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The Twin Sister's Erotic Escapades
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The day had been terrific. I'd had a good session with my publisher, my book was on track, on schedule, and I felt great as I let myself into the apartment I shared with my twin sister Pat. I glanced over, as usual, at Teddy, and he was lying face up on the table by the door. This was our signal that we had someone intimate in the apartment. Very unobtrusive, just give Teddy a pat, and slip him on his back, arms and legs upward, ready for action.

I slipped my shoes off, and wiggled my toes in the deep carpet, as I walked down the hall. Not surprised, I stopped as I heard a moan. Listening with held breath, I smiled as I realized that it was a moan of passion. It wasn't Pat's, so I wondered who could be with her. Moving to the bedroom door, I slowly peeped around the doorframe.

Two figures lay on the bed, both women. Pat's shapely body lay face down on the bed, her lower body hanging off the bed, her hands holding long shapely legs spread, as her head bobbed up and down at the apex of those lovely thighs. Above her, eyes closed was a truly magnificent woman, arms spread, holding onto the headboard, head moving from side to side as her pussy was being licked and sucked by my beautiful sister.

Her face was distorted by passion, and her mouth opened to sigh and moan, but I could still tell she was a real beauty. Her body was magnificent, well muscled, and she had an all over tan. Her breasts were large and full, her aureoles dark and swollen, her nipples erect and jutting. From Pat's previous description of her, I imagined she was Ava, Pat's aerobics instructor who Jan said, had taken more than a passing interest in her.

I moved back from the door and slipped out of my clothes, leaving them in a puddle by the door. Totally nude I got down on hands and knees, and keeping low, crawled into the room. I slid a hand slowly up Pat's leg and gave a soft squeeze. Her legs pressed against my hand after an involuntary start. Ava moaned louder, and I imagined that talented tongue flicking an excited, swollen clit faster. How well I knew that talented tongue, and what it could do!,

Slowly I slid up Pat's soft warm body. Her cute butt pressed against me as I moved upward. I tapped her hands that held Ava's thighs wide and she moved them outward and I placed my hands on the hot soft flesh, stroking them. As Pat's talented tongue wove its magic, I slowly moved my hands up to Ava's superb body till I was squeezing and kneading her firm breasts, pulling at the nipples, and rolling them between my fingers. Her eyes stayed closed, her head moved from side to side.

I slid to one side and move higher till I leaned over and kissed Ava softly on her parted lips. She sighed aloud. and her hot tongue slid out to taste my lips. Our tongues fenced for a few long seconds, and then her eyes flew open wide. She had just realized that one set of lips was at her pussy, giving her exquisite pleasure, and another set of lips was giving her another type of pleasure at the same time.

She looked at me, thought she was seeing Pat, closed her eyes for a split second, then her hands went down to Pat's head. She had the most puzzled look on her face. I tapped Pat on her shoulder and she raised her head, her lips and face wet with Ava's pussy juice, smiled, and went back to eating Ava's spread pussy. I pressed Ava back and whispered, "Later! Just enjoy. Call it 'Double your Pleasure'." She gasped and moaned, and l knew Pat's magic tongue had pushed all rational thoughts from her mind.

We continued to make love to her till she had reached several shuddering, moaning climaxes. We moved on either side of her, and lay kissing and caressing her superb body. She kept looking back and forth from one of us to the other, like a spectator at a tennis match, till we finally all broke out laughing.

"You two blew my mind when I realized that my pussy was being very skillfully licked and sucked, and my other lips were being equally skillfully kissed. Then when I looked at Pam and saw Pat, well, that really threw me." Ava looked at me and smiled. "She told me she had a sister, but didn't say anything about a twin!"

"We've played the twin gambit for years. We always go out of our way to confuse people." I laughed.

"You're both skillful lovers. Do you, well, make it with each other?" Ava asked eyes twinkling.

"We sure do! Have for years." Pat explained. "Our mother was an identical twin also. Our Dad died when we were just three, and she never remarried. Aunt Jean, Mom's twin came to live with us. She'd never married. We only had two bedrooms, and no one thought anything about twin sisters, one a widow, sharing a bedroom - twin beds. Several times we heard moans in the night, but didn't think too much about it till we were older.

"One eventful night, the moans got a little loud, and adventurous souls that we were, we slipped out of bed to see what was up. The house we lived in had transoms over the doors. We were able to climb part way up the stairs to the attic and see into the bedroom. The streetlight shining through the window gave enough light to see into the room clearly, but kept us in the dark. There in bed were our Mother and Aunt Jean in a sixty-nine going to it.

"The transom was open. We could hear them clearly from the hall, every gasp, sigh, and slurp. Aunt Jean was begging Mom to lick her clit and tongue fuck her. We had on night gowns and started rubbing our pussies at almost the same time. We weren't shocked - but aroused by it. We could see enough to tell what was really going on. They both gave little quavering cries of ecstasy as they came, and then rolled apart We hurried back to our bed and when Mom looked in on us later, naturally we were 'asleep.'

"Everything got quiet, and we lay whispering very quietly. Our pussies were still hot and we began to rub them. We'd masturbated at the same time lots of times, but this time we moved close and began to kiss, and for the first time, rub each other. We whispered about what we'd seen, and what we thought they'd done. We both knew what a 'clit' was, and, 'fucking', but 'tongue fucking' was a new term. We slipped off our gowns, turned around in the bed, and began to lick and suck each other, imitating Mom and Aunt Jean. I came almost at once and had to bite my lip hard to keep from moaning out loud. 1 brought Pam off and we never looked back.

"We dated and fucked guys, but nothing comes close to a woman making love to you. I think Mom and Aunt Jean suspected we were making it with each other, but we were careful, though we almost got caught a couple of times. Like many couples, they gave out unconscious signals when they were getting ready to make love.

"They always bathed in the morning before they went to work. We noticed that if they were going to make love at night, then they'd shower or take a bath, before going to bed. Both would take a little longer in the bathroom. They always put on perfume too, subtle, but we always noticed it when Mom came in, to make sure we were in bed. As soon as we noticed the "signals' we'd get excited too. We'd tease each other's pussies and get each other hot.

"When we heard them get in bed, the lights went out, and it got real quiet, we'd slip into the hall and up on the stairs. We got very good at getting in place quietly. We loved to watch, and would finger each other, or sometimes go down as the other while watching. After they finished, they usually lay kissing, caressing, and whispering to each other, before one got up to go back to their own bed. We'd be in bed in plenty of time, in case Mom checked on us, and when they got quiet again, we'd get naked and eat each other till we came, or mutually masturbated.

"We'd also make love when they were out of the house. They left us alone a lot, we even broke our cherries with their dildos and vibrators. That was a real kick. They had one of those strap on dildos, which we'd seen them use, and we'd take turns fucking each other." I told Ava, kissing her from time to time.

She hadn't been idle, and had skillfully slipped a finger in each of our pussies and slowly and softly stroked us to arousal. We could tell that the tale of our Sapphitic youth had aroused her. It always did, when we told it to men or women.

"I'll bet I know what you would like to do now. Make love to both of us at once. Right?" Pat asked kissing Ava. Ava nodded.

"We've got just the thing for that. We've never used it for just this kind of love making, but l think we'll teach it a new trick. Right Pat?"

With her "twin's" intuition she just smiled and nodded. I went to our "toy" drawer, opened it and reached in and brought out a double dildo. This had been advertised to penetrate two openings at once and we'd used it on each other and several fiends to fuck them in both openings at once. Now Ava could fuck both of us at the same time, a new experience!

Ava laughed when we brought it out and said she loved the idea. We strapped it on her, the harness holding it against her pubic area, and stimulating her at the same time as she fucked us. Pat lay back, spread her thighs and I slipped between them. Snuggling down, our pussies pressed together, as we've done countless times in the past. Ava got behind us, and using a little lubricant on the dildo ends, placed one in each of our willing pussies. We kissed and rubbed our pussies together as Ava slowly thrust forward, the slick bulbous heads slipping inside us. She must have had some experience at this before, for she was very skillful as she slowly thrust her cute ass back and forth till the long dildos were fully inside us. Pat pulled her mouth away for a moment.

Her voice was quavering as she said, "Oh God, this is wonderful! We've never done it this way before. Shit, this is fantastic. God, Sis. Why didn't we think of this before? It's a totally new feeling. It's like you're fucking me, and I'm fucking you at the same time. Shit, fuck us you beautiful Bitch. Fuck us! " Her mouth came back against mine and our tongues probed and thrust.

It did feel wonderful. Our bodies were thrust together, her legs came up and pressed against my sides as she humped against me. I pressed back, my clit pressing against her pussy mound, while the thick long cock slipped deep and hard inside me - and her. We'd used a double-ended dildo on each other countless times, but there was something different about this. The deep thrusting was so different, and Ava was a master of it. With a double-ended dildo, the dildo slips as you thrust together, moving only slightly as you thrust. This was totally different, deep thrusts, that moved around inside our pussies as she shifted her hips. Her hips swiveled and bucked, so that the cock probed and rotated inside us, thoroughly exciting nerves we didn't know existed. We wiggled our hips and our pussies mashed together. The sensation was almost as if we were fucking each other at the same time with a cock. Totally unique.

We came again and again, going from one wave to another. Our bodies became slick with perspiration. Our cries filled the room, joined by Ava's moans and cries as she too came. One last climax that brought screams from Pat and I both, and I pushed Ava away, unable to stand any more stimulation. She pulled out of us, and we rolled apart gasping for breath. We got on either side of Ava, threw a leg over her thigh and lay together catching our breaths.

We stroked her body non-sexually and kissed her cheeks and neck. She moved her head from side to side, looking at us, and kissing us softly. She'd shake her head and smile. When we all caught our breaths, we squeezed into the shower, and took a long hot shower together, washing each other, and letting our slick, soapy fingers slip into pussies and asses. . Refreshed, we dressed and went out to dinner. Over a wonderful seafood dinner Ava asked us about our sex life.

I spoke up. "We've, as we told you, always been sexually active with each other, but as we were growing up we found out quickly that we had to include boys in our sex games, or we'd got a bad reputation. It's not that we hate men, we just really prefer women. We've always played games using our identities to confuse. We got one real 'stud' football player, one time who didn't know that there were two of us. We fucked him till he literally couldn't stand up and we kept wanting more. He left one totally deflated bag of mush."

"We found out that most of our girl friends liked to made it with a girl too." Pat continued. "Maybe we sent unconscious signals out, and they picked up on them. Only one or two of our friends didn't respond when we approached them. Sometimes we'd let them 'catch,' us together when they were spending the night. They always seemed fascinated and it didn't take much to get them to join us."'

"Well, l can certainly see why." Ava beamed. "You two are two beautiful women, and l guess its the fascination of seeing 'double'- if you will. It got me hotter than I've been in a very long time. I got hot just looking at Pat in class, and caught the looks she gave me. That night when we were alone after closing, and she was gloriously naked, the devil bent over so I got a good long view of her sweet pussy. It almost made me come on the spot, but I was afraid to come on too strong. Pat, after you left, I locked up and lay down on one of the benches and brought myself off to one glorious climax thinking of you. I'm so glad we three got together tonight."

"So am I." I said. "Knowing my sweet sister, she know about when I'd be home and set it up so I'd be sure that I came in while you two were making love. She knew exactly how I'd react. We've always shared lovers. We can finish each others sentences, know the others thoughts, and I guess we're almost one mind with two bodies, We have never, ever, had a serious disagreement. I guess the only disagreements we have had is who gets to make love first to one of our lovers. But that usually means the one who's making love to the lover, gets made love to at the same time. Kind of a win win situation."

"Pat, so you remember Dot, the tall willowy blonde?" Ava asked. Pat nodded. Ava turned to me and continued. "She always has on those Spandex tights, with nothing on under them and that ride up in her pussy, and drives the guys wild. She keeps her pussy shaved bare and sometimes you can see her pussy lips when the cloth gets wet. Shit, it drives me wild too. Anyway, after class one evening, she invited me to her place for drinks, and before we got the door closed she was all over me. We wound up on the carpet in her hall making love. That woman has one fantastic tongue, and knows how to use it. She can vibrate the tip of her tongue, and when she gets to your clit, you are going to go in orbit! Guaranteed! She tied me up one night - I was willing - and used that tongue to get every sex secret out of me I ever knew. She made me promise that if I ever made it with Pat, I'd tell her about it. Do you mind?" She asked Pat with a grin.

"By all means, but just don't tell her we're twins. OK?" Pat said, then suddenly, her lovely eyes lit up. "Why don't you call her, and see if she can come over to our apartment tonight, and we'll play a trick on her. It'll be your turn to got back at her,"

Ava's eyes lit up, and a wicked grin spread over her lovely face. "All right! Yes!" She left the room to call Dot

We looked at each other and broke out laughing. "The Mirror! " we both said at the same time. Minutes later Ava came back, and Dot had agreed, and would be at our place inside an hour.

When Dot arrived later, Ava and I greeted her at the door. She was a stunning woman. Tall with long blonde hair, a lovely face with full sensuous lips, big blue eyes that seemed to sparkle as she looked at me. I'd slipped into cut off shorts that barely covered my ass, and an old T-shirt that was thin from many washings, and tight. She could see my tits and nipples as if I were topless.

She wore a thin silk blouse that clung to her pear shaped breasts, and accented her erect nipples. She had on a short skirt, black hose and pumps. She and Ava kissed for a moment then she gave me a soft kiss. I flicked my tongue against her lips momentarily, before I pulled back. Her eyes sparkled. We sat down and had drinks Ava and I had prepared.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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