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The Trinity Pt. II
by Paul B. Allen, III


Just one month after they had married and moved into their new house, Phillip and Nikki had to face a very tough test. Phillip's company decided to send him on a business trip to Taiwan that was to last for an entire month. He was to leave April 5th, and return May the 4th. They wanted Phillip in and back out of Taiwan before June. That is the month that marks the beginning of the monsoon season, and with such deadly typhoons, June is definitely not the time to be in Taiwan.

The immediate separation, after having just been married, was going to be very hard for both of them to take. However, they both realized that this was a major vote of confidence from the company in Phillip's behalf, a sure sign that he was advancing up the corporate ladder. Phillip told Nikki that he believed that if his trip were successful, he would be offered a partnership in the company. (Indeed, shortly after the trip, that offer was tendered and gratefully accepted). Still, Phillip and Nikki were going to miss each other greatly.

Nikki had already come to understand what kind of man she had. That's why she married him. She knew that Phillip was a "one woman man," which was part of the reason that she loved him so deeply. Still, a month away in a foreign country? Especially at the start of their marital relationship? Any woman would be more than a little concerned. However, if this marriage was going to work, she knew that she was going to have to trust him.

"After all," she thought, "he has never given me any reason to doubt him, has he? Still... men have 'basic needs,' don't they? Fantasies? I mean, a beautiful, sexy, exotic woman would be attractive to any man, and especially to a man who finds himself thousands of miles away from home and away from his wife, unable to make love to her for weeks on end. There is no doubt that Phillip is 'all man.' Sure, yes, he has to have those needs," she thought. "He has to have fantasies like other men do, but to his credit; he doesn't carry through on them in the way that most men would. He is the first truly honorable man that I have ever known. I am really a very lucky woman. Very lucky."

Nikki decided not to mention her fears or concerns to Phillip. He didn't deserve that. Rather, she decided to be totally supportive and encouraging, realizing that the trip would be just as hard on him as it would be on her. But she did have a special man, didn't she?

One that she really appreciates. She decided that day that no matter what it takes, this special man would always belong to her....

While in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, Phillip noticed a beautiful Chinese outfit in a storefront window. It was what the Chinese would consider a formal or semi-formal gown. It had the traditional slotted neckline, short sleeves, the look of red satin with subtle gold embroidery, and many material covered buttons that were used in conjunction with the small red loops to fasten the dress closed. It was extremely form fitting. "This dress would look fantastic on Nikki, but it is so expensive," he said just a little too loudly. The shop owner assured him, however, that it was a "one of a kind," an "original."

Phillip thought about it for a few minutes more, then suddenly said, "My sweetheart is so worth it! I'll take it! Can you gift wrap it for me, please?" At last, here was the perfect gift for Nikki.

Phillip's trip had the effect of producing in him a love for all things Oriental. When he returned home, the first thing that he and Nikki did was to locate the local "Chinatown" in their city. (Actually, that was the second thing that they did). There he and Nikki began to shop often to decorate the new home that they now shared. In Chinatown, there was also a market that sold the most delicious fruit. Phillip's obvious favorite was "Fuji" apples. His description of the apples reveals his passion for them.

"They are much larger than the Red Delicious apples or Granny Smith apples that you will find in the local big chain supermarkets, but the thing that you really notice about them is their weight. They are so dense, that holding one Fuji in your hand feels as if you are holding three or four of the other type of apples at one time! And when you bite into a Fuji, umm... it is crisp, solid, very juicy and very, very sweet. At least, that's the way they are at the market in Chinatown."

However, just eight weeks after meeting Toi, Phillip was about to find something else that was very, very sweet at that market in Chinatown. Something that he would cherish far more than his Fuji apples...

One Saturday morning, when they had been married around five months, Phillip asked Nikki if she would like to accompany him to Chinatown in order to do a little shopping. After all, his "Fujis" were running low, and they could stop for lunch at the famous Sam Woo's Barbecue, a place that they both loved. It was now 8:00AM. He would have to go to the bank and make a few other stops first, but if she came along, he was sure that they could be at the market by 11:30, and Sam Woo's by noon. Nikki said, "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. I forgot to tell you. Aunt Jenny called last night and asked me to come over today to help her with spring-cleaning. I promised her I would. That's the aunt you haven't met yet. The one that's a little strange. I mean, who does spring-cleaning in August? I don't know if she is very early or very, very late, but anyway, I promised her that I would come. You remember I told you that she lives over in Elmsford? That's a three-hour drive. I have to leave here by 9:00 to get there by 12:00, and I know that I won't get back home until late tonight. As a matter of fact, I know that I will be so tired after she gets through with me that I had better spend the night there with Aunt Jenny and drive back home tomorrow afternoon. I'm sorry, honey, I hate to ruin our weekend. Can you ever forgive me, my sweetheart"?

Alone, Phillip got to the market at 11:30, just as he told Nikki he would. Punctuality is another hallmark of the Phillip Frazier personality. But as he approached the fruit section, he stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn't believe his eyes. There, standing by the bins that held his beloved Fuji apples, was a woman wearing a Chinese dress just like the one that he had brought Nikki from Taipei. He was so upset. "I guess salespeople are the same all over the world," he said in an undertone as he shook his head in disbelief. "Boy, am I glad that Nikki isn't here to see this."

He could only see the woman from behind, but anyone would have to admit that even from this angle, the woman looked stunning in that gown. Phillip just couldn't stand it. He said out loud, "I have to ask her where she bought that dress." As he started walking toward her, she turned around and faced him. Phillip's expression told the tale.

She was beautiful. Yes, her makeup was slightly heavy, but still very well done. Her exotic eyes were in an accentuated almond shape, her bangs were nearly touching her eyes and her hair was long, all the way down to her waist. It was bone straight and coal black. "And my God, what a figure," he said beneath his breath. He smiled at her, but before he could say a word, she spoke. Her voice was soft, her words spoken in the lilting, deliberate manner of the genteel Oriental woman. He smiled as he heard her speak. Her accent was beautiful and pleasing to the ear. She said to him, "It is very strange to see an American man at the market in Chinatown. Is your wife Oriental?"

Phillip smiled again. His travels through Taiwan had taught him, if nothing else, that the nature of the Chinese woman was to ask very straightforward questions about what we in America would consider "personal" business. Just the other day, he was laughing with Nikki about how, on his trip to Taiwan, some Chinese women had asked him, very loosely translated, "You make a lot of money, right." They asked this as routinely as we would ask about the weather.

"No, my wife is not Oriental," Phillip answered.

"Are you sure?" she asked. All that Phillip could do was smile. "Well," she continued, "my name is Asia, and what is your name, may I ask?"

"My name is Phillip Frazier."

"That is a very nice name, Phillip Frazier."

"Thank you. I think that Asia is a pretty name, too. Is that your given name"?

"No, but my Chinese name is most difficult for Americans to pronounce, so I have taken Asia as my American name." She paused, looked deeply into Phillip's eyes and said, "Phillip Frazier, I am new here. I am a licensed massage therapist, and I am looking for more customers. I have many Oriental customers, but few American ones. I would like to make you aan offer that, as they say in this country, you cannot refuse." She smiled a delicate smile and said, "If you have time this afternoon, I would like to come to your home and give you the best massage, and it will cost you nothing. If you like it, then you call me at this number, and I will come to you any time you call. I predict that you will become my best client and call often." She smiled and handed him her card. "I will massage your wife, too, if this pleases you."

"Well, Asia, my wife is not at home today, but I'll tell you what, I haven't had a really good massage since I visited Taipei. Here is my address." As he scribbled it down on an old receipt that he found crumpled in the pocket of his blue jeans, she said, "Oh, so you had massage in Taipei?"

Phillip smiled sheepishly and said, "But Asia, I am sure that it was nothing compared to the massage you give." Asia gives him the kind of smile one uses to stifle a laugh. "What time can I expect you?" Phillip asks.

"I will be there at 2:00 o'clock, OK?"

"OK, Asia, I look forward to seeing you then. And Asia, thank you for your very kind offer." "No, I thank you, Phillip Frazier. The honor is mine."

That devilish twinkle in her eye and that last delicate but sensual smile must have let Phillip know that this was not going to be the usual Saturday afternoon, and that Asia had much more in mind than just an "innocent" massage. As he left the market heading for Sam Woo's, he took her card back out of his shirt pocket and looking down at it, he smiled, shook his head and said, "What an amazing woman."

On Saturdays, Mrs. Jenkins usually found a reason to be outside all day long. So much happens on Saturdays, so she makes this her "yard day." She mows, weeds, edges, prunes and saves the watering for last. Her husband, Edgar, is allergic to grass and so cannot help. The Jenkins are quite well off, as are most of the people that live on High Street, and of course, Edgar has said time and again, that he would prefer to pay a lawn service, rather than have his wife out there by herself doing yard work. And, of course, Mrs. Jenkins vehemently refuses, although she doesn't tell Edgar why. It's not that she is too cheap, or even that she likes yard work, but again, there is so much happening in the neighborhood on Saturdays, and it would absolutely kill her to miss any of it.

This unseasonably cool August day is the one that Mrs. Jenkins, the moral watchdog and guardian of High Street, has chosen to "break the news," to Nikki. She had mentioned it to Edgar earlier this morning. As always, he told her that he wished that she would just mind her own business. And, as always, she just "pooh-poohed" him, and told him that she knew best. She explained to Edgar that she would invite Nikki over for tea, in order to get her away from Phillip, and then she would tell her what she had seen happening over the last eight weeks.

"I would have done it earlier this morning, but I saw Nikki leaving, so I'll do it as soon as she comes back." Edgar said nothing. He simply left the room, his face showing signs of disgust toward this woman that his wife had become. Yes, Mrs. Jenkins had kept track of the comings and goings of Toi, the woman that she now refers to as "that platinum whore." She had times and dates, down in black and white. But now that she was finally poised to strike, something was about to happen that would make her postpone her plans.

It was 1:40PM that Saturday afternoon, when Mrs. Jenkins looked up from pruning the rosebushes in her front yard to see a sight that she couldn't believe. From a distance there appeared to be an Oriental woman walking down her street. The woman was wearing a beautiful red dress, and carrying a bouquet of red roses. On her shoulder was a strap attached to a medium sized, green, travel tote bag. "We don't have any 'Japs' or 'Chinks' living on High Street. What does she think she's doing here?"

As usual, Mrs. Jenkins was talking to herself. "And doesn't anybody have a car anymore?" she continued. She watched as the woman walked through the front gate of the Frazier's home. The woman walked up the front steps and knocked on the door. When no one answered, she just walked through the front door. Mrs. Jenkins was horrified! She watched for a good ten minutes, but the woman didn't come back out. "Is she robbing them, or what?" Mrs. Jenkins asked.

She stood there dumbfounded, but only for a moment. She decided that she had better go over there and "check" things out for herself.

She looked around to see if anyone else was watching. When she was sure that no one was, she crossed the street, and quietly opened the Frazier's front gate. But instead of going up onto the front porch, she chose to go around to the side of the house, where shrubs and bushes would hide her presence. She approached the window that would give her a view of the living room. She cupped her hands over her eyes to block out the glare from the sun and then she pressed in against the windowpane. She could see clearly what was happening inside. The woman was no longer in the beautiful red dress.

"She's changed into some frilly, hooker's outfit. That dog Phillip is at it again." Asia was just coming into the living room from the direction of the bathroom when Mrs. Jenkins first saw her. Mrs. Jenkins watched as Asia quickly dried her hands on a towel and then as she hurried into the kitchen. She came back out of the kitchen in a few minutes with what appeared to be a glass of wine and a bucket of ice. "Strange though," observed Mrs. Jenkins, "there is no bottle of wine in that bucket." Asia was just standing there in the living room, holding the glass of wine in her hands, seeming as if she was deep in thought.

"I can't believe this man. Married less than six months and now he is carrying on two different affairs. This time he's picked up some Oriental tramp. What in the hell is wrong with him anyway? Now, his own kind isn't good enough for him! Why, the next thing you know, he'll be screwing some Nig..." Before she could finish her sentence, she heard a car down slam out front. She heard the front gate open and then close, and Mrs. Jenkins watched from the window outside as Phillip walked through the front door.

Totally mesmerized, she was going nowhere until she could see what was going to happen next. "Goddamn, what a great Saturday!" she said with glee. Phillip and Nikki live in a very good part of town, and High Street seemed to be virtually crime free, so they rarely locked their doors. Phillip had to rush home after lunch at Sam Woo's, because he got caught up in an extended discussion with Jimmy Li, a friend from work that he bumped into while at the restaurant. He walked through the door just at 2:00PM sharp to find that Asia was standing there waiting for him. She had already let herself in. From what he saw, he probably decided that it was best that she had.

She was standing there wearing six inch white high heels, sheer lacy white thigh high stockings, (no garter belt), delicate white lace thong panties and a white lace strapless bra, the top of which traveled straight across her breasts, cut just a hairs breath beneath her protruding nipples. Around her neck was a three strand white pearl choker that had a beautifully striking white cameo in the middle. Phillip seemed to especially like the white lace, fingerless gloves that extended to her elbows. "Nice touch," he said softly, "very sexy."

Asia, whom I also have the privilege of calling a very close friend, speaks in such great detail about what happened next, that she makes you feel as if you were right there with her. She said, "I was prepared for his arrival. As he walked toward me, I extended to him a glass of Beringer's White Zinfandel. I knew that it must be his favorite, for he had many bottles of it stored in his wine rack. None were refrigerated, so I deduced that he preferred it served at room temperature. He confirmed that my suspicions were correct when he said, 'Umm, just the way I like it. How did you know?' Of course, I simply smiled but did not answer. Women of the Orient have the reputation of being inscrutable. It is well deserved. I said, 'Master, drink this down quickly, for another one awaits you.'

'Master,' he asked? 'Ah, yes,' I answered. 'I have come only to serve you. I am your servant, here to bring pleasure to you, my master.' Phillip shook his head up and down very slowly. He was beginning to get the picture. 'Now, please, Master, drink this down quickly. You will enjoy what is about to happen even more if you do.'

As he raises his glass and begins to quickly drink, I unbutton his, what do you call them, his Levi's, and get down on my knees. I begin to fondle his manhood and to tease it gently with soft kisses. I give it many caresses with my moist tongue. In seconds, his organ of pleasure is standing tall, proud and throbbing. The great stones of my master, which sit like guards below his proud sentinel, hang heavy in my hands. They feel hot. I must cool them in my mouth. The master had asked earlier what the bucket of ice was for. I begin his education at this moment. Though my master is quite dignified by nature, his moans and outbursts expressing his ecstasy are totally uninhibited, animalistic, almost primordial and most arousing to me.

But I have come only to serve my master. Though most difficult, I maintain my discipline and focus, at least for the moment. The ice chip is now a sliver in my mouth. My master's proud cock is now resting on top of it. Though it is great, I have all of it in my mouth. It is quite obvious that he has never experienced a sensation like this before. I am most honored to be the one to give this precious gift to him. As the sliver of ice turns into a memory, I toss my long hair to one side so that he can see his masterful cock sliding in and out of my hungry mouth. I place both of his hands on the top of my head so that he can direct me, control me. This excites my master greatly. The signs soon appear that at any moment, Mt. Fuji will erupt, so I lay my master down on the floor, and I get on top of him. I take his hot sword of flesh in my right hand and plunge it deep into my sheath. I gasp in ecstasy almost as loudly as he does.

Now I begin to ride my master as I would a proud stallion, at first a walk, and then a trot, and then into a full gallop, I say, 'Fuck your servant, master, fuck your slave girl! Fuck me, fuck me hard!' The master lets out a mighty yell and gives me a great final thrust of his sword. I fight it, still, my pleasure tries to come full force as his hot cum fills me inside. It is glorious, and my master is magnificent as the rays of the sun through the living room window strike his wet, glistening body."

Asia didn't know it at the time, but it is most probable that more light would have come through that living room window if it had not been so badly fogged up from the outside. Mrs. Jenkins probably assumed that everything was over, but whether it was or not, she had to leave now. She had to find Edgar... fast!

"I now lead him to the hot bubble bath that I had drawn for him before his arrival," Asia continues. "I had taken the pedals from half a dozen roses and sprinkled them into the tub. The delicate scent was most agreeable, and the tub, with lighted candles all around providing the only illumination, was very pleasing to the eye. When he is fully in the tub, I give him another glass of Zinfandel along with my gift. It is a magazine, most pornographic in nature, that displays beautiful Oriental women bringing pleasures to their lovers in every manner and position imaginable. My master is most pleased. As he begins to sip his drink slowly, and turn the pages of the magazine one by one, I silently leave the room. I return brief moments later wearing only a long, very sheer, loosely fitting slip. As my master continues to sip his wine and enjoy the magazine, I sit on the side of the tub and begin to massage his neck, shoulders and upper back. I cup my hand to draw hot water from the tub so as to sooth the muscles of my master.

All the while, the splashing water is making my sheer slip cling ever more tightly to my body underneath. My master is becoming more aroused as he looks at my nakedness through the slip. He pulls me close to kiss me and says: 'You are so beautiful!' Seeing him becoming aroused, I fan the flame of his passion by stepping into the tub and then sitting in it facing my master, still wearing the long, sheer slip. It becomes virtually transparent. I kiss the master deeply, but I slow his passion and I tell him that we are not finished here. With the deepest reverence, I ask the master to rise, and I wash his firm, muscular body. No part of his beautiful anatomy is neglected. I now have him sit back down in the hot water and I ask him to relax there for one moment more. I let him watch me leave the tub and dry myself. As I recline on the seat of the commode, I stare passionately into his eyes, and I begin to touch myself. I lick my fingers and move them slowly inside myself.

I hold my lips apart with one hand and begin to swirl my moistened fingers around my clitoris. As my body begins to writhe, his passion is growing as he watches me. So I implore the master to step out of the tub and to come to me. Still sitting on the commode, I draw him close and begin to suck his clean, wet, warm cock. Since he was already more than excited, in seconds his cum is filling my mouth. How delicious! This is his second orgasm of the afternoon. However, I again stifle my own passions in favor of concentrating only on the master's pleasure.

Now I lead my master, Phillip Frazier, into the bedroom and ask him to make himself comfortable in my absence. I quietly disappear, and return in minutes wearing the beautiful red Chinese gown that he had seen me in just hours earlier.

He says, 'You are an absolute vision.' I smile and warmly thank my master, but as is the Chinese way, I assure him that many women are much more beautiful than I. 'I beg to differ,' he says. 'In my eyes, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.' The sincerity of his words make me blush. As I walk toward him in the bed, I am carrying in my hands a flask of warmed oil. I pull the sheets off of his body most gracefully, and then slowly pull my dress all the way up to my waist. I straddle him now with my partially exposed naked body. My ripe peach, now pressed against his body, is very wet.

It's pleasure having been denied twice already today, I know in my heart of hearts that my discipline and self-deprivation can not possible last much longer. I now pour some of the warm oil into my hands and begin to give the master a long, slow massage that will eventually extend to his whole body. First, the back side, then the front. Saving the best for last, I begin to massage only the master's great stones. I am most generous with the warm oil, and I use both hands in that one area. I concentrate my efforts right there and there alone for many minutes. Next I use the warmed oil on his throbbing, swollen shaft.

I pull downward on his great stones, holding them steadily in that position as I stroke his cock up and down, faster and faster, pushing him, driving him toward his inevitable third orgasm. As I continue stroking him in this fashion, my passion begins to get the better of me. I can hold back no longer. I release the great stones held in my right hand and begin masturbating myself. Seeing this really has an effect on my master. Our passion is now intertwined. Bound together now, as he is about to come, I am also very near to that point. I can feel his passion building right there in my hand. I love this feeling, the hardness, the throbbing, the heat. I am making this happen. I have the power. I must have him now!

At that second I bring my own throbbing, dripping wet pussy up to his mouth, and the master's tongue makes me start to scream: 'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my Gooood!' The sound of my passion and the increased speed of my hand stroking his oil-saturated cock, makes the master come with me at that exact same instant. As our passion subsides, I pull my dress back down and tuck the master into bed as lovingly as a mother would her new born babe."

So much passion in one night has totally exhausted Phillip. He falls asleep, but when he awakens a few short minutes later, he finds that Asia has gone without a trace.

Asia is his beautiful Oriental sex slave who lives to bring her master pleasure through massage, pampering, and sex as only she can give. She has accomplished her purpose today, and Phillip Frazier, the master, who is in reality her slave, knows that she will be there for him whenever he needs her. She promised. All he has to do is call...

Everything is easier the second time around. Phillip Frazier was slipping, slowly but surely. It had been difficult the first time with Toi, but it was a much easier this time with Asia.

To Be Continued...


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