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Tantric Tradewinds Ch. II
by Kenneth Auslandur

The morning was hours away. The warm tropical air carried the sounds of the surf and footsteps on the wet sand. The nude lovers lay still. "She is asleep," he thought, with his arms curled protectively around her. The moments passed with her deep sighs and peaceful stillness. The quiet movements became more deep and long. He gently slid from her and covered her slumbering body with the throw that had been hanging on the rail. He quietly slipped into the kitchen nude and vulnerable, and utterly happy. He began to rummage about the cupboards and refrigerator, trying to save the abandoned feast he had prepared for her.

As he prepared the food he took small loving glances out the window at her sleeping form. He could see the blue light of the moon shining on her bare chest. She was as lovely as any thing he had ever set eyes on above or below the water. He turned his attention back to the meal and did not hear her rouse and pad into the kitchen on her slender naked feet.

He was totally focused on preparing the desert when he first heard and then felt the Reddi Whip spray out and onto the backs of his thighs. He reached for her but she just smiled and dodged his every move, spraying him with even more whipped cream. For only a moment was she standing, in full view. He attempted to take the can from her, but she distracted him with a very strategic move. She sprayed that last of the white cream on the front of his thighs and then, with precise calculation, she folded herself to the floor. Her hands slid up his legs on either side of his knees and she dipped forward and began to kiss his soft penis that was hidden beneath a mound of white cream.

She could take all of him in this state. She savored the wonderful contrast of the sweet cream and his salty, surging cock. She let the heat of her mouth and the full blanket of her tongue stir the flaccid flesh to life. Once attentive, she began to suck with even more effort, gently arousing him. Her mouth worked him with full long draws. He was content: eyes closed with his hand stroking her hair and cheeks. With each stroke up, her mouth became more resistant, every so often pressing the tip of her tongue in the grove where the shaft and the head triangulate. All the while, her hands manipulated his testicles, her fingers dancing in his hair, rasping her nails in the long wavy strands. She enjoyed the pleasure she gave him. The salty-sweet mix of the whipped cream and their previous sex lingered on him. The taste of them thrilled her. The smooth glands of his head was nearly too much to bear as it pressed into the soft palate, the pressure made her instinctively swallow. Her miniature vacuum made his cock throb and twitch in her mouth. Sweet drops of clear foretaste preceded the final surge of blood into his engorged member. He loved each delectable sensation given by such a strong willed woman tamed between his legs.

She never grew tired of bathing his hard, thick cock with her tongue. It grew even more erect between her lips. She increased her tempo when she saw him grip the counter in an attempt to hold back. She had him in her power now. Her swirling mouth bewitched him. He reached down and cupped her bobbing head, trying to back her off his rigid erection. She flashed him a fierce and defiant glance with her dark eyes and he surrendered to her. She was taking very fast strokes of his cock in her mouth. She flattened her tongue and breathed on each downward swipe. He was moaning and rocking on the balls of his feet and she enjoyed the power of she had over him.

He moaned and she further delighted in her sexual power. She paid for that power when she miscalculated his ability to control his orgasm. She felt his cock erupt with no warning and jets of molten cum streaked down inside her mouth. She swallowed once, but was overwhelmed and tried to pull off of him, but he grabbed her by her hair and held her in place as he shot load after load of cumm down her throat. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but there was so much of it that it ran out of her lips and down her chin. She choked back her fear of his fluid and lapped it up. Her licking tongue kept him stiff and erect and he lifted her from her knees. She eagerly followed his lead as he positioned her against the counter. She thought he was going to enter her, and she leaned over the Formica and spread her legs waiting for his flesh to pierce her.

Instead she felt coldness nudge her pink and brown fringed labia. She glanced over her shoulder and saw him knelling behind her. His thumbs had spread her buttocks and his face hovered there. Above his face as he pulled yet another can of whipped cream from the fridge. He popped the cap and inserted the nozzle into her moist petals and slowly shot a stream of thick white sweetness into her. She moaned and writhed, actually fucking the nozzle as he emptied it into her. She could no longer stand and slipped to the floor with him. He then proceeded to lick and suck each sweet ounce out of her as they bucked and skidded across the floor in a delirious sixty-nine position that resembled two spoons caught in the grips of the mental powers of a crazed magician. They melted together in a feverish daisy shaped chain. There bodies were covered with spots of Reddi Whip.

Soon they were pulling out a number of things from the fridge, alternating sweet and spicy extracts across their bodies. They first painted each other's bodies, and then slowly and deliberately cleaned one another with hungry mouths. It was a true movable feast as they writhed on the kitchen floor making a mess with the groceries he had bought earlier, but giggling like teenagers that discovered a new hobby.

Suddenly she had had enough playing with food and pushed him to the kitchen floor as intense need took over her faculties. She moved her smooth flesh on his swollen cock, stroking it with the pink pillow within. She did not let his enter her. She let her labia purse around the underside as she pushed his rigid cock back against his belly and slid back and forth on it. His hands grasped the curve of her hips and brought them forward. The soft lips made a wet kiss on his stomach, and then she drew a sticky line as he moved her towards the tip of his shaft. She continued to tease him by only brushing his lower body with her wet pussy, never actually mounting him. He grew impatient and she laughed when he lifted her by her gyrating hips and placed her lap over his throbbing erection forcefully. A sudden, sweet, velvety thrust joined them. She took to the task of riding her full hips on the head of his firm penis. Her sex circles slowed, and she lowered to sit completely on his cock without bruising her tender loins. Fully seated, she rested her motion to allow her beautiful sex to be stretched. Then, with little motions, she rocked side to side. He was in ecstasy as she began to make the ripple of her vaginal muscles hug his erect scepter. Full pumps of her thighs sent her vagina complete up and down the shaft. Her precious design manipulating the glans to it own epitome.

Soon he would have to stop her and fuck her at his own rate. But for now, he enjoyed getting to the point near hypersensitivity. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand on end. With a low groan he took hold of her. He brought her hips down as he thrust himself deeper within. Her breasts shook and dance at the percussion of his grind. They scooted about the tile that was now covered with streaks of jam, cream, milk, caramel, chocolate, honey, peanut butter, and a number of things that were no longer identifiable. Careless touches and licks were passed between them. This fevered pitched sung out. Her large breasts caressing him, crushing him when her arms wrapped around his head; firm wet thighs working against one another; loud sound kisses on his chest and face. Her climax peaked; each ring of her sweet cleft vibrated and shook, tugging at his rigid cock. He, however, was not ready to slow. He alternated between bucking and making little circles with his hips slightly off the seat; his penis rubbed new delightful sensations against her rippling walls. Her back muscles trembled and relaxed. She muffled her sigh with a mouthful of his shoulder, biting and sucking fiercely on his trapezoid muscle as her body was wracked by a powerful spasm. He winced at her lover's bite.

She trembled and shuddered with one more forceful orgasm and fell down against his still bucking body. She lay with her head at his chest, still enjoying the pleasurable little waves of orgasm. With a light peck and a gesture, he motioned for her to leave the kitchen and find the bedroom. She nearly got to the bedroom door when his hands seized her.

"Here." His hand went up her spine from her curvy bottom, directing her torso across the arm of the sofa. Now, her full pink lips, now flushed and crimson from the sex, were presented to him. His hand stroked his penis while he watched the glistening hair move as she pressed her legs together. "Open for me." She widened her stance a little, tipping up her hips to receive him. He squeezed into her, slowed by the swollen engorgement of her vagina. The new friction recapture his full erection, and he felt the familiar ache that he was looking for. His hands reach to the front of her thighs, gripping them while she returned every thrust he gave.

Their rhythm was perfect. Beads of sweat ran tiny streams down his face and back as she rolled her nipples between her fingers. The spanking pats of his hips against her bronze moon spurred him on. He struggled to watch the pink flesh piston into her. His arms stretched to fondle her fleshy rosebud until his white explosion ended.

He let his full weight rest on her across the sofa, their legs dangled haphazardly off the side. He woke to find her nearly free from beneath him, then again at the touch of a warm cloth around his cock. She bathed him with great care and attention, her body still damp and wrapped in a towel. He tried to continue to sleep, but found himself looking in awe at this woman.

"What am I going to do with you?"

She smiled, "more of the same, I guess." It was not long before her tawny frame warmed his skin to slumber until day.

If he wanted to keep this secret, he would have to work hard to hide the dark red mark on his shoulder. He had been through similar snares before, and figured that his wife would be oblivious to the little signs of indiscretions. But then, he had never let it go this far before. The other times were when the marriage was still new and a great deal of alcohol was involved. As long as he did not "fuck" a woman, he did not consider himself cheating. In his twisted rationalizing of his scruples, a blow-job was the same as a kiss, just lower. And he always kissed his female friends, at one time or another.

This, sex, was a lot more risky. Women tend to get caught up in the "what does this mean" part. Not to mention the fact that he had not used a condom in 10 years. At least she was married. She risked her family too. He looked at the clock, 12:28pm, damn. He was sure that his wife had called his room by now. He searched for an answer: went out for lunch, breakfast, whatever, all day. If he bought some gifts, that would cover the morning and afternoon. However, if she called last night.... He dismissed the possibility, " she won't look for something she was not ready to find." And with that, he thought no more about home for the rest of the day.

She handed him a glass of juice and his pants. "Good morning, or afternoon..." her cheery face was ginger red.

Zipping up, he caught her staring at his hips. "You are red. Are you blushing?"

She laughed. He let his body do what came natural. His arms hug her waist, and pull her down on his knees as he sits. His lips press on hers. Their tongues work like two horny teenagers while his hands invade the narrow space between her bra and skin. Her silent protest fades quickly and soon she removes all the clothing on her breasts. The perky nipples feel like gumdrops. The tiny textures around them contract in his mouth. He lifts a tan orb in each hand to appraise the fullness...he would never complete the task of licking every inch of her breasts. Instead, he focuses on the crowns. Every so often enjoying the sweet liquid taste that sprinkled from the centers on their pink tips when he nurses. She is much more vocal than last night, each moment; she lets go of more of her inhibitions. The effects of his oral talents are felt within both of them.

Soon she is between his legs, her body arced to kiss him and press her belly against his bulging crotch. Her hands work at his pants, and, once again, he delights in the feel of her face on his waking prick. This time she works efficiently. Her pointed tongue dance on his scrotum, licking hot wetness on the thick tubule passage found under them. Her left hand pumping his large stem, bringing the slack fold over the rim of its head. He did not need to be worked from flaccid; he woke up nearly ready for her. He was hard enough to enter her, and this time, he was intent on wearing her out for a while. They can always dive later.


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