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The Tales of the
SS Fountain of Youth-Part 1

by PeterR

It could have happened.

Sally and Janet were high school classmates and best friends through college, and for what seemed like forever. They were both in their early forties.

Sally, lost her last husband about two years ago due to a work-related accident. They never had any kids, and after the accident, her husband's company settled with her, for over two million dollars. Money was not a problem for Sally, but getting older was almost to a point of paranoia. She was blonde of medium height and weight, well-built with 36B size breasts, usually wore tight clothes, whether it's skintight jeans or a very tight skirt and wearing a bra that always accentuated her boobs, making them appear more like 36C and very perky. She had an always-sensual smile revealing a great set of teeth. Sally was very concerned about the way she looked. Whenever she passed a mirror she would always look to check herself out.

Janet seemed the exact opposite of Sally. She was still married to her childhood sweetheart, had two children, and both were away in college. Janet's husband, Rick, is a senior inspector, making a ton of money, but who is never home. He is working on the Alaskan Pipeline and gets home every six months for three weeks. During this time she and Rick go to a hotel and screw their brains out. This has been a family joke for years. For weeks after she can hardly walk straight and friends and relatives would laugh and comment: "Rick must have been home, huh"? Janet was also of medium height but unlike Sally, she was about 20 pounds too heavy, her breasts were 38D and sagging, but incredibly has a gorgeous butt. She had auburn hair with gray streaks, which she gave up touching up, and unlike Sally, she really didn't care all that much about her appearance. Her smile, although genuine, reflected nice teeth, was not always sensual for she sometimes had that forlorn look, for she had been a mother and father for some time now. After over twenty-five years of marriage, Rick's recent return to Alaska, and the kids safely away, Janet is contemplating on an having an affair, but has no idea how to go about it until the cruise, but I'll get to that later.

Sally and Janet remained inseparable through the years, even lived within a few blocks of each other. They often shopped together, even experimented with each other on few occasions, but not satisfying, for Janet could not let go of her inhibitions, and they'd stop after fondling each others breasts, and a few stabs at each others' bushes. This has remained a sore subject, and whenever it came up they laughed about it, but one quickly changed the subject.

It was autumn around the beginning of October, the temperature was chilly, a brisk 48 degrees, and it was drizzling, in the outskirts of Boston. Sally and Janet were at the local mall, and were commenting on the ridiculous outfits the kids were wearing. The boys with their pants way below their waists with the top of their boxers showing off as a 'badge of defiance'. The girls with the short tops revealing their belly buttons pierced with an earring. "Sally & Janet" they heard, they turned around and both saw her at once. It was Gwen, their friend with whom they went to high school with. Gwen never made it to college, married a plumber, and moved away so that she was someone they hardly ever saw. Gwen was attractive enough, well endowed, with breasts that could satisfy most any man. Her butt was too wide and she was too short. Wearing little or no make-up, she usually looked matronly, and was very married. Gwen and her husband, Tom, had two kids, both gone and out on their own. They were empty nesters for a few years, as Sally and Janet remembered.

The three went to get a cup of coffee to discuss old times and to update each other on gossips. Gwen dropped the bomb when she told them that Tom ran off with a girl half his age and she was devastated. Gwen then commented on how well Sally looked and Janet surprised them both by announcing her intention to have an affair, but she didn't know how to go about it. At this point Sally asked whether they have heard of Paradise Cruises and the ship called the "SS Fountain of Youth". The other two responded in unison that they haven't.

Sally explained that it's a two-week cruise for women only, and that it was very expensive, but that after the cruise they will look, feel, and act younger and if necessary they will lose up to ten pounds during each week. Sally added that she never went, but heard that there is a two-month waiting period. The ship has a lady captain, who refers to who is also the social director, and she is sweet on this gentleman, whose name is Patrick. There is also a nutritionist, an aerobic instructor and a lifeguard on board, who are all female. The ship also has six male sailors who can fraternize with the passengers except when instructed otherwise by the lady in charge. The ship sails for two days, into some mysterious waters to somewhere into the Bermuda Triangle and weighs anchor as the crew and passengers go ashore via a lifeboat, onto their own island, which they have named "The Isle of Sexuality".

After some discussions they all agree as the three musketeers to book the next possible cruise. It seemed that the cruise would help them all at this trying time. Sally with her boredom, Janet for a little sex or at least to lose some weight, and Gwen to get on with her life. The ship will sail out of Miami in the middle of January. This works for Janet, for Rick is not scheduled back until the end of March, and her kids return to their respective universities during the first week of January. The three got all excited with the premise that they had to shop as often as possible for their two-week cruise. The next three and a half months dragged.

Finally the day has arrived, our heroines hired a limousine, picking up all three and drove them to Logan Airport, and in 2 1/2 hours they landed at Miami International Airport. They didn't have to wait long, and a very attractive young lady in her mid-twenties, walked toward them carrying a sign displaying "Paradise Cruises"; seven women who were obviously going to be on the same cruise were meekly following her. The attractive young lady turns out is going to be their lifeguard, and dancing instructor on the cruise. They got into a small quaint bus, which has been restored, seems was just washed with a fresh coat of wax. Soon they were all on the gangplank and got their first glimpse of the lady in charge of the "SS Fountain of Youth".

She was a site to behold; looked to be in her mid thirties with dark brown hair, down to her shoulders. She had brown eyes wearing a halter top, above a 'natural look' bra, revealing a gorgeous set of breasts, cleavage showing a promise that would entice any man, hot pants over thongs, accentuating a very active set of hips, and gorgeous butt, and she was sporting a pair white boots. Next to her was her man in biker shorts, revealing a bulge, which all the women couldn't take their eye off, and a wearing a sleeveless tee shirt and a pair of deck shoes. He seemed to be in his early forties, with black hair and blue eyes. They obviously had a thing for each other, for one was always holding the other. After some whispers, they learned that he was the infamous Sex God. After the preliminaries and the welcome aboard speech the captain asked each passenger to unpack and told them that the ship sets sail at 5PM sharp or three hours from now. Passengers were to use this time to unpack and rest and at exactly 5:30PM she'll meet and introduce the crew to the passengers and outline the most magnificent cruise they each can expect. The next three hours dragged. The ladies were instructed to wear shorts and a tee shirt and to report to the fantail of the ship.

The ship sailed on-schedule at 5PM; the Atlantic Ocean was calm for this time of the year. At 5:25PM sharp the ship's foghorn sounded and the captain announced the meeting, and that punctuality is very important, but how much they were to find out later on. Everyone assembled at back of the ship, ten passengers, five crewman, one was obviously steering, the captain, Patrick, the three female instructors.

"Welcome aboard to one and all" the captain chimed, I will first introduce the crew and their functions to you. This cruise and vacation will be like nothing you've ever experienced. Most of you will have fun, but please understand that if you have any inhibitions about sex, I need to know now. I'll give you five minutes to consider and to decide. Should you want to we will fly you back to Miami as soon as we arrive at the Isle of Sexuality, for a full refund. Any problems ladies? Anyone wants to leave? All of the passengers huddled into three groups, and although most giggled, no one volunteered.

Now for the introductions; I am Delilah, your captain and director of events; next the most important person on this cruise, besides me of course, and the ten of you is Patrick here. Then we have Jill, whom you already met, our lifeguard and dance instructor, Sue our aerobic instructor and Heather our nutritonist. In addition we have six male crewmembers: Eric, Roy, Jack, Paul, and Stew. Howard is steering the ship. These six will be alternating the steering and navigating functions under my instructions.

Now I'll tell you my ten-point-system; please remember it for you will not be sorry. We will not be serving meat, however hot dogs and hamburgers will be available at our auxiliary dining room, on board and also on shore. Do not let me catch you having meat on this vacation, for it will reduce your point total by 3 points for each occurrence, and after the third time, you will not be rated and will not participate in any festivities. Bras will not be worn on this vacation, too restrictive, right ladies? With that Delilah lifted her top, removed her bra and revealed a very ample set of breasts. Her voice of authority made her breasts firm and nipples erect, and threw her bra overboard, and quickly pulled her top down. The rest of the crew watched in admiration, none of the instructors wore one so they in turn were watching the passengers as they one by one removed their bras and threw them in the ocean. Sally took of hers revealing a very tight set of breasts, followed by Janet and then Gwen, all giggled and threw their bras overboard. Anyone caught wearing a bra, from here on will be barred from any festivities. Any questions so far? No response. You are all probably wondering now how do you earn points and what the rewards will be? Well if you count the personnel on board you'll see ten of you and four female staff members, Patrick and my six male crewmembers, or a ratio of 2-1.

The theme of this vacation is sexuality, please never forget that! Sex, no red meat, exersize, vegetable and lots of fruit will increase your appetite, speed up your heart, and if continued after this cruise, should lengthen your life. So to my ten point system, that is the most you can earn on any one-day. Eat your three meals and you earn one point or 3 for the day. Exersize twice a day will get you 1 point each time. Participating in your daily activities or during our nightly sexual events will get you 0 to 6 points depending on your performance. Climax either on your own when you actively participate and cause one and you will get 3 points.

You can wear a thong or no panties, your choice, but as you work out and if the thong accentuates you, you maybe entitled to bonus points. Your sexual behavior towards each other is accepted, and on occasion if a crewmember walks by and you feel the urge you may orally satisfy him or her, anyway orgasm is achieved, it is rewarded or receive up to 3 points. Every now and then I'll announce no tops allowed! That means no tops, anyone, caught wearing one will cost you 2 points. We'll have nude days and again wearing clothes on those days will cost you a negative 3 points. On the positive side, the best boobs, butt or bush will get you 2 points each. All passengers with ten daily points and crewmembers are invited to partake in the nightly shows and we'll be watching you. We will be having an extravaganza, an old fashioned orgy on two occasions at the end of each week, when the one lady with the highest total for the week will spend the evening with my man, Patrick, under my supervision of course. Any questions?

Since no one has any questions, I hereby declare the next hour to be free time, come and go as you please, but in the nude. I want to see how much work we have ahead of us. All the passengers took of their clothes, revealing breasts, bushes and butts. Sally was by far the queen and quickly received 2 points for her beautiful set of breasts, Janet also won for the best butt and Gwen won for the nicest bush, seems it was well-manicured, jet black hair, and it one first prize. So our heroines were all even at 2 points apiece.

Janet feeling adventurous asked one of the crewmen if he would mind if she experimented a bit, since she was new to this and her and Rick usually stuck to straight sex and usually in one of three positions. His name was Stew and he could have been an athlete, if not onboard here, with a solid washboard stomach and built and a tight butt. He said that it was the best offer so far and dropped his pants. Janet looked this 6 1/2" cock, it was one of the few she has ever seen. She and Rick usually made love in the dark. This was extremely exciting. She kissed the head of his penis, it quivered and she got on her knees as the other ladies watched in awe. She took him into her mouth a quarter of the way than half and finally it hit her tonsils. She felt wet all of a sudden and noticed that her friend Gwen placed two fingers in her and Sally was sucking on her breasts. Soon she had Stew hard and he was pumping her face good. She shuddered as she felt Gwen replace her fingers with her lips and started to lick her clit and nibble on it as Janet uncontrollably came and Gwen stood up and kissed Sally. Meanwhile Stew felt the precum and new he was getting real close and one of the other ladies, Joy standing nearby and grabbed, and squeezed his balls, he buckled and at once started to come, Janet lost him and his juices went all over her face and neck. Stew awarded 2 points for her and Gwen one for Sally and Joy.

After a shower they went to dinner. Sally, Gwen, Janet and Joy were all seated at one table. Joy complained that although she loves sex, and food, she must have a hot dog or a hamburger now and then. The others agreed, but it will have to be a joint effort. Two will be on lookout while the other two eat. The two days and nights and the first five days on the island seemed to fly by. After the first week it was Janet or Gwen that were winning in points and Janet eked her out. Janet by now has lost ten pounds and was feeling better about herself. She had two showers, and had her hair done after all tonight she was to spend the night with Patrick, the Sex God. The first extravaganza was about to happen and all three girls and Joy were invited to the affair.

The main stage is where all this was to happen. Gwen met Roy who was already kissing one of the other passengers; Gwen got to her knee and took his erect shaft all the way in. Sally, was greeted by Sue and Heather and they started to fondle each other. Janet walked in to find Delilah and Patrick kissing, but they quickly stopped. Janet was then taken to a mattress and Delilah placed a crown on her head and helped Patrick take Janet's clothes off. Once totally naked she was asked to lie on her stomach. She felt Delilah and Patrick massage every pore. Janet was in euphoria as they massaged and felt every inch of her they turned her over. Patrick and Delilah now took off their clothes and the site of these two gorgeous creatures actually servicing her got Janet so wet she was beside herself. Patrick started to kiss her full on the mouth. Delilah produced a dildo and massaged her very wet lips and gently inserted it. Janet was grabbing anything now for she was about to climax. When Patrick stood up she grabbed his tool and hungrily put it in her mouth and she sucked on it. Patrick moved away so he was replaced by Delilah and Janet hungrily kissed and started to slurp on Delilah's pussy, as she felt the inevitable as Patrick inserted himself in her she shuddered and after what seemed like two or three pumps she violently came.

Patrick withdrew himself and joined Delilah who was wet from Janet's saliva and was near climax herself. He asked Delilah to bend over Janet so that Janet can suck on her luscious breasts as he entered her and started to pump her, going deeper with each thrust. He actually hit the backwall on a few occasions, feeling Delilah's hands cup his balls and her juices starting to ooze down his legs Patrick emptied all his seed into "his" receptacle felt his knees buckle and withdrew. Soon he felt that Jill, who joined them and was soon busy eating Janet, who was now sucking on Delilah's pussy, who was cleaning him up. Patrick was watching this and saw sex all around him and soon he was getting hard again. He sat and Delilah sat down facing him and he asked Janet to stand and he kissed her pussy, inserted his tongue and sucked, bit and nibbled on her clit. Soon Janet felt a surge of passion and collapsed in a state of euphoria. This went on for a few more hours and one by one they all returned to their cabins, and a good night's sleep was had by all.

The next four days went very fast also, the only event that was worth noting is that our heroines: Janet, Sally, Gwen and Joy all had a hot dog and a hamburger, as two watched while the other two ate and reversed places. The SS Fountain of Youth sailed for Miami on Thursday and the final night at sea was to be Friday night. Our for heroines experimented with each other Sally with Gwen, Joy with Janet, actually in every combination feasible, even had done threesomes, but had limited success, but still gained some points. Janet got to really enjoy giving blowjob, and by the end of the cruise she has blown every male crewmember with the exception of Patrick. Janet has lost another ten pounds and looked stunning.

During this vacation, Sally has also excelled in oral sex, but in addition to all the men she has eaten all three of the female staff and had a secret yearning to add Patrick and the captain to her list. The scores were real close, Janet slipped to third, and Gwen and Sally were neck-in-neck. It was four hours before the final extravaganza and they were in a flat-footed tie. Sally needed to act fast as a tie would invite them both and would not give her a chance achieve her goal of having both Patrick and the captain come in her mouth. An announcement was made that nude was the fashion for the next hour. Soon they were to shower, then onto dinner and the final extravaganza. Sally shaved her bush, paraded in front of the captain, but best boob honors now went to Janet, Joy now won the best butt award and the best bush award again went to Gwen. Needed to gain points she asked Eric if she could give him the best head of his life. He accepted and she got on her knees and slid down his pants and baby kissed his stomach and in a circular motion and sucked on his balls one at a time. He got hard she took him in her mouth and took him out enough to tease the head with her tongue, sucked on the eye, put him in half way and started to deep throat him. Eric was larger than the others and he kept hitting her throat, she tasted some precum she gently squeezed his balls and anticipated his juices, which came in three waves. Eric gave her three points, and since Gwen received two points for having the nicest bush Sally got her wish and was the guest of honor at the final extravaganza.

The final extravaganza was even better than the first. Sally achieved both of her goals. Patrick was 69ing Delilah when Sally arrived. She asked that as the queen could she eat the captain. They reluctantly agreed and Sally slurped, sucked and nibbled on Delilah's love-button, until the captain bucked and violently came. Soon Patrick was pumping into Sally; she stopped and asked that again as the queen she wanted the Patrick to come into her mouth. They agreed and she turned around and took him into her mouth, and gave him one of the best blowjobs ever as Delilah cupped his balls and Sally was bobbing up and down as the captain buckled a bit and was getting ready to spew his juices. He came in four waves and Sally didn't miss a drop, swallowed it all and sucked him dry.

The night was an experience few have ever experienced. Our four heroines received more sex, watched more orientation then anyone would imagine, and all agreed their life has been ingratiated and will never be the same. All agreed that this would not be their last vacation on the "SS Fountain of Youth" or the Isle of Sexuality.

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