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Time to Play
by Dakota Ryan

Kelly sat at her desk watching the clock, hoping for it to speed up so she could get out of this mad house and away from Joan her boss. The minutes seemed like hours as the day slowly pasted by and it was only two o'clock.

The phone rang and it was Joan's line, she hesitated before answering it, yes Joan she said in her most professional voice. Joan snapped come in here right now and bring your pad with you. Kelly sat for a second before grabbing her pad, she hated sitting across from Joan and she knew she would have to while she took the dictation. Joan was gay and had tried to get Kelly to go out with her on several occasions to have a drink after work. Kelly had never been with a woman and the thought of doing it just didn't seem right to her.

Joan sat there like always when she entered the office, she watched Kelly walk across the large room her eyes never leaving Kelly's shapely legs. She wore a short skirt today and it rode up high on her thigh as she sat down and she quickly adjusted it hoping not to show Joan to much leg. I love your skirt Kelly, it fits you so nice, please stand again and turn around so I might get a better look at it. The color is perfect for your complexion too.

Kelly knew what she wanted to look at and it wasn't the skirt, but she did what Joan asked and quickly sat back down. Joan started telling Kelly what she want she needed her do write, she stood up and walked around the desk as she spoke, sitting on the front of the desk across from Kelly letting her legs part just enough to allow Kelly a good view of her white silk panties. Joan looked around the room as she dictated the letter, Kelly tried to write fast and keep her eyes on the pad but she couldn't help seeing Joan's panties every time she looked up. Joan crossed and uncrossed her legs a few times while she dictated, each time Kelly saw more and more of her bosses panties and even the garter belt that held her hose up.

Joan finished the letter and told Kelly to get it typed and in the mail before five. Kelly knew she could never get it done before five, she knew it would take a couple hours to type it and then get it approved by Joan before being mailed. Damn she thought as she walked out, this sucks she said to herself as she went to work on the letter. Kelly worked like mad trying to finish fast and not make any mistakes. She had it almost done when she felt hands touch her shoulders from behind, it was Joan's hands and they were soft against her bare shoulders. Then her warm breath touched her neck as Joan said that looks good so far except that part there as she pointed to the paragraph that had taken Kelly almost an hour to get just right. Change it to read more forceful then bring it to me when you're finished.

Kelly finished right at five, she rushed into Joan's office without knocking hoping she would approve it. Joan was lying on the couch with her legs spread wide apart, her hands covering her face like she was trying to sleep. I'm finished she said handing the paper to Joan, she looked it over and said that's perfect you can send it right away. Kelly turned to leave when she heard Joan say, after its mailed we will have that drink and I won't take any excuses this time. Kelly froze, she heard her voice say that would be nice this won't take but just a minute. She made the last mail pickup by just a few seconds. Her mind whirled as she made her way back to her desk, how could I have said that's fine, its not fine and I am going to tell her too.

As she stood by her desk trying to find the courage to tell Joan she didn't want to go out with her she heard Joan's voice say lets go Kelly we have a drink waiting with our name on it. Kelly turned and tried to say what she thought but the words wouldn't come out, instead she heard I am ready for a drink its been a long day came out of her mouth. Well what can one drink hurt, she did enjoy Joan's humor and whit and she was a very attractive woman also. She was a few years older than her but in excellent shape with long legs and a very shapely body.

We will take my car Joan said as the entered the garage, Kelly protested saying she would rather take her own car so she could go straight home after the drink. Joan just pointed towards the car, you will ride with me she said almost like an order. She knew it was no use arguing so she opened the door sliding in. I love it Kelly said as the soft leather caressed her thigh as she moved this must cost a fortune she said as Joan slipped in behind the wheel. It is one of the pleasures I feel is worth the price Joan said, I had it ordered special just for me. Kelly was impressed to, it had everything even a convertible top, Kelly asked if she would put the top down and that she loved the wind blowing in her hair. Joan smiled saying when we leave the bar I will is that all right, yes that would be great thank you.

Joan turned the key and the engine roared to life and she found reverse backing out while Kelly was still looking around this great sports car. Tires squealed as she sped away and it didn't take but a few minutes to reach their destination and find a parking space. Joan lead Kelly to the door and opened it for her, it was a plush place with lots of people inside and wasn't the kind of place she was use to going to. They found a booth in the back and Joan told Kelly to sit down and she would get the drinks. She watch Joan walk away almost finding herself in a trance as she watched her hips gracefully sway as she walked. It didn't take long before she was back with the drinks in hand, Joan smiled as she told her bottoms up. They both drained their glasses and another round was ordered before Kelly could stop her. They chatted while they drank the second then the third drink, Kelly wasn't use to drinking so she felt the effects real quick. After the fourth drink Kelly asked where the girl's room was, Joan said I'll show you, you may need some help finding it and I need to go also.

When they returned to the booth another round awaited them. I need to go after this one Kelly said as she slipped into the booth. Joan asked are you all right to drive? Kelly knew she shouldn't drive and said I don't think so but I can get a cab, Joan said no way I'll drive you home its on my way so that's settled and anyway you wanted to feel the wind in your hair right. Yeah you're right I do love your car. Kelly drank her drink slowly hopping she would be able to walk after all the liquor she had consumed. Well lets ride Joan said as she pulled Kelly by the hand leading her out of the bar, she felt strange being lead by her and she enjoyed the feeling of her soft skin against hers. The night air brushed against her face bringing her senses to life as they headed for the car still hand in hand.

It took just a flip of a switch to lower the top and away they went. Kelly loved it as the night air caressed her face and her hair blew as Joan shifted the gears weaving in and out of slower traffic. Kelly told her where she lived and Joan ignored her as she drove past her street and kept driving. That's my street back there she said Joan smiled and said I have to show you something before I take you home. It was just a few miles when she whipped the car into a garage at a large Condo complex and told Kelly to follow her. Joan unlocked the door stepped aside and allowed her to enter the most beautiful place she had ever seen. Its perfect Kelly said as she strolled through the Condo, I would love a place like this, she was beside herself as she looked around with envy. Joan made them a drink, do you want the grand tour my dear she said with a giggle, yes I do Kelly said before sipping from her glass. Each room was better than the last, Kelly couldn't believe it was so beautiful and couldn't wait to see what was next.

The last door was her bedroom and it was done in the most sensual décor Kelly had ever seen. Oh my God she said as they entered, I have never dreamed a bedroom could be this, I mean, I don't know what I mean she giggled. How did you ever come up with this, I feel like I'm in paradise, its so sensual and sexy. Joan took her hand leading her to the master bathroom, if you like this you will love this as she opened the door to a whirlpool bath and all the amenities a woman would ever need. Kelly stood in silence as she dreamed of one day owning such a home, she didn't even notice Joan's arms around her waist and when her lips kissed her neck from behind she jumped back to reality. Kelly turned quickly to protest what Joan had done but before a word could leave her lips Joan kissed her passionately.

Kelly tried to speak but Joan's tongue slipped into her mouth and started darting around and her hands held Kelly tightly. She hadn't ever been kissed so passionately in her life, her mind went blank as her own passion began to take control. Kelly returned the kiss with as much passion as she could as Joan's fingers traced along her bare shoulders and down the front of her blouse. She didn't resist as the buttons opened exposing her black lace bra and Joan's hands caressed her soft breast as the kiss ended. Joan stepped back with a smile and a look of lust, now that wasn't so bad was it she asked as she unhooked the front clasp of Kelly's bra and opened it to free her breast.

Her nipples stood erect, she had beautiful nipples and breast that turned up just right. Joan's finger touched her nipple, tracing it with her fingertip as their eyes searched each other's. Kelly felt the wetness form between her legs as Joan's knowing caresses excited her body while her mind wondered what was next. Should she leave, just walk out, what about her job, and could she face Joan tomorrow at work if she left?

It was then that she gave in completely to Joan's touch as their lips touched again in passion.

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