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The Tour Pt. III
by HSWriter

Needless to say, the rest of the plane ride was quiet. The girls had all gone to bed, and I had washed myself of the rotten feeling which had followed so closely with undeniable ecstasy. I had never had a night of passion even closely related to that night. I had never even had dreams that were that surreal and fantastic. As my alarm clock rang out, spelling the time of 8:00 am, I slowly rolled out of my bed. I stood there, in the nude, in front of the mirror behind the door of my room. I carefully gazed at my body. After last night, I was a lean mean, fucking machine. Well, technically. But, another day lay ahead and possibly more fun. I continued to get dressed, putting on my khaki pants and a polo shirt as I felt the plane touch down in Paris. "Paris." I thought to myself, "The City of Love." It was an intriguing notion, and somewhat ironic, but I had pretty much had about as much love as I could take for one 24 hour span. The events of the previous night made me glad that I was only 24, and that I still had my sexual stamina. I think that any man over 30 would have most likely been killed by the two young starlets who so desperately threw themselves at my manhood. Oh well, back to work...

The day in Paris went fine. The girls performed at the International Fashion Awards show in the afternoon. I was left without much to do, for the award show had it's own director. My only responsibility for the day was to be back at the airport by the time the plane left, or by morning, three of the horniest, most beautiful girls in the world, would be on their way back to the states without me. I wasn't planning on letting that happen. Around 8:30, the afterparties began, following the award show. I had retrieved my most ravishing tux from the plane, and I decided to go to the biggest afterparty in Paris. I arrived to see that everyone was there. The top designer's from all over the world were present, many of them getting drunk off of their loses, and some already high off of their winning.

I noticed quickly that Britney and Christina were subtly following Tommy Hilfigher around like hungry dogs. Jessica was no where in sight. This lead me to assume that she had possibly gone to the ladies room to put make-up on her already perfect face. All things aside, I found a quiet spot at the end of the bar, far from the tables where models and designers drank the finest champagne and ate the finest delicacies that France had to offer. "So," I thought to myself, "This is where all the money goes. This is why a pair of designer socks costs $25." It made me sick enough not to eat any of the appetizers, so I just drank, and drank. Along with the fine wine which the bartender had recommended to me, I drank in the beauty and lusciousness of the crowd of Supermodels which had begun to congregate at the back of the large hall. They were all stunning, in their sheik, individual ways. I began to pick out the ones that I recognized, and the ones which I can remember masturbating to as they posed in bras and panties in the Victoria's Secret Catalogues. I took another sip of my wine. I glanced at my watch. 8:51. I had only been there for twenty minutes. The plane was scheduled to leave around 4:00 am. That gave me a hell of a lot of time. I weighed my options. I could get drunk and find a good French whore and fuck her brains out; I could get drunk, go back to the plane, and pass out; Or, I could stay, and hope to get lucky with a Supermodel.

I decided to stay a while and get drunk. I sat there for what seemed like ages, watching beautiful women swarm to the bar, then back to their tables, and their old, rich husbands, whom they only married because of their wealth. At this point, I wasn't paying any attention to what was going on around me, and I didn't even notice the two supermodel's who had now occupied the previously empty seats to my left. I didn't notice them, until one of them said anything.

"Excuse me." Her voice was of the most gorgeous sounds which could ever be heard by human ears. "Have we met before?" She had a slight French accent, but her English was easily distinguishable.

I turned my gaze to her, and I knew who it was, right away. Laetitia Casta. I melted. Of all of the models in the world who would be talking to me, it had to be the most devine of them all. I slowly began to run my eyes down her body. Her black dress hugged her vivacious curves. Her breasts were large, and well formed, smooth and round, and they appeared to be firmer than any I had ever seen in my life. She had soft, lightly tanned skin, and long, slender legs which ended at the single most beautiful ass on the face of the earth.

She may have noticed my staring. "Um, excuse me."

I blushed, and smiled. "Uh... oh... I'm sorry."

"I guess we haven't met before." She continued.

"Oh, no we haven't." I replied, holding my hand out to her. She placed her hand in mine, and I kissed the back of it softly. "My name is Josh Thomas. I am a Tour director with Ms. Spears and Ms. Aguilera."

"Ah." She said, looking over to the gorgeous figure sitting next to her. I recognized the other woman immediately as well. Frederique Van Der Wal. She was equally as gorgeous as Laetitia. Her breasts were a little smaller, and her skin a little fairer. Her hair was blonde and her whole body seemed to be as firm as can be, especially her cute little ass.

Laetitia began to speak again. "I am..."

"Laetitia Casta." I interrupted politely. "And you are Frederique Van Der Wal." I said kissing Frederique's hand lightly. "Such beauty is unmistakable." Somewhat humbly, they both blushed.

They may have been somewhat surprised that I knew exactly who they were, but to me, they were a very vivid fantasy which I had relived every night of my post-pubescent life. Only in dreams had such beauty existed.

Laetitia's blushing lasted for only a moment before she got straight to the point. "We were having a private party at our hotel room." She stressed the word "private"; very intriguing. "And we were wondering if you would care to join us."

"Hell no," I thought to myself, "A private party with two gorgeous supermodels." The offer was beyond all fantasy and belief. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." I responded.

Within moments, we had arrived at one of the classier hotels in Paris. On the way, we had spoken briefly about our current projects. I had told them all about the tour and about how we had gotten off to a good start. They told me about how they would be in Cleveland, Ohio about the same time as the tour, and that we would have to meet up. I had no problems with that. Frederique was a woman of incredible beauty and few words. She had a little hint of a Dutch accent, but, as with Laetitia, her English was very distinguishable.

We entered Laetitia's room, and I almost hit the floor. The room was absolutely presidential. A large bed sat off to the far corner, and the rest of the room was filled with innumerable amenities, including a hot tub. Laetitia laid down on her bed, exhausted. Frederique went to the mini-bar to fix three drinks.

"Oh my god." Laetitia exclaimed, "What a day."

"I know." Frederique concurred. "I just need to relax for the night. Take my mind off of things." I found myself sitting casually in a large leather chair, gracefully accepting the drink from Frederique.

We sat for what felt like only a few moments, drinking, engaging in small talk. Needless to say, it was almost beginning to get boring.

Laetitia, being young and very knowledgeable, noticed the blandness of her little party, and decided to make things a little interesting. "Why don't we take a dip in the hot tub."

"That sounds like a great idea." Frederique agreed. At once, almost in a flash of bright light, the two supermodels shed their evening wear, and stood before me, in only their patent Victoria's Secret underwear. I froze like a icicle. My cock was instantly as hard as it had ever been in my entire life.

Laetitia gave me a long look. "Well, are you going to join us? Or are you just going to watch us have all of the fun?" I couldn't move. I just swallowed hard. Laetitia's eyes began to roam over my body. The large bulge in my pants gave away the reason why I hadn't said a word, or even moved a muscle. She smiled devilishly. "Is it hot in here?" A bomb seemed to go off in my mind. That was the old phrase, that women and men throughout the ages used, to say 'let's get naked'. I couldn't believe it, and I knew what was to come next. Laetitia slowly, oh so seductively removed her bra, exposing her nearly perfect breasts. Next came her thong panties, which hadn't really covered much in the first place, except her bald little pussy. It was shaven clean, so young and innocent looking. This, to me, was beyond any fantasy, beyond any wet dream. I was in heaven.

Frederique was not hesitant, removing her own bra and panties, exposing her own, firm, heavenly figure. I almost came right there, but I was lucky that I didn't, because the best was yet to come. Laetitia slowly, almost methodically, moved so that she was behind Frederique. Then, to my surprise, her hands slowly began to wrap around Frederique's body, caressing her hips, and her firm stomach.

"Why don't you just sit there and watch for now?" Laetitia instructed. I was more than happy to oblige as Laetitia's hands began to gently massage Frederique's sweet breasts, tweaking her nipples gently. A fairly loud moan escaped from Frederique's sweet young lips.

Turning her head, Frederique kissed Laetitia full on the lips. They kissed deeply and passionately, their tongues dancing together in the forbidden dance of love that was shared between two women. Laetitia's hands continued to work wonders on Frederique's nipples as they continued their attempt to suck eachother's internal organs out.

After moments of this passionate embrace, Frederique turned, and backed up toward the large bed in the corner of the room. The bed was directly in front of me, so I got a perfect view of Laetitia's firm, round little ass as she followed Frederique to the bed. Frederique flopped down onto the bed, spread her legs wide open, giving access of her pussy to the world. Laetitia wasted no time as she got down on her knees, and began to gently place kisses on Frederique's inner thighs. Her little ass wagged back and forth like a dog's tail. Her young pussy looked delectable from behind. My cock forced the notion into my head that this was enough. I had to either remove my cock from my pants, or it would remove itself.

I slowly stood, dropping my jacket to the floor. Frederique let out a loud moan as Laetitia's tongue came into direct contact with her rock hard clit. She watched me as I removed my shirt and tie. I stood there for a moment to let Frederique gaze at my well-toned abdomen and chest. She nodded her head, prompting me to continue undressing. I could do nothing but oblige. I kicked my shoes off to the side, then, I dropped my pants and boxers to the floor with one quick move. Frederique gasped loudly, her breath now very short. Whether it was from Laetitia's fine pussy-eating skills, or from the sight of my enormous erection, I do not know. I slowly placed my hand on my sensitive cock and began to stroke it slowly. Frederique, panting hard, raised her hand to me, motioning for me to join the action. I knew then that I would get what I had always wanted. A piece of the supremely devine goddess of beauty, Laetitia Casta. It was one thing to dream about it, but a whole different thing to actually be only steps from doing it. My hands were almost shaking uncontrollably as I reached the two supermodels.

I gently placed my free hand on Laetitia's firm, young ass, causing her to look up from Frederique's pussy. She smiled at me when she saw my cock, only inches from her pussy. Her face was covered in Frederique's sweet nectar. I stopped stroking my cock, and instead, guided it toward Laetitia's awaiting pussy. Sparks flew as my cockhead came into contact with her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. I slowly began to massage her ass as I pushed my cock slowly into her young cunt. She moaned loudly as my cock penetrated her youth, until it was abruptly stopped by her hymen. This was unexpected. Here I was, in Paris, the city of Love, about to break the barrier of womanhood of the most devine creature on the face of the earth. I almost had a heart-attack and died, but I didn't for fear that I would miss something.

With one powerful thrust, I broke Laetitia Casta into the world of virginity-less sexuality. She screamed loudly, though she never gave up on Frederique's hot cunt. I paused for only a moment to let the pain subside and the pleasure return. Virginal blood ran down Laetitia's gorgeous legs. I began again to thrust my cock into her. She was incredibly tight. Tighter than any other virgin fuck I had ever been a part of. With every powerful thrust of my meat, Laetitia gave out a loud moan, which was muffled by the sounds of her tongue teasing Frederique's hot cunt. I continued to pump, harder and harder. With every stroke, my cock went deeper and deeper until I had nearly bottomed out on this young virgin. She began to thrust her hips backwards, meeting my thrusts with equal power. As a threesome, we slipped into an unbreakable rhythm. Frederique was in such insurmountable pleasure that she could hardly fill her lungs with air. Her chest heaved, and her moans could be heard as far away as Belgium. Our eyes met as I continued to pump my cock deep into Laetitia's young cunt. Frederique gazed at me with pure lust in her eyes. Her gaze told me that she was about to cum. She arched her back, screaming aloud. I felt Laetitia's cunt begin to convulse, then a huge rush of orgasm swept over her body. I couldn't hold it in any longer. My muscles tightened, my balls boiled at the temperature of the sun, my cock filled with cum... Laetitia screamed out as a second, more powerful orgasm engulfed her body. That was too much. My cock exploded with the power of the heavens. My cum filled Laetitia's young cunt as I was blasted into orbit. Everything around me turned to gold, and my muscles became so tight that it almost hurt, but if there was any pain, I wouldn't feel it, because I was shot into a state of pure, unexplainable ecstasy. Just milliseconds after my orgasm peeked the highest peek in the recorded history of man, I blacked out...

When I awoke, only a moment or two had gone by. I was still atop Laetitia, and I could easily see that she too, had passed out. Only, by now, she had fallen into a deep sleep. I slowly backed up, removing my semi-limp cock from her spent loins. I gently picked her up, sweat dripping from my body, and set her down at the top of the bed so that she was laying comfortably on her back. From behind me, I could hear Frederique giggle lightly. I turned, and our eyes met. Her eyed had the same look of intense lust which I had seen only moments prior.

"I guess you were too much for her." Frederique teased.

I smiled seductively at her. "What about you?" I placed my hand back down on my cock. It was coming right back to life as I gazed at Frederique's firm body. Her face went from sweet, to determined and seductive. A look of pure lust and passion drew me to her. She was still at the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy open to the world.

My cock was at it's full hardness by the time I reached her. She gasped as I guided it to her awaiting womanhood. I discovered that she was even wetter than Laetitia had been as I pressed my cockhead between her sweet pussy lips. She moaned as loudly as ever as my cock entered her experienced vagina. Our lips locked together in a passionate, deep, lustful kiss as I thrust my cock deep into her tunnel of love. Her moans were muffled as we continued to attempt to place our tongues in eachother's throats. I began to gently massage her breasts as she fell back on the bed. I began to thrust harder, pumping down on her sweet little body. I began to pick up speed, and soon, I was fucking her purely out of my animal instinct. I fucked her little cunt harder than I had ever fucked anything in my whole life. Her hips bucked wildly, our pelvises crashing together with each passionate thrust. Our lips, parted, and I extended my tongue to her right nipple. Her nipples jutted out at least a few centimeters. I took one of them in my mouth and sucked hard as I kept pumping my cock harder and harder into her. Her loud, uncontrollable moans told me that she was going to erupt like Mt. St. Helens any moment. This only forced me to speed up. I was now fucking her at full speed. It was primitive, instinctual fucking, which could only lead to one thing....

"Ohhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhh Goooodddddddddddddddd!!!!!!" Frederique erupted in not one, but two powerful orgasms. Her body shook rapidly as waves of pleasure ripped through her inner loins. It was hard to continue fucking at such a fast pace due to the river of juices which flowed out of her pussy. Her back arched, her whole body was stiff. Her eyes had seemed to roll back into the back of her head. Her screams continued, setting off my own orgasm.

"Ohhh Goddamn." I moaned as my seed exploded into her awaiting pussy. The second orgasm wasn't as powerful as the first, but it was comparable. Frederique's orgasm continued for what seemed to be hours. I continued to fuck her even though my cock had gone semi-limp inside her hot cunt.

When her third, and final orgasm subsided, Frederique's body went limp in my arms. She had passed on to the fantasy world of dreams. I too, could hardly stay awake as I pulled my limp cock from her spent pussy.

I couldn't go to sleep though, glancing at the clock. It was nearly 4 am, and I had to return to the plane, and my three little slut starlets. It took all of the strength in my body to bring myself to the realization that I had to leave these two young models in their sleep after they had blessed me with the most pleasurably and erotic night of my young life. I had to leave, and besides, in only two weeks, the tour would roll into Cleveland, and I would meet up with these two fine young models for another night of hot, indescribable passion.

I gently laid Frederique at the top of the bed, right next to where Laetitia slept. As I put my clothes back on, I couldn't help but stare at them as they lay there. They were more than beautiful, they were devine. And, at that moment, I knew that it would take a hell of a lot for Britney, Jessica, and Christina to amount to what Laetitia and Frederique were. But, I had faith in the three young starlets.

With that thought, I exited the hotel, and caught the limo which had brought us to the hotel only hours ago.

"The Airport." I ordered the driver with a sigh.

"Did you have a nice time at Ms. Casta's party, sir?" The driver questioned in a thick French accent.

"It was lovely." I replied as the limo sped off toward the airport....

To be continued...

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