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The Twin Sister's Erotic Escapades
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I moved close to Dot, and my breast brushed her bare arm. "I understand you asked Ava about me. Wanted to know if and when we made it. Why? Are you interested?"

She leaned closer." I sure am! You are one beautiful chick. I dig women. Ava probably told you that we'd made it, Baby. I'd love to get my tongue into your sweet pussy, and eat you till you can't stand it any more. I've had my eyes on you in class, and I think I was getting good vibes back. Right?"

I leaned closer and breathed in her ear. "You sure did, I love the way those Spandex tights creep up in your pussy. I can hardly wait to get my tongue in your sweet slit. But you have to do it my way. I want you to really get hot and ready. I want your pussy, and mine, dripping pussy juice, before I let you get that fabulous tongue Ava told me about, inside me. Agreed?"

"Oh shit yes!" She breathed out. It always makes it better if you wait a little. What ever you say, you gorgeous woman." She bent forward and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue slithered and probed. God, how that woman can kiss! I was tempted to forget the whole thing, push her head down to my pussy, and strip right then and there. I pulled back panting.

"OK, go into the bedroom, strip and get on the bed. Ava will tell you what to do." I go up and left the room, my knees weak from her kiss. I slipped down the hall into the other bedroom and found Pat slipping on an identical pair of shorts to mine. We looked in the mirror, adjusted our clothes slightly to become mirror images. I kissed my twin, letting my tongue slip into her sweet mouth. She kissed me back. "You're going to love this one. She had me ready to scrap the whole thing. Jeez, can she kiss! She has a magic tongue. One long kiss and my knees were jelly!"

Pat pulled back and smiled "It's been a long time since someone has affected you like that! I can hardly wait. Lets go!" We moved silently down the hall. The bedroom lights were out. We moved in place. We had placed a large mirror frame with stand a little way from the end of the bed. The sides were wide, and we'd made them much wider by putting a frilly cloth border so that the effect created a huge window. The frame didn't have a mirror in it. Pat and I would play mirror images, her in front, me behind. We'd done this many times at parties, and it was always a big hit. We had our timing down perfectly. We got in position. Pat facing the bed, me facing away - her "image".

Ava started the cassette deck music. and we began to move, butt to butt, bodies in perfect harmony. Ava turned on a rather dim light and took the blindfold from Dot's eyes. Dot lay on the bed naked, pillows propping her up, her arms and legs shackled to the comers of the bed, held by soft padded leather straps. Helpless! To add to her torment, Ava caressed Dot's breasts and rolled her nipples from time to time.

We began our dance, turning and moving in perfect synchronization. Arms, hands, legs, hips moving at the same time. We swayed, caressed our breasts, slid our hands up and down our legs, and teased our nipples to hardness. Slowly we slid our T-shirts off and threw them aside. We caressed our breasts, pulling the nipples, rolling them, cupping and lifting. From side to side we moved. Ava told us later that even though she knew we were two women, she couldn't tell the difference. The low light level hid any minor mistakes. Slowly we unbuttoned the shorts and slid them down, raised a foot and slid them off. Pat turned away from Dot and Ava, and we were face to face. Our bodies touched. We kissed. The mirror image kissed back. Breasts moved back and forth so nipple pressed nipple.

It was always a temptation at that point to move in the opposite direction, to move nipple against nipple, to stimulate them. We swayed together in unison. A hand moved down to caress a thigh, we moved back and bent forward till our heads touched. We slid our hands to our ass and caressed, teasing. Up and down till we slid it under our body and pressed back till our fingers appeared between our pussy lips. Slowly a finger slid up between our wet pouting lips then pressed inward to disappear. Again and again we stroked ourselves.

My hips were pointing away so they couldn't be seen, but Pat and I were so in tune that I had to slip my finger inside, just as she was doing. Then two fingers, finally three moved in and out, slick and wet. In and out, rubbing, twisting. We straightened, turned, back to back, Pat facing the bed. One hand spread her lips, a finger moved down to come out wet and slick, move slowly upward to rub the swollen pink nub of a clit. My hand mirrored her image, her back against mine. Our fingers moved faster, I could feel her body quiver, her muscles tighten. Then fingers a blur, we strummed our clits till we exploded. We sagged together for a minute, panting, then straightened, and as I froze, Pat moved to the bed and moved over beside Dot and kissed her.

Dot gasped, for Pat' s image still was frozen in the "mirror". I held perfectly still. "What's the matter?" Pat asked innocently. Ava looked at Dot questioningly.

"Shit, it's happened again!" I stood absolutely motionless. "Damn, I get so wrapped up in making love to my image in the mirror, sometimes it just gets 'stuck'." Dot's jay dropped. "OK, quit playing around. Get back over here. Now! Right now!" Pat snapped. With a start, I turned, stepped through the "mirror". With that Dot gave a strangled gasp, her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell back.

"I love it! " Ava cried out in glee. 'The bitch fainted dead away." She hugged us close, and we all burst out laughing. We three literally laughed till tears ran down our cheeks. We took the restraints off Dot and got a cold wet washcloth and wiped her face, shaking her gently till she came around. When she came to, she gasped again, when she saw Pat and I side by side. We took her hands and placed them on our faces. Then we told her she'd been had! She was a little angry at first then quickly saw the humor of the situation, and began to laugh, till she too had tears running down her cheeks.

We all went into the living room and fixed drinks. Like Ava, she kept looking back and forth from Pat to me, time and again. Then Ava told her about the trick we'd pulled on her while Pat was making love to her. We all had a good laugh over that too.

'OK, who did I see first?" Dot asked. I raised my hand. "You're Pat?" I shook my head. "OK, I said I wanted to eat your pussy, and I meant it." She looked at Pat. "I'll get to you later. I really have been wanting to eat you for a long time."

She came over to me and pulled me to my feet. She put her arms around me and we melted together. Her pear shaped breasts pressed against mine. She had to bend down slightly to kiss me. We kissed and her tongue flicked against my lips. I thrust my hips forward and ground my pussy against her leg.

Beside us, Pat was helping Ava off with her clothes. They lay down on the couch and twined together. Dot's kisses were really getting to me. She's a very accomplished kisser. Her long arms reached down and stroked my ass, a finger tracing down to stroke my nether hole. I slipped a hand down to her pussy, and stroked her soft smooth flesh, then ran a finger into her deep cleft. I've always enjoyed making love to a woman who shaves her pussy. At times Pat and I both have shaved ourselves clean. It always brings back pre-pubescent memories.

It didn't take long for us to both become excited. We dropped to the floor on the deep, soft throw rug and Dot swung around on top of me, and began to kiss and caress my belly and thighs. I spread her thighs wider, lifted my head and parted her pussy with my tongue. God, she was wet! I slipped my tongue between her lips, and stroked up and down her lips, parting them still more. My fingers pulled her lips apart and I marveled at the beauty of her pussy, deep pink, and gleaming with her juices, I moaned against her flesh as her tongue slipped up and down my own pussy, probed, then slid up inside me. She has a long tongue and she thrust and wiggled it inside me. Her fingers played along beside my clit, not touching it but stroking on either side of it till it was swollen and aching.

Moans coming from the couch, told us Pat and Ava were enjoying each other. Dot's pussy was very juicy, and I sucked her flesh, probed, and licked her sweet pussy. I felt her fingers move upward on either side of my clit and pull upward exposing my clit. Pat and I both have larger than normal clits, and they are very sensitive. Our clits are about the diameter of a pencil eraser, and when excited, the rounded head juts out about a quarter of an inch. I heard Dot sigh, "God, you have a beautiful clit. I absolutely love to lick big clits. It's so pink!" I moaned as her lips found it and sucked on it softly at first, then harder. I gasped my approval and thrust my hips upward toward her mouth.

I have always loved making love to a woman's pussy. I love the smell, the taste, the feel of their most intimate flesh. I pulled her hips down and feasted on her sweet dripping core. I cried out, my cry muffled by her wet flesh and my clit almost exploded. It felt as if she had run an electric current through my core. I realized that this was her vibrating tongue, Ava had told me about. Later, I watched her flick Pat's sweet clit and her tongue becomes a blur as she wiggled it up and down with incredible speed, and she can keep it up for minutes at a time. I gasped and cried out as she tongued my clit with her incredible tongue.

It was a totally new experience, and I came almost at once, I buried my face into her pussy and held on to her hips as I exploded. My orgasm seem to last for hours. I lay panting then returned to kissing and sucking her delicious pussy. I concentrated on her clit, the head, pea sized, while I stroked the sheathed portion of her clit. She went back to slowly licking my pussy, avoiding my still sensitive clit.

I built her passion up, slipping a finger up inside her from time to time until her hips began to thrust against my face with urgency. I crossed two fingers and carefully slid them up inside her. As I flicked and sucked her clit, I thrust my fingers deep inside her, rotating my hand with each in and out movement. It didn't take long until she began to tremble and then went rigid.

Her cry filled the apartment as she came. Her hips bucked and it was all I could do to hold her as I sucked her clit and finger fucked her. Finally, spent, she went limp. We rolled on our sides, still locked together.

I looked over and Pat and Ava were making love on the couch. They lay with Ava on the bottom, Pat between her thighs, pussies grinding together. Ava's legs were over Pat's hips, her feet pressing her delectable ass with each stroke. Their lips were twisting and pressing, a glimpse of a tongue now and then showed their passion.

Dot turned so we could both watch, and we each slid a finger down to rub a pussy softly. "It's uncanny to watch them make love. Dot whispered. "I just made love to you and I'm seeing it again - all over." I kissed her softy.

Pat and I have lived with the idea so long, we sometimes forget how our identical images affects others. When we've had a little too much to drink, or wake up in the middle of the night and the other twin is making love to you, there's sometimes a feeling that you're making love to yourself, except you can kiss or caress any part of your own body. We both have had the feeling, watching someone with our twin, that they are making love not to our twin, but to ourselves. Pat and I both, on several occasions, have experienced climaxes under those conditions with no one touching us, and we were not touching ourselves.

Pat and Ava had turned, and now lay in a sixty-nine, heads bobbing as they sucked and licked. My own pussy tingled watching my twin making love. They twisted and thrust their hips, as lips and tongues sought the liquid cores of their lovers. Their movements became faster, their moans and sobs of joy, more intense. First Pat, then Ava cried out and their bodies went rigid as they climaxed together. They slumped together panting then rolled side by side. They kissed and Dot and I could see the wetness of their lips from the pussy juices. We moved closer and kissed their lips and licked the juices from their faces.

We drifted apart, refilled our drinks and laughed and talked. Dot went over to Pat and they began to kiss. After a few minutes Pat turned her head, winked and nodded. She was telling me that Dot's magic tongue was truly a marvel. Dot had Pat sit in a low wide chair, spread her thighs and kissed and licked her way to my sisters sweet pussy.

Ava whispered that I really had to see this close-up. We moved to the chair and got on either side of Pat. We kissed her and fondled her breasts as Dot slowly worked her way to Pat's core. She pulled Pat's hips to the edge of the chair and pushed her thighs wide. She pulled the lips apart and licked up and down Pat's wet pink flesh. She slid down a little and her tongue flicked Pat' s brown nether hole. Pat moaned. Dot moved her fingers upward and pulled upward. On the swollen pink clit peeped from its sheath, and Dot softly licked it. Pat moaned softly.

Dot sucked the swollen tip, running her lips back and forth across the head. My own clit throbbed, and I reached down and rubbed it. Dot continued to suck Pat's pink clit till she had her moaning with pleasure. As Ava and I watched, Dot began to flick her tongue rapidly across the swollen member.

Pat screamed her pleasure, and her hips thrust forward toward that marvelous tongue. I had never seen anything like it. Her tongue seemed to vibrate as she flicked it up and down so rapidly it was a blur. Dot cried out and her hands squeezed Ava and my arms, till it was like a vice, Her body went wild, and a sheen of sweat covered her body. I reached over, caught her nipples and squeezed them, giving her a pleasure/pain that I knew heightened her climax still more. Her body spasmed again and again, then she collapsed. Dot's tongue gave her no quarter and continued to flick against her clit. Moments later she screamed her pleasure again and again.

She must have had four or five climaxes, before she pushed Dot's head away, and shook her head from side to side. Dot, her lips and cheeks wet with Pat's pussy juices, looked up at me and winked. I bent down and licked her lips and cheeks, tasting my wonderful sister's juices on her. We were all exhausted and after kisses and hugs all around, Dot and Ava left together. Pat and I took a shower together, gently washing each other. We lay down in bed naked, snuggled together and fell asleep, totally satiated.

I was on a tall mountain, a gentle breeze flowing over me, my feet lifted off the ground and I soared upward, floating wonderfully above the earth far, far below. I could see green fields, fences, trees so alive they vibrated. I opened my eyes and I was in our bedroom. Delicious sensations came from my pussy. I closed my eyes again and felt downward to find Pat's sweet head between my thighs, her tongue slowly lapping my spread pussy. "What a wonderful way to be awakened." I whispered. "Shall I turn around?"

Pat murmured against my throbbing flesh. "Not now. Just let me make love to you. I awoke remembering what a good time we had earlier, and I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful sister." Her tongue slid against my clit and I groaned. "It gives me so much pleasure to make love to you, after all we are two bodies, but almost one mind."

I couldn't think of a single thing to say. I relaxed, closed my eyes and my body soared upward again, higher and higher, till I flew into the sun, and burst into a million blazing pieces.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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