The Best Erotic Stories.

The Trinity Pt. V
by Paul B. Allen, III


Charisma is a beautiful, sultry red head. Her luxuriant locks flow like the mane of a majestic lion, full, long and thick. Gold, circular clips cover her ear lobes, and dangling from those solid gold orbs are large golden hoops. Her high heels are made of a clear see through plastic, with only a clear, wide strap running across the top of her foot to hold it in place. This design allows her toes the freedom to exhibit their nails.

They have been most definitely pedicured, pampered, and painted. Hot pink was the color of the day, and they were a perfect match with Charisma's long, manicured hot pink fingernails. Today, she is loosely wearing a black leather biker's jacket that comes down only to her waist. She wears nothing underneath it. Her legs are shaved so very smoothly that you could believe that they had always been hairless. Charisma prefers them that way, because she doesn't like to wear stockings. She wears a black leather mask that hides her face from the bridge of her nose up, revealing only her exotic eyes and beautiful smile.

A very small black leather thong bottom completes her very suggestive outfit. Charisma is an exotic dancer who loves to perform. Lap dancing is her specialty. She was the next woman to come into the life of Phillip Frazier. But, how in the world did Phillip Frazier meet a woman like Charisma? He did not frequent strip bars. In his opinion, places like that are just a tease. Phillip did not like to be teased; he wanted the real thing. How he met Charisma is the most revealing story of all.

Nikki had disappeared again late this Saturday afternoon, but she called Phillip and told him to meet her at the Carlisle Hotel, room number 2087. She said for him to be there at 10:00 PM tonight. The call came at 5:00 PM. You can bet that he asked himself, "What in the world is Nikki going to be up to for the next five hours?"

As always, Phillip was very prompt. He was at the Carlisle, and knocking on the door of room #2087 at exactly 10:00 PM. However, when the door opened, he thought that he had come to the wrong room. It was Charisma who opened the door. She asked, "Are you Phillip Frazier?"

He said, "Yes, but..."

Charisma cut him off quickly, "Nikki asked me to give this to you." She handed Phillip the letter as he walked into the room. "She wants for you to read it right away."

Phillip opened the envelope carefully and began to read the letter. It said,

"My Sweetheart,

Allow me to introduce to you my friend, Charisma. She is my gift to you for tonight. Relax, don't feel nervous or guilty, there is no need. She is very skilled at what she does. Enjoy her pleasures to the fullest. After she is finished, sleep here tonight at The Carlisle.

I have paid for the room. When you wake up in the morning, read the second letter that Charisma will give you now. Again, my Sweetheart, enjoy Charisma with my blessings. But remember, darling, do not come home tonight, and do not read the second letter until tomorrow morning. I promise that you will understand everything then. You do trust me, don't you darling?

Phillip, I love you with all my heart.


PS Don't forget to set your clock back one hour tonight, sweetheart."

Phillip was astounded! This was certainly a first for Nikki. She had never remembered Daylight Savings Time before...

At this point Charisma's music broke his concentration. It was rhythmic, funky, sensuous. As she began to move and sway to the music, she held the second letter up to Phillip's view, licked it slowly as she stared into his eyes, and then seductively laid it on the table. She walked over to him, took him by the hand, and led him over to the sofa.

She said in a very sexy voice, "Now you bad boy, let's take these clothes off of you, because Charisma will only dance for her man if he is naked. You see baby, I like to be able to watch your 'appreciation' grow, do you understand my meaning?" Next, she instructed him to sit on the sofa, but to "spread his legs wide open." When his legs are opened to her satisfaction, she pulls a chair up very close to him, sits in it just a second to gage the distance between him and her, then stands up slowly, and takes off her clothes.

First, she removes her leather jacket to unleash her ample, beautiful, tits. She is staring at Phillip as she pinches her big, hard nipples and begins to massage her breasts in a very erotic fashion. Charisma notices that Phillip's "appreciation" is already starting to grow. This brings a smile to her lips. Next she turns around so that her back is to Phillip.

Her head is however still turned back so that she can watch his reaction as she begins to lower her leather thong. It goes down slowly, just inches at a time. When it is down to the halfway point of her gorgeous ass, she bends over, ever so slowly, so that Phillip can view her ass and her pussy up close and in great detail. Then she turns around to face him. She is just inches away when she begins to give Phillip his first Lap dance.

She is a "professional" and at first, she doesn't let him touch her as she begins her dance. She jiggles her tits all over his face. You could tell that Phillip loved to feel those breasts with their hard, protruding nipples, lightly slapping him in his face. Next Charisma turns around and sits on the chair. She puts her long, beautiful legs on his shoulders and uses her hands to push herself up on the chair. Her hands are supporting her upper body, like she is doing a reverse push-up, and his shoulders are supporting her thighs. As she moves her pelvis to the rhythm of the beat, her pussy is just an inch or two from his face.

Close enough for him to not only see, but to actually smell her beautiful, pussy! This went on for a few minutes, and as she stared this seriously sexy stare at Phillip, she hoped that he could smell the scent of her pussy getting stronger. He may have even been able to actually see her pussy starting to get wet. Erotic dancing really turns Charisma on. Now, she removes her legs from his shoulders, stands close facing him, smiles a wicked smile and turns around slowly. Her shapely ass is now in his face. She lowers it slowly, ever so slowly down his chest and then she begins to grind her ass against his cock.

As he gets harder and harder, she bends backward towards him and pulls his head to her chest so that he can now suck her tits. Suddenly, as he becomes greatly aroused, she straddles his cock and begins to ride him. All he can see is her beautiful ass going up and down on his shaft, and from the side he can see her breasts bouncing up and down. Her long red hair is also bouncing in rhythm as she is fucking him! She feels him about to come and immediately jumps off of his cock and takes it into her mouth. He reacts as if his body has gone totally berserk. He yells out in ecstasy!

Charisma knows that Phillip is spent, but the night is still young, and there is so much more pleasure to be had. Let her describe to you what happens next. "To put Phillip back in the mood, I brought him an ice cold beer from the minibar in the room. I tell him to sip it real slow and to watch this. "What's this," he asked. "It's just a little something special from my own personal video collection," I answered.

Charisma continues, "As he sips on the cold beer and watches the video, I snuggle in real close to him and start to talk dirty to him. I start off in low, sexy whispers. I want to sharpen his focus on the action. When he tries to look at me, I push his face back toward the screen. I don't want him looking at me. I just want him into the "flick." I don't want for him to hear anything except the moaning, groaning and sounds of people coming on the video. Just that and my voice.

I say to him, "Ooh baby, look at that fine bitch. Just look at the way her big titties are swaying while she sucks him. I know that you want to fuck her baby, she looks so good. And, baby, I know that she wants you. I know she wants to suck your big cock. I know that she wants to "do" you. She's yours, baby, fuck her, fuck that big tittied bitch!' All the while I am getting him whipped up, I am licking my hand and using it to stroke his cock, making it hot, hard and slippery. I have never felt a cock so hard in my life! I kept saying, 'Fuck her baby, that fine bitch right there, fuck her,' and he starts to get even harder. I almost came myself! I had to get that cock in my mouth! It was like I was sucking on a steel rod. My pussy lips started tingling. I am sucking him, and stroking him with my hand.

All of a sudden, he comes, shooting his hot jizim all over my face. While he is still hard, I slide my hot cunt over his cock and I ride him hard and fast. I come quicker than I ever have before.

I told Phillip that Nikki had given me the "411." He asked me what I meant. I said to him, 'Nikki told me that you get super-hard. She also said that you stay hard for a long time after your orgasm, and that she really loves to fuck you at that point. She says just the thought of it makes her come really fast. You tell her for me. that you made a believer out of Charisma tonight. All she said was true and then some. I knew that you had to be "something else" to hang with Nikki.

Charisma quickly put her outfit back on, donned a long trench coat, grabbed her video and portable video player, and bid Phillip a fond farewell in her own inimitable style. As she was walking out of the door, she reminded Phillip about the second letter, and then said, "Phillip, anytime you want to see me again, just let Nikki know. I can't wait to get another crack at that." "That" was his still erect, throbbing cock.

Phillip thanked her and said, "Goodnight, Charisma, you are an amazing woman!"

"Goodnight," Charisma answered without looking back. The door closed quietly behind her...

To Be Continued...


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