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The Taking Of Robyn
by August Never

August watched and waited for his chance. He had been watching her for weeks, learning her habits and hang outs, where she lived, where she worked, and who she was seeing. He found out her name was Robyn Amber, and she was an exquisite creature. She had flame red hair, Ice blue eyes and curvy figure with large breasts, a slim waist , a rounded firm ass, wide hips and long smooth legs. She always dressed to accent her body, which usually brought stares from the men surrounding her. He had seen her once before at a local bar, and knew that he had to have her. August had sent his ghouls out during the day to learn her habits. Not that it mattered. She would soon be his for all eternity.

August found out through his network of spies that she would be going to her favorite bar that night, and had made plans to be there. He picked out his best Armani suit and combed his long black hair back and tied it into a ponytail.

"Not bad for someone who is almost five hundred years old!"

He smiled briefly and headed downstairs to the waiting car. August climbed into the driver's seat and sped off towards the bar. He got there rather quickly and parked nearby. He could easily see the doorway from this point. The sounds of the music inside made the door pulse with a life of its own. The blood in his veins pounded in perfect time with the music from inside the bar. The Beast reared its head and demanded its nightly feeding. August calmed himself and fought his Hunger back. Then, he saw her. Robyn.. The one who made him feel alive again. He watched her as she strolled into the bar and the door closed right after her. Smiling, he stepped from his car and walked towards the door. A bouncer met him and asked for his membership card. August locked eyes with the big burly bruiser and exerted his vampiric will over the bouncer. The big man soon stepped away, allowing August to enter. Those close by could swear that the bouncer smelled of fear.

The music swelled and pumped around August as he entered the bar. He could see men and women swaying and gyrating to the beat. Those not dancing, were huddled at tables or in corners, trying to get their "hookup" for the night.. His eyes shifted and soon he was able to see in the dark as well as they could in the light of day. His eyes panned the room swiftly and he found Robyn. She was surrounded by several men while she twisted, turned, and grooved to the music. Her flame-red hair tossed about her face while her black velvet-clad body flowed around the dance floor. August felt the Beast rise up again and willed it back down. He slowly glided to the dance floor and deliberately walked past her. Her eyes glanced at him briefly and then returned to her partner. She glanced at August again, this time letting her gaze linger on his broad shoulders, his long black hair and his form-fitted suit. She watched as he made his way up to the DJs booth and whispered something to the DJ. She could've swore that the man's eyes glowed red for a brief second, but then dismissed it. The DJ nodded and then moved to his CD collection. The man smiled a wolfish grin and tipped the DJ before turning and walking back towards the dance floor. Robyn watched him, wondering who the lucky lady was going to be to get this fine specimen of a man. Many women's eyes left their partners' eyes to watch August. They all wanted this tall, dark, and mysterious, yet well-dressed man to be with them. Many men felt a twinge of jealousy as the ladies' attention went from them to HIM!!!

August smiled as he crossed the dance floor and reached Robyn. His dark eyes gazed deeply into her Ice-blue eyes. She felt a wave of sudden desire wash over her lithe curvy body.

"Ohmigod!!!" she thought, "He wants me!!!!!!"

August stood before her and held his hand out to her. His long slender fingers reached out to her. His nails were long for a man, yet well-manicured. Robyn shivered at the thought of those hands on her body. So lost was she in his appearance, that she didn't even notice the music had changed from a hard driving beat to a soft slow mellow groove. the man before Robyn took a step towards her, his hand still outstretched to her. He spoke in a low whisper that flowed like honey to her ears.

"Would you like to dance?" He whispered.

Robyn nodded her head and took August's hand. He gently pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her. She fit so perfectly in his arms. Her perfume mixed with his cologne as they danced and swayed across the floor. The sounds of Enigma filled the bar as couples moved to either dance, get another drink, or cuddle in the corner. Robyn rested her head on his broad shoulder and allowed herself to be transported to a plane she had never known. She wanted this man...she wanted to be with him!

Robyn looked up into August's eyes and instantly lost herself to him. All she could see was her own reflection staring back at her. His eyes were so dark, they were almost black. She gasped as his eyes stared deep into the core of her soul, bringing her to him on a silver platter. August pressed his lips to her ear, letting them brush against its silky smooth skin. A soft whisper with a heavy thick accent purred softly into her.

"I have been waiting for this moment for a while. You have captivated me like no other."

Robyn smiled as his words sank in. she wondered how he had noticed her and if she had seen him before. "No.." She decided, "I'd definitely remember seeing him before..."

Robyn pressed her lips to his ear, letting her tongue tease his earlobe. A soft growl rumbled in his chest, showing his approval. Robyn started a slow seductive grind against August's groin, trying to get a "rise" from him. To her surprise, August instantly swelled against her. She felt a large bulge in his pants press against her. She could tell right away that it was long and thick. A shiver soared through her body as she anticipated a night of passion with him.

"You know, " she whispered into his slightly pointed ears, " I don't even know your name...and I'm pretty sure you don't know mine."

August ground against her even more, feeling her need and desire grow. She let out a soft moan as her hips responded to his. "My name is August Never. I am originally from a small country in eastern Europe.. My business has brought me here to America. I have been here for several years, creating a base of operations here. As for you, your name is Robyn Amber and you work for a computer co.!"

Robyn's mouth dropped in surprise. He was right! Had he been following her, spying on her? She felt her body stiffen with worry, but soon eased up as he pressed harder against her thigh.

"Do not be alarmed. I have been asking the bartenders about you. They have been most helpful."

Robyn smiled at him and let herself be lost in his arms. For some reason, she felt safe with him. Then, to her dismay, the song ended, to quickly for her liking. She looked longingly into his almost-black eyes, wanting, needing more. August smiled at her and leaned his face in to nuzzle hers. His scent was intoxicating. He brushed his lips softly against her skin, making her shudder. Robyn felt the heat burst deep inside her. Her yearning for him had doubled. She had to have him soon, or she would die from want.

"August," she whispered, "Please...take me out of here...I want you so bad I can taste it! Please take me home and make love to me!"

A wicked grin of triumph spread across August's face as he stepped from her and held out his hand. Robyn took his hand and the two had started to leave the dance floor when she was suddenly jerked back by her previous dance partner. He was a tall muscular man, with short hair. He looked like a body builder with large arms and legs and a thick neck.

"She ain't going anywhere with you, buddy! She's coming with me!" The man grabbed and groped at Robyn until August grabbed his hand. Even though he was much smaller than the man, August's vampiric powers and centuries of battle training had given him the advantage. In one fluid motion, he spun Robyn into his arms and away from the man. His hand then flew up to the thick bull-like neck of his adversary and clamped down hard. The man's eyes bulged out of his head as August lifted him several inches off of the ground. His eyes turned red and his voice, a mere whisper, echoed throughout the bar.

"Leave her alone! She is MINE!!!!!"

August tossed the man aside like a rag doll and didn't even watch to see where he landed. He swiftly left the bar with Robyn in tow and took her to his car. She looked at him with wide eyes. He was stronger than she thought! What had she gotten herself into?

He motioned for her to get into the car and she complied. August then slid into the driver's seat and sped away. She watched him as he cruised thru the streets of the city. Soon, he drove into the rich section of the city and pulled up to a beautiful mansion surrounded by high walls and a gate. The gate opened and he passed thru, quickly speeding up the long driveway to the house. The car came to a stop and August exited quickly. He moved silently around to Robyn's side and opened the door for her. She stepped out slowly, giving him a lingering look at her long legs. August smiled and led her into the house.

Robyn looked around as she entered the mansion. There were old tapestries hanging from the walls and suits of armor standing guard beneath them. Her mouth dropped open as she saw the ancient weapons surrounding the main hall way. August took her hand and lead her upstairs. Robyn eagerly followed, her full breasts rising and falling in anticipation. He led her to the master bedroom and opened the door. Upon peeking inside, she saw a large room, complete with black curtains, various chests and a king-sizes, four-post bed. The carpet was deep pile and very plush and its color was the deepest darkest red in color. August stepped in behind her and closed the door. A wicked smile crept over Robyn's lips as she turned to him.

"Alone at last!" she cooed.

"Yes...alone at last..."

August moved to her and took her in his arms. She molded to him and inhaled his manly scent. She felt herself become lightheaded with desire for this man...this total stranger. She decided that she would do anything to make him hers. Instinctively, she leaned in to kiss August, to let him know that she was his for the night. August leaned away, a smile crossing his face. Robyn looked at him with a look of puzzlement on her face.

"This IS what you brought me here for, isn't it??" She asked.

" is, but you move too swiftly."

His eyes darkened more as he stared into her eyes. She felt her will cracking and shattering into a million pieces. August exerted his vampiric will over hers and whispered into her mind, "Enjoy the will only get better..."

Robyn nodded against her will and slipped back into August's arms. She felt his muscles cord and bunch as he held her close. Her face nuzzled his chest as she held onto him, not wanting to let go. August raised his hand to her chin and brought her face up to his. Robyn looked deep into his eyes, seeing her own reflection again and again. August leaned in and kissed her softly, tasting her sweet breath on his. Robyn yielded to his kisses, and returned them with great passion. She felt her hands roaming all over his strong body as his traveled and learned the nuances and curves of hers. She moaned softly and pressed against him, grinding her hips against him again and again. Just as he had in the bar, August growled low in his chest, letting her know that he wanted more.

Robyn stepped back from him and slowly unzipped her dress and wiggled out of it. She wore no bra and a pair of black velvet thong panties. August slowly let his eyes wander up and down her body, taking the sight of her into him. Watching her, he slowly removed his suit, exposing his lithe muscular body to her. Robyn inhaled sharply, amazed at this man's body. He was very fit, and he looked like he had been chiseled out of rock. She could make out every muscle group from his pecs to his abs. Robyn felt a familiar tingle between her legs. She felt her whole body blush with excitement and wanton desire.

"Take them off...please...." said August as he pointed to her panties. Robyn smiled and hooked her thumbs in the waist band and slowly slid them over her hips. Small tufts of red hair peeked out as she eased them over her long legs and stepped out of them.

August purred his approval and quickly stepped to her, taking her into his arms. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, while their hands roamed all over each other's bodies. Robyn felt her nipples harden as her breasts brushed against his chest. Her hand snaked downward and grasped his manhood gently. Her hand slowly moved up and down the shaft, making it grow more and more.. Soon, she could not get her hand around it. August groaned softly and slid his hand across her belly and rested it upon her soft mound, His fingers found her clit and rubbed it slowly. Her hips responded to his touch, gyrating against his hand, He could feel the wetness begin to seep from her, coating his fingers. August parted her lips and slipped a finger into her. Her body shivered as he slowly worked it in and out of her. Robyn rocked her hips forward in unison with his fingers, feeling them slip deeper and deeper into her. Her juices ran his strong fingers as they thrust in and out of her. Her small hand moved up and down his shaft in unison, making it harder and harder. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss while their tongue twirled and danced inside their mouths.

August started to back Robyn up until the backs of her legs were against the bed. He gave her a gentle push, sending her downward. She lay there, her hand still on his manhood and his fingers still moving in and out of her. She smiled at him as she pulled him to her, rubbing the hard flesh of his cock against her thigh. A soft moan left her mouth as she moved her hips upward, trying to catch his hardness inside her. August noticed this and backed his hips away. She looked at him with a slight frown on her face. His gaze reassured her as his head dipped to her belly and lower. His lips placed soft wet kisses on her skin, making her shiver. His lips blazed a trail to her thighs and then upward, towards her waiting wet pussy. Robyn inhaled sharply at the first touch of his mouth on her. So sensuous. Not at all like the rough sex she had been used to getting. This was a true gentleman, who knew about taking his time to please his lover. His lips seemed to be everywhere on her, tasting, touching, kissing, licking, savoring. Her body flushed with the heat of their passion as she grew more and more moist. August's tongue probed the folds of her pussy deeply, much further than any lover she had ever had before. Squeals of delight seeped from her lips as he devoured her gently.

"August..." she panted..."Please...make love to me..."

His ears perked with her plea and he lifted his head. Her eyes were full of desire and want. August slid his body up over hers and rested his pulsing cock at her entrance, rubbing it along her wet slit. Robyn's chest heaved in passion as he teased her. Then, in one fluid motion, he entered her, driving his cock deep. She moaned out loud as he tip brushed the back of her pussy. He stopped and waited, letting her get used to the feel of him inside her and then slowly pulled out. Her hips lowered and then raised again, wanting more of him inside her. August obliged her and moved his hips inward, plunging his hardness into her again. Robyn's arms and legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper into her. Her pussy stretched to accommodate him as he slid in and out of her in a slow steady rhythm. Their hips met and parted again and again. She could feel him swell inside her as he began to pick up the pace.

"Oh godddddd August! Yessssssss.!!!!!! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!!!! " she cried aloud.

August rammed his hard thick cock into her faster and faster, eliciting loud screams of delight from his lover. Her hips bucked hard against him, sending his throbbing cock deeper into her wet pussy. His hands found their way to her hips and pulled her tighter against him. He thrusts became harder and harder, rocking her body with each plunge. Robyn's legs started to quiver as the waves of her orgasm threatened to overtake her. She grasped her new lover close to her as she felt her pussy starting to throb more and more. August made his manhood grow even more, filling her tight pussy to capacity. Robyn screamed as she finally surrendered to her orgasm. Her sweet wet walls contracted again and again as he pumped in and out of her. Waves of sheer unearthly pleasure washed over her body as she convulsed around his hot throbbing cock.

"OHHHHHHH goddddddddddddd yessssssssssssssss............ babyyyyyyyyyyy........ I'mmmmmm cummmmmminnnnngggggggggggg............"

August smiled and lowered his head to her neck. In the low light, not even Robyn could see his true nature. His vampiric fangs slowly extended, hanging slightly over his bottom lip. He could feel the beast rear up and demand its tribute. August continues to fuck Robyn, disguising his intentions. As she continued to moan out her orgasm, August struck, biting deep into her neck. Robyn sighed and gasped at the bite, totally unaware of her life ebbing away. She was completely entranced in sheer rapture of their lovemaking. August continued to feed until he had all but drained her. Her eyes glazed over and her head went limp. He could see a look of horror and disappointment on her face. She had wanted him and he had betrayed her. August smiled and looked at her.

"I am about to give you the greatest gift of all...the gift of eternal life!" he said to her.

August bit his wrist and allowed his vampiric blood to flow. He then pressed his wrist to her mouth and told her to feed. Robyn did as she was told and drank. She could feel her strength returning and also a hunger. She smiled at August, her new fangs gleaming in the low light. She grabbed him and kissed him deeply, sharing their taste with him. August took her again and again that night...


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