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The Tape in the Top Drawer Pt. II
by Stardog Champion

...I started to rub my dick even harder as my eyes did a double take seeing who it was, flat on her back, in the center of the noisy group of men. It was Amanda, the tall natural blonde that I had jacked myself off to while she was throwing herself around the sandy volleyball court.

Amanda was spread out on the cockeyed cushions of one of the hotel's loveseats, her back flat and her long tanned, muscular legs stretched high in the air. She was completely naked, her tan lines clearly evident on her small firm breasts, slim waist and shaved pussy.

Another one of the hulking black guys attending the party had positioned himself snugly between Amanda's toned thighs. I could see the look of strain on Amanda's wholesome, pretty face as the gloriously endowed black giant changed the way the blonde coed comprehended how sex could ever feel with every inch he jammed his breathtakingly huge cock inside her flowering pink vaginal lips.

I watched the way Amanda's chest heaved up and down, trying to force herself not to scream out from the painful pleasure she was enduring. Amanda bit her lip hard with her pearly white teeth as her hips bounced high off the loveseat furiously, the stud relentlessly snaking his girth inside Amanda's frothy quim until she begged him to hurry up and finish her off.

When the black kid's hips started grinding forward and pistoning deeply, implementing a cruel, deep seesawing rhythm inside the teenage beauty, I could see the look of unquestioned joy and amusement in the stud's dark gleaming eyes as he laid the pipe to the helpless white girl.

The fuckstud then placed his huge hands on the fleshy part of Amanda's tanned inner thighs, digging his fingertips roughly into her skin, forcing them apart as wide as they would go. With her flat on the cushions beneath him, the black kid was then able to ram as much as 7 inches of his thick monster into the young girl before it's uncircumcised head crashed against the back wall of Amanda's cervix, causing the white princess to wince and heave wildly under him.

The person running the camera did a fabulous job keeping the image as steady as possible, holding the camera in the air over the shoulders of the rowdy guys that surrounded the scene.

I found myself leaning forward on the sofa, watching with sick and deviant intrigue, literally feeling as if I was standing side by side with those guys as they watched this beautiful young woman have her sexual boundaries royally tested. The black stud had made the innocent looking blonde into his personal slut as he continued to impale her savagely.

With total control over Amanda now, the black kid briskly motioned to several of the surrounding frat boys to move in a little closer. I couldn't make out what he was telling them to do over Amanda's fitful screams and gasps, but a few moments later, several of the college boys proceeded to pour a good deal of beer from their plastic cups down onto Amanda's shaking body. They watched and laughed as the cold smelly liquid trickled down Amanda's quivering breasts and flat, washboard stomach in a series of fast rushing rivulets.

As the booze covered Amanda's upper torso, two of the guys that were closest to her knelt down beside her and hungrily began lapping at the rushing beer trails that oozed down Amanda's burning tits and chiseled belly. The two guys then proceeded to suck on Amanda's breasts so fervently, the girl's straining face contorted even more wildly than it already was. Taking their turns nibbling at some of Amanda's most sensitive regions, both guys liberally chewed on her rock hard, grape sized nipples and ran their tongues along the cute indentation of her pierced bellybutton.

With the frat boys' sizzling tongues licking across Amanda's smooth, flawless skin, and the black fuck stud continuing his ruthless pounding of her gaping cunt, she seemed to almost explode under the litany of sensations.

Digging her fingernails viciously into the cushions she was being ravaged on, Amanda used all the strength she had to lift her head up. Supporting her weight on her trembling elbows, all Amanda could do was helplessly watch the surreal scene as the ebony fuckstud amply filled her stretched vagina while the white college boys happily licked the beer off her tanned belly and jiggling tits.

Upon seeing the stud's burrowing spear driving cruelly in and out of her own pink swollen pussy and feeling his vicelike hands pushing out against the insides of her thighs, the nineteen-year-old blonde let loose with a primal scream of tortured release, every muscle in her shivering body tensing in a brutal orgasmic display. "AAAAAHHHHHH... AAAHHHH... UUUMMMMPPPHHHHHHHHH... AAAHHHHHHH... GGGAAAWWWWDDDDDDDD... AAAAHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," She cried out at the top of her lungs, momentarily drowning out the din coursing through the rest of the room.

The black stud simply looked down over his whimpering conquest with a satisfied glare of success as the suburban white teen slut came violently underneath him.

When the young man opened his mouth to taunt down and tell Amanda what a good little whore she had been, the rich thick accent of his booming voice gave me a clue as to what may have been unfolding in that overcrowded Bahaman hotel suite.

Watching as the throng of young college guys surrounding Amanda cheered lustfully as the black Adonis relentlessly continued pounding the writhing, long haired blonde, I began to get the sense that the frat boys had set the whole thing up. Was it some kind of favor or some of repayment perhaps, allowing several of the local Bahaman natives to have their way with some of the unsuspecting white girls that they had led to the party?

As the stud forcefully rammed his cock into the shell-shocked coed's molten cunt, furiously working towards his own powerful show of orgasmic force, the guys on the periphery seemed to collectively cheer when the black guy reached down and grabbed his joint by its base, slowly inching it out of Amanda's tight liquid grip with his left hand while he spanked her pale white ass cruelly with his right.

As the huge cock slipped free of Amanda's vaginal grip, I could clearly see the wet sticky traces of her arousal coating the black kid's jock. The first 6 or 7 inches of it was a sloppy mess while the 3 or 4 inches near the base was still smooth and dark.

When the golf ball sized uncircumcised head of his monster slid out of Amanda's pink depths, several strands of her clingy feminine ejaculate hung onto the stud's pipe like a series of swinging suspension bridges. Letting his huge phallus swing haughtily over top of Amanda's spent torso, he took the girl's shaky white hand into his and closed her grip tight around the huge slab of his sticky and moist black marbled manhood.

With their hands intertwined around his dick, the kid slowly ground their grips together over his cock until the friction of his power and Amanda's feathery touch combined to cause his meaty shaft to explode several times, shooting his potent white seed like the report of an automatic rifle down onto the soft features of Amanda's cheeks, chin and neck.

As his cum sizzled and rained down onto Amanda's pretty face, she wantonly opened her parched mouth as if she were in a rainstorm, trying desperately to quench her thirst as the thick milky drops of seed fell from above.

The guys that were surrounding Amanda literally lost it and cheered heartily when the seething black stud covered the angel's pristine face with his potent lust.

When the camera angle pulled back slightly, I could now see Amanda and Dannielle weren't the only girls lucky enough to be included in the little sexual game that was evidently unfolding. I could see several other young debutantes spread out throughout the room, in various stages of undress, being either felt up or flat out fucked by what looked to be more willing and well hung natives of the island.

Dannielle was in the corner of the room, on the floor still completely naked with two of the drunk frat boys laying on each side of her. It was clear that the two boys were partaking of some easy sloppy seconds while Danni lounged between them, too sore and satisfied to move.

As the camera person scanned the room for their next video opportunity, suddenly there was a gasp and a grunt and the camera fell with a thud to the floor. I immediately sat up, leaning in closer to the screen rooting for someone to come along and pick up the recorder to continue documenting the demented orgy.

You could still hear the hooting and hollering sounds of fornication and fun rippling through the room as the camera sat there sideways, the only image being transmitted was that of people's sandals, sneakers and bare feet. To my disappointment, there was no sign for a minute or two that anyone was interesting in actually picking the camera back up and using it.

I waited there on the sofa with baited breath, tapping my foot briskly on the floor hoping that some guy would come along and pick up the camera to continue recording the lurid scene.

Preparing to hit the fast forward button to scan through the rest of the tape, suddenly, several dark fingers appeared on the lens, palming the front of the visual field in an attempt to somehow reposition it.

As the fingers swiveled the handheld around 180 degrees, making it point in the opposite direction, I received the most sobering image of my entire life.

The dark black dreadlocked teenager that had turned the camera around was on his knees, completely naked. His sweaty onyx like muscles flexed mightily as he crudely swung his crotch forward, smashing his dick into a kneeling but wobbly white girl who had her ass lifted high in the air in clear acceptance of the stud's base advances.

For a moment, I was breathless watching the devastatingly virile assault until the flailing sight of the long stringy brown hair on the girl's bobbing head and the all too familiar sounds of her whimpering and shaky voice ripped me to the core. The girl on her knees, stripped naked of everything except for the shorts and panties that were crudely pulled down around her ankles, was my daughter, Bethany.

I sat there on Dannielle's sofa in cold stunned silence as the unrepentant stud continued ramming my daughter with his throbbing black monster, snaking it deeply between her narrow, pale asscheeks. The sound of my little girl's charged gasps of pleasure and pain combined with the squishing sounds of anal sex as the impaler sliced Bethany's ass open forcefully, causing a stunning chorus of sexual energy to rage from the television's Dolby speakers.

Watching the obscene perspective that the video camera had laying on the floor right beside Bethany's wildly contorting face, my head swirled on the verge of faintness as my mind filled with a vaguely detached feeling.

Seeing her brown eyes clench together tightly from the strain she was under and watching also as she bit her lower lip hard to deal with the pain of having a scalding hot dick shoved up her ass, part of me wanted to run into the tv screen and save my little girl. As I sat there however, helpless to watch as frame by frame clicked by, I could tell by the look of desperate lust on her pretty, innocent face, there was nowhere else she would have rather been at that very moment.

Putting two and two together, I theorized by the way the camera was laying and by how suddenly it had fell to the floor, Bethany had to be the one that had been jockeying the camera around the hotel suite, capturing the footage as if she was doing a documentary on "Sodom and Ghommorah".

It apparently hadn't taken Bethany long to give total control of her slim body to the teenage dreadlocked black Bahama native. With her flushed cheeks just mere inches from the camera lens, her mouth shot open wide, as far as her lips would allow, crying out in a tortured orgasmic scream.

Sensing Bethany was on the verge of release, the insistent black kid inserted two of his long dark fingers inside Beth's tight pussy, all the way down to his knuckles as he cruelly manipulated Bethany's sensitive inner flesh. Gyrating his thick left wrist back and forth, the stud handfucked Bethany's pussy while his dick furiously burrowed inside her awkwardly grinding ass.

When Beth's soft, angelic voice gurgled out, temporarily drowning out all the other noise in the loud boisterous room, I felt myself start to shake to the core when Bethany's explosive release played out for nearly a minute.

Feeling his orgasm begin to snap off just as Beth was coming down from hers, the lust-crazed Bahaman stud ripped his manhood free from my daughter's overwhelmed ass. He then proceeded to jack off his veiny dark spear for about 10 seconds as Bethany teetered before him. On about the 10th rapid jerk of his cock, stream after stream of his paint-like ejaculate shot from his black wand, jetting furiously down onto the inviting creamy target of my daughter's back.

The initial brunt of the rushing torrent landed on Beth's shoulder blades before her fuckstud could reign in control of his stored up nut. As he slowly gained control of his spitting hose, he was able to guide what was left in his steely shaft in a dotted trail down Bethany's arched spinal column.

* * * * *

After returning the tape to its proper hiding place in Dannielle's nightstand and quietly letting myself out of her apartment, back out into the unforgiving late afternoon sun, all that was left for me was a long and very difficult drive home.

I dreaded the thought of having to process what I had seen on that tape into any sort of rational sense. Sometimes a person just doesn't leave well enough alone and mind their own business. Making that mistake at Dannielle's apartment that day a year ago, letting my lust and curiosity get the best of me is now a decision that I have to live with for the rest of my life.


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