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The Trick's On You, Daddy!
by J

Inspired by Alice

I can't say exactly when it all started for Daddy, but for me the fateful day was a Saturday afternoon a couple of months ago. Mom and Daddy had gone shopping leaving me alone in the house to finish off a report I had been given as geography homework. My old computer couldn't handle the diagrams that I needed, so I went into Daddy's den to use his more powerful model. I was sure he wouldn't mind. It wasn't as if I was using it to play games or anything.

I switched it on and explored the contents looking for a drawing package. I found one that would do just what I wanted and spent the next twenty minutes completing my task. Then, I thought it might be real cool to send my project in by email, so I entered that area of Daddy's software. That's when I first found out. It appeared from his logs that Daddy was having a long dialogue with someone who signed themselves as J. Curiosity got the better of me and I used the history button to view the messages in chronological order.

The first message was from Daddy, congratulating J on a short story called 'A Daughter's Promise'. An almost immediate reply came from J, thanking Daddy for his compliment and stating that there were more father/daughter stories that she had posted at the same website. At that point I was still green as to the subject matter, innocent little me, but sufficiently curious to use the hyperlink to take me to read the story for myself. I guessed that Mom and Daddy wouldn't be home for at least another hour, and anyway, Daddy's den was right above the garage, so I would hear them coming in plenty of time.

As soon as I saw the logo at the website I realised the kind of stories my Daddy was reading. There was a menu page and one of the options was search by author. So I clicked on the author known as J and then on the story that Daddy had first read.

I won't go into the details as you can read the same story for yourself. Suffice it to say that it told the tale of a young woman's sexual adventures with her own father. At that point, the consequences of the subject matter still hadn't impacted upon me. That realisation finally came home to me when I read Daddy's next email in the thread.

Daddy wrote to J telling her that she had a fantastic imagination and that her stories really got to him. J replied stating that the trilogy of 'A Daughter's Promise' stories were based upon her own experiences and that the other stories were suggested by her readers who had their own tales to tell. She ended her email by asking Daddy if he had a daughter and if so had anything happened between them. The penny had finally dropped. It was with a mixture of excitement and disgust that I opened Daddy's reply to this question. I've reprinted it here in full, so that you can read exactly what I did, although I've changed my name to Alice as Daddy used my real name.

Hi J, Thanks for your quick reply. I think your Dad is one lucky guy having a Daughter like you who is willing to be his plaything. Yes I do have a daughter of my own, her name is Alice. She is like a four foot ten inch version of Britney Spears, with long blond hair, perfectly proportioned figure for her size, big juicy lips and blue, doe like eyes. Nothing has happened between us yet, but every day for about the past three years I've wanted to drag her into my den and fuck her crazy. She wears next to nothing around the house and I feel like she's teasing me into doing something, but so far I haven't even copped a feel of her. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can seduce her? Hope to hear from you soon,

When I read this from my own father, I could hardly believe my eyes. I honestly had no idea that he had such lustful thoughts about me, his own daughter. I suppose I was a little in shock as I clicked onto the reply that J sent to Daddy's cry for advice. She said it was the easiest trick in the world for a girl to tempt and seduce her father, but almost impossible for the reverse to occur. J told Daddy, that unless he had been given clear come on signals by his daughter, his only hope of ever having a sexual relationship with her was either to use force or blackmail.

Daddy replied as follows:

<blockquote>Hi J,

I must say that I was a little disappointed by your reply. But having thought about it, I realise that you are right, of course. I have frequently fantasised about raping Alice, but I could never face the consequences of such actions. However, I would be more than willing to blackmail her into having sex with me. Could you give me any ideas as to how I could proceed with such a plan?

Yours in anticipation,</blockquote>

By now, my mind was almost struck dumb. I couldn't believe what I'd been reading. Daddy was no longer my protector, and I no longer felt like his princess. I was brought back to reality by the sound of Mom and Daddy arriving home in the car. I quickly regained my senses, and copied onto a floppy disk all of the emails between Daddy and J and that story of hers that he had first read, and went back into my own room.

I heard Daddy call up to see if I was OK, and he told me to come down as he and Mom had bought me a gift. I shouted that I wouldn't be long and looked at myself in the mirror. Was I a tease? I was wearing a vest top and shorts. The top did show my nipples a bit and maybe the shorts were a bit too short. So I put on a long toweling robe before going downstairs to greet my folks.

Knowing what I now knew, the look of disappointment on Daddy's face as he saw what I was wearing made perfect sense. Yesterday, I would not even have noticed the way his smile turned to a frown. Mom handed me a box and said that she hoped I liked what was inside and that they were the right size. I took it from her and opened the lid to reveal a pair of white pumps with about a four inch heel. Mom said, enthusiastically, that they were the same style as the black ones they had bought me a couple of months ago. She said that now that I was about to start attending job interviews, they would look businesslike with a smart suit. I thanked them both and told Mom she had made a good choice. She said the credit should go to Daddy as it had been his idea, and it was he who was now insisting that I try them on right away.

I sat down and placed them on my feet before standing to pose in front of them. I was embarrassed to look up in case I caught Daddy's gaze. But I was not surprised when I heard him telling me to lift my robe higher so that he could see them properly. Mom, innocent of Daddy's unhealthy thoughts towards his Daughter, only encouraged me to lift it up to my knees. Cautiously, I raised the hem of the robe until it came to just mid calf and did a twirl for them. I raised my gaze slightly and noticed Daddy's hand fumbling around in his trouser pocket. I wondered if Mom would be so happy, if she knew what Daddy's real reason was for asking me to lift my robe higher. I went to give Mom a hug of thanks and then Daddy asked if he got one too? I tried to make it a natural movement, but I'll bet he sensed there was something cold about the way his usually affectionate Daughter hugged him. He was much taller than I, and when he pulled my head close to his chest, playfully ruffling my hair, I knew what he would really like to be doing to me.

I made my excuses and went up to my room. That night I told Mom and Daddy that I didn't feel too well and that I'd skip dinner and have an early night. Restless and confused, I read and re-read the emails and J's story. I remember it took me a long time to get to sleep that night and when I finally did, my dreams were malevolent and disturbing. I was being chased by a tall, faceless man. The faster I ran, the nearer he got. When he at last caught me I screamed a scream that no one could hear. As his face got nearer to mine, his mask began to melt and I recognised him. It was Daddy, and he wanted me the way a Daddy shouldn't want his princess. It was, therefore, a surprise to me that I should wake up in the middle of the night, with my nightie pulled up around my waist, and my fingers buried deep within my pussy. I frigged myself to a glorious climax as Daddy's fading image ravished me.

Recovering my breathing, I lay awake in a state of confusion. My feelings of disgust at what Daddy wanted to do to me, now seemed to have been replaced by my own lust for him. It was so wrong, but that is precisely what made it so exciting. Could a father and daughter really have a sexual relationship and keep the secret? How would I go about it? Would I now deliberately tease Daddy to the point where he knew that it was safe to make the first move? Should I just confront him with it head on? As these thoughts raced through my mind, I found my fingers had involuntarily moved to my clit again. As I worked myself up to my second orgasm, a plan developed in my head.

I feigned sickness again on Sunday and told Mom that I had woman's problems. I stayed in my room all day except for meals. Come Monday, Mom suggested I take the day off school and rest up. I would have no disturbances as she and Daddy would be at work all day. As soon as they had left, I rushed to Daddy's den and logged on at the erotic website. I had decided that I wanted to read all of J's stories that she had told Daddy about. It seemed as though both Daddy and J shared a passion for high heeled shoes and that explained the two pairs that he and Mom had bought for me, the crafty bastard. I must have had four or five orgasms that morning as I read the stories and realised how many people were either having incestuous relationships or wanted to be having them.

I knew what I had to do. I found a site that allowed me to set up my own free email account and sent a message to J. I told her who I was and explained the full story and asked for her advice.

I realised that I hadn't eaten all morning and so I went down to have some breakfast. After about an hour or so I went back to see if J had replied to my email. I honestly hadn't expected an answer so soon, but there was a message waiting for me. My heart was racing as I eagerly clicked on the inbox icon. Was the reply was from J, I wondered, nervous and highly excited? Of course it was from J, nobody else had my address.

As I opened it, I realised that this was going to be all that I wanted. The message was over two pages long and not just a couple of lines as I had barely hoped for. J was as keen for things to progress as I was, but she sounded a note of caution. She warned that once a father has known his daughter physically, it is almost impossible to get rid of his constant urges and increasing demands. Because of the secret that the two share, he can force the daughter to do anything his mind desires. But if I am prepared for that, then the sex is unimaginably exquisite. J suggested that it might be fun to play Daddy at his own game. She already knew that he was willing to use blackmail to have his way with me, so why not furnish him with the details, and that way I could have a certain amount of control over the situation. J said that most girls of my age keep a secret diary. Normally, they don't contain anything too earth shattering, but if I was to write something that had supposedly happened to me, something that would be devastating to Mom should she ever read it, then that would give Daddy his chance to put a hold on me. She said it would be easier to store my fictitious escapade on disk and that she would plant the seed of its existence in her next email to Daddy.

Based upon the ideas J gave me, this is a full account of the story that I planted for Daddy to find:

<blockquote>Tuesday, 7 September,1999

I got the bus after school to go home. I hoped that the big, old black guy would be sitting at back like he had for the last four Tuesdays. I smiled to myself when I saw him. I walked to the back of the bus and sat on the opposite side of the aisle directly across from him. I let my pleated grey skirt ride up to reveal my tanned thighs and crossed my leg towards him. I had changed into my black high heels that Mom and Daddy had bought for me last week 'cause they made me feel sexy. I liked the way the old man looked at me, I was fed up dating boys. I looked around quickly, thinking that he would look away from me, but he was not worried and just kept staring at my legs. I had been thinking about him all week and now I was doing what I had been dreaming about. All the other people on the bus were seated further forward, so, when the next person got up to get off, I got up too and moved across the aisle and sat down right next to the old, black man.

I hitched my skirt up and crossed my legs towards him so that my right shoe brushed against his trousers. I turned away from him and stared out of the window across the other side of the bus. My heart was pounding. Nothing happened for about two minutes. Then, just when I was beginning to despair, I felt his hand land squarely and confidently on my right leg, just above my knee. At first, I paid no attention and just carried on looking at the world pass by through the window outside. But as he started to caress my thigh, I looked down to see this big, old, gnarled black hand moving roughly over my soft white skin. It was the first time that a man, a real man, had touched me and I was crazy with lust. I looked up at him and smiled. He told me his stop was the next but one and that I should get up and he'd follow me off. I couldn't have backed out then, even if I'd wanted to, 'cause I'd pushed the old guy too far for him to be able to stop. It was getting dark as we stepped off the bus. The old man took hold of my arm and quickly led me towards an old run down tenement building. He pushed me up the few steps that led through an open door into a communal hall. The smell and noise of many families hit us as we entered. The old man was about six feet four or five. At the bottom of the stairs he bent down and put his left arm around my hips and picked me up as easily as if I was a child. He looked up into my eyes and said by way of explanation: 'Just in case you change your mind'.

He carried me up two flights of stairs. At the top of the first flight a group of teenage black guys were messing around. When they saw the old man carrying me, they cheered and hollered and told him to stick it to the white bitch good. At last, we came to his room. I had to duck my head as we entered. He obviously lived alone and hygiene wasn't his strong point. He locked the door behind him and put the key on top of a wardrobe, out of my reach. He put me down next to a big double bed and told me to strip. He told me he was 58 years old and that he was going to enjoy fucking my little white ass. When I had got down to my underwear, he lost his patience and ripped my bra and panties off me. He brought his big, fat face down to mine, and his equally big, fat lips sought mine and began to slobber all over me.

He told me to beg for his dick. When he undid the zipper of his trousers and it sprang out, my begging was for real. It must have been nine or ten inches long and all shiny and jet black. He lost no time in filling up my eager snatch. I must have climaxed two times at least as the old man fucked me continuously for over half an hour. As he looked ready to cum himself, he told me that he was going to fill my little white cunt with his sperm in the hope that it might get me pregnant. I didn't tell him that I was on the pill. After he had pulled his meat out of me and lay down exhausted on the bed, he said that if I wanted to get out of here, then I first had to blow him off. I soon got the old man back to full size as my mouth and tongue worked on his dick and balls. He held onto my head as he erupted inside my throat and I was forced to swallow all of his semen. He only let me go if I promised to do the same next Tuesday. I said I would, but I'll make sure not to catch that same bus again. Once was great but twice may be scary. <blockquote>

As I re-read my story, I was fairly sure that if Mom ever read this then she would throw me out the house for good, so I knew Daddy would be able to use it to blackmail me. Following J's instructions, I placed it in the bottom of my jewelry box and waited for Daddy to take it.

Every day for over a week, as soon as I got home from school, the first thing I would do is check that disk was still there. And every day that it was, my despair grew. And then, one Sunday evening, when I had returned from a friend's house, I looked into the box, and the floppy disk had gone. My Lord, Daddy had the floppy disk. He had taken J's prompting and had finally found something that he would be able to hold over me forever. My tummy was full of butterflies. What would he do and when? Surely nothing now, because Mom was in too. I was desperate to see him and see if I could gauge anything from his reactions.

I went downstairs as casually as I could. I held my breath as I entered the living room. Would Daddy's expression give away the knowledge that he now had? I was disappointed to find only Mom there. Where was Daddy, I asked her, noncommittally. Mom said he had been up in his den for hours and didn't want to be disturbed. I sat down and began to read a newspaper. About twenty minutes later, I heard a door open upstairs, and then Daddy's footsteps coming down. I held my breath as he opened the door and entered. It suddenly occurred to me that it might all be a big mistake on my part, and that Daddy might actually tell Mom about the contents of my disk and that I'd really be thrown out. I began to panic. When an hour had passed and nothing said, my fears began to disappear. They went altogether when Daddy announced to Mom that he would be leaving for work a bit later tomorrow as he didn't have to be in the office until ten o'clock. That meant that he and I would be alone together after Mom had gone. I knew then that he was going to make a move on me.

That night, I hardly slept at all. Fear, excitement, anticipation, they all played their part in keeping me out of the land of nod. It was so thrilling for me to know that within a few hours, my own father would be coercing me into having sex with him. I must have looked tired when I went down for breakfast but I was now living on my adrenaline. I had my usual coffee and slice of buttered toast and went up to get ready for school. I shouted goodbye to Mom as she left for work and wondered what would happen next.

About ten minutes later, just as I was about ready to think that nothing would happen, I heard a soft knock at my door. I opened it as casually as possible and said hello to Daddy. He said that he'd like to see me in his den. I objected that I'd be late for school. He told me not to worry about that, as he'd drop me off. I followed him along the landing and into his den. He told me to sit at the computer. I asked him what this was all about. He said I'd see soon enough. Daddy pressed the return key, and up before my eyes, popped my imaginary diary. He asked me what I thought of its contents. I countered with the old chestnut that it was my personal diary and that he had no right to steal it and read its contents. Daddy ignored that comment and said that if my Mom saw this she would never want anything to do with me again. I agreed with him and begged him not to show it to her. Daddy said that it was wrong for a man to keep secrets about his children from his wife. I laid it on thick and said I'd do any thing if he didn't tell her.

Daddy's appearance then changed. He became somehow smaller and less confident. This was the big chance for him and I could tell from his faltering voice that he, like me a few days ago, was both excited about what might happen next and fearful of what could go wrong. At last, almost in a whisper, I heard Daddy ask me if I'd be willing to keep another secret. I asked him what kind of secret was he talking about. This was it. It was coming, it was coming. The moment I had waited for. The moment when Daddy summoned up the courage, thanks to his darkest desires and lust, to ask his daughter for her body. And then, slowly, in a wavering voice that was so unlike daddy, I heard him say: ' I'll keep this a secret from your Mom, if......', Daddy hesitated for a long time. 'If what, Daddy?' I prompted. '........if you'll treat me as nicely as you treated that black man'. He finished, quickly.

I couldn't believe that my plan had worked so well. I was still in shock even though I had been expecting it. It isn't every day that your father blackmails you into having sex with him. 'Daddy, do you mean that you want me to have sex with you?' I asked, rhetorically.

'I'll be home early tomorrow, at four o'clock. I want your answer one way or another by then. If you agree, then you'll become my sex slave and do whatever I want. If you choose not to accept my offer, then I'll show this disk to your mother and you can take your chances with the outcome, although we both know what that will mean. If you mention any of this, your mother will think that you're a sex starved tramp and kick you out even quicker. Remember, you only have until tomorrow afternoon to decide how it will be'. Daddy had regained his confidence as he spoke and he took the disk and left the house, leaving me late for school. Not that that mattered; my mind was somewhere else the rest of that day.

That night, at dinner, I couldn't believe how ordinary Daddy was with me. It was just as if nothing had been said. Of course, I was so excited that it was difficult for me to hide it, so I went to my room early, stating that I had a lot of homework to finish.

Funnily enough, even if I had not wanted to have sex with Daddy, this disk that he had would have had me over a barrel, so to speak. Girls have to watch out if they have predatory fathers.

The next afternoon, I skipped school at lunchtime with a non-existent headache, and rushed home to prepare for Daddy. I showered, waxed my bikini line, and applied a thick coating of baby oil to my skin. I painted my fingernails in a deep red, applied night time make-up, teased my hair up into a loose pile on top of my head, and coated my lips with a shiny crimson gloss. Then I put on a pretty, strapless white lace bra, some matching thong panties and my white high heels. To finish off the look, I put on a short red silk robe and waited for four o'clock.

At last, I heard Daddy park his car in the garage. I wondered if he was as nervous as I. I opened the door to my room slightly so that I could tell him where I was. As he came up the stairs, he said he hoped I had an answer for him. He came into my room and found me sitting on the chair by my dresser. Before he could speak, I stood up and adopted the classic models' pose of right leg in front of left, and said: 'I think this tells you my answer, Daddy'.

I had read 'A Daughter's Promise' many times and I had wanted to treat Daddy as J had treated hers, so I walked up to him, offered him the end of the bow that held my robe together and said: 'Why don't you pull this, Daddy, and see what I've got for you underneath.' Tentatively, Daddy took hold of the ribbon and gave it a tug. My red robe parted, to reveal my skimpy, white lingerie underneath. Slowly, I teased the silk from my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. For a girl to stand alone and vulnerable in her underwear, in front of a fully clothed man, is almost too exciting to explain. But when that man is also the girl's father, then the desire is increased a hundredfold.

At this point in J's story, she asks her Dad to undo her bra. So I turned my back on Daddy and asked him to do the same. Softly, he let his hands drift up my naked arms and onto my bare shoulders. Then, he sought and found the hook that was the only thing holding my bra in place. Confidently, Daddy unzipped me and I was left standing topless in front of him. I covered my small breasts with my hands and turned to face him. Daddy ordered me to take my hands away. Teasingly, opening my fingers slowly, I allowed the gaps to show my nipples. Finally, Daddy could take no more and pulled my arms down to my side, exposing my breasts to him for the first time. I watched him lick his lips as his eyes devoured the nakedness of his daughter.

When Daddy ordered me to lick the palms of his hands, I knew that he, too, was following the plot of J's own story. Daddy rubbed my nipples with his moist hands and they immediately became as hard as cherry stones. My squirming was no act, and I remember thinking that this is the way that J must have reacted to her Dad's mauling. Daddy pushed me to the wall and continued to squeeze and grope at my titties. As he lowered his head to suck and bite them, I began to have an orgasm. I collapsed into Daddy's arms and, like J's Dad before, instead of holding me up, Daddy placed his big hands on my soft shoulders and pushed me to the floor so that I was kneeling in front of his waist. As one of his hands went to undo his trouser zipper, and the other forced my lips apart, I at last knew how good this was going to be. I won't tell you what he did to me next, because it's exactly the same as happened to J in 'A Daughter's Promise'. Suffice it to say, that when Daddy left my room, just before Mom arrived, I lay on my bed, swallowing the last of his semen, well and truly fucked.

I don't know how often a man's dream comes true in every respect, but that day, in my bedroom, my Daddy's fantasies were played out to the tiniest detail.

I'm sure you'll be reading this story soon, Daddy. When you do, please don't be angry at the trick that has been played upon you. Remember, your little sex toy, Alice, will probably be waiting for you upstairs.


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