deciding on the proper therapy, and said, " Take off your shirt and let me have a look at your back." I reached down for the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. My breasts swung into view and jiggled to a stop. I did have lovely breasts as Leslie put it. She took in my breasts with her sharp, clear eyes for a moment too long and smiled again. She applied a balm to my back. It started to get hot almost immediately. Then, one area in particular began to get real hot. I turned to see her blowing on my back. "See what happens to this stuff when you blow on it?" " It gets hot!"

Then she changed the subject by saying, "What kind of soap do you use? Your skin looks very dry."

I replied, "Whatever free samples I pick up or whatever is left in the shower by my roommates." She went to a cabinet over the sink and took out a tube of cream. "It would be a shame to let such beautiful skin dry out and get old before it should." She then began rubbing the lotion into my shoulder and upper arms. I murmured a little. "Does that feel good?" she asked. "MMMM, yes I replied with my eyes closed.

She began to massage around my neck and upper chest area. It felt great. I found myself lowering into another level of consciousness. I opened my eyes to find that her towel had slipped down a little, exposing most of her left breast. As she spread the lotion on me the towel dropped further and an erect nipple burst into view. I then became aware that she was now massaging the lotion onto my breasts, and then onto my stomach. I breathed deeply and squirmed a bit in the whirlpool. After a few more minutes of what now had turned into caressing, she let her towel drop to the floor. My breathing was faster and more shallow as I admired her athletic form.

"How about applying some to my back for me?" said Lois as she handed me the tube and turned around. I took it and spread some into my hands and then began to rub it all over her lean and muscular back. I moved slightly to her side and began to apply the lotion to her shoulder and upper arm. I saw the way her breast swayed as my hands massaged he upper arm. "You can touch them if you want." she said. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and at contact, we both moaned. She reached over and fondled my quivering mounds and pinched my nipples into erect status. She felt wonderful in my hands. Soft, yet strong. So smooth. I put her nipples between my thumb and index finger and lightly squeezed. "Harder", came a sultry voice. I obliged. She leaned over and took one of my nipples into her mouth and then the other. I could feel all of my sexual tension floating away under her touch and mouth. Her hand then reached under the water and probed my pussy. I spread my legs to give her better access and she took full advantage by plunging one finger and then two deep inside me. Her mouth remained locked on my nipples, and I had an orgasm that left me shuddering.

Lois helped me out of the water and patted the table. "Lie down here lover." "I want to taste you." She positioned herself near my feet and spread my legs out wide. Her tongue bathed my clit and darted in and out of my pussy. Her fingers started probing my asshole. I came again with a quick convulsion. My voice echoed throughout the room. She didn't stop until we were both completely spent. She got to her feet and kissed me deeply and smiled. She lead me to the shower area and turned on the water. The lukewarm spray felt wonderful and gave me goose bumps at the same time. She then joined me under the spray with a kiss and hug.

"I have a treat for you" as she pointed to her vagina and pushed the top of my head downward. I sank to my knees and ate like I was at a smorgasbord. She came with a whimper two or three times. It was a wonderful therapy session.


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