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The Trinity Pt. III
by Paul B. Allen, III


Every time that Toi would appear, the sex got rougher and rougher. That's the way Toi liked it. Phillip, early on in their affair, began to change. It seems that he started to realize what Toi was all about. What it was that she really needed. Toi was a slut who loves to be the "victim." She loves to be tied up, bound, sometimes even gagged. She "gets off" when she is spanked. And how she loves it when a turned on vibrator is lightly oiled and inserted into her vagina or her tight little ass by her lover. She wants, actually needs, for Phillip to be rough and to talk dirty to her, telling her what a slut and a whore she really is! Phillip was apparently learning that behind closed doors, not all women appreciate Mr. Niceguy.

Here is Toi's account of what happened the last time that she visited Phillip. "Saturday afternoon, I show up again at his door, right? Of course, it was totally unexpected. As he opened the door, he gave me that look, but didn't say a word. I knew that I had no right to be there, and I knew that Phillip was going to make me pay the price. As I walk into his house, again, uninvited, he closes the front door and grabs me by my shoulders and starts shaking me. Then he rips off my top and pushed me against the door!

He says "Slut! I told you the last time never to come to my home again, didn't I? Didn't I! You have disobeyed me for the last time." My pussy starts to get wet with anticipation. He starts to suck my tits like a mad man! God, my nipples never felt so good. Now he grabs me by the arm and drags me across the living room. He forces me to lean over the arm of the sofa, and tells me I had better not move. He is only gone for a few seconds, but when he comes back, he is slapping something against his hand. At the sound of it, my pussy starts to throb! He bends down so that he can look in my face and

he shows me what's in his hand. It's his hairbrush.

'You know what comes next, don't you, you little whore?' Yes, I knew, and I couldn't wait! With my ass totally exposed up on the arm of the sofa, my face against the sofa cushions, Phillip starts paddling my ass with that hairbrush. I can feel the heat. I feel the stinging as my ass starts to turn bright red.

Suddenly he stops. I hear the hairbrush hit the floor, and lightly, even tenderly, he starts running his hands all over my ass, like he is trying to sooth it. Then I start to feel something warm and wet gliding across my ass. He is starting to lick me. I feel his tongue as it finds it's way down to my pussy, and then I feel it gliding between the cheeks of my ass, which he is holding wide open with his powerful hands. That feels so good that it sends a shiver through my whole body. My pussy is just too wet now, and Phillip knows just what to do with it.

All of a sudden, the tenderness vanishes as Phillip takes out his cock and plunges it deep inside my pussy! He fucks me hard and fast from behind. It feels like each thrust goes deeper into my body, but then, he comes out of my pussy and starts fucking me in my ass. Yeah, he knows just how I like it. He must have liked it too, because that's when he came.

Oh, but don't you believe that Phillip was done with me. He wasn't finished, not by a long sight. He drags me from the sofa in the living room all the way into the bedroom. 'You little slut,' he says, 'I know you and I know that you haven't learned your lesson, not yet anyway.' So he cuffs me to the bed. My arms and legs are stretched out to the four corners of the bed and I feel like I am about to be drawn and quartered. He starts to lick my pussy, which is still wet from all of the excitement. He licks me up and down and sucks on the lips of my pussy.

Then his tongue, like it is on a "seek and destroy" mission, singles out my clit for sole attention. His tongue is hard against it at first, and then softly it begins to swirl around it until my clit is glistening and throbbing. My pussy is moving up and down, writhing uncontrollably, pressing, and forcing itself against his mouth. His tongue builds my passion steadily higher and higher until I just can't stand it a second more. I start screaming wildly in ecstasy, as an orgasm washes over my body.

God, I'm getting wet just thinking about it now. Anyway, as I start floating back down to earth, Phillip starts all over again. "No baby, stop, I can't take anymore, please stop!" But Phillip wouldn't stop. He said, 'You, little slut, you know that I have got to make you pay for your indiscretion.' So he licks me, more and more, faster and faster, and orgasm after orgasm consumes me like fire. I feel as if I am drowning in some kind of orgasmic ocean.

One after the other, my orgasms kept coming at a feverish pace. I beg him, plead with him, and finally cry for him to stop!

Somewhere after my sixth orgasm, he releases me, but he looks as if he is still upset. I beg him to stop being upset with me. I beg him to forgive me. He absolutely refuses. He tells me that I had better leave now and never come back. I start to panic because this time, he sounds like he really means it. I can't bear the thought of losing this man. He is so fantastic. He has learned to be a perfect lover to me. I begin to sob, and then the sobbing turns into uncontrollable wailing. I fall down on my knees and lock my arms around his legs. I just can't let go of him! I am crying and pleading with him not to put me out of his life.

I tell him that I will do anything for him, anything. Then it hit me. I thought about something that I knew he could not resist. I prayed that this would work. I said through my tears and in between sobs, 'Phillip... if you will forgive me... and, and let me spend the night with you tonight... I will give you oral sex every hour on the hour, baby, every hour on the hour, and I will massage your balls and cock every second between each blowjob. All you will have to do is lay there baby, I will do it all for you, I swear I will baby, I swear. All you will have to do is lie back and enjoy.'

Nikki had told Phillip that she was going out of town to visit her mother this weekend Phillip had just smiled, shook his head and said, "OK, sweetheart, give her my best." Phillip now says to Toi, "You have never asked to spend the night before. How did you know that Nikki was going to be out of town for the weekend?" Toi smiled weakly, but didn't answer his question...

Toi wins back Phillips forgiveness this night. As she is leaving early the next morning, Phillip looks at her sternly and says "You were fantastic, but I had better not see your ass back here again, or you'll get worse than you got last night."

Toi smiles and says, "Promises, promises." Phillip can't help himself. He bursts out in loud laughter, and Toi joins in right away. When the laughter subsides, they look at each other seriously for a moment, and then embrace and tenderly kiss.

As she leaves the house, Toi, with a tear in her eye, thanks God for Phillip. He is the only man who truly understands her. He knows that she has to live on the edge. Her need for breaking the rules, and the punishment that must follow, is the only thing that gets her off sexually, and she knows that Phillip has finally come to understand that. He does not judge her or condemn her. He provides all that she needs.

As she walks down the street, she says just under her breath, "Phillip Frazier, you are one hell of a man!" At the same time Phillip is watching her from the living room window. He smiles a slight smile, shakes his head and says, "What an amazing woman."

It was Toi that opened the door. Asia came through it just weeks later, and others would follow. Mrs. Jenkins would be there, keeping a watchful eye and a scorecard. She wanted to know all of the players...

To Be Continued...


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