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The Teacher: Lesson Three
by Ariel79

Humiliation play. Alex was playing with me one night in bed, grabbing my wrists in one strong hand, rubbing his thumb on one of my wrists, his other hand moving along my belly, circling the clit until I squirmed, pushing my hips at his hand.

"Nooo" he said with a grin. "I want to see you squirm. Beg me for it."

Begging was hard at first for me, but he could play with me until I would hear myself pleading with him, begging him, and then I would be all hot liquid and wanting, desperate to do anything if he would only take me.

He stopped playing with my clit for a moment. I had spoken aloud, and he looked at me. "Anything?" he asked. "You'd do anything?"

The grin. Pleasant and chilling and exciting. I shivered, and the hand returned, soothing and stroking.

A few days later, I was in his class. He never let me wear panties any more. I loved knowing that he was aware that I was sitting there with nothing on beneath my skirt. By the end of class, I would be desperate to find some way to get to his office, to be waiting for him, kneeling, my arms back and my long red hair brushing the ground behind me, my legs open, waiting for him.

This day, I was more than ready for him. Two days of playing with me but never letting me cum. I was crazy with wanting him, with needing sex. No masturbation, he had said. No touching. I was wild for him. He had told me to go to his office as soon as class was over.

The bell rang and I almost ran to his office, but I was careful. Nobody was around, and I slipped in, using his key, then knelt as usual, waiting for him.

While I waited, I noticed his toy bag. I shifted on my knees, wanting to press my legs together, but he had said no touching, no playing with myself. I looked around, waiting. It was a pleasant office. The blinds were closed, but I knew that on the other side of his window were flowers, a view of the older part of the campus. A faint smell of coffee was in the room. Bookcases against one wall; his desk near the window, poles supporting parts of the old building. He liked the feel of being in an older building though, he said. It felt more like a college.

I tensed, hearing footsteps and voices; the knob turning - Alex and someone with him! I jumped up, smoothing down my skirt. Did he forget I would be in here? Should I hide his toy bag? Too late - the door opened, and there he stood, someone behind him.

Alex looked coldly at me. "Did you forget to do something?" he asked.

I was confused. I glanced at the person behind him, then back at him. "I - you mean, like always?"

He nodded, moving aside for the other person to enter - someone from the physics department, I thought - a teaching assistant? I thought I had seen him before. I heard the door being locked.

Again, I was confused. Surely Alex didn't mean - to kneel?

I moved to the floor, slowly, watching him. He nodded again, a brief smile this time, and I knelt, unsure, facing him, glancing at the silent teaching assistant, waiting.

Alex sat in his chair, motioning for the other man to sit as well. "This is Doug."

I nodded at Doug, then looked at Alex again, waiting, my heart beginning to speed up a little.

Alex leaned back in his chair, propping an ankle on a knee, steepling his fingers and looking at me.

"Continue," he said.

Alex had taught me to obey him when he used that look, that voice. I moved my head back, feeling my hair swing behind my back, flicking against my arms as it swayed. I opened my legs, bracing myself on my heels, my hands back on the floor, and I arched my back, waiting, looking up at the ceiling. I wondered if my skirt was covering me...

...and felt something against my thigh, pushing at the skirt. I couldn't help myself; I lifted my head a little to look, and saw Alex pushing at my skirt with the toe of his shoe.

"Pull it up," he said.

I gulped, quivering. I sat up, not looking at him or Doug, feeling myself blush, as I began to roll the skirt upwards, up, until I could tuck it in at the waistband. I glanced at Alex through a bit of my hair that had fallen over my eyes.

"Pull your hair back - " I did so - "and open your blouse. You know how I like it."

I did know how he liked it. I opened the blouse, aware that my skirt was pulled up, my legs open, that I was fully open to both men as I tugged at my blouse, unbuttoning it to the waist. The bra unhooked in front; I opened it, pulled it apart, opened the blouse around my breasts, then leaned back again, arching my back, feeling cool air on my nipples and clit, feeling the beginnings of moistness...

Silence in the room for several minutes. All I could hear was breathing - them, me; very faintly in the distance was the sound of people talking, leaving the building. All that time, I waited, leaning back, arching, my legs wide, my skirt up and my blouse open.

It was embarrassing, and hot.

"Take off your blouse and skirt," Alex said. "And the bra."

I sat up again, removing the clothes until all I wore were the thigh hi hose he insisted on, and the heels digging into my thighs as I braced myself against them. I glanced at him, and he motioned for me to lean back again. I did.

All I wore were the hose and the heels, and I was displayed for both men to look at me. There was no hair on my pussy. Alex wanted me to keep it shaved. It was smooth and sensitive and felt the cold air around me even more without the hair.

Movement. Something soft brushing my thigh, Alex's face near mine - a pillow in his hands. "Lie back," he commanded.

We had done this before. The pillow went under my hips, my knees still bent, and I lay back, putting my arms over my head. The pillow pushed my hips up, opening me even wider to their view. I wanted to shut my legs. I wanted to keep them open.

He touched me briefly, on a nipple, down the belly, to just above the clit. I moved a little, then froze. He sat in his chair again.

"Now watch," he said to Doug.

I felt something against the inside of my thigh, something cold and hard - his shoe. It inched up as Alex leaned forward; I could just see part of him moving, in spite of my hips being up higher. I sucked in my breath, gasping; I felt the tip of his shoe, touching my clit. I moaned. I was surprised, embarrassed, waiting. I was wet. The shoe moved over the clit lightly, rubbing, pushing slightly on the lips. I was shutting my eyes, savoring this, when I felt pressure - the toe of the shoe mashing against my pussy, rubbing while it mashed, pushing against my clit, the lips, rubbing. The power of it, the degradation and the lust of it - I moaned, tightening my fingers against each other over my head, until I felt myself being to move my hips. How would I ever face this Doug in the halls again? I could hear both men breathing harder, heard Doug say softly "damn!" I stopped moving my hips.

"My little slut needs another lesson in obedience," said Alex. He stood, ordering me to stand as well.

Clamps placed on my nipples, cold and tight, bringing pain and more wetness between my legs. "My little slut loves some pain," Alex whispered, brushing his lips against my forehead, then pressing his thumb on a clamped nipple. I groaned. It hurt and felt good, too.

"Raise your arms," he said. I did so, and felt him slide a leather corset around just my waist, working the laces as he cinched me tighter, tighter, until it was hard to breathe, and felt as though my pussy was swollen with blood and lust. I could feel it throbbing. I wanted him to touch me, even in front of Doug.

The chains on the nipple clamps swung as Alex moved me across the room, bracing his hand against my back. We stopped before a pole, and I began to turn around to face him.


I stopped, waiting, feeling his hand slide down my back, over my butt, a sharp smack, then a push gently towards the pole.

"I want you to entertain us," he said. I looked around, confused.

I could see that Doug was watching us. Alex took my hands, placed them on the pole in front of me. "Open your legs, move up to the pole."

I inched forward, holding the pole, inching until I bumped into the pole and stopped.


He placed a leather strip around the top of one thigh, just where my hip and leg joined, then did the same to the other thigh. The effect of it was to push my pussy together and out, so that when I brushed against the pole, I almost cried out with wanting to be fucked.

"Yes," Alex said. "You want it now, don't you? You're ready now."

His hand pushed me against the pole, hard.

"Keep your legs open, grip the pole with your hands."

I looked at him, wondering.

He smiled, his beautiful eyes cold and stern and lustful. "I want you to fuck it for us. We're going to watch you hump that pole, my sweet slut."

I was humiliated. What? To do what, and in front of - him? And that - that man?

"Rub. Up and down. Move against it. Rub yourself on it. But make yourself cum, my sweet. We won't leave until you do."

The nipple clamps were aching, tugging at me. The straps around my thighs were pushing in, pushing my clit out, my lips out and together.

"I can't," I whispered.

A sharp smack on my butt, which pushed me into the pole. I gasped, grabbing at the pole, shutting my eyes, shivering

It felt good.

I clung there for a moment, my eyes closed, feeling myself pressing against the pole, until I remembered two men were watching me. I shuddered. I was desperate to get fucked, to have an orgasm, but I couldn't do this!

I couldn't...

I...pushed just a tiny bit against the pole, slowly. Just the pressure felt so good. I held myself to the pole for a moment until the pressure was not enough, and I moved, just a little. And my head went back as I felt something thick and good and hot in me wanting more, wanting to move more.

I moved again, slowly, pushing against the pole and just rolling a little against it, and then that wasn't enough...I reached higher on the pole with my hands, opening my legs a little more, leaning backwards just a bit so that my hips pushed against the pole even more. I was so wet. I felt slick, and opening myself against the pole - I felt wild and slutty and I loved it. I knew they were watching me, and the need in me was so great I didn't care.

I opened my legs wider, leaning back until I was on the toes of my shoes, and I pushed against the pole in rhythm, lifting off and pushing on, then pulled myself up and began to slide up and down a little, feeling my own wetness dampen my thighs and belly while I rubbed, feeling myself build up, the throbbing in me, pulsing, pushing against the pole, rubbing, my eyes closed and my mouth open as I gasped, wiping my mouth back and forth against the pole as my hands clung, and I pulled myself up and down the pole, fucking it while two men watched me, glad they could see me fucking the pole, masturbating against it while they watched me be a slut, glad I was a slut, wanting them to both take me, wanting everyone to watch me while I was naughty and bad and fucked and fucked, rubbing until I burst, crying out and clinging to the pole, squeezing my legs tight against it and shuddering, feeling my hair brush against the top of my butt as I threw my head back. I could always cum a second time right after the first, if I touched my clit again - I pushed up against the pole again and almost climbed it, screaming out and feeling myself cum again, wrapping myself around the pole, my breasts squeezed together on each side of the pole, my body shuddering as I pulled myself in little gasps against the pole again, rubbing, humping it just for them to watch me. I loved them watching me, I loved being a slut. I wanted to be fucked.

Alex came over to me as I clung to the pole, shuddering, and pulled my hands away. They were red from clinging to the pole. He took me to his chair, made me lie on the floor again, the pillow under my hips. A red streak showed on my clit and lower belly from the pole. It was tender and still puffy.

"Spread your legs wide for me, like a good slut. Let's see your pussy," he said.

This time I was glad to. I opened them wide, wanting them both to look and touch and see me. I pulled my arms over my head, arching my back more, pushing my hips up.

I jumped; Alex's shoe again, pressing against tender flesh, rubbing. I gasped, crying "Alex! Alex! Fuck me please, please" and he pumped the shoe against my pussy until I came again, my hips lifted, pushed against his shoe, knowing I was squirming on the ground for both men to watch me, opening myself and loving it, being used and using myself for them.

I loved it.

I lay gasping on the floor, shuddering, whispering "yes" as he knelt and gently began wiping my pussy with a warm cloth..."Next time," Alex said, "I have a little experiment in mind."

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