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Trudy: The Interview
by Richard Janice

Trudy had been having these strange feelings about her sexuality for years. She had always fantasized about things that would be considered "kinky" by most of her friends. Now, here she was in a situation that only a few months ago she could not have imagined. It all started when she and Courtney had been talking about each other's fantasies.

Trudy had gone first and she had shared her innermost feelings. Courtney was very intent, listening to Trudy describe how she had always wondered what it would be like to be totally submissive to a man. Courtney asked her if she had any experience in dominant/submissive relationships. Trudy blushed as she described how an ex-boyfriend had once tied her up and how he had spanked her also. Courtney asked if it had been exciting for her and Trudy said yes. Courtney smiled. Trudy's face was flushed as she finished her story and demanded that Courtney reciprocate. Courtney smiled and said that her favorite fantasies were also about submission. Trudy's eyes opened wide. Courtney told Trudy that only recently had she done anything about it and that she now knew a wonderful "Master".

"Wow! said Trudy, "And he's always dominant?".

"Sure", said Courtney, "I get to live out my submissive fantasies totally with him.

Trudy felt herself getting excited and she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

"Would you like to meet him?" asked Courtney.

Trudy's eyes opened wide at the question. "What would I have to do?" she asked in a small voice.

Courtney just smiled, "You'd have to be completely submissive. If you want to meet him, he'll give you an interview and he'll find out if you're submissive enough for him. The interview was one of the most exciting events of my life. I was never so open or vulnerable as that day!"

"What happens in the interview?" asked Trudy.

"I shouldn't tell you." smiled Courtney. "It would take away all the fun." There was a long moment of silence. Trudy's mind was racing. Part of her told her to grab the opportunity and part of her told her to forget it. Finally, she looked up at Courtney. Her voice was quivering as she gave her answer, "I'd like to try it." she said.

"O.K.", said Courtney, "You can expect a call in the next few days. The name is Dr. Dru"

Trudy barely remembered the rest of the day. For the next couple of days, in fact, her mind couldn't get off what was going to happen to her. Her days were filled with the anticipation of waiting for "the call".

Finally, three days later, it came. A woman's voice was at the other end of the line. "Is your name Trudy?" she asked.

"Yes." said Trudy, "Dr. Dru has granted you an interview. I am to give you your instructions. Are you ready?"

Trudy's heart was beating a mile-a-minute. "Yes, I am." she whispered.

"Very well, you are to arrive at the Holiday Inn Hotel and go to room 204 at exactly 2pm Saturday. Do not be late under any circumstances. You are to wear a light sundress. You are forbidden to wear a bra, stockings or panties. You are to wear your dress and your shoes, nothing more. Do you understand your instructions?"

"Yes I do." said Trudy. "You may say, Yes Miss.", said the anonymous voice sternly.

"Yes, Miss.", said Trudy before she could even think about it.

"Very well then, goodbye." she said. Trudy hung up the phone. Her heart was beating hard and her palms were moist as she sat down. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. She let her hands glide down her body, feeling its' heat. She had never in her life imagined that she would do something like this and now it was really happening. She let her hands slide under her short skirt and into her panties. Her pussy was soaking. She started to play with herself, letting her hands slide into her pussy and rub the hot juices into her already hard clit. Her hips moved of their own accord as she imagined a stranger touching her, entering her, holding her open for his inspection. One hand that had moved up to her nipples pinched them tightly. The feeling was wonderful and she squeezed them harder than she would normally, wondering if they would be punished also. Her orgasm was not long in coming and it was a powerful one. For the first time ever, Trudy cried out loud while she was coming.

The next couple of days passed in a blur for Trudy as Saturday quickly approached. She couldn't keep the thoughts of what might happen from her mind and she seemed to be in a constant state of arousal thinking about it. And now, here she was, standing in front of a hotel room door wondering if she should actually knock or not!

She had dressed early after carefully taking a long bath and cleaning herself from head to toe. She was now in her yellow cotton sundress. It was a pretty dress that showed off her long blond hair well. As instructed she was wearing no bra or panties. The feeling of traveling to the hotel with nothing under her dress had been a little exciting. She kept looking at every man who walked past her wondering if he could see through her dress, wondering if he knew that she was on her way to a Master. Now, she stood in front of the door with her palms moist, her nipples hard and her pussy hot and wondered what would happen when she knocked. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she reached up and knocked on the door. It was opened a moment later by a stunning blond woman. At first, Trudy thought she had the wrong room. She started to back away mumbling an apology when the woman said, "Follow me Trudy."

Startled, Trudy moved into the hotel room. She looked at the other woman as she turned and closed the door. She was very tall, perhaps six feet and was dressed in a light summer dress that came down to about halfway to her knees. Her figure was perfect and her face beautiful. Trudy looked at her face and saw that this was a no-nonsense sort of woman. Trudy waited expectantly in the entranceway for instructions. The woman took her by the arm and brought her over to the window. She was faced looking out of the full-length window and told to remain still. The feeling of knowing that someone was behind her while she stood there was very unnerving. Suddenly, Trudy realized that standing this way made her dress almost transparent from the rear! A hot blush hit her cheeks as she stood passively waiting for instructions. She was made to wait for a couple of minutes, not daring to turn around before a deep male voice began speaking to her.

"My name is Dr. Dru, Trudy", he said, "You may address me as Dr. Dru or Sir."

"Yes Sir." said Trudy in a meek voice.

Dr. Dru continued, "I am going to be conducting your interview. I want you to know that you may not pass the interview and you may be unsuitable for serving me. Now, before we begin I want you to spread your legs wide apart."

Trudy blushed again as she followed the instructions. She knew that whoever was behind her was getting a perfect view of her legs through the dress. It seemed silly considering that she expected to end up without even the dress before they were done, but, oddly, she felt more naked with the dress on. Dr. Dru now began asking a long series of questions. They started off very normally, asking her birthday, her measurements. She was asked to describe the schooling she had as well as her work experience. She found herself answering honestly and completely. The questions steadily got more personal.

"At what age did you lose your virginity?" asked Dr. Dru. Trudy told him that she had been 15.

"Have you ever made love to a woman?" he asked.

Trudy stuttered on her reply that she had not. Dr. Dru asked for complete history of what kinds of sexual experiences she had had and what parts of her body turned her on the most. She was embarrassed to describe how she masturbated and when Dr. Dru asked if she had ever used her finger in her behind while doing so, she stammered out her answer. She answered a long series of questions on what types of submissive experiences she had enjoyed and what types of submissive fantasies she had. Finally, he asked her the last question.

"Are you now prepared to serve me?"

Trudy didn't hesitate. "Yes", she blurted. Trudy heard some movement behind her and then felt the fingers of someone (Was it the woman or the man?) pulling her dress up. She raised her hands and in a moment, she was naked. She was now standing in full view of anyone looking at this room on the 2nd floor of the Holiday Inn with absolutely no clothes on! Trudy had never been so excited. She felt she would do anything for these people.

"Alright Trudy, now masturbate yourself." Trudy jumped at the command. Her hand hesitantly moved to her pussy and found it drenched. Her juices were literally dripping down her thigh. She slid two fingers into her pussy and started moving them in and out. She was unable to stifle a moan. The woman instructed her to bend forward a little to give them a better view and Trudy did so, her face and breasts were almost touching the glass of the window now. She was hotter than she had ever been in her life and her hand was moving furiously between her legs. She was breathing in short gasping breaths.

She started to feel the beginnings of the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced when all of a sudden her wrist was grabbed by the woman and pulled away from her pussy. It was pulled back and quickly fastened to her other wrist behind her back. Trudy moaned in frustration, "Please, let me cum?" she begged. Her heat was incredible she was desperate to touch herself.

"No, Trudy", said Dr. Dru, "You will come when I tell you, not when you please."

Trudy moaned again, her hips were still writhing back and forth hoping to find something to rub against. Trudy felt the other woman attaching nipple clips to her large pink nipples. They pinched her hard but were not really painful. The woman had Trudy go down on her knees. She then bent her head forward until it was resting on the carpeted floor. She was instructed to keep her knees wide apart. She felt her bottom being stroked and the sensation was wonderful. The long cool fingers of the woman stroked the crack of her ass and then gently and firmly pulled her buttocks wide apart to completely expose her tiny opening. Trudy moaned again as she felt herself opened. A finger cool with lubricant now slid into Trudy's bottom and she gasped at the sensation. The finger moved slowly all the way into her and then slid out deliciously. She felt her hips move of their own accord as she pushed back against the finger, trying to get more of it in her. The finger was removed and Trudy moaned in frustration again.

The next sensation was that of a small butt plug as it was inserted in her rear. Trudy had never felt anything like this and she gave out a little whimper as the thick part of the plug pushed into her. The feeling of being held open like that was a constant stimulation for the already over-stimulated body.

Trudy heard Dr. Dru chuckling at her. She felt a large manly hand reach between her legs to feel her heat. Two fingers slid quickly into her pussy and she cried out at the wonderful feeling. They were quickly removed however. The two dominants now stood up leaving the hot submissive on her knees. Trudy was hoping for relief. She moaned and whimpered as she knelt there with her filled bottom on display.

"You are going to be spanked now, Trudy." said Dr. Dru, "Are you ready?"

"Yes Sir, please." gasped Trudy.

Trudy felt the leather paddle being rubbed on her smooth buttocks and then felt the rush of air as it struck her bottom. The pain was sharp but not unbearable and the heat that it generated added to her stimulation. She was moaning constantly and pushing her ass back up to the paddle as it landed. The spanking stopped for a moment and she felt a large vibrator being slid into her soaking pussy. The vibrator was turned on and off intermittently. She was kept close to coming but whenever she was close, the action would stop and she would be kept quivering. Finally, the spanking ended. Her buttocks and upper thighs were hot and stinging. The juices from her pussy were now dripping down her legs and Trudy was delirious with desire.

She was ordered to turn around and suck her Master. She did so eagerly, now pulling his large manhood into her. The vibrator in her pussy was turned on and off. Whenever she was close to release, it would stop. She was kept in a constant state of arousal. Her tongue ran up and down his cock and she let him slide all the way to the back of her throat, something she had never allowed a man to do before. His orgasm was not long in coming. She swallowed his come in large gulps, determined to catch it all and please her Master. Then Dr. Dru ordered her to suck the other woman. She was sitting on a chair with her legs spread and Trudy didn't even hesitate in leaning over to slide her tongue into the hot, wet woman. She quickly brought the other woman to orgasm delighting in the feeling of being able to please another person like that.

"Now, I am going to let you come, my little slave." said Dr. Dru.

"Oh, thank you, Sir", said Trudy. She was desperate to cum. The sensations in her nipples, her ass and pussy were indescribable. Every movement she made turned on a different part of her.

"You will be entertaining more than just us." said her Master. "Go over to the window and move forward until your nipple clips are touching the glass."

Trudy did so, feeling the hot flush on her face of exposing herself this way. The vibrator was turned on again and she felt two hands reach around to grasp the clips on her sensitive nipples and pull on them. Another hand reached down to begin playing with the intruder in her ass and it was that last sensation that was finally too much. Trudy's whole body began to shake as she let herself be consumed by the orgasm. It took over all of her and she would have fallen down if the other had not held her up. Her ass clenched hard on the anal dildo and that sent her into another spasm of orgasm. It seemed to go on forever as one sensation after another triggered another peak. Several long minutes later she was curled up on the floor at her Master's feet, drained by the experience. It had been the most intense experience of her life and Trudy knew that this was only the beginning.

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