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Teasing Terri Part V
by Mark Singer

Wayne and Jenny Reed moved silently from their hiding place in the large walk-in closet that separated Wayne's office and the guest room. As Wayne pulled his sweat pants up, he watched his wife as she quietly grabbed a pair for herself from the closet and slid them up over her lingerie. Taking the jacket that Wayne held for her, she put it on as they both snuck out the door and eased their way down the back steps. The setting California sun had created a wonderful painting of reds, oranges and violet in the sky.

Like cats, they both moved around the back of the house and slithered through the glass doors into their kitchen. Upon reaching a "secure" area, the heated couple both let out a long sigh of relief, which turned into muffled giggles, then out and out laughter.

"Damn, Wayne...that was one of the most erotic things I've ever done in my life!" Jenny rasped, catching her breath. I'm still hot from your fucking me. It was so fucking hard not to scream when I came!"

Wayne nodded understandingly and took his wife in his arms. "Tell me about it, lover..." he said to her, "You totally surprised me, making me come in your throat like that. Damn! I almost screamed myself!" He leaned forward, kissing Jenny passionately. He could still taste his cum on her tongue.

"I know you like that...." Jenny whispered, her face nuzzling her husband's shoulder. "And besides, you did save a little for my tongue...what a gallant guy you are...." Wayne grinned and hugged Jenny closer. "Yeah..." He chuckled, "I'm a regular knight in shining armor..."

"Surely you joust..." Jenny laughed, "Next time I'll let you know exactly where to thrust your lance..." She hugged tighter, grinding her steaming pussy against his pelvis.

"Well, you keep moving like that, Guinnivere, and I'll pick the place and...lance a lot!"

It was stupid, and they both began cracking up again. But suddenly a noise behind them made them turn around. Terri was leaning against the kitchen door frame, grinning broadly.

"Gee...for an old married couple, you two sure play a lot...they should name you Playalot...."

Terri was dressed again, in Jenny's white blouse and skirt, but she looked incredibly sexy...her eyes glowed with that after-sex look. The three of them shared their laughter, and Jenny stepped forward, embracing Terri and kissing her. "That was so fucking hot, Terri!" she whispered. Terri smiled proudly, happy that her little game had played so well.

"And Jason...." Jenny rasped, "That boy has quite a cock there!"

"He does have his good points, doesn't he...?" Terri chuckled. "One of these days I'll have to let him fuck me with that thing...." She said it almost dreamily.

"I'd love to tape that..." Wayne said with a lecherous voice. He stepped forward, embracing both girls with his muscular arms. Terri smiled, then her eyes grew wide with excitement.

"Did you get it? Did you tape it all?", she asked in an excited whisper.

"Every cum-sucking drop of it..." Jenny whispered back. "I'm anxious to watch it. I missed a few key moments taking care of my own needs...". Terri smiled at her, then Wayne.

"Well, if you missed anything, I'd be glad to demonstrate what happened...." Her hand snaked out, brushing against Wayne's growing bulge. She grinned as she felt his cock harden under her fingers. "God, Wayne...doesn't this ever go down?!?" She looked up at him as she spoke, her hand curling around his reborn hard-on.

"Not with you two around, it doesn't!" he laughed. Jenny looked at him with mock reproach, then again at Terri.

"I think it might have something to do with you, dear..." she whispered softly. Her hand reached out and caressingly slid Terri's blouse off her shoulder. Her hand continued to grip the fabric and pull until Terri's left breast came into view. Terri could feel Wayne's cock lurch as he looked down at her tit. She squeezed him appreciatively.

"I need a couple of Coke's if you have them..." Terri whispered, releasing Wayne's cock. "I told Jason I needed to take a quick shower and he's really thirsty."

Wayne smiled and walked to the fridge, grabbing two cans of Coke. He offered them to Terri, but Jenny reached out, taking them from him. "How about if I bring them up to him..." Jenny said with a tiny bit of uncertainty. Terri looked at her for a moment, a blank expression on her young face, the grinned knowingly.

"That just might work, Jenny..." she whispered. "But don't be disappointed if he freaks...he's really pretty shy..."

"So I'll give him the Coke's and scoot..." Jenny said. "I'm not about to blow your date.... to speak..."

The three of them cracked up at her unintentional joke. Jenny grinned and stepped back. Letting her jacket fall open, she took the two cans of Coke and slid them round and round over her nipples. The cold cans did their work... Through the holes in her red bra, her nipples stood out like half inch sentries. Handing the cans to Wayne, she zipped the silk jacket half-way up. Her nipples stayed firm, tenting the silk enticingly.

"I'll just give it the old college try..." she said with a grin, taking the cans from Wayne. "Wish me luck..." She tossed her long hair and began to walk to the door, but paused and turned to Wayne and Terri.

"Now if I happen to be more than a minute or two..." she said sexily, "Maybe that shower would be in order..." She looked at Terri and grinned. "And Wayne could use a little hosing down himself.... We've given that ol' hoss a little work out today..." Winking, she walked through the door and headed for the stairs to the office.

Terri grinned at Wayne and stepped closer to him, letting her hand brush against the front of his sweats. She was pleased to see that he was still hard. Leaning against him, she slipped her hand into the elastic waistband, reaching lower until her fingers curled around his hard-on.

"I hope he's okay with this..." Terri whispered, stroking Wayne's cock. "I could really use that shower..." Wayne grinned at her and slipped his hand inside her blouse, cupping her firm breast and tweaking her nipple lightly with his fingers.

"Me too..." he whispered, "Me too..."

They stayed close to each other, caressing and fondling, as they tuned their ears to the stairway. They could only hear muffled conversation, including Jason's surprised response to Jenny's arrival, as they patiently waited for a signal.

A minute passed....then two... then five... Wayne looked at Terri and grinned. Signaling her to remain quiet, he crooked his finger, motioning for her to follow him. Terri grinned as she realized what he was doing. Together, they slipped out the back door and around the house. Climbing the stairs, Wayne skipped two steps and quickly turned to Terri, signaling her to do the same. "They squeak..." he whispered as she joined him on the landing. Jointly, they snuck into the guest room, and into the closet, making sure not to make a sound. The camera was still in position, and Terri had to stifle a laugh as she realized what Wayne was up to.

She watched him fix the position of the camera through the louvered doors, then stand up and face her. Then both of them dropped to their knees slowly, looking out of the louvers into the office.

Jason was sitting in the recliner. He'd slipped his pants back on but his chest was bare. From the looks of things, Jenny was in complete control, and doing her best to put Jason at ease. The two of them were laughing at unheard jokes, and Jenny was presenting her best innuendoes, chuckling along and leaning forward at the opportune times, maximizing the effects of her silk jacket. When she leaned back, Wayne could plainly see her erect nipples poking against the fabric of her jacket. She was obviously quite turned on at the prospect of seducing this boy! And, for his part, Jason seemed to be enjoying the attention being showered on him.

Wayne turned back to Terri, and his grin faltered. She'd pulled her blouse down to her waist, exposing her breasts to him, and was using both hands to caress them. He stepped over to her, placing his arms around her waist, and sighed as one of her hands moved between them to squeeze his cock once again.

"Let's take that shower..." she whispered heatedly, "I'll scrub your back..."

With the smoothness of a ballet dancer, Terri slipped quietly to her knees before Wayne, pulling his sweats over his hips. In one fluid motion, Terri dipped her head forward, capturing Wayne's cock in her mouth and sucking him deeply inside. She rolled her tongue around his shaft, wetting it thoroughly, keeping him in her mouth until she felt his hips begin to move slightly. Smiling proudly, she slid her lips off his shaft and stood up. Taking a final look through the louvered doors, and comfortable that Jenny and Jason were getting along, they both slipped silently away, down the steps, through the kitchen and into the master suite.

Jason walked into the bathroom and Terri heard the sound of him turning the shower on. She sat on the bed and waited for him to return before slowly pulling her blouse over her head. Naked from the waist up, the young girl leaned back, letting Wayne's eyes dance over her exposed breasts. They were still shiny in places from Jason's copious ejaculation, and Terri smiled at Wayne's groaning reaction to the sight. She also smiled at the tent forming in his sweats.

As Wayne pulled his shirt off, Terri's eyes moved over his muscular chest. She cocked one knee, raising it slightly as his thumbs hooked into his waistband, sliding them down and releasing his hard cock. His eyes were focused on her closely cropped pussy the whole time and she allowed her thighs to spread slightly, giving him a clear view.

"Are you turned on by the thought of Jenny being with Jason...?" she asked lightly, leaning back a little further.

Wayne had to swallow dryly before he could answer. He nodded, standing by the edge of the bed. "I'm anxious to see the tape when we're done showering..." he replied, watching Terri's hands move over her breasts. "I've never seen her with another man. I have to admit, it turns me on quite a bit..."

Terri looked surprised at his answer. "I figured you guys were old hats at this kind of thing. I mean I was nervous as hell and you both seem so calm..." Wayne grinned at her and reached down, curling his fingers around his hard-on and slowly stroking it.

"Does this look like I'm calm right now...?" he asked with a smile. Terri returned his smile and licked her lips as she watched Wayne jerk his cock in front of her. "Actually...," he continued, "Jenny and I have never had sex with anyone else directly. We've done some soft know having sex in front of other people and watching them have sex....but we've never actually shared partners... Till today, that is..." His voice was low and soothing. Terri listened, but her eyes were focused on Wayne's hand and cock. Her own hand stole down between her thighs, her fingers probing her pussy lips as she watched Wayne and listened. "I guess I'm kind of the same way..." she intoned. "It really turned me on when I'm playing with Jason and I know someone is watching us. That's why we usually double date with my girlfriend Cindy. She's into the same thing. When we all go to the drive-in we always take turns in the back. She's the one who taught me how to go down on a boy..."

Terri's voice trailed off as her fingers slipped between her lips and deeper inside her pussy. Wayne stared in disbelief as he watched the girl masturbating in front of him. His pre-come was beginning to flow and he used his fingers to coat his cock.

"Do you want me to fuck you...?" he rasped. He had to do something quick. This girl and their conversation was turning him on immensely. Terri looked up and him and slowly shook her head.

"Not now..." she whispered, "I...uh...haven't done that yet..." She looked at Wayne, waiting for his reaction and smiled as his stroking slowed, then began again. He was obviously surprised at her revelation. But also not terribly disappointed. "That why I want Jenny to teach me how to suck cock like she does..." Terri continued, Someday I'll do it...but right now I'm happy getting boys off with...other...ways..."

Wayne nodded with understanding, although he was still surprised. A girl as sexual and exciting as Terri...well, he'd just assumed...

"Well, you certainly have the "other ways" down, I'll tell you that..." he said with a grin.

"I'm glad you think so..." Terri replied, her eyes glowing with appreciation of the compliment. "I know I've got a lot to learn..." Her eyes returned to Wayne's cock as it slid in and out of his fingers, and her own fingers were now wet as she pushed them in and out of her pussy. Their conversation belied the excitement that was growing in both of them. Terri's eyes were half closed, her legs spread wide as she masturbated with more and more intensity. Her eyes didn't stray from Wayne's dripping cock as he stroked it in front of her.

"Move closer..." she panted, "I want to watch you come... I want to see you jerk off for me...Mmmmm...oh shit...I'm coming...Jerk off on me, Wayne...Oooohhh...Oh yesss...yesss...I'm coming...coming on your hard cock....hard cock fucking me...fuck...Aauuaaghhhh..."

Wayne watched in delight as Terri's naked form began to shake and roll on the bed. Both of her hands were between her legs thrusting two fingers deeply in and out of her cunt and the fingers of her other hand rubbing her clit furiously. It was an incredibly erotic sight. Her skirt was around her waist now, her legs spread him a delicious view of her wide open pussy and fucking fingers. He could feel the cum rising from his balls, and stepped to the edge of the bed.

Terri's eyes opened as her orgasm subsided slightly. "Oh yeah..." she moaned, "Do it...come on me...all over me... jerk off on me Wayne... oh fuck...that's so hot..."

Her urging brought Wayne over the top. His cock stiffened as he aimed his cockhead at Terri's neck. She raised herself up, moving closer to him as his cum exploded from the tip of his cock, sailing in a long white arc through the air and splashing forcefully against her chin. Both of them groaned out loud as he came again and again. Terri opened her mouth trying to capture some of his semen on her tongue, but he overshot, spraying on her forehead and cheek. His fourth and fifth shots landed like hot rain on her chest, coating her tits with milky syrup.

When he finally finished, Wayne stood by the bed, his legs shaking as his strength ebbed away. He slowly stroked his cock with cum covered fingers as he watched Terri massage his juice into her skin.

"Wow..." she panted, grinning up at him.

" right, lady...That was too hot..." Exhausted, he sank to his knees by the bed. The sight of Terri's cum-covered smile was too much to resist. Leaning forward, he buried his face between her thighs, his tongue sliding deep into her pussy as he began to suck her cum juice into his mouth. Terri groaned and collapsed backwards, spreading her legs as wide as she could as Wayne ate her pussy. Her hips moved up and down over his face, covering it with her cum, until Wayne, exhausted and out of breath had to stop. He leaned back and grinned at Terri, his tongue running over his lips as he swallowed her cum. Her cum was some of the sweetest he'd ever tasted, almost as delicious as his wife's.

Then, as his mind flashed on Jenny, he stood up and took Terri's hand, standing her up in front of him. He kissed her passionately, tasting his cum on her lips, then moved them towards the bathroom. Neither of them said a word. They both were basking in the warm afterglow of their encounter.

The water in the shower had been running since he'd turned it on ten minutes ago, and at best it was lukewarm when they stepped in. Both of them soaped up quickly, trying to beat the inevitable cold spray, but they still took the time to run their hands over each other's bodies. Wayne's cock was nearly exhausted itself, and Terri lovingly caressed his limp member, soaping every inch of it as he washed her chest. They finished quickly, but not fast enough to avoid getting doused with a spray of cold water as the hot ran out. Terri squealed dramatically and ran from the shower as Wayne turned the faucet off. Stepping out, his eyes focused on Terri's naked and shivering body. Her hair was dripping wet and framing her tits. She looked like a goddess. Her nipples stood out proudly because of the icy blast of water, half-inch sentries that accented her perfectly formed tits.

Gathering his composure, Wayne reached for a large fluffy towel and handed it to her before grabbing one for himself. They walked back to the bedroom and toweled themselves dry, all the while letting their eyes dance over the other's form.

"I think we should all go for a swim later..." Wayne said as Terri dried her long hair. "We could order out some Chinese or something. Unless you and Jason still want to go out tonight..." Terri turned off the blow dryer and looked into the mirror at Wayne.

"I think that's a great idea..." she said with a smile. "I'd love to hang by the pool. And, as for Jason, I'm sure I can convince him to join us..." She stopped brushing her hair and brought the handle to her lips. Her tongue snaked out and her lips parted as she slipped the end of the brush into her mouth, sucking it like a cock. She smiled as Wayne's eyes opened wide and she drew more of the brush inside, moving it in and out sensually. Pushing it against her throat, she gagged lightly and coughed, removing the brush from her mouth and laughing.

"I still have to work on that..." she said, chuckling as Wayne moved behind her. His semi-hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks, and his hands moved up to cup her breasts as she moved against him.

"Practice, practice, practice..." he said with a lecherous tone.

They both laughed and returned to the bedroom. Wayne put on his boxer type swimming trunks and told Terri to look in Jenny's closet for something to wear. "Her suits are on the shelf in the closet...and there's a beach robe on the hook." he said helpfully. "Then I think we should see how the other two are getting along."

Terri quickly agreed and turned towards Jenny's walk-in closet. Wayne put on a beach robe and leaned into the closet. "I'll meet you in the kitchen... I think we could all use a nice relaxing cocktail..." Terri nodded excitedly and began to rummage through Jenny's suits as Wayne headed for the kitchen.

He paused at the refrigerator, leaning towards the stairs, and listened for any tell-tale sounds that might indicate what was going on upstairs. At the sound of muffled laughter and conversation, he realized that Jenny and Jason were still in the "getting to know you" phase. He smiled and set to making a large pitcher of gin and tonics. Setting it on a tray, he cut some limes and lemons, grabbed four glasses and walked out to the pool area.

The evening was quite warm, even for southern California at this time of year, and the sun was almost all the way down, creating a magnificent light show in the sky. He took a deep breath after setting the tray on the patio table, and took in the beauty of his surroundings. The evening alone was enough to make him count his many blessings, and he grinned with thankfulness. The sexual excitement that filled the air was simply a wonderful addition to the night. Taking another deep breath and releasing it slowly, Wayne turned back to the house.

Walking into the kitchen he saw Terri leaning against the door, her ears tuned to the stairs as he had done. Hearing Wayne enter, Terri turned to him and smiled.

"I guess they're still talking..." she said. "I told you he was kind of shy..."

"Just as well..."Wayne replied. "It's a wonderful evening outside. And I think that the sunset...and a couple of gin and tonics...will relieve some of his shyness. And knowing Jenny, she's already been working on that for the last twenty minutes...."

Terri grinned at him and turned from the doorway. Her beach robe was cinched tightly around her waist. She smiled as she saw Wayne try to guess which suit she'd chosen from Jenny's closet.

"So...which one did you choose?" he asked, his eyes moving over her legs. Terri smiled teasingly and did a slow pirouette in front of him.

"You'll just half to wait and see..." she said with a laugh. "But I think you might like it. Jenny has quite a collection in there. And I'll guess that most of them can't be worn at a public beach..."

Wayne laughed and nodded. "Yeah, she got a collection, all right! And, as a matter of fact, she does like to wear them at the beach. She's got a bit of an exhibitionist streak. She loves being watched." He felt his cock begin to grow a bit in his suit as he flashed on Jenny's exhibitionist ways...

"Okay then!" he said finally coming back to the present. "If I have to wait and see, then let's get this show on the road!"

He turned and headed for the foot of the stairs. "Hey..Jenny! I've invited Terri and Jason to have dinner with us. Let's have a cocktail by the's a gorgeous sunset...."

The sounds of muffled conversation made Wayne think that possibly things had moved past the conversational stages after all. But then his wife called back to him.

"Be right there, honey...I'm just showing Jason your prized possessions. Give us a minute, cocktails seem like a great idea!"

Wayne turned to Terri who'd been listening intently. She was very curious to see just how far things had gone upstairs. For a moment, she thought about hurrying up the back steps and seeing for herself, but the sound of footsteps on the stairs stopped her. Smiling at Wayne, she turned and headed for the pool area, quickly settling into a chaise lounge and pretending to relax.

Wayne smiled as Jenny and Jason emerged from the stairway and walked into the kitchen. Jenny was grinning broadly, winking at Wayne as she passed him. Jason, on the other part had a little bit of a flushed and nervous look on his face. So..., thought Wayne slyly, I guess she got to you after all... As Jason looked around the room, he was obviously a little nervous. And possibly feeling a little guilty?, Wayne thought. The leg of Jason's pants were tenting out a bit, and Wayne grinned again, knowing that, at the least, Jenny had worked him up a bit.

He did his best to put Jason at ease, making jokes and talking to the boy. He made certain to express to Jason that he wasn't upset about anything that had possibly transpired. As he explained their plans for the evening, he could see Jason visibly relax. Relaxing enough even, to where Wayne caught him stealing occasional furtive glances at Jenny.

"Terri's on the patio, Jason. We figured we'd order some Chinese, maybe...have a cocktail...go for a swim... I know you guys had plans, but it's really a great night to be outdoors... And I've got a pair of trunks you can borrow later if your into swimming..." He patted Jason on the shoulder and pointed to the pool area. "We'll order the food and be out in a minute."

Jason smiled and turned for the patio. Wayne waited until he was gone, and turned to Jenny, his eyes full of questions. She signaled him to follow her and walked towards the bedroom. Closing the door, she turned to her husband.

"We didn't do anything..." Jenny said in answer to his unasked question. "Not really anything...we just kind of sat and talked, although I did my best to get him going..." She unzipped her jacket and tossed it on the bed. Reaching behind her back, she thrust her chest out at Wayne as she undid the strap of her bra. As always, Wayne's heart beat a little faster as his wife's firm tits spilled out. Her nipples were hard as pebbles. Obviously something had happened.

"I guess that would explain the bulge in his pants then..." he said teasingly. Terri grinned and brought her hands to her tits, caressing them lightly.

"He's got a great cock, Wayne...not as great as yours, of course..." Wayne bowed graciously and smiled. "And I did make it very hard, if I do say so myself... We were talking and I could see him looking at my tits, so after a while, I kind of helped him out... Whenever he was looking away, I'd pull the zipper down just a little more. I could see his cock getting hard and it turned me on immensely. Finally, I figured "what the hell", and pulled it all the way down, letting the jacket hang open. When I turned to him, his mouth dropped open and he just stared at my tits. I started to dance a little in front of him and when I looked down, his cock looked like it was going to rip through his pants!"

Jenny's eyes were closed as she related her story, and her hands continued to fondle her breasts. Wayne's cock was hard again as he listened intently.

"Anyway, the pretense was gone now...and even though he was obviously nervous, I took his hands and put them on my tits...damn, he's got great hands, too...Mmmmm...he began to squeeze my tits so nice...I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock... He must have jumped six inches off the floor!" She laughed as she said this, and continued.

"It's been ages since I held another cock in my hand, besides yours...I was getting so hot... He felt so fucking big...I started to stroke him off inside his pants and he began to shake as he squeezed my tits. I really thought for a minute that he was going to shoot off in his pants! I had his belt undone and his zipper down, just as you called up the stairs... I thought he was going to have a heart attack! He snatched his hands away from my tits and was trying to zip up his pants... I tried to stop him, but I began to laugh... I had to grab both his hands to stop him just so I could hear you.

"When he realized that you weren't coming up the steps, he relaxed a little, but his eyes were still wild with fear. I kissed him a little then, as I answered you...I slipped my hand inside his pants... His cock was so hard! And wet! I thought he actually did shoot off in his pants until I realized it was just per-come. I told him to be quiet as I stroked his cock for a couple of minutes, but he shaking so much, I figured I'd better stop...." Jenny's eyes opened and she looked at Wayne. Her eyes were full of lust and fire.

"I could have sucked him off right there, Wayne...Damn! I almost did! I kept flashing on how much cum he'd shot into Terri's mouth and my mouth was's kind of strange....I've never sucked another cock since I met you... I almost felt like I'd be cheating...isn't that weird?" She walked over to Wayne and fell into his arms, hugging him tightly. Wayne smiled as he hugged his wife. Again, the feeling of being totally blessed washed through him. He was so glad that Jenny had chosen to share her life with him. They shared a silent moment of understanding between them before Jenny continued her tale.

"Anyway...obviously I didn't suck him off..." she looked at Wayne and grinned. "But maybe I'd like to...if you're there with me..." Wayne flashed back on his encounter with Terri before their shower, and smiled at his wife. "I don't have a problem with that..." he said lovingly. "I think I'd like to watch you suck another man off, actually.

Jenny melted at his expression of understanding and hugged him tightly.

"We'd better get back to our guests... Why don't you order dinner and I'll take a quick shower?"

"Sounds good..." said Wayne, releasing his hold on his wife. "And why don't you wear your new white suit...I think we'd all enjoy that...." Jenny grinned knowingly and turned for the bathroom. Wayne headed for the kitchen when he heard the water start. Picking up the phone, he quickly ordered a huge meal to be delivered, and headed for the patio.

This was going to be a night to remember, he thought to himself.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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