The Best Erotic Stories.

The Turnaround Pt. III
by Liclovely

As Mary gathered her luggage from the taxi, she continued to wonder why a black man was in her sister's neighborhood this early in the morning. There were a handful of blacks where her family lived and she hardly ever saw them. Her father had explicitly forbade her to socialize with any blacks, male or female.

"Could you blame him?" Mary thought. Every time you turned on the television, blacks were being accused or arrested for some crime they had committed. Everywhere they went, crime was sure to follow.

As Mary approached her sisters' building, an elderly white gentleman was exiting the building and he held the door for her as she entered (all the while staring lecherously at her well-developed body). She scanned the building register for her sisters' apartment number. Once she found it, she entered an elevator and proceeded up ten floors.

Mary approached her sister's door and knocked. No answer. She knocked again and again there was no answer. She tried the doorknob and found it to be unlocked!

"What the hell is my sister thinking leaving her apartment door unlocked when there are black guys just wondering around the community?" she asked herself.

As she entered the apartment and placed her luggage near the door, she noticed two wine goblets sitting on the table in the livingroom.

"Umm, sis must have had a long night with the doctor she's been dating," she laughed to herself. Her mother had mentioned that Bridget had begun dating a doctor and that she hoped that she would finally settle down and start a family as she was looking forward to becoming a grandmother.

Mary secretly harbored the wish that once she became acclimated to living in such a large city that her sister would introduce her to some of the doctor's friends so that she could meet a husband and she wouldn't have to return to rural life.

Mary began calling her sister's name.

"Bridget, are you up yet?" she called out.

Mary began walking towards the rear of the apartment. She opened a door to her left and saw that it was a spare bedroom. All the things she would need were on the bed. Sheets, bedspread, pillowcases, etc.... She closed the door and continued down the hall. She saw a door to her left and opened it.

"Oh my God!" she said to herself.

Her sister was naked and laying on her stomach. The sheets were on the floor. As Mary entered the room, it reeked of sex. She approached Bridget's bed and gasped. Her sisters asshole was gaping open with a puddle of cum in it. Her asshole was beet red and cum dripped down to the sheet beneath her. There were several cum spots on the sheet beneath her. The cheeks of her ass showed hand prints on it. Mary walked around the bed and gasped again. Her sister's face was covered in dried cum. It was around her lips, nose, and eyes. She thought she could see a smile on her sisters contented face as she slept.

"Unfuckingbelievable!" she said out loud.

Her sister was obviously dating a very horny doctor. And by the size of the gaping hole that used to be her asshole, he was obviously very well hung! Mary was no stranger to sex. In fact, it was her constant yearning for dick that gotten her into trouble with her parents. She had begun fucking two year's prior.

Mary had given her virginity to a boy she had been dating on and off for two years. The actual taking of her virginity went without fanfare. He was inexperienced and nervous and it showed. He bedded her several times after that but Mary soon grew bored with his lack of technique and sought other males to satisfy her newfound desire for sex. She had always been good at oral sex(having sucked off several young boys to prevent them from taking her virginity). Just before the problems started with her parents, she had been sucking and fucking a boy who had a 6-inch dick.

It had been the biggest dick she had had and she enjoyed it immensely. He had introduced her to pornography. One time, he had rented a tape that featured interracial sex on it. At first, she had berated him for getting off on "monkeys and gorillas" fucking good white women but when she had seen the dicks on these black men, she had sat there with her mouth open.

"Those dicks are fake, I know it! No one is born with that much one!" she remembered she had said and still believed. She reasoned that their appendages had to be prosthetics. They were very realistic looking, though.

Mary's sister looked like she had received the fucking of a lifetime. She decided that she would let her sleep off last night's fucking. She slowly exited the room and closed the door quietly behind her.

"Damn, why can't I get fucked like that? Bridget looks like she met head on with a train!" she laughed to herself. That doctor must be a hunk, she thought.

Later that morning, after Mary had finished unpacking her belongings, she sat in the livingroom watching the Jerry Springer show on television. She had gotten into the habit of calling the show "Blacks & Trailertrash" since that all she ever seemed to see on stage. As she continued watching, the telephone rang.

Mary answered on the first ring so that the noise would not awaken Bridget.. It was her mother calling to make sure she had arrived safely. She informed her mother that she had arrived safely and that Bridget was still sleeping. Her mother said a few other things then they hung up.

Minutes later, the phone rang again. Mary picked it up thinking it was her mother again.

"Hello?" she said.

"H-H-Hello? Bridget, is that you?" a voice asked.

"No, this is her sister Mary," she said.

"Oh, hi, I'm Dr. Stanley Clark. I was calling to invite your sister to lunch this afternoon. By chance, is she available?" he asked.

"Actually, doctor, she's resting from her long night. I would think you'd be a little tired also. You sure have a lot of energy," she said.

"Long night? Well, as a doctor you keep weird hours, ya know? I'm used to it, though. Please give her my message. I have to get back to the ER. It was nice talking with you Mary,"

"It was nice talking to you, too. I'll make sure to give her the message, doctor," she said.

The doctor hung up the phone and found himself to be befuddled by the conversation that had just taken place. He hadn't seen Bridget since their last date and she hadn't returned any of his calls all week long. He assumed that she had been working late.

Mary hung up the phone and smiled to herself. She thought the doctor must have been a helluva gentleman. First, he comes over and fucks her sister senseless, then calls to invite her out to lunch! She wished she could find a man who treated her like that. Fuck her like a slut, then treat her like a lady!

Bridget awoke later that morning. Her asshole felt tender and sore. Her body felt sore in spots. Her face was sticky with Tyree's cum. But overall, she felt satiated. When she rolled over onto her stomach, she felt his cum start dripping out of her asshole and down her thighs. As she rolled out of bed, she heard her television in the livingroom. She stood up, placed her robe on and exited her room.

Bridget approached her livingroom and saw that her sister was lying on the couch watching television. As she stood there watching her sister, she caught a glimpse of herself in the hallway mirror!

"Shit, I'd better clean up before my sister sees me like this!" she said to herself. She began to wonder how her sister had gained entry into her apartment building and her apartment. Had she met Tyree as he was leaving? God, she hoped not!

Bridget eased out of the livingroom and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. After she dried off and lotioned herself, she entered the livingroom.

"Mary, I'm sorry that I overslept and wasn't able to welcome you properly. Did you have to wait outside long?" she asked.

"Aw, Brig, don't worry about it. Some old guy let me in the building and your door was unlocked. From the way you looked lying on your bed, I figured I'd let you rest. Some night, huh?" she said teasingly.

"Umm...ah...yeah. I had a pretty tiring day at work and then I had a date last night and....." she said.

"It looked to me like you had a wonderful date and an even better night," Mary said.

Bridget blushed.

"Don't worry, Bridget. This is your apartment and you do whatever the hell you want. I'm not mom or dad. That doctor worked you over pretty good, I see," she said while smiling at her sister.

"Doctor?" asked Bridget.

"Yeah, the doctor who called this morning and invited you to lunch this afternoon. He sounds really sexy on the phone. Are you two going to get married?" she asked.

"Married? Mary, I'm not really looking to get married right now to anyone. I have some things I want to do for myself first," answered Bridget.

"Well shit, Bridget. He is a doctor and can provide for all of your needs just like you always wanted. What the hold-up?" asked Mary.

"Sometimes that's not the most important thing, Mary. I'm finding that I may need more than that, ya know?" said Bridget.

"More like a big dick, Brig? From the looks of you lying on the bed, I'd say he gave you more last night. You looked like a freight train had run up in your ass, sis," Mary said while giggling.

"You could say that," Bridget answered while looking out the living room window, pensively.

"I saw a black guy walking around your building this morning when I arrived here in the taxi. He was a big, scary one, too. I wish they would stay on their side of town and stay out of white neighborhoods. Probably here doing some drug transaction or robbing someone. Fucking darkies!" said Mary.

Bridget looked at her sister long and hard before saying, "Mary, this isn't a white neighborhood. There are blacks that own homes in this neighborhood. You sound exactly like dad! As you get older, lil sis, I hope you learn as I have that you can't judge people by the color of their skin. I live in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the state. If you let yourself think like that, you're going to miss out on a lot of things. I used to think the same way when I first got here but I realize that thinking like that is what keeps racism alive and breathing," said Bridget.

"You sound like a fucking typical left-wing liberal! These people are destroying our country with their lack of morals and values. All they are good for is selling drugs and robbing good, hard-working white people. I can't believe you even said some shit like that, sis. You've definitely changed. Dad would be shocked to hear you talking like this," said Mary.

"First of all, this country you're talking about is not even ours! We stole it from the Indians. Second, there are more white people using and selling drugs than black people. The media chooses only to show black people. Third, Dad has never had any contact with anyone black so how in the hell would he know what they are like? Use your brain, Mary. Don't let Dad's irrational beliefs stop you from seeing the world as a beautiful place, Mary," said Bridget.

Mary said nothing as she turned back to the television show she was watching.

Bridget told her sister that she was going to get dressed and then go shopping for some groceries and other things. Mary said that she would stay there and chill. She wanted to catch the early afternoon daytime soap operas.

Mary watched her sister as she walked gingerly to get dressed.

"I bet her asshole is still aching from the fucking she got last night. She's always been a lucky bitch!" she said to herself.

"I'll be back in 3-4 hours," said Bridget as she walked out of the door.

Dr. Stanley Clark had decided to take lunch outside of the hospital. He had gotten into his car and headed over to Bridget's apartment. He had been thinking about her all week. He wondered what had caused Bridget to not return any of his phone calls over the last week.

As Dr. Clark approached the building, he had hoped that someone would be leaving so that he could go straight up to Bridget's apartment and confront her. But he had no such luck. He rang the buzzer and her sister answered. She buzzed him in.

After Mary had buzzed the doctor in, she ran to the bathroom and removed her 36DD bra. Her titties were magnificent specimens and she knew it. She hadn't met many men who could control themselves once they glanced at her breasts and her ever-erect nipples. Her halter-top barely came to the middle of her flat stomach. She decided to remove her panties, also. She hoped the good doctor would notice.

Dr. Clark arrived on the tenth floor and headed for Bridget's door. He knocked. When the door opened, his bottom jaw almost kissed the floor!! Bridget's sister was a knockout!

"H-Hello, I'm Stanley. We spoke earlier on the phone. Is your sister here by chance?" he asked hesitantly while trying to avoid staring at the pointed nipples of her breasts.

Mary stuck out her hand and the doctor grasped it in his small hands.

"No, my sister stepped out to do some shopping but she will be returning shortly, I hope. Why don't you come in and wait," she said.

Mary was slightly disappointed at the appearance of the doctor. For some reason, she had imagined that he would be taller and more manly looking. This guy reminded her of a nerdy college geek. She reminded herself of the sight of her sister this morning. Her asshole had looked like a bus had been it. She reasoned that at least he had a big dick and she wanted to at least see it, if not suck on it!

The doctor entered and immediately sat down on the couch. Mary also sat down and crossed her legs. They chitchatted about nothing in particular. As they talked, Mary could feel the doctor staring at her breasts and legs. She offered him something to drink and he accepted. When she returned with his drink, she purposely tilted the glass out of his reach and ended up pouring some of the lemonade on his pants. She ran into the kitchen and retrieved some paper towels. She returned to the couch and knelt before the doctor and began patting his thigh dry.

"M-Mary, you don't have to do that. I can do that," he said quickly as his 4-inch monster began to harden.

"Oh no, Stanley. I poured it on you, I'll get it off...that is, if you'll let me?" she said as she looked him straight in the eyes.

The doctor coughed and looked down away from her eyes. At that moment, Mary realized she had him exactly where she wanted him. She placed her hand on the inside of his thigh and began circling motions with her fingernails.

"I came over here to talk with Bridget, Mary. I don't really think this is appropriate. What if she walks in and sees us like this?" he whiningly asked.

"She's not going to be back for a while yet. We have time...lots of time. Are you scared of little old me?" she asked as she smiled up at him while working her fingers closer to the object of her desire.

"N-No, that's not the point," he said weakly.

Mary suddenly reached up and grasped his zipper and began pulling it down. She snaked her hand inside and grasped his monster...all 4 inches of it! She couldn't hide the disappointment on her face.

"Damn, is that all there is?" she asked herself.

The doctor began breathing heavily as Mary's soft dainty hand caressed his dick. He suddenly began to cream all over her hand. The amount of cum he produced was pathetic.

"Ohhh....ummmm.....damn, girl!" he bellowed.

Mary looked at his dick spurting a teaspoon of cum and began to giggle. This could not have been the dick that ravaged her sister last night. No fucking way!

"Uh, doc, is that all you got for me?" she asked while trying to suppress a smile.

The doctor looked away as he grabbed her hand and pulled it off of his dick. Mary rose and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. When she came back, the doctor had left.

"What a fucking waste of time that was," she said out loud to herself.

Tyree had gone home after leaving Bridget's earlier in the morning. He had taken a shower and changed his clothes and then went in to work. As he sat at his desk, he reflected on the previous night's activities. He had fucked Bridget's ass good and hard and she had loved every minute of it. He couldn't get over the fact that the width and length of his dick usually caused a woman's wetness to dry up over the course of a fuck session. But Bridget's pussy had kept churning out more juice the longer he fucked her. He could get used to fucking her on the regular. He didn't run across pussy like hers often. She gave up her mouth, pussy, and ass willingly to him. He knew that wherever she was right at this moment that her asshole was aching and she was undoubtedly thinking about him.

Bridget stood in line at the local grocery store and tried her best to stop fidgeting from one foot to the other. The problem was that her asshole ached from the fucking Tyree had given her and she couldn't ignore the feeling. As she stood in line, her nipples became erect at the thought of the way Tyree had forcefully handled her in bed the previous night. He had controlled her. He had taken her over the cliff and back! He had fucked her virgin ass without mercy and she had begged for more! She had experienced orgasms when he was stuffed in her mouth, pussy, and ass! She wondered if it could get any better than this. She had thought of Tyree and nothing else the entire morning.

Bridget realized that she had a new issue to deal with: her sister. How was she going to continue fucking Tyree with her sister staying with her? If Mary found out she was fucking a black guy, she would probably flip out and spill the story to their parents. Bridget had to figure out a way to keep Mary's nose out of her personal life and keep Tyree's beautiful dick in her life at the same time.

Dr. Clark drove his two-seat convertible as fast as he could away from Bridget's apartment. He was bewildered by the morning's events. He had gone over to Bridget's to talk with her and had ended up on the couch with her sister's hand wrapped around his dick! Her sister had laughed at his puny dick and the fact that he had cum all over her hand! How could he show his face around there again? Would Mary tell her sister what had happened between them or should he try to tell her first? He thought that he was in love with Bridget but the situation with her sister had him doubting himself and his feelings for Bridget. He wondered how he could fix things between himself and Bridget. He had to talk to her, soon.

Tyree decided to call Bridget to try and arrange a meeting later on in the evening with her. When he called, her sister answered the phone.

"Hello. May I speak with Bridget?" he said.

"Um, she's not in at the moment. May I take a message?" Mary said.

"Yes. This is her boss, Mr. Bradley. Could you please relay the message that I need to see her about an urgent matter here at the office? She has my office number and home number," he said.

"Will do, Mr. Bradley. I'll make sure she gets it," Mary said.

"Thanks. By the way, are you related to Bridget? You both sound alike is why I ask," he said.

"Well, yes. She's my sister. Everyone says that," Mary answered.

They talked for a little while about nothing in particular. Each enjoyed the sound of the others voice and they both wondered if they were ever going to get the chance to meet one another.

"Damn, he sounds so fucking sexy on the phone! I wonder what he looks like. I'm almost tempted to ask!" she thought to herself.

"Fuck, her sister sounds interesting on the phone. I would have never guessed that she sounded like she does on the phone after seeing her this morning," he thought to himself.

They ended their conversation with Mary promising to give her sister the message that her boss had called.

Bridget arrived home at 3pm. Her sister gave her the message that her boss had called. She also told her that Dr. Clark had called and come by looking to take her to lunch. Bridget seemed surprised that the doctor had taken it on himself to visit her without speaking with her.

"Well, what did he say?" she asked Mary.

"Oh nothing, really. He seemed to be a bit disappointed that you weren't here," Mary answered.

"How long did he stay here with you?" Bridget asked.

"About 15 minutes. We talked for a little while and then he got up and left," Mary answered.

"Oh," she said as she looked at her sister a little more closely. There was something she wasn't telling her.

"What did my boss say when he called?" Bridget asked.

"He wants to speak with you about an urgent matter concerning the office. He wants you to either call him at the office or at home. Your boss sounds fine as hell, Brig. Is he married?" Mary asked.

"No, he's not married but he's involved with someone," Bridget answered a little too quickly.

"Just asking," Mary said as she studied her sister. "Something is up," she thought to herself. She now knew that it wasn't the doctor that had pummeled her sister's asshole. Could it be her boss?

Bridget and Mary spent the rest of the day watching movies Bridget had rented and catching up on each other's lives. Bridget was surprised to learn that her sister was sexually active and as frustrated with the experiences as she had been before she met Tyree. Bridget let it be known that the doctor was not pleasing as much as she needed and that she had recently had an encounter with some new dick and that she was very pleased with it and the owner.

Mary decided to tell her sister about what had occurred between her and the doctor this morning. She thought her sister would be outraged and maybe even throw her out of her apartment. But Bridget seemed mildly amused at the story of the doctor cumming all over her sister's hand before anything could happen between them. She told Mary about her unsatisfying sexual experiences with the doctor and they both laughed.

"I'm going to have to talk to him sooner or later. It might as well be sooner because I don't want him just showing up my apartment unannounced," Bridget told her sister.

"I agree. If he's not doing the job, what's the point in keeping him around?" Mary said.

"I'm going to call him and arrange to meet him tonight so that I can tell him it's over between us," Bridget said.

"Good idea," Mary said.

Bridget called the doctor and arranged to have a quick dinner at a Italian restaurant they both liked. When Bridget went to shower and get ready for her date with the doctor, Mary happened to find Mr. Bradley's home phone number posted on the corkboard beside the phone. What would be the harm in meeting him? She could tell him that Bridget needed to speak with him and could he come over. Once he got there, she could throw on her charm to let him know that she was interested. Bridget wouldn't mind because she didn't really seem to be that interested in the man. Or was she?

Mary called the number while her sister showered. Tyree picked up on the second ring. After asking why her sister hadn't called him, Mary explained that her sister was out and had called her from a pay phone asking if he could meet her at the apartment. Tyree relented and agreed to stop over after he had showered.

Initially, Tyree wondered what had occurred between the sisters in the short time that Mary had visited. Had Bridget grew some balls and told her sister the truth about her life? He hoped that she did. The longer she hid her life from her family, the longer they could exhibit control over her and her actions. He couldn't see anyone voluntarily putting themselves through that hell! You live with your parents, you do as they say. After you leave, do what the fuck you felt like doing in the first place, ya know? He wondered why whites lived under the constant pressure to be better than everyone else even at the expense of their own happiness and peace of mind? In his opinion, many whites he'd worked with and for and had known personally seemed to always place more importance on who they knew, what they had, what places they had been, etc...than how they were doing in the present moment. He sometimes felt that they were in such a rush to be somebody, they forgot to just b!

e. Be happy. Be at peace.

Bridget showered and dressed herself. Just before she left her apartment, she called Tyree to try to arrange a late night tryst at his place, but received no answer. She left a message telling him she had called and would call back once she returned home. She left her apartment smiling and humming a tune that only she knew the words to.

Mary jumped in the shower as soon as her sister closed the door. She had been sitting and lying around the apartment all day and she wanted to be squeaky clean when Bridget's boss arrived. As she washed herself, her hands wandered over her 36DD's and tweaked her pink, 1-inch nipples. She let her fingers glide down and over her already swollen pussy lips. She was wet already and hadn't even seen Bridget's boss yet. She felt confident that Bridget's boss was a lot sexier than the good doctor and if she was right, his dick would also be a lot bigger than the doctors. Mary reached behind herself and massaged her ass cheeks and then her asshole. Her last boyfriend had licked her asshole to orgasm once and she had loved it. She wondered if she was going to have a big dick stuffed in her ass before the night was over. If Bridget's boss, Mr. Bradley, wanted her asshole, she would give it to him. That decision had been made when the sight of her sisters ravaged asshole appear!

ed before her eyes that morning. She shook in anticipation of being the fucked the same way! She couldn't wait until he showed up!

As Mary dressed she began to wonder what she was getting herself into.

"He better not turn out to be another dud like the doctor!" she said to herself.

Mary put on a flimsy halter-top that did nothing to hide the massiveness of her breasts and a tight pair of hip-hugging shorts that showed the outline of her pussy lips. She chose not to wear any panties.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this," she said as she fixed her hair in a French braid. She reasoned that if her sister was getting dicked down properly by her white, big-dicked boss, she would to. Why should Bridget have all the fun?

Bridget was in fact having not a bit of fun. The date/dump was turning into a fucking scene. At first, she had wanted to wait until after dinner to discuss their relationship. But Dr. Clark had started whining and pleading for her to be his and only his. He had stated that he wanted to spend MORE time together. He had no idea that Bridget knew about the 4-inch monster's eruption this morning in her sister's hand! As he talked/whined, Bridget thought to herself, "This is a stupid muthafucka! He must think I'm a fucking ditz!"

"Bridget, honey, all I'm saying, is if WE are going to try to make this relationship work, it's going to take the both of us making some changes and committing to those changes," he said.

"Stanley, that's exactly what I had in mind. Changes! I realize that I need to make some changes in my life. Some serious changes," she said.

"See, we agree on something. That's a start. I know we can make it work, baby," he said.

"I don't," Bridget replied with resignation in her voice.

"You don't what?" Stanley replied already knowing the answer.

"This RELATIONSHIP, Stanley," she said as she sighed and rolled her eyes upwards towards the ceiling. "Look, you're a nice guy. For the average girl, you're a great catch, but I'm not an average girl. I'm a unique woman with needs you can't possibly fulfill".

Stanley's posture deflated. He started to say, "Bridget, I don't know what's gotten into y.....

"Stanley, I know about your little accident this morning over at my apartment," she said icily. So let's cut the bullshit, shall we? Like I said before, you're an okay guy. You're a little stuck on yourself but you'll find someone who will be able to deal with that. I can offer you friendship but that's all it will ever be between us, Stan the Man. There has never been any kind of spark between us, ya know?" Bridget said.

Stanley looked at her weirdly, wondering what spark she was referring to.

"If you don't want to be my friend, that's okay with me. I'm moving on. It's time for me to live my life the way I want to and not by the expectations of others," she continued.

"What in the SAM hell are you talking about, Bridget? Have you flipped your wig?" he asked incredulously.

Bridget looked long and hard at the doctor before saying, "You wouldn't know what I was talking about if I told you, Stan."

Bridget slid her chair back, fixed her hair and stood up.

"This dinner is over. I hope you find the ditzy blonde you obviously thought I was. Goodbye, Stanley. Don't bother calling me because I'm not in the least bit interested in what you have to say," she said as she scooped up her scarf and headed toward the exit sign of the restaurant.

Stanley sat and stared as her thick, bouncy ass swayed away from him and said to no one in particular, "What the fuck just happened?!"

As Tyree drove across town to Bridget's, he figured that this visit wouldn't take too long. All he really needed was some signatures on some forms that Bridget had compiled for his report. He figured this was Bridget's coming out party to her sister. What a way to declare your freedom from what others thought of you and your behavior! He laughed as he imagined the look on Mary's face when she opened the door to find him there!

Tyree arrived in front of Bridget's apartment 5 minutes after she had left to meet Dr. Clark. As he exited his car, he was dressed in a tank top, cotton shorts, and sandals. He also carried his briefcase. As he walked, his arm and thigh muscles flexed involuntarily. Tyree was 6'4", 220lbs. of muscle and grace. He walked with a quiet confidence toward the security door of the apartment building. He buzzed Bridget's apartment. Mary answered.

"Hello, who is it?" Mary said.

"It's Mr. Bradley, Mary. Bridget's boss. I just need her to sign a couple forms," Tyree said.

"Come on up," Mary said as she pushed the button that would allow the downstairs door to open.

Mary quickly went to the living room window and looked down at the sidewalk to see if she could catch a glance of Mr. Bradley. She didn't see him but she did see the Mercedes-Benz that had been parked by the curb this morning.

"I see that black guy is back in the neighborhood! It looks like he is parked in a no parking zone. I should call the police because his black ass shouldn't be on this side of town, anyway. Maybe later after Mr. Bradley leaves," she thought to herself.

As Mary waited for the knock at the door, she reached up and began to tweak her nipples. Her nipples were long and thick. She knew Mr. Bradley wouldn't be able to ignore them. Nobody did. Her stomach began to do flip-flops as she nervously waited.


"Here I come," Mary said as she approached the door.

Mary took a deep breath before she reached the door. She grasped the handle and opened the door with a huge smile. For a few seconds, the smile on her face froze. It then turned into a snarl. She recognized him from this morning.......THE BLACK GUY!

"CAN I HELP YOU?" she asked rudely.

"Uhhh...actually, no. I need to speak with Bridget. I'm Mr. Bradley. I just spoke with you a little while ago on the phone. I need some signatures on a couple of forms. Is Bridget here?" he asked as he took in the vision of loveliness standing before him. He noticed that her nipples were rock hard and seemed to be pointing at him. "Damn, are those real?" he thought.

"You're Mr. Bradley?" she said questioningly.

"The one and only. And you're Mary, right?" he asked.

"Y-yes, I am. But you're BLACK! You didn't sound BLACK on the telephone," she said accusingly.

"What does sounding black sound like, if I may ask?" Tyree said.

" know...ummmm.....slang...ghetto know!" she said frustratingly.

"No, I don't. Mmmmm. Let me ask you this. Have you EVER talked with an African-American before? I mean more than just saying hello if you've ever bothered," Tyree asked.

"No, not in person. But you can watch television and hear what others say about black people and figure THAT out," Mary said.

Tyree began to smile and shake his head. "Are we going to have this conversation in the hallway or are you going to let me come in so I can get these signatures because I really need them?" he asked.

Mary looked around from left to right to see if anyone was peeping out of their doors. She looked Tyree in the eye and motioned him inside. As he slid past her, she got a whiff of his perfume and a close-up view of his ass as he walked by her.

"Ummmm, he does smell very nice. And, ohhh, his ass is nice and tight. But he's black," she said sadly to herself.

As Tyree walked past her, he noticed that Mary had a fuller set of breasts than her sister and her nipples were pointing directly at him. Her hips were about the same width as Bridget's. She had full, plump lips and a perky, petite nose. Her eyes were gray. Her red hair was a total fucking turn-on. He had never had a woman with a red-haired pussy before. He'd heard their pussies were the wettest of the wet. But, he reminded himself that he wasn't here for that.

Mary reprimanded herself for feeling slightly attracted to this black man. She had decided to let him in because he was Bridget's boss and she didn't want to end up costing her sister her job. But as she continued surveying Mr. Bradley's body, she found herself becoming intrigued at the possibility of what he had to offer her.

Tyree turned around and looked Mary in the eyes.

"So Mary, getting back to our conversation, you have these beliefs about blacks but yet you've never spoken with a black person before?" he asked.

"Well n-no, I haven't. Back home, there are no blacks that live in our town or near it," Mary answered.

"Have you ever wanted to speak with a black person before about what you've seen on television and what you've been taught about blacks?" Tyree asked.

"Not really. I guess I sort of accepted what I was told and...." Mary started to say.

"You seem a lot smarter than that, hon. I've been told a lot of things about white people but I made it a point to find out if it was true for myself. You know what I mean?" he asked her.

"Yeah. Sort of. Its just that I've never had the opportunity to actually talk with a black person before, that's all," Mary said defensively.

"Well, I'm here. You could talk to me. If you have any questions, you could ask me. I can't speak for every black person on the planet, but I can speak for myself," Tyree said.

For the first time in her life, Mary was about to question what she had been taught as a child. She had been taught that Black men were aggressive and dangerous. She didn't feel the least threatened by Mr. Bradley. She had been taught that Blacks were uneducated and uncultured. Mr. Bradley was certainly college educated and spoke with an air of confidence and experience. She had been taught that Blacks were rude. Mr. Bradley was a perfect gentleman. She had assumed all of these negative traits about Blacks and now there was a perfect specimen of man standing before dispelling all of that nonsense. She felt like a jackass!

"Well?" Tyree asked.

"Uh...I don't know where to start, Mr. Bradley," she said timidly.

"Please call me, Tyree. You don't work for me, your sister does," he said while smiling.

His smile made her relax even more. She walked over to the couch and sat down. Tyree was still standing.

"Well, are all blacks criminals? I mean, that's all you ever see on the news programs are blacks being arrested for drugs and other stuff," she asked.

"I don't think so, but think about this. Blacks make up about 13% of the total US population but are 60% more likely than whites to get arrested. Blacks make up over 65% of the total prison population. Blacks are 90% more likely to be arrested and confined for drug offenses, though there are significantly more white drug users and drug sellers. Plus, police patrol white areas and black areas completely different. I think racism plays more of a part in how blacks are portrayed than anything else," Tyree answered.

"Wow, I didn't know that," Mary said.

"There are a lot of things about blacks that are not mentioned or taught. I'll bet you didn't know that Christianity originated in Africa and then spread to the rest of the world. White merchants who patrolled along the coast of Africa for potential slaves knew that they were taking the original people that the bible spoke of, but in order to justify their actions, they created stories of our inhumanity and made us out to be less than human. All so they could sleep at night while they enslaved us, worked us, separated us, and raped our women," Tyree said.

"The image of black people, particularly black men has been manipulated since African men, women, and children were taken off the coast of Africa. We were brought here to till the land and enrich the coffers of white men and their families because they were too fucking weak to make their money honestly. After generations of our people were worked to death, we still couldn't expect the civilized white race to treat us humanely. We were called savages but we were the ones being slaughtered and hung. We were called rapists and identified as a threat to white women but it was our women who had to endure the advances of despicable, morally bankrupt white men.

Mary sat and listened to Tyree discuss African history, black-white relations in this country, European history and other topics. As he talked, she realized that she knew absolutely nothing of the world she lived in. Her parents and society had always told her what to think and what to feel. Here was a black man exposing all those supposed truths as lies and half-truths. And he did it with an air of dignity, not anger as she expected he might. His intelligence and his overpowering presence turned her on.

"By the way, Mary, is Bridget here?" he asked.

"No, Tyree, she stepped out for a few", Mary said as she averted her eyes from the front of his shorts. She had noticed the size of Tyree's pouch as he talked and she refused to believe what she was seeing. His dick looked absolutely huge! She tried her hardest not to focus on it, but her eyes kept coming back to it, time and time again! She crossed her legs to contain the heat that was building up between her thighs!

Tyree stepped over closer to Mary and looked down into her eyes and asked, "Mary, why did you call me and invite me over here when you knew that Bridget wasn't going to be home? And before you answer, be honest. I've been upfront with you. It's only fair,".

Mary had heard Tyree's question but her attention was on the dick pouch that was even closer to her, now. She could feel heat rising to her neck and face. His pouch was so fucking big! She wondered if she should ask the question that every white woman wanted the answer to! Her nipples were harder than they had been when she answered the door and she knew he could see them clearly.

"I, uh, well first of all, I thought you were white," she said.

"I don't understand what that has to do with my question, but okay, go on...," Tyree said.

"I was planning on meeting and seducing Bridget's boss. When I came in this morning, I saw her spread out on her bed like she had gotten the fucking of her lifetime. I wanted the same thing done to me," Mary said.

"What makes you think that her boss put her in that condition?" Tyree asked while trying to suppress a smile.

"Well, I got a chance to get up close to my sister while she was sleeping and I saw that her asshole looked like a truck had run through it. Plus, you're standing in front of me with what looks like one of the biggest dicks I've probably ever seen and....," she said.

"And you wanted to sample Bridget's bosses dick, right?" Tyree said as his dick hardened under Mary's constant gaze.

"Well, yeah, but you're BLACK and that changes everything!" she said quickly.

Tyree began to laugh. "Let me get this right. You saw your sister's asshole this morning and it looked like she had gotten the SHIT fucked out of her. You decided that you wanted the same thing done to you and now that you have me here, you've changed your mind because I turned out to be BLACK?" he said.

"Well, yeah. I wouldn't have used those exact words but...," Mary said.

Tyree quickly undid his shorts and pulled out his dick. It was semi-hard and about 8-inches in length. It was the biggest and sexiest dick that Mary had ever seen in her life! And it wasn't even completely hard yet! She couldn't take her eyes off of it! She couldn't believe he possessed so much dick. It was so fucking meaty! Her breath began to quicken.

"You're going to honestly sit there and tell me that you don't want this dick because I'm black. You're going to turn away from experiencing 12-inches of dick inside of you because of the fact that I'm black?" he asked while waving his dick from side to side in front of her face.

Mary licked her lips before answering. Her brain was short-circuiting and trying desperately to come up with a response that would state her intentions on remaining a pure white woman, but a dick this size didn't come her way everyday. Her mouth became wet as she stared at the veiny, steely hardness in front of her. Her pussy had begun dripping lovedew. She could feel her panties becoming extremely wet and sticky!

Tyree stepped forward until his dick was one foot away from her lips. He began stroking the head and shaft at a slow, languid pace. As he continued stroking, a drop of precum dripped off of his dick and landed on Mary's hand. She moaned as the warm liquid made contact with her skin and began to cool. If Tyree would never have pulled his overly large dick out of the confines of his shorts, she would have ended this conversation as soon as he came in. But, she realized that there was no possible way she could turn away from his dick, now. If she denied herself this chance at getting fucked by a dick his size, it may never come around again.

Mary brought the back of her hand up to her lips and stuck her tongue out and licked off Tyree's precum dripping.

"Mmmmm," she moaned as she looked up at him with total and complete surrender. "You taste good, Tyree," she said.

"That's not the answer to my question, Mary," Tyree said as he moved within 6-inches of her lips.

Mary moved her hips to the end of the couch in anticipation of licking his dick. She looked up at him and said, "What do you want to say, Tyree?"

"I want to hear you say that you want this black dick," he said firmly.

"I want your black dick inside of me, Tyree. I want you to fill me, stuff me, and then fuck the living shit out of me. Whatever you want to do to me, you can do it," she said in her best little girl's voice.

Tyree moved closer to Mary's face and began rubbing the head of his dick over Mary's cheeks, spreading the rest of his precum on her.

"'re dick feels so warm and hard, Tyree," Mary said with closed eyes.

Tyree then took his dick in hand and guided the head to Mary's soft and supple lips. She pursed her lips and kissed his head as she looked up at him, submissively. She then opened her lips slowly as her tongue came out and made contact with his warm, spongy head. She slowly licked around his crown leaving abundant trails of spittle. She proceeded to tease him by not taking the head in her mouth. Instead, she licked the underside of his dick down to the base and back up. She did the same with both sides of his dick leaving it shiny and wet. She began flicking her tongue on his pee-hole, trying to taste more of his precum.

Tyree stood with his hands on his hips as he looked down at the pretty, redhead giving him exquisitely sexy head.

"Fuck, this bitch knows how to tease me just like I like to be teased! Her tongue feels so fucking good!" he said to himself as he moaned.

"Mmmmmm....that feels good, baby," he said.

The size and length of Tyree's cock intimidated Mary. She had wanted to deepthroat him but quickly realized that that was an impossibility, so she contented herself on licking the fuck out of it and sucking the top fourth of his dick! She opened her mouth after tonguing his pee-hole and wrapped her lips around the head and moaned deeply as she began tonguing and sucking on his head. A trail of spit hung from her lower lip and hung there in the air as she bobbed her head back and forth over the top 1/4 of his dick.

Tyree could not only see and feel what Mary was doing to his dick, he could hear her moaning and slobbering over his dick as if it was the last dick in the world to her.

Mary brought her hand up to grip the rest of Tyree's shaft and to spread her spittle over the length of him. She rhythmically sucked and pulled his dick as she continued giving the top of his dick a tongue bath. Her pussy was literally leaking warm juices all over the inside of her thighs. She took her other hand and brought it to her pussy and began to rub herself slowly through her shorts as she sucked on his black dick.

"Mmmm....DAMN Mary, you suck a mean dick, girl.....Come on, see if you can take a little more," Tyree said as he placed his large hands on both sides of her head and began to thrust his dick in and out of her mouth.

Mary's pussy began to froth and bubble over and cum as Tyree held her head in place and fucked her mouth! When she began to orgasm, she took her mouth off of his cock and moaned,

"Oooooh....ummmm....ahhhhhh....shiiit! I can't believe you just made my pussy cum by sucking your dick, Tyree. This has never happened to me before!"

Mary then composed herself and began to lick the length of Tyree's dick until she reached his heavy-hanging balls. She lightly begin to lick and kiss his balls all over leaving them wet and shiny with her spittle. She sucked his balls until they began to tighten up and then licked her way back up to the head and began to suck and lick his crown very strongly trying to draw his cum out of him. She repositioned her hand back on his dick and began to quickly stroke the length of dick that remained outside of her mouth.

"Ooooooh shit, baby....get that cum....get it, bitch....come on...keep sucking me!" Tyree said hoarsely.

Mary loved the feeling she got when Tyree talked to her like that. She wanted him to use her like the whore she knew she was deep inside. Her pussy came again as he continued talking to her and sawing his dick in and out of her mouth. Her mouth and lips suddenly felt as if they were being stretched to the maximum as Tyree's dick began to swell up in preparation for the cumbath he was about to deliver into her mouth.

"Ahhhhrhrrrrrh...oooooh shit, here it CUMS, BABEEEEEE....OOOHHHHH FUCK" he screamed as his boiling hot cum streaked from his balls to the head of his dick and exploded in her mouth.

First spurt, Mary caught in her mouth and it immediately filled her mouth to overflowing as she tried to swallow as much as she could as it ran out the corners of her mouth.

Second spurt, hit her directly in the face as Tyree pulled his dick from her mouth and pumped his dick.

Third spurt, hit her in the forehead and dripped down the middle of her face. All the while, Mary moaned and took hold of Tyree's hips as he continued pumping his cum onto her face.

Fourth spurt, caught her across the nose and eyelids.

Fifth spurt caught her on the tongue as Tyree placed his dick back into her mouth and let her suck out the rest of his cum.

"Mmmmm.....", Mary moaned as she tongued and sucked the remaining cum out of his cock.

Tyree placed his hand in Mary's hair and pulled her off of his deflating cock and turned her head upwards toward him and asked, "Did you enjoy that Mary?"

Mary smiled coquettishly and answered, "Yes, I never knew that sucking a dick could bring me so much pleasure, Tyree. I still can't believe you caused me to cum from just sucking your dick. My mouth is a little sore but still I liked it. I've never felt so vulnerable and submissive towards a man like this. You're bringing something out of me I didn't know existed,".

Tyree looked down at Mary's gray eyes and realized that she spoke the truth about what she felt. He realized the look in her eyes did more that convey a hunger to have his dick inside of her, they conveyed desperation. She needed to have his dick inside of her after tasting him. He wasn't going to disappoint her.

"Stand up. Take your top and shorts off, now!" he commanded.

Mary quickly stood and took her shorts off followed by her halter-top. She reached for her halter-top after she had thrown it on the couch and started to bring it to her face to wipe his cum off.

"Stop! You're going to wear my cum, tonight. You wanted it and you worked for it so wear it" he said with finality in his voice.

Mary smiled at the thought of wearing his cum for the rest of the night. He was marking her and treating her like she had always wanted to be a wanton slut!

"Okay, baby. I'll wear your cum as long as you tell me to," she said.

Tyree looked down at Mary's thick, soft, supple body and whistled to himself. Her breasts were large without being too big. Her nipples were bright pink and about an inch long! He continued studying her and noticed that her red bush was trimmed around the edges but she kept it thick and bushy. He could see her pussy lips shining from their secretions. This was a sexy, well-built woman! Her thighs were very shapely and inviting. He knew that once he got his dick into her, she would be screaming and cumming her ass off as she had never had a dick his size and a man with his skill.

"Sit down and scoot your ass up to the edge of the couch. Now, lay back and spread your legs. I want to lick your pussy. Can I?" he asked as he looked her in the eye.

Mary smiled a slow, sexy smile and said, "What you see lying before you is yours to do with as you please, baby. I won't have any objections to whatever you do to me, Tyree. I'm beyond that, now. That was the old me!"

Tyree could smell Mary's excitement before he actually bent down to claim his prize. The red, somewhat orange colored bush of Mary's framed her pussy perfectly. Her bush was thick but not unruly. Her glistening pussy lips were drenched with the cream of her earlier orgasms. The sticky dew was on her pussy lips, hair, thighs, and it had dripped down to coat her asshole. It was a fucking mess and Tyree loved it on sight!

Mary laid back and watched Tyree stare hungrily at her snatch. Her pussy was clenching/unclenching involuntarily in anticipation of getting lapped up. Her juices were boiling. She usually produced a fairly large amount of lubrication, but as of this moment, her pussy had never been wetter. If she concentrated, she could actually hear her pussy making sucking sounds as it involuntarily clenched. She hoped Tyree was as good as she thought he might be!

"Mmmmm....ahhhhh," Mary moaned as Tyree placed a gentle kiss smack on her drippingly wet pussy lips. He kept his lips in contact with the bareness of her pussy lips as he slowly guided his tongue clockwise and then counter-clockwise around her outer pussy lips.

"Ah.. ah.. ah.... ah... ah.... oooooohhh..... ewwww.... ummmm..... mmmmmmm..... ah..ah...." Mary quickly breathed in and out as Tyree's tongue softly glided around her netherlips. It felt exquisite!

Tyree continued to trace her lips with the tip of his tongue. He then glided his wet tongue down to the area between her pussy and asshole. He continued on to lightly lick around her asshole. He tap-tap his tongue into her asshole, repeatedly!

"Oooooo.....aahhhhhhhh....mmmmmm....oh.. oh...oh... ummmmm...," Mary moaned as she approached a quick but strong orgasm.

"Oohhhh shhhiiiiitttttt, I'm cumming, I'm cumming....ewwwwww shhhhhitttt..... ahhh... ahhh.... yeesssssssssss!" she screamed as her pussy contracted violently.

Tyree had the tip of his tongue in her ass as she orgasmed. Her pussy lips opened as a squirt of pussy juice suddenly popped out of her. The cream from her pussy slurped out of her pussy and began a trail toward his lips and her asshole. It was sexy as hell and Tyree had never seen anything like it in his life! Her pussy was bubbling over!

"Fuck, you've got to be kidding me! This young girl got the nerve to be a squirter! Oooh shit, this pussy may end up being a keeper!" he thought to himself.

Tyree licked back upwards toward Mary's exposed clit. He softly licked around it and then pursed his lips and sucked her clit into his mouth while constantly licking it at the same time. He reached up and firmly yet gently grasped both of her breasts and thumbed her nipples as he licked and sucked on her clit. The combined sensations sent Mary over the edge once again! His tongue was doing things to her pussy that had never been done before!

"OOOhhhh....ummmmm...mmmmm....DAMN," she screamed as she came flooding his mouth with her copious outpouring of juices, once again.

Tyree had to concentrate on swallowing as he was close to choking on the large amount of wetness that had shot into his mouth as he licked and tongued her clit. He figured that she was as ready as she was ever going to be for his dick. As Mary continued to roll her head back on forth across the back of the couch, Tyree raised himself up and grasped his newly erect dick and began to smack the underside of his dick across her pussy lips making a lewd "splishy" sound. Mary opened her eyes and look down toward her stomach to see her splayed pussy lips being slapped with his thick dick. The sensation was causing her clit to harden and tingle.

"Mmmm....that feels good, Tyree," Mary moaned between clenched teeth.

Tyree guided the large, spongy head of his dick to Mary's yawning, sloppy wet pussy. As his heated hardness made contact with her willing wetness, they both looked at each other and moaned. He began to push the head of his dick into her, one slow inch at a time.

"Ooooohh...ahhhhhh....mmmmm.....ugh......ah...mmmm.....," Mary sang out as his dick sank into her wetness causing her pussy lips to spread obscenely around his black, shiny girth. He slid 6 inches into with ease because of the lubrication her pussy had produced.

Her pussy felt like a wet, warm massage was being performed on his dick. He could feel her pussy clenching/unclenching as his dick progressed along her pussy channel. She was moaning nonstop with a look of awe on her face. He bent down and took a long 1-inch pink nipple between his lips and licked and sucked for all he was worth as he slid another 3-inches into her tight, wet pussy. He slid out slowly and then slammed 9-inches of dick back into her. Mary came immediately, her pussy filling up with juices and squirting warm cum all around his dick!

"AAAhhhhhh.....oh my God! Ewwwww.....mmmmmm...ummmm.......I'm cumming so hard....ahhhhhh....don't stop.....mmmmmmm..," she screamed as she came.

Tyree reared back determined to get more of his dick into her slimy wet pussy. He pushed forward and gave her another inch to deal with. Her face screwed itself into a look of agony and then pure pleasure as she continued to cum and squirt around his dick! She looked down between them and saw the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Her red, pinkish pussy looked so sexy as his ebony, coal-black dick slid in and out of her. His dick was positively drenched with her whitish colored cum. She had never seen her cum so clearly on a man's dick. It was thick and slimy and her pussy was producing a lot of it for him to fuck through. She further noticed that her nipples were so hard they hurt. She also could see her clit sticking farther out of its hood than it ever had before.

"This pussy is good, baby! Keep that pussy cumming for me! You want some more of this dick inside of you?" Tyree asked as he slammed in another inch of his dick as he moved her thighs further back on the couch exposing all of her pussy to his onslaught.

"Yesssssss, I want it, pussy won't stop cummmmmmminnngggggggg!!" she screamed as Tyree began to quickly enter and exit her pussy pushing more dick into her until his balls slapped against her asshole.

Mary felt as if her pussy was being turned inside out with all the orgasms and pounding it was taking. Tyree was manhandling her pussy and she loved it. Her pussy had never felt so full before! The pressure of all that dick being crammed between her thighs was unbelievable! She couldn't believe that her pussy had taken all of his dick but he was slamming himself in and out of at will. Her entire genital region was tingly from the multiple orgasms he was causing her to have. Mary put her hand on her stomach and felt the entire length of his dick coursing through her lower belly. He had so much dick inside of her! The nerve endings in her pussy were screaming their pain and pleasure!!

Tyree reached down and grabbed her asscheeks and began to move her body towards his as he entered her. The resounding collision between their bodies served to drive his deeply imbedded dick deeper into her helpless open pussy. He was banging her uterine wall causing her to scream in ecstasy as she had NEVER been penetrated that deeply before. She felt like she was being pulled back and forth over a very warm, thick and hard pole. Every time Tyree hit rock bottom inside of her, her pussy made "squelching" noises as more juice was forced out of her pussy to drip around the thick base of his shaft.

Mary grabbed Tyree's forearms and began hunching her lower body back at Tyree as the tip of his dick slammed repeatedly off of her uterus. Her cum and pussy juices had mingled and were dripping out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass.

"OOOhhh....ummmm.....shiiiiiiiitttttt!! Keep POUNDING MEEEEE...OOOhh FUCK!" she screamed as another string of orgasms suddenly coursed through her pussy as she grinded her impaled pussy around his massive dick.

Tyree felt her cumming and leaned his body over hers(still keeping her ass gripped in his hands) and began to hammer her pussy unmercifully as she screamed long and hard! He pulled his dick out to the tip and repeatedly slammed all 12-inches of his cum-covered dick into her depths, filling her completely each time.

Mary began to wail and kick as her strongest orgasm hit her yet!

"His dick is making my pussy cum so much I may have to ask him to stop! I can't take much more of this. He's driving me over the fucking edge! SHIT, this feels good! I'm glad I decided to give up this pussy to him! Look what the fuck I would have missed!" she somehow thought as Tyree crammed her box full of all 12-inches and began to slowly grind her pussy clockwise and counterclockwise.

"Ummmmmmm.... mmmmmmmmmmmm... ewwwwwwwwwwww... oooooooooohhhh," Mary deeply moaned as she hugged Tyree's shoulders and buried her face in his neck.

Tyree pulled Mary's ass closer to himself as he gathered his legs under him and pulled her upper body off the couch. Her rock hard nipples dug into his chest! He cupped her asscheeks firmly as he rose to his feet with his dick still deeply embedded inside of Mary's overflowing pussy. She supported herself by placing her arms around his shoulder.

Tyree moaned as he felt Mary's tight, slimy pussy slide up and down his dick. He could feel her pussy juices dripping off of his wet balls. Mary found the feeling incredible! Tyree was guiding her ass up and down his dick as if she weighed nothing. She had no weight on top of her and was now being raised and dropped on all full 12-inches of his thickness! It felt like his dick was trying to get up into her chest!

"OOOhhhh, BABEEEE......Good God, you feel incredible.....what are you doing to me?!!!" she screamed.

"Give me this pussy! Take it like a woman, baby....your pussy feels fucking incredible...I could fuck you all night!!" he said.

Mary suddenly looked into Tyree's eyes and placed her hands on either side of his head and kissed him deeply. She had heard other men say that to her before and they never came close. She knew he could do it if he so chose to.

Tyree began to walk Mary out of the living room, down the hallway, and into her guest bedroom as he continued lifting her ass and letting it fall on his dick.

Bridget felt like a new woman as she walked out of the restaurant where she had unceremoniously dumped Dr. Clark. She had decided that it was time to do what SHE wanted with her life instead of what others thought she should do. No more trying to live up to the expectations of her parents...that shit was driving her crazy! These were the best years of her life and she had wasted enough time trying to please everyone else. It was time for her to get her groove on! She was a beautiful woman with a magnificent body that loved good sex. Tyree had given her some of the best sex she had had ever experienced. How could she turn away from what he was offering her? He offered a big dick, excellent oral sex and multiple orgasms. Plus, he was a gentleman and a scholar. What more could she ask for?

Bridget drove by Tyree's home but did not see his car or any lights on. She wondered where he was. She really wanted to see him. No, she really wanted to fuck him! The scene with Dr. Clark had her wired and she needed his big dick to bring her back down to Earth so that she could relax. Oh well, maybe tomorrow?

Bridget headed for her apartment. When she arrived, she parked in the underground parking lot. She never saw Tyree's Mercedes parked out in front of her building.

As Bridget rode the elevator up to her apartment on the tenth floor, she wondered how her sister had spent the evening without her. She realized that she hadn't been the best hostess to her sister as of yet because of all the running around she had done today, but she was determined to make it up to her.

Bridget unlocked the door to her apartment and entered. She was about to call out her sister's name but when she closed the door and began to take her shoes off, she realized that her living room reeked of sex! She walked over to her leather couch and noticed the circular wet stain on it. She bent down and smelled it. It smelled like a woman's cum. There were other stains drying on the couch, too.

"Fuck, my sister doesn't waste anytime! I'm going to have to talk to her about inviting guys up to my apartment when I'm not here," Bridget said to herself.

As she bent upright and smoothed her dress, she noticed two pairs of shorts under the living room table. There was also a halter top under one of the pillows. Was her sister's company still here?

Bridget tiptoed back to the hallway in her stocking feet. She heard soft jazz playing on the portable radio she had placed in the room for her sister earlier in the week. She stood by the door hoping to hear some semblance of sound coming from the room. She wondered if her sister was as out of control in the bedroom as she was. She thought she heard the bed squeak but she couldn't be sure. As she began to back away from the door and head toward her bedroom, she heard her sister moan deeply and loudly. The piercing moan caused her nipples to harden!

"My sister is getting the dicking she apparently has been after," Bridget smiled to herself.

Bridget convinced herself that she was only going to take a peek inside the room because her sister had seen her cum-splattered asshole on display this morning.

Bridget put her hand on the doorknob to see if it was locked. It wasn't. She heard, "Ooooohhhh, you bastard.....ooohh....ummmmm.....ewwwwww.....don't hurt me, baby.........go slow, PLEASE!!"

Bridget turned the doorknob very slowly and cracked the door to the guestroom.

It was dark. No lights were on. Moonlight illuminated the room through the window that was situated on the other side of the room. Her sister, Mary, was on her knees with her ass upturned. She could see her sister gripping the sheets on the bed and the look of total sexual satisfaction on her face as Tyree guided his greased dick into her asshole. He held her hips firm as he worked the head of his dick into her. She softly closed the door and stood next to the door.

Bridget's initial reaction was to be hurt. Her sister was getting fucked by HER black dick!

"How dare I welcome this slut into my home and she thank me by first attempting to seduce the guy I had been dating and now fucking MY black dick! How did she turn into such a sneaky, treacherous slut?!" Bridget thought to herself as she heard an audible "pop" sound as Tyree finally was able to pop the head of his dick into her asshole.


"Ummmmmmm...... mmmmmmmmm.... ahhhhhhhhh.... ohhhhhh..," Mary moaned into the pillow underneath her as her asshole was invaded for the first time. Tyree had first tongued her ass to orgasm, fingered her, and finally lubricated her anal tract with a copious amount of KY jelly. Even so, her asshole was virginal and it took a little time to work his head and the first 3 inches of his dick.

Bridget edged along the wall until she was parallel with Tyree's shiny, thick dick penetrating her helpless sister's ass. He was steadily working 3-4 inches into her ass. His dick was squeezing some of the lubricant out of her ass and it was collecting around her sister's asshole. There was a slight sucking sound emanating from Mary's asshole as Tyree's dick began to slice in and out of her ass.

"MMmmmmmm...oooohhhhhhh....Tyree......OH......MY.....GOD!!!" Mary screamed as the itch in her ass turned into a full-blown orgasm. Her entire ass region felt numb yet sensitive. Cum began spurting out of her pussy lips and landing on her thighs and the bedspread beneath her!

Bridget looked closely to make sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. Her sister's pussy was actually SQUIRTING pussy juice! Her sister's hips were shaking and rolling along with her orgasm as she pushed back to take in another two inches of his massive dick.

Tyree held Mary's hips firmly as her asshole began to loosen. He allowed her to work herself on his dick as she orgasmed. Her ass felt heavenly around his dick. He realized that he wasn't going to be able to stuff all 12-inches of his dick into her but he was determined to get most of it in, though.

"How you like cumming around this dick, baby? Your ass felt so good when you came...I want to make you cum like that all night long...that's it, push that ass back here....take some more of this dick, bitch!" Tyree said as he smacked her ass cheek, firmly.

"OOOOOhhhhhhh.....YES, I want you to make me cum like that all night long, Tyree....UMMMmmmmmm...OOOHHH SHIT! Your dick feels SO goooood in my ass!!!!" she screamed.

Bridget looked at the look of total submission and erotic pleasure on her sister's face and her eyes begin to get misty. Her sister was getting the fucking of her life and she was loving it just as Bridget had! Bridget recognized and identified with that look and feeling. It was a look that said, "I'm with me what you will...I'm going to love it, regardless...because I belong to you, now".

Bridget reached up and untied the straps that held her dress onto her shoulders. Her dress slinked off of her and wisped to the floor.

The sudden movement caught Tyree's attention, though he never wavered in his strokes into Mary's ass. He saw her staring at him with a look of wanton lust. His dick hardened even further as he sawed another 3 inches into Mary's trembling ass. He now had 8 inches of his dick in ever-loosening ass! He watched Bridget finish disrobing. She began to run her hands over her breasts, fingering her own nipples into stiff points.

Bridget's pussy was on overflow! The sight of Tyree manhandling her sister on the bed aroused her! He had fucked her in the same unmerciful, unyielding way and she had absolutely loved it! The way he worked his dick was masterful, she thought to herself. She was suddenly filled with longing for the feeling of him powering himself into her. Her pussy began contracting as she diddled her clit and pulled on her nipples. Her body convulsed slightly as she orgasmed with her back against the wall. Once she regained her composure she began to slowly walk towards them.

Tyree looked down as he powered his dick into Mary's tight, wet asshole. The sound of his dick wetly entering and exiting her asshole filled the room along with Mary's constant moans.

Mary was cumming constantly! Her pussy was literally dribbling cum out of her pussy and onto the sheet beneath her. She had never felt orgasms this intense and constant! The pain had disappeared to be replaced by a heat that radiated throughout both her ass and pussy! His dick was making her understand what total submission was about. She had never felt this helpless yet wanton in her life! She felt guilt about fucking Tyree but that was overshadowed by the intense pleasure he was causing her. Her sister was one lucky bitch!

Bridget reached the bed and placed her hand on Tyree's ass as he fucked into her sister. She ran her hand up his back and over to his chest. She then ran her hand onto her sister's ass!

Mary suddenly whipped her head around and looked directly into her sisters smiling face!

"BRIDGET!....I.....Oohhhhhh...UMMMMmmmmm....." she tried to say as another strong orgasm ripped though her ass.

"'s okay, Mary. I'm not mad....honest," she said as she massaged the ring of her sister's ass.

Bridget ran her hand up her sister's back and suddenly grabbed hold of her flaming red hair!

"You wanted to get dicked properly, right? Well, you're going to get it and I'm going to help," she said to the back of her sister's head. Bridget turned her head towards Tyree and said," FUCK HER...FUCK HER HARD, Tyree....Give it to her like she wants you to!"

Tyree began to saw another two inches into Mary's ass as he held her hips.

"AAAAAHHHH...... OOOOOHHHHHH.... MMMMMMMMM..... SHIIIIIITTTTTTTTT..... EWWWWWWW.... FUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!" Mary screamed as her asshole was ravaged by Tyree's dick.

Bridget let go of Mary's hair and she fell back to the bed clutching the mattress as Tyree continued rocketing 10-inches of his dick in and out of her ass! Bridget faced Tyree and reached out and placed her hands on her sister's asscheeks and spread them to make it easier for Tyree's dick to enter and exit.

"OOOhhhh SHIT, that feels GOOOOD...keep her ass spread just like that, Brig. Ya'll getting ready to make me cum!" Tyree said.

Mary pussy began to squirt and dribble as her strongest orgasm overtook her and caused her to scream out loudly, "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH..... OOOOOHHHHHHH... UMMMMMMM... MMMMMMMMMMMMM.... AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, TYREE... YESSSSSSSSS....FUCK ME!!!!!!!!"

Tyree felt the pressure in his balls. He was getting ready to cum!

"You want to taste it, Brig?" he asked Bridget as he continued ramming her sister into the bed eliciting a new series of moans from her.

"You know I do, Tyree," Bridget said as she looked sexily at Tyree.

"" he said as he punctuated each word with a hard thrust into her ass.


" it CUMS......," Tyree said as he pulled his dick out of Mary's ass and began to quickly pump it.

Mary turned herself around on the bed as Mary bent down towards Tyree's dick. They both opened their mouths for their share.

"OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh.... SHHHHHHIIIIITTTTTTTTTT" Tyree bellowed as his cum raced to the tip of his dick.

First spurt, hit Bridget across the cheek, nose and forehead.

Second spurt caught Mary right in the mouth and lower lip.

Third spurt, caught Mary on her forehead and in her hair.

Fourth spurt, caught the side of Bridget's face and Mary's shoulder.

Fifth spurt, went into Bridget's mouth.

Tyree looked down at the sister's and the mess he had made of both their faces. They were both looking at him with a mixture of awe and reverence.

"That was fucking great! Mary, I hope you enjoyed it," Tyree said.

"That was the best sex I've ever had! I've never dreamed it could ever get this good! Bridget, what are we going to do? I don't want to give this up!" Mary asked.

Bridget looked at her sister lovingly and said, "Mary, you don't have to give it up, I'm willing to share. There is quite enough for the both of us to be satisfied. My only concern is Tyree's pleasure. If he's okay with it, I'm okay with it. I couldn't imagine keeping all this dick to myself. If I'm going to share, I might as well share with someone I love. Tyree?"

"I'm fine with it, ladies. I've found two of the sexiest women I've ever seen and they're sisters AND you don't mind sharing me? Hell, I'd be crazy to turn that down!" Tyree said.

"Mary, I'm glad that you and I got a chance to talk. I hope this helps you question some of the things you've been taught about the world we live in. Nothing beats knowing like experience. Don't let someone else tell you how the world is. You have to go and find out for yourself how it is," Tyree said.

"I'm beginning to understand what you mean about developing your own truth out of YOUR experiences instead of depending on OTHERS to define it for you. I know what changes I have to make. I've been running around with my head up my ass for most of my life and you helped to clear out the cobwebs tonight with that dick of yours," Mary said.

Bridget looked at her sister and said, "I'm glad that you got the opportunity to learn the same lesson I had to learn. Fear will prevent you from experiencing all that life is. Live your life openly and without the restrictions and expectations of others hanging over your head. Shit, life is hard enough, as is".

Tyree looked at both women and smiled to himself. He had done a good thing today. He had helped a young woman make a significant leap in her maturity and her outlook on the world. He looked at the cum-drenched faces of the two sisters and watched as they casually licked his cum off of their lips. He felt his dick begin to stir.

"I should be ready to go again in a couple of minutes. Who wants to climb on top and ride this dick till they cream?" Tyree asked.

"Me!" screamed Mary and Bridget simultaneously.


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