The Best Erotic Stories.

The Trinity Pt. I
by Paul B. Allen, III


"In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, The Blessed Trinity, and by the powers conferred upon me by the great state of New York, I now pronounce you man and wife. What God has yoked together, let no man put asunder. Phillip, you may now kiss your bride," said the minister. The wedding had been perfect, altogether beautiful. Every friend and relative who could possibly be there was.

The limo was on time, the flowers were exquisite and even the bridesmaid's dresses were pretty. Yes, March 3rd was shaping up to be the kind of day every girl fantasizes about from the time she is very young.

As Phillip lifts her veil and looks deeply into her eyes, Nikki smiles and they kiss. They kissed for so long that those in attendance actually begin to applaud for them right here in the church! As they walk down the aisle together, hand in hand, Nikki thinks, "I have the best new husband in the world!"

And, when you think about it, somebody has to be the best. When it comes to Phillip Frazier, she just may be right. Phillip Frazier is every woman's dream. He is six feet tall, has a thin but muscular build, dark wavy hair, handsome features, eyes a girl can get lost in, and is very well to do, financially speaking. In addition, all of these physical qualities are counterbalanced by a sparkling personality. He has the wit of Cyrano de Bergerac; the charm of Cary Grant and what every girl would agree is a killer smile! As he walks in and slowly looks around a room, a woman's intuition will tell you that there is the slightest hint that a "bad boy" lies just beneath this perfect surface, making him totally irresistible as well as intriguing.

Yes, Phillip Frazier is every woman's dream, but not for any of the reasons listed above. Phillip Frazier is every woman's dream because of one undeniable, indisputable fact. Phillip Frazier is, in every sense of the phrase, a "one woman man." "One." For Phillip, there is only space in his mind and heart for a single female at one time. "Woman." Phillip defines a woman as a mature female, though he is of the opinion that maturity is not reached at any specific age. In fact, he truly believes that age is "nothing but a number." A woman is she who knows what love, life and relationships are all about, and, if there is to be a man in her life, he must share those same sensibilities. Only then may they be able to complete each other. "Man."

In Frazierology, a man is a male who knows how to treat a female like his queen, his soulmate, his sexual fantasy and his destiny, and yet, is neither controlling nor overtly jealous. He understands that a woman is not an extra appendage of himself, but a thinking individual that he should always nurture and encourage to grow and flourish, like a beautiful and rare orchid. The world may benefit from gazing upon her beauty, but if she is a real woman, she will dedicate that beauty, along with her delicate fragrance, texture and essence, to him and him alone, lovingly, willingly, and eternally. This is what Phillip expects, because this is what he gives.

Yes, Phillip Frazier is in every sense of the phrase, a "one woman man," or at least, he was, until he married Nikki....


Mrs. Jenkins, who lives directly across the street from Phillip and Nikki Frazier, the newlyweds, was the woman that everybody loved to hate, and why not? Her "Holier than Thou" attitude and her reputation for never keeping a secret, was in itself, a deadly combination; but when you mix in the fact that she has elected herself the moral guardian of this small neighborhood, you begin to understand why all of her neighbors on High Street avoid her like the plague.

Up early every morning, so that she doesn't miss a thing, Mrs. Jenkins stands outside, watering her lawn by hand. She only changes her routine on the weekends, when she saves the watering until the afternoon. Of course, there is nothing strange about her watering by hand, except for the fact that she has a great built in automatic sprinkler system. But, you see, using her sprinkler system wouldn't give her the excuse she needs to stand outside and get "The Dirt," as she calls it, on her next victim, whomever that poor unfortunate may be.

Last week, she saw the Patterson kid sneak around to the side of his house to smoke some pot. She didn't tell his parents, no, that would have kept things too quiet. She called the police. The two squad cars with their lights flashing and sirens piercing the air as they came down the street and stopped right in front of the Patterson's house, created quite a spectacle. Lord only knows what she told the police to make them come in like gangbusters. She must have given them the impression that there was a major drug ring, a White slave ring and a "ring around the collar" all happening there at the same time. "I'll bet that kid never smokes pot again," she said with a smug grin. Young Mr. Patterson is thirteen years old.

Last months victim was poor Michelle Jacobs. The month of May would mark a change in her life forever. Somehow, Mrs. Jenkins knew that Michelle was pregnant almost before the gynecologist did. Naturally, she started the "gossip mill" and Michelle's parents knew that Michelle was pregnant before she had the chance to come to them for some much needed reassurance and compassion. Michelle is just sixteen years old, and afraid to tell her parents the name of her baby's father.

This Saturday afternoon, on a very warm June day, as Mrs. Jenkins is watering her lawn, she hits paydirt! "Who is this hooker walking down our street?" Mrs. Jenkins talks to herself a lot, since hardly anyone else ever does. "Just look at how she is dressed, it's disgusting. And who does she think she's fooling with that platinum blonde wig anyway? Hmm...she came walking from around the corner, so she must have parked over there, or maybe her "puff daddy" or her "pimp daddy" or whatever they're called, dropped her off.

Well, let's just see which "mouse" is going to play while the "cat" is away. Uh huh, she's getting close to the Massey's house. I always knew that he was up to no good. You can just look at him and tell. No, no, she's walking past there. Oh, I know. I'll bet its old man Wilson. His wife just died a couple of weeks ago, and he has been carrying on like he misses her so much. The body isn't even cold yet, and he's hired some prostitute, probably with Mrs. Wilson's insurance money. What a lecher. I remember when he winked at me one morning as he came out to get his newspaper. The nerve. When I told his wife, he claimed that he had gotten something in his eye, and she was so gullible that she believed him. Stupid woman.

Well, no... she's walking past his place, too. Just where is she going? She's coming closer. Now she's slowing down in front of.... No. I don't believe it. Why, they haven't even been married three months yet. And here I thought he was such a nice man. But you know, I did see her leave earlier this morning, the poor dear. All men are dogs. Phillip Frazier, you won't get away with this. I won't let you. You are going to be very sorry..."

Mrs. Jenkins, standing in her front yard with her arms folded, smiles the smile of righteous indignation as she watches the "hooker" knock on Phillip's door. "Hi, I'm Toi," she said. "I am a very close friend of Nikki's. And you must be Phillip. Nikki has told me so much about you. My God she said that you were good looking, but girlfriend didn't tell the half of it!" Phillip's face turned slightly red with embarrassment. "Well Phillip, aren't you going to invite me in"?

Toi had caught Phillip completely by surprise. To this point he had been totally speechless, not that he could have gotten a word in edgewise anyway. "Oh yes, yes of course, where are my manners? Please come in."

"Thank you, Phillip." Toi looked around the room and said, "You and Nikki have a

nice place here Phil."

"Oh, thank you. Yes, we like it very much."

"So Phil, just where is little Nikki"? That question, and the way she asked it, again caught Phillip by surprise.

"Ah... Nikki said that she was going shopping. She left a couple of hours ago, so she should be back soon."

"Well, I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I waited here for her, would you now Phil?"

Being a perfect gentleman, Phillip said, "Of course not, please make yourself at home." But both Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see from the look on Phillip's face that this whole situation had him more than a little rattled. Maybe it was the way that she looked.

You see, Toi is a very beautiful woman with a gorgeous tan and a body that won't quit, and Toi was dressed, well, there is no other way to say it, Toi was dressed like a slut. She was wearing a short platinum blonde wig, thigh high black patent leather boots, and black plastic looking shorts that were so skimpy that the cheeks of her admittedly beautiful ass showed very enticingly. And, as if that wasn't enough to get him excited, apparently, she wore the sheerest white blouse that Phillip had ever seen, at least, that is what his eyes seemed to indicate. It was tied at the mid-drift, extremely low cut, to reveal bare breasts, absolutely no bra.

And even though this was a hot June day, you would have thought that it was the coldest day in December, because as Toi continued to talk to Phillip, her large nipples started to get hard and erect. Toi was slowly looking him up and down, through those big, dark, sunglasses of hers, as if she were a starving animal and he was about to become her next meal. Phillip's uneasiness really began to show and the puzzled look on his face seemed to ask, "What is this woman up to?"

Now, the story that I am sharing with you is not a figment of my imagination. You see, it is Toi and I that are really close friends. I know her better than anyone, and if you asked Toi directly, I guarantee that in her own unique way, she would give you this blow by blow description of what happened next.

"Well," she would say, "I started to flirt with him big-time, and before he knew what hit him, I had him pressed against the living room wall. That's right, all the way up against it! I started running my hands all over his body, touching him in all of the right spots in just the right way. My body was pressed against his so closely that I could feel his body starting to respond. You know that was my cue! I got down on my knees and started stroking his hard cock through his pants. It felt so good in my hands. I started kissing and lightly biting on that big bulge in his pants. I unbuckled his belt, and I thought that he was going to come as I unzipped his pants with my teeth! I wanted that big cock, so I pulled his pants down to his ankles and began to lick his throbbing shaft slowly, passionately, all the way from the bottom to the top.

"After licking him this way for a minute or two, I began to lick around the head of his cock. He let out a soft moan as I kept going around it slowly. I wanted to make this last, but still keep his passion growing, so each time I licked around the head of his cock, I went just a little faster, just a little. Then, all of a sudden, I popped the head of his cock into my mouth. His body tensed up. His eyes squeezed shut and he let out another low moan as he felt how wet and warm it was inside my mouth. He tasted so good to me that before I knew it, I had his whole cock in my mouth and I was 'deep throating' him. His body got even more tense and he kept slamming the palms of his hands against the wall as he said repeatedly, 'Oh yes, oh my God, yes!'

"His reaction really started to turn me on and I could feel the lips of my pussy starting to get plumper. I was so wet. At this point, I was so in to it, that Phillip couldn't have stopped me if he tried. My head started to bob up and down faster and faster on his shaft. Suddenly his moaning got louder, and his 'Oh my Gods' much more frequent and intense. I knew that he was about to come. In just a few seconds, a load of that good, hot, white stuff would be filling my mouth and sliding down my throat like hot lava. I started stroking his cock with my hand, because I wanted to use my mouth for something else now. It was time to bring him to his climax by fucking his mind.

"I said: 'Come on baby, come on baby, give it to me, I want it all now, right now baby, right now! Yeah baby. I want you to come in my mouth. That's right, baby, come in my mouth, come in my mouth, baby. Yes! Yes, baby yes! Ooh, yes baby... yes baby... NOW!' Just in time, as his cum began to shoot out everywhere, I put his cock back in my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast, to make his orgasm more intense. His body was now so rigid with every muscle straining, that I thought he might break into a thousand little pieces. As he started to come down fromm his orgasm, and his muscles began to relax, I kept licking and sucking that gorgeous cock, but slowly, very slowly, while at the same time, my hand stroked and lightly squeezed it, coaxing every last drop of cum out of his body."

As you can see, everything about Toi is colorful, including her speech. Phillip Frazier had never been with another woman when he was committed to someone else. He really loved Nikki, but obviously, Toi had made him feel fantastic. Still, it was plain to see that Phillip was uneasy about what had just happened. He asked Toi to leave and never come back. She smiled a wicked smile, but didn't say a word.

How was he to know that what he said was exactly what Toi wanted to hear? This was the start of their affair.

Since then, Mrs. Jenkins had seen Toi come and go on several occasions. She was just biding her time, relishing every moment. One day soon, she would approach Nikki with the indisputable facts, and Phillip would be "busted," and that "sham" of a marriage would be over. And Nikki would have her to thank.

To Be Continued...


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