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The Tape in the Top Drawer Pt. I
by Stardog Champion

Like any Father seeing his only Daughter off to college, I was full of a mix of overwhelming pride for how well she had done to get accepted to the University of Florida with a partial band scholarship. At the same time, there was also a real sadness for me because I knew how empty the house was going to feel while she was away. It made that feeling doubly worse since the relationship I had with my wife, Diane, had grown colder and colder with each passing year.

With our only son, Brett, already finished with college and moved to St. Pete to start a career and a family with his wife, my daughter Bethany, and I had developed a close relationship during her teenage years.

Diane and I had encouraged Bethany to play music during her adolescence and with her talent with the piano, flute and clarinet , she had garnered the attention from the right people and had earned the partial ride to the U of F.

* * * * *

The short drive up on the 441 from our home in Orlando to Gainesville to drop Bethany off at her Freshman dorm was a very difficult one on many levels. There was barely a peep out of my wife Diane's mouth and even though Bethany and I tried to make small talk, the realization was clear to all of us that a chapter in each of our lives was ending.

* * * * *

The searing late August heat made the two hour chore of helping Bethany unpack her stuff from the car and lugging it up the elevator to the 6th floor made my 43 year old body cringe from the overexertion.

Right as we were finishing getting Bethany settled inside her pitifully small dorm room, her roommate for the semester finally arrived. I was stunned from the moment I saw her.

Her name was Dannielle and as it turned out she was on a partial scholarship as well. She was a dancer and was going to try out for the Gator's dance team that performed during timeouts of the men's basketball games.

Dannielle was absolutely beautiful, almost 6 feet tall with a very cut, athletic body. It turned out she was half Italian, half Portuguese and had a strikingly dark olive skin tone. Combining that with the graceful way she seemed to glide across the room, it made it very difficult to take my eyes off of her.

As Dannielle and Bethany introduced themselves to each other, Diane and I gravitated to the other side of the room to give the girls some space. I could quickly tell Diane was acutely aware of where most of my attention had drifted from her even chillier disposition towards me.

After saying our 'goodbyes' and giving our last hugs and kisses, Diane and I made our way back out to the parking lot to head back to our 'empty nest' in Orlando. Hardly a word was spoken between us during the entire trip home.

* * * * *

As the initial days of Bethany being away at school turned into weeks, my relationship with my wife deteriorated even more without the mutual interest and shared buffer that our daughter provided for so many years. On the rare occasion Diane and I had sex, I found myself closing my eyes tight, picturing Bethany's roommate Dannielle, while I was pounding my wife's cunt.

I fantasized about Danni's hard, trim, and toned body underneath me, her muscular dancer's legs wrapped like vices around my back as I tried my best to fuck Diane with all I had. There were a few times I had to stop myself at the last moment from screaming out Dannielle's name as I climaxed inside my wife of 21 years.

* * * * *

I especially looked forward to the various holiday weekends that we had to drive to Gainesville to pick up Bethany and bring her home for the weekend. Those rare occasions provided for brief opportunites for me to see Dannielle and recharge my fantasy fodder for another couple of weeks.

Over Christmas, Bethany had informed her mother and me that Dannielle and a few other of her friends had decided to go to the Bahamas for Spring Break in mid March. Diane and I discussed it, but when Bethany had offered to pay for the whole thing and the fact that she was now 18 really prevented either of us from offering any serious resistance over her proposal.

* * * * *

When Bethany went back to Gainesville in early January for the Spring Semester, when we got up to the room, we discovered that Dannielle was already back at school. When we walked up to Bethany's room to help her drop off her stuff, Dannielle was in the process of looking at herself in the full length mirror on her night stand. She was wearing her new, black spandex dance tights with matching blue and orange sequined top. It turned out to be her new dance team uniform she'd wear for all the home basketball games in the coming months. That image of Dannielle, standing in front of the mirror, rubbing her hips, thighs and chest, checking the garment for proper fit was etched in my mind for quite a long time.

* * * * *

As January gave way to February, and February gave way to March, I made it a point every time I could to either watch or tape Florida's basketball games on TV and each time, sure enough, I got an occasional glance of Dannielle and her 15 or so dance partners as the TV station was coming back from a timeout. Once or twice when Diane wasn't home, I found myself masturbating to the sight of Danni and her nubile female teammates as they sashayed across the hardwood, rewinding the tape over and over, like a rabid nut, until I finally got myself off.

* * * * *

At some point during that semester, Bethany had informed her Mom and I that she and Dannielle were planning on leasing an off campus townhouse for their Sophomore years of school. Remembering my distant college days, I understood how the initial fun of living on campus in a dorm can very quickly get old and that the desire for space and privacy can become a much needed resource. Diane and I fully endorsed Bethany's plan, and the fact that she was going to live another year with Dannielle didn't bother me in the least.

* * * * *

Once exams were over, Bethany, my wife and I were able to sit down and make some plans for the Summer. Bethany had decided to work as a waitress at the same restaurant she worked in high school so that she could be closer to her boyfriend who lived in Orlando as well.

Dannielle, on the other hand, was going to stay on the U. of F. campus to take some Summer classes and to be closer to her dance team coach to work on a few new things for the upcoming season. Dannielle made the decision to move into the townhouse that May with the understanding that Bethany could come up anytime, but wouldn't owe any rent until she came back to college in the Fall.

* * * * *

A few weeks into her Summer break, Bethany approached me asking if I'd do her a favor. She had been talking to Dannielle one day on the phone and Danni had inquired about whether or not I had any idea about how to install a ceiling fan. While the townhouse she had moved into was air conditioned, she was complaining that there just wasn't enough circulation in the two story dwelling, especially upstairs where her bedroom was. I told Bethany to tell Dannielle that I'd be glad to put my limited electrician's knowledge to work so that she and Bethany would have a comfortable place to live. As patiently as I could, I jumped at the opportunity to do it. I made plans for the next free Saturday to drive up to Gainesville and install the fan.

On a stuffy June Saturday, I got into my car and made the one hour pilgrimage to Dannielle's townhouse, hoping like Hell she'd be there, perhaps lounging around the place in a pair off cut off shorts , or even better, soaking up some rays on the back deck in a skimpy bikini.

Since Bethany had to work that weekend, I had the fortune to make the trip alone and as I pulled into Danni's driveway, I thought everything was falling perfectly into place.

As I grabbed a hand full of tools and headed for the front door however, I saw a white piece of paper tapped to the screen door.

Don, Come on in, Bethany said she gave you her key just in case. I'm out for the day and night, gone to visit some friends in Atlanta...make yourself at home and help yourself to anything. Thanks again for doing this... Hugs, Danni Slipping Bethany's house key into the lock, I slunk inside with a pall of disappointment swirling around me. I sat my tools down in the living room and made a slow tour around the barely lived in residence, sizing the place up.

Casually strolling around the split level dwelling, I peeked my head around every corner I came to, nervous someone or something might be there to interrupt the guilty pleasure I knew I was about to experience.

After going through the entire place, I finally worked up the courage and entered Dannielle's master bedroom. Gazing up at the ceiling, looking at where the fan would eventually go, I estimated it would probably take about three hours to get it installed.

Looking back down and scanning the rest of the her room, I found myself staring at several discarded outfits littering the carpet including Dannielle's dance tights, lycra and spandex workout outfits, a miniskirt and several pairs of high heels and tennis shoes.

Reaching down slowly, I gingerly eased my fingertips into a pair of Dannielle's discarded light blue, french cut panties. My heart in my throat, I kept telling myself over and over that I had the place all to myself and that there would be no interruptions.

Feeling the irresistibly soft and silky fabric of the teenager's expensive underwear in my hand, my dick quickly began hardening, stabbing outwards against the front of my work slacks. Knowing that I had found exactly what I had drove over an hour to find, I didn't let the twinges of guilt gnawing at me under the surface stop me for one iota as I lowered my free hand to my zipper and briskly fished out my blood-filled cock.

Finding myself on my knees in the center of Danni's large bedroom, my legs straddling some of her cast-aside clothing, I looked up a picture of her sitting on the nightstand. The photo was of Dannielle with a couple of her college friends as they sat outside partying in the sun with beers in their hands and drunken smiles on their faces.

As my eyes fixated on the picture of the hardbodied young Venuses, I slowly wrapped the nineteen year old's light blue panties around my twitching, throbbing cock and started jacking it off fiendishly.

Within moments, the moist silky feel of Dannielle's freshly worn panties as they rapidly slid up and down on my joint pushed me over the edge, causing me to wince and moan as I writhed on the floor, my hand pistoning Danni's undergarment like a jackhammer over my needy erection.

Cringing as I looked up at the photo of her above me, my face contorted wildly as I pictured her pretty face along with those of her friends joining her in the picture as I felt my cum blaze from my balls, up through my phallic shaft.

My knees dug into the floor and my whole torso tensed as I felt my overwhelming and long stored up orgasm get ready to ignite. Tossing Dannielle's panties away at the last possible moment, so I didn't get any 'evidence' on them, I felt the warm sticky release of my arousal leak out all over my still shaking hand.

Opening my mouth wide, I let out a long gasp as I continued to glare at the lurid, yet simple picture of Dannielle several feet from me.

Gradually coming down from such a rush, I slipped my deflated rod back inside my trousers and tried my best to lift myself up on my still wobbly knees so that I could actually get started with what I had been asked to do, install the fan.

Grabbing a handful of tissues off her bedroom chest and drawers to clean myself off, I couldn't help but look down and wonder just what kind of things might be concealed within Danni's wardrobe.

* * * * *

After bringing myself to such a potent and powerful orgasm, for the next three hours I was better able to concentrate on drilling the holes, running the lines and splicing the right wires without having Dannielle's unmentionables constantly on my mind. The pleasant glow inside my emptied balls reassured me every so often that I had probably come as close as I ever was going to come to having anything to do sexually with the young, lithe college beauty.

Taking a fifteen minute break to catch my breath and assess my work, I sipped at my Gatorade, the whole time convincing myself that I would squeeze one more orgasm off before leaving Dannielle's empty apartment.

About an hour or so later, I finally finished installing the fan. After flipping the switch to on, then pulling the beaded metal string dangling from the assembly of the device, I smiled broadly, admiring my handiwork as the blades of the fan steadily hummed to life. Its foundations secure in the ceiling, I closed my eyes and briefly enjoyed the rush and relaxation of the air circulating briskly around me.

Walking back through the house, killing time as I cleaned up my mess, I estimated that I still had about three hours to get home before my wife would really have expected me back. After taking out an hour for drive time, I was breathless with the prospect of two hours to perhaps delve into more of Danni's private life.

Making my way back upstairs to retrieve a few tools, I couldn't help but gaze longingly at the blue panties rolled up on the floor once again. I had taken great pain to place them as close as I could back where I found them after jacking off with them so not to even remotely draw Danni's attention to them when she returned home.

I knew I could have had another equally explosive orgasm if I were to use the panties just as I had hours before but a voice inside my head screamed loudly in opposition to the thought of that. Since this would likely be my first and final opportunity to do anything like this, why not make the absolute most of it while I was here and take a look see as to what else might be 'laying' around.

Letting my gaze flow across the bedroom, my eyes shifted to the right until they fell squarely on Dannielle's chest of drawers. I saw that all four doors were closed tight, but as I slowly picked up one foot, then another to sheepishly make my way closer, I began to clearly visualize in my head the wealth of treasures that were perhaps nestled inside. Her chic, fancy lingerie, frilly bras and panties, silk stockings and even perhaps her bikinis, all innocently crammed inside, one easy pull away from my sight.

I reached my hands out and tentatively took hold of the bottom of the top drawer. Digging my fingertips in and pulling the shelf towards me, my eyes waxed open with wonder as the drawer revealed its contents, inch by breathtakingly lurid inch.

As my senses perused Dannielle's feminine treasure trove, I stood above the opened drawer in awe looking down at Danni's lacy 36 C cup bras of all colors, matching panties and a myriad of various other unmentionables.

Lifting my hands from beneath the bottom of the drawer, I guided my slightly quivering fingers to the top of the opened shelf and let them fall gently into the silky, lacy jumble of feminine bliss. As if my hands had found paradise, I kneaded my digits inside the soft inviting fabric much the same way a kitten would when its making its own bed.

With my palms now disappeared inside the mass of undergarments, I lustfully gazed inside the drawer like a hungry wolf, trying to determine which item would be the lucky treat that I'd use to get my rocks off with for the second time.

As my hands pawed at the silky mass, suddenly I felt my fingertips graze against something solid. Immediately, I could tell that it wasn't the bottom of the drawer, it didn't feel quite like wood to my sensitive touch. Tapping my fingers against the solid object, it seemed to have a rather glossy texture.

Gently swiveling my wrist through Dannielle's collection of expensive lingerie, I was finally able to arch my fingers around the mysterious object before slowly pulling it out.

Low and behold, it was nothing more than a simple TDK VHS videotape. There was a momentary twinge of disappointment that coursed through me as the reality of what it was seeped in. It wasn't long however until a deeper feeling hit, one of curiosity about why the college beauty would feel the need to hide this particular tape in her underwear drawer when she literally had dozens of other tapes sitting beside her television in the living room.

Rotating the tape case in my hand, gazing at it as if it was some sort of holy talisman, I finally got my answer when I read the sticker on the side. "Spring Break 2000..The Bahamas!!!"

The significance of the tape immediately began to kick in. The video that I was holding in my hands had to be the visual record of Dannielle's spring break adventure of only a few months earlier. The same adventure that many of her dance teammates and college friends, including my daughter Bethany, happened to be on.

I stood motionless on the bedroom floor for several moments, the lovely fragrence of Dannielle's freshly washed garments filling my mind as I pondered my next move.

Almost as if my body was moving on autopilot, my feet started easing across the carpet until I was out of Danni's bedroom, tape in hand, headed downstairs to where her VCR was set up.

* * * * *

Although I knew I was totally alone in the spacious apartment, I still jumped every time there was the slightest disturbance around me. I could feel my heart thudding inside my chest as I neared the TV. My hands were shaking as well and as I lifted the tape up and laid it on top of the TV to figure out how to use the VCR, I could see the wet traces of my nervous sweat where my fingers had gripped the tape cover.

As I positioned the tape near the slot to push it in, I noticed it had run about half the way through. I paid special attention to reading the counter before hitting the rewind button so that I would know where to reposition the tape when I had finished doing with it whatever I was going to do.

* * * * *

Looking at one of the clocks on the wall, I saw that it was nearing 3 in the afternoon. I had told my wife that I would be home by 6pm but after taking an hour out for drive time, that still left me with nearly two hours to determine why Dannielle felt compelled to hide the video record of her spring break vacation in her underwear drawer.

After jotting down the number of the counter (6338), I hit the rewind button and let the tape roll back to the beginning. As it rewound, I surveyed the apartment, making sure all the curtains were pulled tight and all the doors were locked. As I returned from the kitchen with a glass of ice water, I heard the VCR click to a stop signifying the tape was back at the beginning.

Taking a series of deep breaths, standing over top of the TV with my finger resting just above the play button, I finally found the nerve to press it. Walking backwards towards the sofa, I picked up the VCR's remote and waited for the noisy fuzz of blank tape on the screen to give way to whatever pleasures Danni's vacation held.

* * * * *

I was so anxious over what I was about to witness, I had to literally keep my teeth from chattering. As each click of the counter progressed without any color or sound popping onto the screen, my heart thuddered with that much more anticipation, until finally, the screen suddenly bloomed with vivid, colorful life.

The first few minutes of the tape consisted of Dannielle and her seven friends that accompanied her giggling and skipping their way through the small, crowded, carnival-like Bahama airport. I immediately recognized my daughter Bethany, along with several of Dannielle's dance team partners from watching them on TV during the course of the season.

It wasn't until about 10 minutes into the tape that I got the first look at what I had been hoping to see the whole time. The picture of the girls at the airport cut away and the image that filled the screen caused me to begin to drool. Whoever was holding the camera was aiming it out towards a golden beach that was literally overflowing with scantily clad human flesh.

For the next half hour or so, the hand held camera panned around the beach. It must have been a girl holding the camera because the focus was beamed frequently on the multitude of fine male specimens that strutted up and down the thoroughfare. There were plenty of half naked girls though in the picture to keep my dick hard as I stared at the colorful images of sand, surf and young sexuality.

All 8 of the young women in Danni's group made occasional appearances on the tape as the girls passed the camera around every so often. Each of them were wearing bathing suits that accentuated their hard bodied forms and from the reaction they were getting from the men who strolling up and down the beach, Danni and Bethany's group seemed rather popular.

During the process of watching the girls lounge around the beachfront, I couldn't help but begin to massage my revitalized cock through my pants once again. Taking a long slow sip of water with my free hand, I closed my grip tighter around my cock, making it grow harder as I intently watched the young women laugh and play.

It wasn't long until I had brazenly unzipped my fly and was fishing my now fully erect penis out into the open once again. The moment it hit daylight, its bulbous blood-filled head aimed directly at the TV screen as if it was a divining rod, pointing right at the bevy of hard bodied young Venuses scattered about the sizzling sun-drenched beach.

Teasing the rim of my cock with a dab of the skin lotion Danni had left on the coffee table, I swirled the thick gooey liquid all over my burning stalk and slowly began jacking myself off for a second time, this time to the actual sight of the girls I had fixated over for almost a year.

Anxiously, I pressed the fast forward button to speed up the tape because the thought of what may lie ahead was too much to resist. Several moments later, I hit the play button once again bringing the tape to a halt. On the screen there was a huge beach volleyball game going on.

The only person I recognized in the grainy, slightly out of focus, picture was one of Danni's dance teammates. An Amazon-like 6-foot natural sandy blonde beauty named Amanda.

Watching the way Amanda seemed to feel at home on the court, jumping high into the air whenever she had to, to spike the ball across the net, I fixated on the way her body flexed inside her miniscule pink 2 piece bikini.

My dick throbbed and jerked in my hand as I squeezed its length, the moist sound of the lotion coating it becoming a constant rhythm in the background. I watched intently as Amanda darted across the sand, hitting the ball over the net whenever she could to the whistles and catcalls from many of the guys surrounding the court. I could also hear Bethany, Dannielle and the other girls cheering Amanda on each time the ball was hit to her, as well.

Frantically pounding my cock, my eyes opened wide as I gazed at Amanda's nearly 6 foot tall, solid frame take flight and dive for a ball that was slightly out of her reach. The image on the screen seemed to slow as Amanda's heaving breasts, powerful thighs and full hips all extended, her athletic frame momentarily horizontal with the beach below her as she desperately reached out to save the ball.

My head instantly shot backwards like a bullet had hit it as my second orgasm of the day cruelly swept through me. The camera person focusing on Amanda zoomed in as she was picking herself up off the playing surface. All the cum that was left in my balls shot outwards onto my pistoning fingers as Amanda rose to her feet and briskly began brushing the sand of her sticky, sweat soaked tits, thighs, waist, shoulders and stomach.

* * * * *

Totally spent and exhausted from my second orgasm, I lifted myself up with much difficulty and limped my way into the kitchen to get another glass of water, content in living out the fantasy of actually seeing several of the girls that I had lusted after for so long, running around paradise in nothing but their skimpy bikinis. I let the tape continue rolling on as I disappeared into the kitchen but a minute or so later when I made my return to the living room with a handful of paper towels to clean up the mess I made on myself, the volleyball game on the screen had given way to something completely different.

* * * * *

Nearing the television, my vision felt like it had been blurred by a great deal of alcohol. My head was already spacey from the 2 enormous orgasms and it began to fell woozy as I tried to discern what was now on the videotape.

It appeared that while I was in the kitchen, the tape had cut away from the volleyball game to what seemed to be a dimly lit but crowded hotel room. There were dozens of hazy bodies filling the screen and although the sound quality of tape wasn't that good, I could hear the heavy bass thump of music blaring in the background.

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the jumbled images, suddenly a pattern started forming. Even though it was clearly a party and there were young boys and girls schmoozing at various places around the room, the realization that there was something else going on in that suite, something much more lurid than simple binge drinking, registered in my consciousness. It was the unmistakable, carnal aura of fornication in the room.

I could clearly see a bunch of cookie cutter type college guys in the room, hats on backwards, drinking Coronas, all with silly drunken smiles washed across their stubbly faces. They weren't the ones however that seemed to be in the mix of what the mass of humanity in the room was concealing. Suddenly, the undercurrent of what was happening in that room hit home with crystal clarity.

The realization came when a big golden tanned ass filled the TV screen. Whoever was holding the hand held camera had evidently wove their way through the masses of people and decided to stop to record the events of two of the drunken college revelers in an intimate moment.

The young woman whose ass was facing the camera had her legs wrapped around a guy, whose body I couldn't see.

My spent cock twitched with a glimmer of life at the sight of the young woman dangling from the man's body. As the tape wound forward, I could see the girl's ass cheeks flex deeply as it appeared she was squeezing her vaginal muscles tightly, fucking the faceless guy back with all the energy she had, as her legs gripped tightly around his waist.

The cameraman held the camera right under the crack of the girl's ass and the hot syrupy signs of her arousal leaked in a series of wet trails down her crotch, fogging up the lens of the camera slightly.

I could hear the whimpering gasps of male and female delight coming from above as the two young naked bodies ground together in the center of the room. With the woman's asscheeks grinding ever harder against the cock buried inside her completely shaved pussy, the camera angle panned slowly backwards, giving me a wider view of the two young serendipitous lovers. As the angle got wider and wider, my heart suddenly felt as if it became lodged in my throat. When I first recognized the unmistakable butterfly tattoo on the young woman's right shoulder, I knew immediately it was Dannielle that she was totally naked and intertwined around a still faceless man, fucking him back with every ounce of energy in her 6 foot frame.

I sat back against the cushions of the sofa in stunned silence as frame after frame of the videotape clicked by. There was a dull thud in my temples as I watched the young sensuous girl that I had lusted after for almost a year, fucking some guy like a horse on the TV screen.

The person filming the action continued to pull back gradually until most of the back of Dannielle's body was visible in the smoky haze of the room. As the camera pulled back, I got my next big surprise.

When I first saw the strapping black stud that Dannielle was draped around, I first thought that it was perhaps just some college guy that had just been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to have a shot at Dannielle's prime pussy. As the grunting and gasping sounds of Danni and her dark lover fizzed through the TV speakers however I got the sense that something deeper was taking place.

The hollow, ripping sounds of flesh on flesh mingled with Dannielle's audible spastic pleasure. "Ohh.. shit... Ooohhhh ..shit.... OOOHHH.. SHHITTT... OOOHHHH... SSSHHHIIITTTT... OOOHHH.... OOOOHHHH ....OOOOOOHHHHH...CCCUUMMMMIIIINNNGGGGGGG............ DAMMNNNITTTT...... FUCCCKKK.....MEEEEEEEE.... SSSHHIIITTTTTTTTTTT........!!!!"

Suddenly, drip after wet white sticky drip of fluid began raining down out of Danni's tight quim. It was painfully obvious the black manchild was emptying his balls inside of the Amazon-like white girl and Danni's pussy was simply being overwhelmed by the copious amounts of cum and what she couldn't hold in was dripping down to the floor below in long , slow streams.

I could see from behind that Danni's head was rocking backwards and forwards the way one of those bobbing head dolls do as the strapping black stud held her around his torso, using her taunt athletic frame as his personal playground. Dannielle finally went limp in the man's arms, burying her face against his rock hard pecs, sobbing quietly as the orgasmic waves rippled through her overwhelmed senses.

Several of the guys that were surrounding the explosive scene started cheering boisterously as Danni screamed her lungs out then went limp in her new master's arms.

Danni's heels were still violently dug into the studs waist and he had to forcefully push her away to get her off of his chisled body.

With the sound of a thunderclap, the black man slapped his huge hands down against Danni's sweatsoaked asscheeks and took control of her body in preparation to ease her off of him. Quivering noticably from her ordeal, Danni was more than compliant as the stud raised her up in his arms and let her fall gently to the floor at his feet.

As the towering stud laid Dannielle on the floor in a heap between his muscular legs, I got my first look at the monstrous cock that had been impaling the 19 year old beauty with. It hung from his crotch like a half inflated, coal black, night stick, glistening with Danni's sticky fluids. He leaned down slightly so he could reach Dannielle with it and cruelly proceeded to wipe the cum covered foreskin around the head of his manhood all over Danni's lips, smiling sadistically as the college girl lapped up what remained on his dick.

I watched as the imposing stud leaned in and kissed Dannielle on the ear. As he did that, it appeared he was also whispering something to her as well. A moment later, Danni stuck out her tongue and literally wiped her own lips clean of the combination of syrupy emissions that coated her mouth. Seeing Danni's lips were clean, the stud bent down to towards the spent coed, who was still helplessly sitting below him, and placed his mouth directly on top of hers, sharing a deep soulful kiss that lasted nearly a minute.

Watching with painful fascination, I cringed with a mix of arousal and disgust as Danni fervantly returned the black studs ruthless advances.

A moment later, the person running the recorder abruptly left Danni and her lover and started weaving through the crowd once again, in an attempt to find something else interesting to capture.

* * * * *

For a couple of seconds, I felt an eerie sense of vertigo sweep over me as the lack of blood getting to my head mingled with the shaky, jerky motions of the image on the screen as the camera operator wove through the crowd.

It didn't take long however for the cameraman to reach their next destination. Easing up to a group of young men standing in a semi-circle with their backs to the camera, I thought I could see the bare white feet of someone rise into and then out of the frame every so often. Lifting the camera into the air slightly, over the shoulders of a few of the assembled voyeurs, I was finally able to see what was unfolding inside that semi-circle.

To Be Continued...


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