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The Tour Bus
by CrunkGirl4Ever

Janet shielded her eyes from the sun. The bright light was blinding compared to the dimness of the plane. She was exhausted from the flight. Everyone else had left for Chicago yesterday and she had been put in charge of finding the lost luggage.

Letting out a sigh, Janet thought about the woes of being a tour manager.

It was exactly what she wanted to do but sometimes it could be trying. Especially when she was the glue that held the tour together. She did everything to making sure the equipment was where it was supposed to be to supplying the guys' quirky little requests before each show.

It seemed to take forever to hail a cab and get to the venue. She checked her watch and smirked. If traffic wasn't too bad, she would have just enough time to eat.

Walking into the arena, Janet breathed a sigh of relief to see the stage was set up and all the lighting seemed to be in place. She rushed backstage and set her bags down.

"Thought you'd never make it. Find all the lost luggage?" Todd, the lighting engineer, asked.

"Yes after hours and hours of arguing with the airlines that our flight was to Chicago and not to St. Louis. I swear, sometimes you wonder if people have brains," Janet replied.

"The guys are looking for you. They're at the food tent," Todd said.

Janet groaned. She had been in Chicago for less than an hour and already those five were whining about something. They can so freaking spoiled sometimes, Janet thought.

She made her way to the food tent to find JC and Justin chowing down on whatever the cook had made that day for dinner.

"Hey Janet! You made it!" Justin said through a mouthful of food.

"Yes, I made it. I'm here to do your bidding," Janet said sitting down on a bench. She spotted Joey and Chris in the catering line. "Where's Lance?" she asked.

"He's around here somewhere," JC said.

"Todd told me you guys wanted something. What?" she asked.

"Someone gave us the fax with names for the Meet and Greet. It was for you but somehow it ended up with us," Justin said.

"Crap. I need that. You got it on you?" Janet asked.

"I think so," Justin said, checking his pant's pocket but with no success. "I'm sorry. I think I left it in the kitchen on the bus. I'll go get it."

"No, don't. You guys have the show to get ready for and Lance needs to eat before the Meet and Greet. Leave it to him to go wandering around," Janet said shaking her head.

"You sure you don't want me to go get it? You haven't even put your bags up," Justin said, referring to her duffle by her feet.

"That's ok. Just put this in your dressing room," Janet said, kicking the bag and leaving.

Janet stopped by the dressing rooms on her way to the bus. Lance was nowhere to be found. She cursed under her breath. Where the fuck was he? She didn't have time for this.

The tour bus was parked behind the stadium. It seemed like a mile to walk out to it. "I really need a shower," she said to herself. She pushed open the door to the bus and wrinkled her nose. No matter how many times it was cleaned, the bus still managed to smell like a fraternity house. It was just the fact that five guys lived in it for days on end.

Janet stomped her way to the back, looking for Lance. She passed the bunks, some of the curtains thrown open, sheets hanging out. Fuck it, she thought, when she found the bus empty. If he didn't have enough time for dinner, too bad. She hated to think that way about him. He was always so nice to her. But right now, she was in a pissy mood and didn't have time to chase around looking for the missing boy band member.

Janet walked back to the front of the bus where the kitchen was located. She pushed through the opened bags of chips and pretzels and finally found the list. Looking it over, she turned to walk out. A groan came from further back in the vehicle.

Janet stopped to listen. It sounded like someone or something was in one of bunk beds. She crept back, cocking her head to listen better. She could hear sheets ruffling. Another groan was heard. It came from Lance's bunk.

Is that Lance? she thought. Wait a minute. If he's getting it on with some girl, I'm going to kill him. This stuff could wait till after the show.

Her fingers curled around the hem of the curtain, ready to throw it back and bust him. This wasn't the first time she would have to interrupt one of the guys' reindeer games for things more important.

"Ohmigod. Janet," she heard. It was definitely Lance. Interesting, she thought as a smile played on her lips, he picked up a girl with my name. Too bad for her that she won't be able to finish what she started, Janet thought.

She whipped the curtain back, "Ok, scrumpin's over. Let's go!" Immediately, Janet wished she hadn't have moved the curtain.

Lance looked up at her with the face of child just caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Or his pants, she thought. Lance was bare-chested with his shorts open. Janet couldn't help but notice his thick cock, fully exposed and standing hard against his stomach.

"Um, I'm sorry," she said, turning bright red and pulling the curtain back in place. It was one thing to catch the guys with girls but this was completely different. She turned to run out of the bus when Lance reached out and grabbed her arm.

He pulled her into the bunk and she fell on top of him. "Lance!" she exclaimed, too surprised to move.

"Janet," he whispered and pulled her in for a kiss.

"Wait a minute!" she cried. "What are you doing?"

"Janet, don't play dumb. You know how much I want you," he said, wrapping his arms around her

"Lance, but-"she started to say but stopped. He was gorgeous; she couldn't deny that. But this was too weird, too sudden. She struggled to get up again.

"Shh," he hushed her, putting his finger to her lips, "It couldn't have worked out better than this." He pulled her head down. His lips met hers. Janet couldn't stop herself when she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. His breathing became heavy as he swirled his tongue around her mouth, almost raping it. Lance's hands started to move down her body, squeezing her flesh between his fingers.

Janet ran her hand over the smooth muscles of his chest. She realized that she wanted him as bad as he wanted her. So many times she had seen him between costume changes and had to look away to keep from staring at his body. Lance stopped kissing her and looked up at her. He green eyes narrowed, full of lust. It made Janet shiver in excitement.

The bunk was confining but Lance managed to pull Janet's shirt over her head. "Just what I expected," he said with a coy smile.

"Excuse me?" Janet said, returning the smile.

"All day you run around, acting like you can't even give me the time of day. And all the while you're hiding these," he said and pushed her bra down. He reached up to touch the silky skin of her firm breast. As soon as his fingers touched her, Janet felt her nipples harden. Lance moved his head up and took one of the little pink buds between his lips. Janet gritted her teeth against the sensation.

She almost forgot where she was as Lance scraped his teeth against her flesh, biting to the point of pain. Janet's hand wandered down his chest to his stomach. Her fingers brushed the head of his cock. He moaned into her breast as she traced her fingertip along his shaft. Lance started to fumble with the button of her shorts but soon had them undone. He tried to move his fingers into her panties but the small space would not let him maneuver into position.

"Get up," he said, panting, "Go to the back. To the couches." Janet jumped out of the bunk and went to the back of the bus. Lance went to the front and locked the door. She took the opportunity to remove her shorts and panties. Janet smiled, as she thought of what Lance would see when he got to the back. She reclined against the back of the leather couch and drew her knees up. Spreading her thighs, she moved her hand down to her pussy. Janet's fingers met wetness from her already throbbing lips. Her head arched back as she tickled her clit. She opened her eyes so see Lance standing in the doorway, fully naked and stroking his thick cock as he watched her. A smile played across her lips as she slipped her finger inside.

Lance moved forward but she shook her head. "No, not yet," she said. "You can't just have it that easy. I'm not one of those inexperienced little twits you're used to." She closed her eyes and began to pump her finger in and out of her hot pussy. A moan escaped her as she felt her juices run out over her fingers, her anus, and onto the couch. Lance's mouth dropped open as he watched Janet finger fuck herself. But when she brought her wet fingers to her lips and lick at her own cum, he dropped to his knees. He had to have his face buried into her wet, musky snatch.

Janet let out a loud moan when Lance's tongue snaked into her. He flicked at her clit and spread her open with his fingers. He pushed his tongue as far into her as he could, lapping at her juices. Her hips bucked against him as he licked his way from her clit to her anus. Once more he buried his tongue to the root into her and she came, cum dripping out of her and covering his face.

"Omigiod!" she screamed as the waves of orgasm washed over her. She caught her breath and sat up. Janet pushed Lance out his back. She looked down at his cock and licked her lips.

"And you talk about me hiding things. If I knew you were toting this around, we would have fucked a lot sooner," Janet said with a small laugh. She leaned down and teased the head of his cock with her tongue. He let out a groan as he felt her lips around his head. She massaged his balls with one hand as she licked her way up and down his member. Finally, she took his whole cock into her mouth and let it slide down her throat. Janet sucked hard as she pushed him in and out her mouth. Lance couldn't stop moaning as he felt the knot in his balls tighten, ready to explode. He pushed her off of him.

"Lay on your stomach," he said, getting up to his knees. Janet had a curious look on her face as she rolled over. "Get up on your knees," he said, moving behind her.

Janet felt Lance move her into position. He took a hold of his cock and teased its head against her entrance. It soon became wet with her pussy juice. He thrust it inside of her and Janet moaned at the sudden fullness. He quickly pulled out and she heard him chuckle.

"Don't tease me, Lance. Fuck me, please," Janet cried. Lance let out another chuckle.

"This pretty little ass," he said, running his hands over her cheeks. "I bet they've never been fucked before, have they?"

"Lance," she said. Part of her didn't want him to but the rest wanted him to ram his shaft into her tight little hole. His fingers parted her cheeks and she felt his tongue play at the rim of her anus. Another orgasm started to approach in the anticipation of what he was about to do. Janet felt his cock nudge against her. She screamed out in exquisite pain as he penetrated her, burying himself in one long stroke.

"Oh God! You're so fucking tight!" he said as he pulled out and pushed into her again. Lance started pounding his cock into her ass. Her tight muscles pushed against him, making it that much better. He slipped two fingers into her pussy and she cried out against the double penetration. He pushed a third finger into her and he couldn't believe when she cried out for more. Lance's whole hand was buried deep in her snatch as he shot his cum into her. His whole body shuddered as his cock pumped its load into her.

Exhausted, Janet fell forward onto the floor, out of breath. Lance collapsed on top of her. He rolled her over to face him.

"Well, now," he said, dipping his head down to kiss her, "You're not just my tour manager, you're my little slut too. You'll be ready to fuck whenever," he said as he slipped his fingers back into her. She gasped as he shoved into her. "And wherever I want," he finished. "Do you understand?" he said, pinching her clit hard with his thumb and forefinger, sending into her into a second, screaming orgasm. She feebly nodded her head as she regained her composure.

"Then I'll be expecting you tonight," he said, getting up and gathering his clothes. She heard him leave the bus. It was a long time before she got up, dressed herself, and went back to the arena.


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