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The Tales of the SS
Fountain of Youth Part 2

by PeterR

Another adventure, and a job well done by Delilah, Patrick and the crew.

Sally and Janet really enjoyed their last cruise. Almost immediately, upon their return, in order to keep fit and trim, they decided to join, and frequent the local gym. During one of their visits they met and befriended two other members, Kelly and Dawn. Kelly was blonde with very pretty features. She was a well-built, former gymnast, who looked to be about forty years old, and seemed un-attached at the moment. Dawn, was more average in the looks department. She was divorced and about thirty-eight. When she competed, Dawn was a very good tennis player who was forced to stop after she hurt her right elbow.

Kelly was very well endowed and she was always wearing a bodysuit with nothing under and her nipples were always perking up. Her butt was a bit large, but overall she seemed well proportioned at 5'7", she weighed about 145 pounds. Dawn was much shorter, bearly 5'0" and was much too thin, but I suppose from all those tennis matches, had oversized breasts, for her frame. On this instance after their workout they were in the locker room and were in various stage of undress, getting ready for their shower. Sally was complimenting Janet on her beautiful figure and how she was able to firm up her breasts. Janet blushed, but enjoyed the attention.

Kelly and Dawn both were complaining that their sex lives were non-existent. After some other workouts, Kelly asked how Janet was able to shed the weight and look so good. Janet told them about the two week Paradise Cruise, that Sally and she were on. Both Sally and Janet agreed to book the next cruise, which wouldn't be till three months from now. The cruise sails first week of every month, and after its return the crew enjoys time off during the second two weeks of every month. It didn't take much convincing and Kelly and Dawn both asked if they could come along. They all agreed to book the next possible passage.

Kelly invited the girls over to her place for an underwear and lingerie party. The hostess, who was in her mid sixties showed up with two suitcases. Thank goodness she was not going to model any of her merchandise. There were two other ladies there, probably Kelly's neighbors, who showed up and stayed for only a short while. Janet was asked if she'd model the latest thong. Before the last cruise her answer would have been a definite no. This time she couldn't wait. She came out and surprised her friends that her muff was freshly shaven. She walked around revealing a gorgeous pair of cheeks. Sally was then asked to model a very skimpy bra. She came out and they all giggled for it bearly concealed her nipples. Dawn then put on a teddy with no panties and the girls really started to giggle. Next came Kelly with a leather top and a matching thong. This went on for some time. The hostess made some sales and soon left. The girls continued to wear what they modeled. They paired off at first for kissing and touchy feely stuff. Then Kelly brought out beer and wine coolers and several dildos of various size and shapes. Kelly and Dawn started kissing and fondling each other's breasts; Kelly felt Dawn to be quite wet and inserted a ribbed dildo into her love tunnel, Dawn sighed and reached out for another dildo which she promptly inserted into Kelly. In a relatively short time of in and out movements they both were close to climaxing. Meanwhile Janet and Sally were locked in a 69 position and were also well on their way to orgasms. They switched partners a few times before calling it a night.

The day of the cruise finally came. Their flight landed in Miami at 12 noon. Enroute to the ship Sally and Janet couldn't stop talking about Patrick and Delilah. Our four ladies climbed aboard via the gangplank joined the other six lady passengers, as they patiently waited for the introductions by the lady captain, Patrick, and the rest of the crew. Delilah, as the last time wore hot pants and a halter-top wearing white boots. Patrick was wearing bicycle shorts, revealing his bulge as the passengers ogled. The SS Fountain of Youth sailed as before, at 5PM sharp. At 5:30PM they all met at the rear of the ship. Delilah made the introductions, and explained the rules and announced the no bra policy. She told them of the "no meat" rules and how to earn points and how you lose points.

Half the passengers took the cue to remove their bras and threw them into the ocean. Delilah then announced that for the rest of the afternoon, passengers would be topless. After a review of all the passengers, Dawn's oversized, but firm breasts won best breast award and she was given one point. One of the other passengers obviously didn't hear the announcement; I think her name was Penny, for she forgot to take her top off and lost two points.

The next day all passengers were required to be nude. Kelly was awarded best bush of the bunch. Sally won best breast and Janet for best butt. All received two points. While walking on deck, Sally asked Roy, one of the crewmembers, if he remembered her, and asked if he wanted a treat. He agreed and she dropped to her knees and unzipped him, only to find him not to be wearing any underwear. Kelly and Dawn just watched in awe. Janet was also close by and she reached over to cup his balls as Sally took his almost erect shaft into her waiting mouth. She got it half in, then 3/4 and finally all the way in as he was touching her tonsils on the down stroke. He started to pump her face. Sally licked the head near the eye, and grabbed his butt to get every inch of him into her mouth. Janet started to gently squeeze his balls as he was moving his tool in and out. Roy's face got contorted as he started to pump his spunk into Sally's mouth. Roy awarded 3 points to Sally and 2 points for Janet for being helpful.

They arrived at the Isle of Sexuality, somewhere in the Bermuda triangle. The ladies were accumulating points and learned the rules in a hurry. The first extravaganza was approaching fast and all four of our heroines were in the running. Dawn was actually gaining some well-needed weight and her luscious breasts got her the crown. Joining Delilah and Patrick, she was walking on stage and Patrick met her. Mesmerized by her large, but firm breasts, he grabbed them and planted a kiss on her lips and felt his tongue enter her mouth. He then felt her pubic area and found her to have soft hair, very moist around the lips. He was already erect from the preliminaries with Delilah. Patrick felt Delilah deep throating him and he had Dawn sit as he started to lick and nibble on her clit, fingered her love canal and was feeling himself getting close when Dawn began to stir as she obviously was near. He took his shaft out of Delilah and entered Dawn, as she lied down and Delilah squatted over Dawn's face, Sally came over and took Patrick's balls in her mouth one at a time, as Janet was slurping on Sally's clit, and Kelly joined in by pumping a dildo in and out of Kelly's love canal. A multiple orgasm was attained as first Dawn, then Patrick were followed by the others climaxing one by one. A great time was had by all. The good thing was that they get to do it again next week.

The ship sailed for Miami. The honor of the queen for next week's extravaganza was to a duo, due to the tie between Sally and Janet. They got their wish as together they shared Patrick, the sex god all night. They were sucking and screwing all night, covering most every one of their cavities. While Patrick was recouping, Delilah was a willing substitute, to keep the orgy going. Dawn and Kelly were exploring each other and were soon joined by Roy and Eric and three other passengers and a wild night was once again had by all.

All four agreed that they would be steady passengers on the SS Fountain of Youth.

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