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The Twins' Graduation
by BJ

I know that I never consider myself a ladies man - in fact I could never get a date when I was in high school. I didn't even go to the prom. Now that is bad. I'm not a bad looking guy. I don't break mirrors when I look into them. I suppose the problem was that I was a "Johnny come lately" to the school I finally graduated from. The boys and girls already pared up by the time I showed up, so I was on my own.

My graduation day came and my own parents didn't attend. They had their own "thing" going on so they gave me the keys to a car and said "Have a nice day son." My twin sisters said they wanted to go so my uncle took them to my graduation. I promised them that I would attend theirs when their turn came. Since I had no invitation to any graduation parties after my cap and gown came off, I left home and town. Screw them I figured.

I did a hitch in the service, picked up a few college credits, and got out. I found a nice place to live, and a good job. The only draw back was that it was near my old home town. All this time my sisters and I would exchange letters and photos. I rarely talked to my parents. My sisters were very active in school and they had grown up quite a bit. If their pictures did them justice they were knockouts.

One late afternoon after returning home from work I found an invitation in the mail. It was from my sisters inviting me to their graduation. A big smile crossed my face as I sent off a response to them that I would be there with bells on. I was looking forward to seeing my sisters Kathy and Anne again.

Graduation day arrived at last, a beautiful warm sunny day. The only problem I had was being held up in traffic on my way to the school. When I arrived, the graduates were up on stage and getting ready to receive their diplomas. Once again no parents. I did bring my camera and took lots of pictures when my sisters received their diplomas. The ceremony could not end fast enough for me. Once it ended I left to meet them behind the stage. It was Kathy who saw me first. She ran over and gave me a big hug. I could feel her firm breast press against me as she hugged me. Anne was right behind her. "Well," I said. "The two most attractive grads are here." They had a big smile, and asked me to take pictures of their friends and such. I couldn't say no.

After they introduced me to their friend I turned to leave. Anne wanted to know where I was going. "It's your day sis, you don't need me hanging around." I said.

Kathy replied "That's right, and you are going to escort us to a party, so we can catch up on things."

I said ok and that I would get the car and bring it around. The two girls jumped into the front seat almost as soon as I brought the car up to the curb. They also brought two of their friends who needed a ride. Kathy and Anne wore matching outfits. Tight fitting T-Shirts, fitted blue jeans and sneakers. Their firm young breasts were accentuated by the fit of their T-Shirts. I could see their nipples through the shirt. I was going to enjoy this I thought to myself. The party had started by the time we pulled up to the house. I kind of hung back when Anne took my hand and said "Come on Bart, you didn't drive all this way just to leave again did you?"

I said that I wasn't sure I should go in. So, the two girls took my arms and dragged me towards the door. "I think I am a little old for this crowd here sis" I said. It was to late, they got me in the house. I was in "Party Central", and it was loud. I turned and noticed that my sisters vanished and I was on my own. So, I went looking for the beer. I noticed that this was certainly a lively crowd. There were also some very beautiful girls here. Funny, I thought I don't remember seeing girls like that when I was in school. I enjoyed the view of these young females making out. I was getting a hard on for sure. I thought the beer was good so I had another one. I knew I had a bit of a buzz at this point.

"Hay, there you are Bart!!" It was Kathy. She moved through the crowd like a cat on the prowl.

"Well, you kind of vanished on me here sis." I said.

Kathy surprised me when she sat on my lap and put her arm around my neck. "Nice party right Bart?" she asked. "Come on and dance with me" She said. She grabbed my hand and took me out to the floor.

"Not much room for dancing sis." I said. Kathy laughed and moved closer to me, she moved her body against mine. The feel of her body was starting to arouse me. I moved my hands over her hips. She ground herself against me. "Say you to no fair dancing with out me." It was Anne. She joined us on the floor. The two of them rubbing against me was almost to much for me. I didn't want them to see my hard on, so I quickly left the dance area and sat on the couch. I never got the chance to cross my legs, Kathy quickly perched herself on my lap. I couldn't hide my hard cock now. Anne sat next to me with her hand on my arm. "Well, well look at this sis..." Said Kathy "Our big brother has a hard on for us!!!" Kathy wiggled her ass on my lap. Anne reached for my crotch and said "Your right sis. He does!" Kathy traded places with Anne and they said "Feels good right sis?" I knew they were teasing me. "Look you to, you might make your boyfriends angry if you keep this up." I said. They laughed and Kathy left the room, soon followed by Anne. I was ready to leave now. Kathy returned and took my hand I followed her.

"What's up Kathy? What did you want me to see?" I asked. We came upon an empty bedroom, Anne was already there looking around. With out a word Kathy went and locked the door to the room. "Why did you lock the door?" I asked. Kathy just smiled as she and Anne stood in front of me. "Look at that hard on sis." Said Anne. Kathy said she couldn't help notice it. They both reached out and touched my crotch. I almost jumped out of my skin when they touched me. I could see they were playing the old dare game we played years ago. "I dare you to take your pants off Bart." Kathy said. "How about if you do it for me sis?" I replied. Kathy came close and unzipped my pants and unbuckled my belt. She pushed my pants down to my knees. My cock was ramrod straight straining at the fabric of my underpants. Anne came over and jerked down my underpants. My sisters looked at each other as if to ask which of them would touch my cock first. They decided to touch it at the same time. I almost melted . I let out a groan as they moved their hands over my cock.

I said "I dare you to take your clothes off sis." I figured that they would stop the game then. I saw them look at each other and they removed their shirts and pants. They were something to behold. Slender, small but firm tit's, they are natural blondes. They came over to where I was standing and once again rubbed their hands over my dick. They rubbed some of the pre cum over the head of my cock sending shivers down my spine. "Listen sis, if you are going to jerk me off, let me stretch out on the bed, I stepped out of my pants as I moved towards the bed. My sisters were on either side of me. My sisters mad the first move. They gently stroked my cock I could feel their nipples press against my naked chest. I moaned in satisfaction with each stroke on my cock. I reached over their shoulders, and started to play with their nipples. I felt the girls shiver as I manipulated their nipples. I moved my hand down their backs, I slid my hand between their ass cheeks. I let my finger gently probe their ass'. My sisters continued to slowly stroke my cock. I could hear them moan as I fingered their ass. Kathy said that "Your finger feels good Bart." Anne agreed.

I moved down the bed and told Kathy to spread her legs for me. She did, and I started to lick the lips of her pussy. At first touch, Kathy gasped as a wave of ecstasy passed through her. I did not ignore Anne. I started to finger her now wet pussy and she let out a loud moan. I kept my tung flicking around Kathy's pussy, her breathing quickened as I continued to work her pussy. I pushed my finger deep into Anne's pussy making her squirm hard against my hand. Kathy climaxed first. She came with a loud groan. I turned my tung to Anne's pussy and licked her wet pussy. Her nails dug into my back as she climaxed.

I saw the smile on their faces. I figured that now they would jerk me off, and we would dress again. I felt Kathy's hand reach for my cock. She pulled me on top of her, and I felt her hand reach for my cock again and then I knew she was going to guide it to her pussy. I knew I should stop, but I wanted her and her sister now real bad.

I shivered when the head of my cock brushed against her pubic hair. Then, I felt the dampness of her pussy as the head of my cock pressed against my sister's clit. Kathy made a short sharp cry as my cock entered her pussy for the first time, there was no going back now and I didn't mind. I pushed my cock in further I felt her move, we started rocking together our bodies slowly getting into rythem. Kathy said "Fuck me hard now lover, I want your cock." She ran her nails over my ass , and she grabbed my ass and helped me pump my cock into her. I shot my sperm into her warm inviting pussy. I shuddered as the sperm shot out of my cock. Kathy kept her legs wrapped tight around me until I was spent. She then pulled my head towards her and gave me a long kiss.

The three of us lay next to each other for a while, neither of us saying a word. I saw Kathy gently rub her pussy, and smile. Anne moved her hand down to my cock and slowly started stroking it. I could feel some movement as she manipulated my cock. She then put her head down and started licking my cock and sucking on it. Slowly my cock started to rise to the occasion. Anne continued to suck on my cock until she knew I was ready. She straddled my hips and slowly lowered herself on to my cock. She gasped as it penetrated her pussy for the first time.

Anne started to ride my cock and I was lifting my hips to meet her as she moved up and down on my cock. I could feel Kathy's hands rubbing my balls while Anne rode my cock. I am not sure why I said what I said next. "I'm cumming sis, harder!!" Anne rode my cock as I shot my second load, this time it was Anne's pussy that I came in. Anne collapsed on me and gave me a long passionate kiss. Kathy and Anne did not seem in any great hurry to get dressed. I told them how beautiful they were and that I loved them both very much. We were no longer embarrsed. They told me that they loved me as well. I watched as my sisters dressed again. I was uncertain as to what would happen now, but in a way that was ok. "What about your boyfriends sis?" I asked. Kathy and Anne reached out and clasped my face and said "Don't you get it? You are our boyfriend and lover Bart. We planned this just for you." I could see there was no room for arguments.

We rejoined the party, and I watched as my two lovers walked over to get some drinks for us. I couldn't wait now to see what would happen next, I did know it would be wonderful and interesting.


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