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The Three Hour Tease Pt. II
by Geno

"Gail, darlin' I'm gonna put the chicken on, it'll take about 45 minutes. Will you pour us some more wine? Then I would love your company outside." Just as I was sitting down after getting the chicken on the grill, Gail steps out with our wine. Coming over to me she plops down in my lap. We talk about this and that for a while. After fifteen minutes I get up and go inside to turn on the stove to steam the veggies and drain the water from the lettuce. When I come back out we settle in just as we were before. Then she starts moving around more while we talk. Then it hits me the little wench is doing it again. She's flashing me her panties and moving so the shirt she is wearing will gape open so I can see her breasts. She started squirming her little butt around on me when she felt me starting to get hard again. "Oh, working on trying to keep me smothered in your juices tonight, huh?" I asked. hasn't even reached half time. "Now that's a thought," she replied with a giggle.

"Maybe I should just go ahead and take my shorts and boxers off so you can just pre-lube me for when I finally take your/my shirt of your hot little body tonight."

"Just what do you think you're going to do to my hot little body tonight?"

"Well first I am going to work your titties again but I will use only my mouth and fingers, and then I'll fuck them just the way you like me to. I am going to spend so much time on them they will be tingling all night long. Just imagine my hands on your breasts. Better yet, here, let me show you baby," and I pull them free of your/my shirt. "Feel my hands covering them, squeezing them, rolling them round and around. Then milking them one by one first the left then the right over and over. "

"Oh yes," she says. "Just like that."

"And I am not just talking about it for just a few minutes I will work them for a long time. Just like this. Notice that I haven't even touched your nipples yet."

"Oh I know. Touch my nipples, pinch my nipples, god it feels so good baby. Keep it up. ...lick 'em... pull 'em... bite 'em... Pleeeezzzz work my nipples, Craig please. It feels sssooooo gooood."

"Do you like that baby?"

"Oh yeaaah!!!" as I keep playing with them. Sometimes both nipples are tended to at the same time and some times I alternate from one to the other, but there is always a mouth or hand on each breast. Her moans and sighs are music to my ears.

Then the timer went off. "Gail we have to stop now the chicken is almost done. And I have to finish making the salad." I had been playing with her breasts for over twenty minutes.

"No, no, no, no don't stop it feels to good," disappointment in her voice.

"C'mon dinner will be ready in five minutes and I am starved since I didn't have lunch," I say.

"OK," unable to mask the needs of her body but realizing that I need food if I'm to keep up with her later. Time is now 7:45 and the game

Inside I pat the lettuce dry and toss us up a salad, Gail comes in as I finish the salad and pulls the veggies out of the steamer. She says, "grab a clean plate and go get the chicken. I will put everything else on the table." When I come back in Gail has everything on the table. She has lit a couple candles, turned down the lights and is topping off our wine. We sit to eat.

We discuss how each of our days went, but through it all Gail seems a little fidgety. 'Good,' I think 'she is really on edge.' She has been constantly bouncing her knees together. I noticed she had dropped her napkin. So I reached down to get it for her and as I got there she swiveled in her seat to face me and spread her legs to let me view her pussy. My eyes got as big as saucers. "Oh god!!! I love it!!! It looks great!!! When did you shave it?" I asked. "And when did you take your panties off? You little cheat."

"I did it for you this morning," She said, "and I took my panties off outside when you left me to make the salad. I just figured I wouldn't need them while we ate. You think I might bribe you now?"

I had been asking her to shave it for over week and even volunteered my services. Gail has a really sweet pussy and now she was bare except for a little at the top to prove she is a natural red head, well auburn actually. As I was still looking at it she had been inching it towards the edge of her chair and spreading her legs even wider to give me an even better view. Coming out of my seat I just had to go in for a taste and to run my tongue over her smooth lips. She gasped as I ran my tongue from the seat of her chair all the way up to her little tuft, back down and back up to the top. Making sure her protruding clit received a good swipe from my tongue at each pass. Multitudes of thoughts are running through my head. 'Man alive she is wet. I wonder if she has been sitting in a pool of her own juices? Do I continue this game? Or do I just jump her bones right here and now? After all she has no idea that I have a single-minded purpose to tease her unmercifully tonight. Do I give her a rain check that I alone know about? How much longer can I hold out? Decisions have got to be made.'

I get back in my chair, hand her, her napkin, take a sip of wine, look in her eyes and see it all there. Her lust, her joy at pleasing me with her shaved pussy and a smugness, that says she has me now, little does she know, my decision instantly made. I move to give her a kiss and she smiles as she meets me half way. "I have had enough of what's on the table how about you?" I asked.

"Ready for dessert," her reply more a statement than a question. Her neck and chest were flushed, displaying her heat.

"Hours of it," I reply, my own arousal starting to consume me. Scooting back in my chair I open my arms to her and she's on me in a flash. We're kissing, caressing each other, and pulling clothes off in a rush to feel our skin next to the other's. Her/my shirt is one of the first casualties, followed by my T-shirt. My shorts and boxers end up around my ankles. Eliciting moans of pleasure from her as our passion rises, with my mouth on one breast, one hand on the other breast, my other hand on her silky smooth pussy near her clit I can hear, taste and feel her heat. Gail's one hand periodically pulls my head up to kiss her or for her to tongue my ear and her other hand is rubbing my cock on her pussy lips drenching it with her juices.

"Baby this is the hottest I've seen you yet," as we break from a kiss.

Looking into my eyes, "I know I am just burning up and I've been this way all day since I shaved my pussy. It just feels so naughty. I was really hoping to get you in bed when I walked in the door. That's why I was almost naked when you brought me my wine. Then you just kissed me, turned around, and left before I had a chance to act. You jerk.

"Then you got me all hot and bothered again with that little ice cube trick. To top it off when you lifted me up for the rest of my kiss that I wanted, I had my hot little center right there against your hard cock. I was thinking that now I'm going to get some, that you'd take me right here in the kitchen. But, no, you set me down to go put the chicken on the grill, which didn't do me any favors. You asshole." Normally she doesn't swear or cuss, but once aroused or naked watch out for her vocabulary has no bounds.

Looking down, "See how wet your cock is?" She said still manipulating it all around the smooth lips of her pussy. "I want it in me bad... and when you played with my titties outside, god, that made me even hotter and I almost came out there and then that damn timer went off and you were up and gone again. You son of a bitch.

"And those three little swipes of your tongue when you found my new pussy. Honey, you just don't know what you are doing to me," she whimpered.

"Sorry baby. Why didn't you say something earlier? I would have been all over you if I had seen that shaved little pussy when you were changing." Smiling inside I couldn't believe my luck. I do know what I'm doing to her. I've just been lucky that she hasn't caught on yet. She has always been very receptive to me from that first time we'd met 6 weeks ago. But here she was telling me she had been ready since 7:00 this morning. Honey? She'd never called me honey before. What is this new endearment? One thing I knew; I had the little tease right where I wanted her.

"I wanted to surprise you with it. Oh damn it, I am so hot. Let's fuck now. C'mon stick it in and fuck me. I am really close I will probably come just as soon as you get it in me. C'mon an' fuck me. Pleeeezz. C'mon Craig don't keep me waiting any more. I shaved my pussy like you wanted. Now come and get it. I want you to have it, pleeezz take it. My pussy needs you."

"But baby I want to eat you first. I really have to get my tongue on that pretty slick little pussy that you shaved for me. OK?"

"Oh yeah. I'd like that. Get down there and eat it. Eat me now!!!"

"Let's go to the bedroom. That way we can get stretched out and comfortable." No sooner than I said that Gail was up and off to bed squealing with joy. Oh, this is an incredible woman, 37 years old and off she goes at a loping, skip run with the exuberance of a teenager. I kicked off my shoes, shorts and boxers. Did a cursory cleaning of the kitchen. Topped off our wine, grabbed them and the candles then started to follow her. Looking at the clock it read 8:50, yeah, the game is still on.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

Hi, if you're reading this then you've probably just finished the first part of my story. I'd really like to hear what you think about it. So just email me at the address below and gimme a single word, a line or a whole damn dissertation, what ever you feel comfortable with. Let me know which parts turned you on and/or if there was anything that just didn't work for you. Feel free to copy and paste from the story in your response. Have fun with it. I did writing it. Who knows I might just send you one of those FRIGGIN' form letter thank you notes back... just kidding. I will respond in kind.


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