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The Traveling Companions
by Dinghy and Anonymous

"Rich, generous, horny, fat, bald, old geezer wants to hire a tall, attractive, oral young woman with a medical background. The position will be as an assistant, aide, nurse and mistress for a retired gentleman during an extended, all expense paid, four-month tour of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The ideal candidate will be between 30 and 40 years old, between five foot five inches and five foot ten inches in height, with weight proportional. The successful candidate will be unencumbered and free to travel. The position offers a handsome salary with completion bonuses at the end of the tour. To arrange an interview call 1-800-555-0878 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on March 31."


I placed the ad and thought to myself "what's the use of having money if you can't use it to buy what you want." What I wanted was a few months of the good life in England with an attractive young lady. I was going to be sneaky and hold interviews myself while posing as my own valet. That way I could choose and select without the pressure than I might get from prospective applicants.


I first read the ad on the local net and thought it was a joke. Then I read it again. On the third reading I decided that maybe it was for real. If it was it might be exactly what I was looking for. The hospital where I worked had just gone HMO and I could see that my days as the head nurse in the physical therapy department were numbered. At 35 years of age I had just gone through a very messy divorce and was dissatisfied with my life in general. My ten year old daughter and I lived with my mother because that louse of an ex-husband was able to convince the judge that I made more money than he did and that he should not be required to pay child support. If I took on something like this, my mother would be pleased to watch Stephanie. Okay, I made up my mind to do it and called for an appointment.


I was disappointed in the response. I only had 15 applicants. I arranged to see seven the first day and eight the second, all at one-hour intervals starting early on the following Monday morning. I rented a two room suite in one of the better downtown hotels and set it up as an office for the interviews, complete with a receptionist. I explained to each of the applicants by way of introduction that I was Edward, Mr. Joseph's personal representative and that the final selection would be up to him. I really enjoyed the interviewing process. I engaged them in conversation and posed hypothetical situations to see how they would handle themselves under various circumstances. As a final test I asked each of them to disrobe down to their bra and panties and turn around very slowly. A couple were show offs and one absolutely refused. One offered to have sex with me right there in the suite. I won't go into the reason I rejected the rest of them but I finally trimmed the field down to four women. The first, a tall blond was only 29 years old but had pretty nice credentials. I think they were 38 D. The second was an attractive, red headed woman, who had all kinds of references. The third was another attractive blond. She was also a registered nurse who specialized in physical therapy. The last was a bit heavy and pushing 40 but handled herself very well. I gave each of them appointment cards for a doctor friend of mine. I wanted to insure that; 1. They were not pregnant. 2. They had no diseases and; 3. They were drug-free. While they were gone I checked their references. I was surprised to find the red head had just gotten out of jail after serving a sentence for prostitution. That eliminated her. The chunky gal was actually 43 years old and was separated from a husband who was a trouble maker. I just didn't need that kind of problems. This left the two blondes. I had them come back into my hotel suite and gave both of them travel vouchers and expense money to get them to Freeport Bahamas. I told them that Mr. Joseph would conduct the final portion of the interview in his penthouse suite at the Xanadu hotel over the following weekend. The nurse, whose name was Gail didn't think much of this idea but the other blond, Nancy, took it as a lark.


When I arrived for the interview there was already someone in the inner office with the gentleman whom I later found out was Mr. Joseph's personal assistant. The receptionist had me take a seat while she busied herself with her nails. In a few minutes the door between the inner and outer offices opened and a large version of Dolly Parton emerged. As she passed me she tilted your head towards the inter-office and said "That old goat is sexless. He wouldn't know a good piece of ass if it bit him." When it was my turn I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it was really very easy and relaxing until finally he asked me to take off my clothes. I have a nice body and I know it but I wasn't sure if I was ready for this. He assured me it was only a formality and that I would not be asked to do anything that was embarrassing. He had leave on my bra, panties and high heel shoes. I struck a few non-suggestive modeling poses and he took some Polaroid pictures "to show Mr. Joseph." The next day, he had me go for a medical checkup in the morning and two days later I returned to his office in the afternoon. The nail filing receptionist was there along with a tall, buxom, very attractive blond. We were introduced and I found out her name was Nancy. Edward came out of the inter office and greeted us. He explained that Mr. Joseph would hold the final interviews in his penthouse in the Bahamas. He gave us airline tickets and some traveling cash with instructions to be at the Xanadu hotel in Freeport on Friday afternoon. I think I might have backed out at that point if Nancy had not been so exuberant. Although we were competitors for the same job I liked her. We arranged to meet at the airport in West Palm Beach on Friday morning and travel together.


I had quite a Paradox. Both of these young ladies were attractive in their own way, and I would be hard pressed to select between them. Perhaps a weekend in the Bahamas of wining, dining and dancing would cause a winner to emerge. My penthouse suite at the Xanadu hotel only had two bedrooms so they would have to share one while I occupied the other. They called me from lobby when they arrived and I had them come on up. I opened the door and we were old friends. They still thought I was Edward, the friendly assistant. I didn't tell them any different. I explained the living accommodations to them and let them know that we would be going to the casino for dinner about 7. Mr. Joseph would not be with us.


Edward met us in the penthouse and showed us the accommodations that Nancy and I would be sharing but for some reason I was uncomfortable. I couldn't put my finger on it but something was just not right. After our short journey Nancy and I both showered before dressing for our evening in the casino. When she came out of the shower, nude except for the towel around her head I couldn't help but envy her big beautiful breasts and creamy soft, milky skin. My breasts are not small but nowhere near as large as hers and my skin is very tan because I spend so much time swimming. She chose a long black evening gown that offered a striking contrast to her light skin and hair. I selected a shorter white sleeveless gown to show off my tan legs and arms. The low cut neck line offered the best exposure for my breasts. It had been a long time since I dressed like this and was pleasantly surprised at how well I looked. Nancy was beautiful and looked like a model except for her unusually large breasts.


When the women came out they took my breath away. Nancy was gorgeous in her long black dress and beautiful blond hair. Gail at 35 was every bit as beautiful in her own way. The elimination process was becoming a more difficult with every glance at them. I would have preferred taking my limo to the casino but still playing "Edward" we took a cab. Many a head turned as I entered the casino with these two foxes on my arm. Dinner was superb, both from the culinary aspect and on the social front. The two ladies got along admirably considering that they were competing for the same job. After dinner I gave them each $100.00 and watched as they gambled. When Gail hit a big jackpot on the slots, Nancy was as excited as if it had been her. That settled it, I would take them both if they passed the final test.


Dinner was outstanding! I could get use to this kind of life in just a few hours. Nancy was bright, intelligent and fun to be with. On the way back to the hotel, Edward told us that tomorrow we would meet Mr. Joseph and after just a few more formalities he would make a selection. Nancy closed the door to our room and I expressed my concerns as we began to undress. "I can't help but remember that the ad I answered had some stipulations about sex."

"Yeah, It did suggest that we should be skilled in 'oral' methods."

"Well, I haven't had sex in almost a year. I hope I can still do it. I'm not use to wearing these heels either. My legs hurt."

"A year! You poor kid! Lay face down and let me massage your legs. I'm pretty good at it." Her hands were like magic as they loosened the knotted muscles in the calfs of my legs. When she moved above my knees other muscles inside of me began to tense. Her hands on my thighs were working their way upward. I knew that in just a moment she would contact a part of me that hadn't been touched by an outsider in a long time, and never by another woman. I was just wearing my bra and panties, and I knew that the panties must be wet by now. I felt her weight shift on the bed and she kissed me on the shoulder just as her hand encountered my pussy. I didn't know what to do, so throwing caution to the wind, I did nothing and just laid there and enjoyed it. Softly, she rolled me over, and kissed me on the mouth. Her hand was now exploring, rubbing, caressing, fondling and probing. Within seconds, my thighs were bucking against the fingers she had inserted in me. When it was over, I didn't know what to say except "thank you."

"You can do the same for me sometime." I fell asleep in her arms, more satisfied and relaxed then I had been in a long time.


I didn't know how to go about the opening the question of sex with them, but that was an important part of this overall venture. There were certainly some strange noises coming from their room last night. I would have given a lot to be a fly on the wall in there. I let my imagination run wild and it made me horny as hell. The next morning, everybody slept late. After a breakfast that was really a brunch, I explained to them that they would be practicing their massage skills on me while Mr. Joseph watched from a secluded place via a TV hookup. The camera was on a tripod in a dark corner of the living room and I had arranged for a massage table to be set up in the center. There was also a bottle of scented oil. I asked them to look away while I stripped nude, and laid face down on the table with just a towel covering my buttocks. They were both captivating. Gail had a rosy, refreshing and relaxed look that I hadn't noticed before. She was dressed in a very short flowered yellow sun dress while Nancy wore white short shorts and a matching white halter top that showed off her breasts to advantage.


Nancy positioned herself on one side of the table, on Edward's right. I was on his left. Although his face was towards me, his eyes were closed as if in sleep. I really hadn't thought much of Edward as a man before. He was big, over six feet tall and at least 200 pounds. Approaching 60 years old, his hair was thinning but he was well muscled, tan and fit. Although he had a little softness about him he was certainly not unattractive. Nancy began massaging his neck and shoulders and motioned for me to follow her lead. The oils that allowed my hands to slip and slide over his body gave me a very erotic feeling. My face must have flushed because Nancy looked at me with a crooked little grin and winked.

She motioned for me to follow her down his body. When we got to the towel we skipped over it and began on his thighs. We continued on down and Nancy showed me how to expertly manipulate his feet and toes. Again she smiled at me, bent her head down and looked up underneath the towel. When she looked back at me she was almost laughing out loud. She motioned towards his groin and stuck an index finger high in the air to indicate that he had an erection. Slowly we worked our way back up his legs where Nancy deftly removed the towel. As if it was the most natural thing in the world she reached between his legs and began to delicately massage his testicles. The erotic feelings that I had earlier began to exert themselves and I was definitely aroused. Nancy removed her hand and indicated for me to take over. I did, and it only intensified my disturbed state. Edward had begun to squirm and let out a couple of minor gasps and sighs. Without any instructions from Nancy I reached well under his scrotum and contacted his penis which was very hard.

When I allowed my other hand to brush against his anus, his hips raised two or three inches off of the table allowing me complete access to his cock. Nancy whispered something in his ear and he turned over on the table. His eyes were still closed but his dick was wide awake. My arousal was now complete. I could feel the wetness in the crotch of my panties. With her right hand Nancy was massaging his chest, paying special attention to his left nipple. Her left hand was caressing his stomach and testicles while carefully avoiding his penis. I followed her lead but was not quite as careful as she at avoiding his erection since it leaned a little my way. I could see a drop of moisture on the very end of it. Nancy took a step back from the table and extending her left hand, palm up, indicated that it was for me to do with as I wished.


I was in heaven. The soft hands caressing my body, the aroma of the oil, the erotic feeling of rapture as my testicles and penis were fondled was what I had hoped for. When the soft, velvet mouth engulfed my cock it was more than I hoped for and more than I could stand in my aroused state. I ejaculated almost immediately. I didn't even know which one of them it was and I didn't care. For some reason I had assumed it would be Nancy and was little a little surprised to open my eyes to find that it was Gail. I was more surprised to find that Nancy was completely nude and was pulling Gail's dress off over her head. When the bra came off and the panties with the wet crotch were dropped we were all nude. Nancy helped Gail up onto the table so she could lower herself onto my cock. I didn't believe that a woman could enjoy sex this much. She continued to fuck me long after I came the second time. I think that it was Nancy rubbing her clitoris while she slid up and down on my cock that finally caused Gail to climax.


I am glad that Edward turned out to be Mr. Joseph. Nancy became my friend, my mentor, my teacher, my confessor and my lover. As we traveled together we became the closest of families. I was sad when she left us two years later. She now lives in Palm Beach Florida but still drops by and travels with us from time to time.


During our travels my sexual fantasies were realized many times by each of the women individually and on more than one occasion by the two of them operating in concert. We always arranged for a two bedroom suite. I would spend one night with one, and the second night with the other. On occasion they would spend a night together. Later, when we became less inhibited we often stayed together in the same bed. The ladies seemed to enjoy me and each other with equal passion and gusto. I don't know why I seem to favor Gail over Nancy. Perhaps because she was older and a little more mature, but for whatever reason I grew to love her. We still see Nancy quite often, and the games are still has exciting as they ever were.


Stephanie, now 15 attends one of the best prep school in England. She usually spends her entire summer vacation with us. When we were married, Edward formally adopted her and named her as a major beneficiary in his will. I hope that she won't collect for a long time. Edward seems to be in the best of health, hale, hardy and robust. I know that his sexual appetite has not diminished. Edward wants to buy a summer home in Palm Beach so that I could be close to both Nancy and my mother. (I don't think he would mind being close to Nancy either.)

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