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The Temp III
by Eve

Geoff spent the next day in a drunken haze, but even drink could not keep his mind off of the woman who had plagued his thoughts for the past. On Sunday he had the most horrific hangover. Knowing that wallowing in his own drunken self pity for the rest of the day wouldn't do him any good he figured he could swing down to the country club and play a little tennis, that usually made him feel better.

At the club, Geoff met up with a client of his, who talked him into a game of golf. He wasn't particularly fond of the game but it wasn't prudent to say no to a client that had the financial pull of Mr. Thurston Messersmith the forth. Mr. Messersmith was the type of guy who took his game very seriously and Geoff not being that skilled in the game anyway, didn't need to try to hard to let the older man win. This seemed to please his competitor greatly. "Better luck next time my boy." Mr. Messersmith laughed heartily, feeling good that he had beaten this young upstart. "How about a drink," the older man offered feeling in a charitable mood. Geoff shrugged, why not? His day was already shot to hell.

Over drinks, as Mr. Messersmith got a bit more tipsy, he let slip the most amazing bit of information that blew Geoff's mind when he inquired how things were going with Mr. Messersmith's business. "You know, things just haven't been the same since I let go of my secretary go. She was the best piece of ass I ever had," he reflected. Geoff had been in the middle of taking a sip of Scottish and almost choked when that statement was made. He couldn't believe that Messersmith had it in him. Geoff studied his companion in amazement. He did seem to be in pretty good shape for a guy his age which looked to be in the early fifties. He had a bit of a Paul Newman quality about him, so he supposed that it was conceivable that the old man was still getting some.

"Don't look so surprised young man. You can only wish to get a piece like the one. I bet you couldn't even imagine a hot number like her. Sexiest black girl I ever saw. The girl couldn't get enough." The older man said with a smug expression on his face.

"What happened to her?" Geoff asked curiously not really caring, for all he knew the guy could have been making it all up. He couldn't believe that they were having this conversation in the first place.

"Wife found out about it. If my wife wasn't an heiress I would have damned the consequences. I had to let her go. I tried to set her up in my penthouse but she didn't want to, said I no longer had any authority over her any longer. She had a thing about that. That Yvette was a hot piece, and she liked it rough, that one." Messersmith smiled fondly as if remembering a childhood memory.

At the mention of this secretary's name Geoff sat became alert. "You said her name was Yvette? What did she look like?" he asked not realizing that his heart was beating erratically, and he was hold his breath.

"Well, she's kind of dark but prettiest thing you ever saw, short hair, has legs, that go on forever. She's pretty tall, and a bit on the skinny side, but an ass so round and perfect and a pair of tits that you just want to bury your face in them. I'd give about anything to find out where she is now, I haven't been blown like that since my college days." Messersmith sighed. The woman he had just described was none other than his sexy temp, but why would a woman, who could obviously have any man she wanted want this geezer. "I see the look on your face son, and I know what you're thinking, but let me tell you something, there was nothing more than this hot little number liked more than power. It's like an aphrodisiac to her," he paused to take a sip of his Brandy.

Geoff being impatient to hear more, prompted him to say more. 'How was it an aphrodisiac to her?" "Well, when she first started working for me, she would wear this tiny little skirts, highly inappropriate for the office mind you, but I didn't have it in me to tell, her that it wasn't. She had this way of looking right through me making me feel guilty about looking at her when she was the one that came into the office dressed like a trollop. Besides, I kind of liked watching those legs when she moved. Anyway, I would basically just eye her from afar wondering what she would be like in the sack, not thinking that I would ever get a chance with her. As time went on her outfits became more daring and I think that she stopped wearing underwear altogether. You just don't know what it does to a man being so close a woman, knowing she's not wearing anything underneath her dress, and being able to smell her cunt," he broke off to take another sip of brandy. Geoff disagreed, he knew exactly how it felt. "Well, anyway, it got to the point where, I had had enough. I called her into my office and told her that she would have to wear more appropriate attire, to work or I would throw her ass on the desk, and fuck her senseless. I think it surprised me to say it as much as it surprised her. She just gave me a smug smile and told me that it was about time I showed I had balls. She then confessed to me that she had been testing all along. Being that she's a beautiful woman and all, she was quite use to getting what she wanted, but her last boyfriend who was a high powered something or other, gave her a taste for corporal punishment."

"Are you telling me that she liked to play the submissive role?"

"I guess you can say that, but she's not like that with just anyone. Obviously she wanted me because I'm the head of a very large corporation and the fact that I was her boss kind of added to that excitement."

"Well, what happened that day?" Geoff wanted to know.

"I was a bit mad at that little statement, furious, actually. I mean where did she get off talking to me like that, called her a dirty little slut and threw her against my desk like I said I would. Sure enough, the little bitch wasn't wearing any underwear, and her pussy was dripping wet. I could hardly believe it. She was actually ready for me, and I knew that it was what she had wanted all along, but I wasn't going to let her get away that easily for tormenting me those past few months, so I flipped her over and started smacking her ass like a wild man, but it seemed the harder I smacked the more she liked it. It was driving me pretty crazy as well. She was dripping cum all over my desk and I just pulled her hips back and buried my face into that pink cunt eating her out as if it were the first pussy I had ever tasted. She was moaning wiggling uncontrollably, just begging me to fuck her, and I couldn't hold back either, so I positioned her on her knee and took her like that. That's how it began." Mr. Messersmith finished his story quite pleased with himself.

"That's all that happened?" Geoff wanted to hear more.

"Well, that's all that happened that day, but after that, when I called her in the office I would only have to look at her and she was on her knees sucking my cock like it had the antidote in it. Other times, I just fucked her. I think she liked getting spanked the most though. She never wanted to meet outside of the office, and was okay I guess. When I had to let her go she was compensated of course, but she didn't want to be set up as my mistress. That was disappointing, especially now, that I can't seem to locate her anywhere. She has even moved from her old apartment so I have nothing to go on. You know, I had once thought of hiring a private detective to find her, but maybe I should give it up she didn't seem very interested in me outside of the office."

Geoff could feel his mind moving into gear. If he let Mr. Messersmith know that Yvette was his temp, it could possibly mean that the old man could get him more clients. Clients with as much or more money as Messersmith had. He wasn't sure what to do. O the one hand, know that he knew how to finally get to elusive Miss Randall, did he want to share. Perhaps he could have his cake and eat it too.

Geoff promptly changed the subject to golf, and Mr. Messersmith seemed to forget the conversation that they had just had. Geoff was glad that he had decided to go to the country club after all. It had turned out to be a most informative day.

The next day at the office. Yvette was there before him, and sure enough, she was wearing another one of her revealing outfits. Geoff smiled smugly at her. Yvette simply glared at him and returned to her work. You won't be glaring for long he thought to himself as he went into his office. He sat there and started on some work, but the anticipation of what was about to happen was too much.

He buzzed Yvette on the intercom, "Yvette, can you come into my office for a moment," he buzzed off without waiting for a reply. He didn't look up as she entered the office. "Close the door, will you," he said still not looking up from his work although he didn't even know what he was looking at. This was simply a powerplay on his part.

Finally he looked up to see her with an annoyed expression with her arms crossed. She tapped her foot impatiently. He took his time looking at her exquisite body, encased in a sort black silk dress. Although, she wore a black blazer over the dress, it was flung open casually flaunting her hardened nipples. "Mr. Howard, what did you call me in here for?" she asked being the first to end the silence.

He smiled broadly at her, "Well the first thing, you can do for me is get over here and start sucking this cock......"

To Be Continued...

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