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The Temp IV
by Eve

Yvette stood before him in shocked indignation, and for a second, Geoff's confidence began to slip. "What the hell did you say to me?" she asked nonplused.

"Don't make me repeat myself bitch, get over here and suck my cock," he said with just enough authority in his voice to show that he meant it. she looked at him for a minute before a sly smile touched her lips.

"With pleasure," she murmured walking over to him like the femme fatale. She slowly dropped to her knees in front of him, then taking her time undoing his zip. Geoff couldn't move for the live of him, as she set free his engorged shaft. "Your cock is so big," she eyed it greedily like a little kid with a piece of candy. She kissed the head lightly before running a fat, pink tongue along side of it. She stroked it with up and down, circling the head each time her tongue reached the tip.

"Stop teasing me and suck it," he commanded. The pleasure was driving him insane. She obliged by taking it gently into her mouth. She continued all the way down until he felt his cock buried in her throat. Not many woman, could usually get all ten inches in his mouth at once. She continue to go up and down on her shaft gently, until she started bobbing faster and faster, increasing the pressure of her mouth, and bringing him closer to the brink. Her hand was gripping his cock and she was sucking, licking and nibbling it. His eyes rolled all the way back in his head. His cock had never been sucked so voraciously before. He knew he was going to cum soon, so he jerked back and shot his white juice, all over her unsuspecting face.

Though it took her by surprise, she seemed to love it. She sat back on her heel, and licked her lips taking in the thick milky substance. Geoff watched in fascination as she rubbed a bit off her face with the tip of her forefinger and sticking it seductively into her mouth. He watched as she repeated this process over and over again, until her face was clean once more. By the time she had finished, he was rock hard once more.

"You're a nasty bitch, aren't you?" he asked. She simply smiled at him as if in agreement. He reached over and hauled her body against his. "I want to hear you say it. Tell me you're a nasty bitch!" he demanded.

"I'm a nasty bitch" she echoed obediently. He smirked. he liked having this beautiful woman in the palm of his hand. Having the upper hand was such a rush. "You've been teasing me for a week, now don't you think that deserves some punishment?" he asked. She merely nodded with wide eyes. He could tell that she was really getting off on this by the way her nipples strained against her dress. "Get up and lean over my desk with your back towards me," he instructed. She complied. "Spread your leg, and lean over some more."

He came up behind her and pushed her dress to her waist. her as was so smooth and round. It was so firm, and just the right shape for going doggy style. He could see her thick bush poking out from between her legs. The dark lips of her pussy stood out prominently, swollen, and ready. He gently caressed her ass, awed but it's perfect contour. He couldn't resist sticking a finger inside of her. She felt so wet and tight around his finger. He pulled it out and instantly smelt it's tangy aroma. It was a bit musky but not unpleasant. He tasted his wet finger, and it was surprisingly sweet.

She swayed her hips slightly, and that small, movement, pushed him over the edge. He pushed his pants down in a hurry, and took hold of his swollen cock to ram it into Yvette's waiting pussy. "Oh, Mr., Howard," she moaned.

"Shut up slut" he gritted through his teeth knowing that he wouldn't last that long if she kept moving her hips the way she was. He smacked her hard on the ass. She let out a loud breath but other than that she gave no indication of pain. With each thrust into her he would smack her delectable ass, and he would gyrate her hips wildly. Before he knew, it he was cumming right there on her ass. He could have lasted for more than a couple of minutes. He had never cum so fast with any other woman before. What was she doing to him?

He had to show her that she had the upper hand. "I'm not finished with you yet," he threatened he turned her unzipped her dress and pulled it down her waist. He turned her around to get a good view of those tits that had tormented him that past week. The too were nice and firm. Geoff pushed her back on the desk and fell of top of her. He buried his face between them and needed one in each hand. They were large and they felt natural. He worshiped each hardened peak with his lips and tongue. Damn she felt good.

"Spread those legs a little wider baby," he whispered in her ear. She complied gladly. He began a trail with his tongue starting at the valley of her breasts, to the dip of her navel. He went further yet to her waiting bush. He was use to shaved women, but Yvette was all natural. It was the hairiest pussy he had ever seen, but surprisingly enough, it wasn't a turnoff at all. The musky odor of her was intoxicating and he tentatively touched her clit with his tongue. Liking the sweet taste, he took the swollen clit into his hot mouth. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips against his face. He slipped a finger in her wetness, then two. He ate her out until she spasamed violently against him indicating that she had cum.

"You know what I'm going to do to you now?" he asked. She looked up at him with passion glazed eyes and shook her head. "I'm going to fuck you again." This time he planned to make it last longer. He took his time at first, going at a nice and easy pace, but Yvette had other ideas, she wrapped her black legs around him and he could feel her pussy clench tighter on his cock. Seconds later, he came inside of her. He felt like a school boy. Yvette didn't seem to mind, within minutes she had it hard again with her mouth, and once again, he fucked her, this time with her laying sideways on the desk and him standing over her thrusting into her like a rutting bull. He managed to last a bit longer this time, but only just. She was such a hot piece that he couldn't control himself.

This continued for several hours until he was worn out. When he was too tired to do anything more he realized that it was way past time for him to go home. All the appointments that he had had scheduled were long past over. He could visualize the calls from all the angry clients the next day, all because he couldn't stop fucking his temp. As they got dressed she smiled smugly. "Don't worry about your appointments for today, I took the liberty of rescheduling them for a later date. I'm going home now." She said once she had gotten fully dressed once more. He could have kissed her right then for her thoughtfulness, but it gave him cause to cause to pause. She had planned this all along. Strangely enough, it didn't bother him.

"How about I take you to dinner and maybe we could head back to my place----"

"No, I'd rather not," she cut him off.

"Why? Did you enjoy yourself?" She merely smiled and shrugged.

"Let's not complicate things ok?" she turned to him and pressed her body against his and gave him a long lingering on the lips. She left then, and Geoff could feel his cock get hard once more. He anticipated the week ahead. He was a bit disappointed in his performance but he knew that he could do better if given another chance.

The next day he was in the office extra early. He sat down at his desk and waited for Yvette to appear. He began to get antsy when eight cam and went. Where the hell was she. Half past eight came and an elderly woman poked her head through the door. "Hi, I'm Edna, I'll be you're temp for the rest of the week." Geoff bolted out of his seat.

"'Where's Yvette?!" he demanded not understanding why this old prune was here in Yvette's place. "Well, I don't rightly know sir, but I was called this morning and asked if I could fill in, so hear I am." she said indignantly not liking the young man's tone of voice.

"Get out of my office and wait in the reception area for further instruction" he dismissed rudely pushing Edna out the door and slamming it shut behind her.

"Well, I never," huffed Edna, as she stalked off. Geoff called the temp agency that Yvette had come from and immediately demanded to speak to the person in charge. "What can I do for you Mr. Howard," the pleasant voice of a woman came on the line. "I had a temp all last week and yesterday, and I was quite satisfied with her work. I want her and only her. what's the meaning of sending me someone else," he knew he was being rude and arrogant, but dammit he wanted Yvette.

"Sir, we apologize for the inconvience., but as of today, she no longer works for this agency. She called us this morning to say that she's found a position elsewhere..." Geoff didn't hear the rest of what was being said. What was he going to do now? He had no way of finding out where she was or where she lived. How could she do this to him? He had a feeling that from this point on, no ordinary woman would do for him.

He hung up the phone and walked over to his window and stared out in the city below him. Somewhere out there was Yvette Randall, and one day, he would find her, and when he did, she wouldn't slip through his fingers so easily the second time around.

To be continued?

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