The Best Erotic Stories.

The Trinity Pt. VI
by Paul B. Allen, III


Phillip awakened early the next morning. He had placed Nikki's second letter on the nightstand next to the bed. He turned on the lamp that was there on the nightstand, sat up in the bed, and opened the letter.

"My Dearest Phillip,

Your love means the world to me. You are the only trustworthy and honorable man I have ever known and I feel blessed that you are mine. You are wonderful in so many ways, but the fact that you are faithful, a "one woman man", is the thing that I appreciate most about you. One of the other major reasons that I love you so deeply is that you really do understand me and my needs.

Do you remember how hard it was when you had to go to Taiwan about six months ago? Well, my sweetheart, I did some soul searching then, because I already knew that you were the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted for our relationship to last forever. I could not bear the thought of anyone else ever coming between us. So, I thought about you and the things that you need as a man. I wanted to fulfill the fantasies that you must have, but because of your honor, would never fulfill in the wrong way.

So I sent you Toi, and Asia and last night, Charisma. These three very diverse women I wanted you to have, so that you would never have to be curious or be concerned that you have "missed" something.

At that time, my sweet Phillip, I had to be honest with myself about my needs as well. You know me. I am what I am, and you are the only man who has ever truly understood that. I could never afford to lose you. But if I were ever unfaithful to you, I knew that I would. Still, you know my nature. I have to have new sexual adventures.

Excitement is what I crave.

I found the way, my darling, to handle both of our needs. I thought about our wedding day, our perfect wedding day, and I reflected upon what the minister had said. It's funny, I was concentrating on our wedding vows so intensely that I never really listened to what the minister was saying. But that day, the day I decided that I would do anything in my power to help keep us together, the words of the minister came flooding back into my mind. We were married, he said, "In the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, the Blessed Trinity." Those words kept ringing in my ears.

In this way, we were bound together as man and wife. I wondered if... was it possible that...and then it hit me. Yes, that was it! I would do it! That was the way to handle both of our needs.

And, my darling, you were with me every step of the way. Though I never revealed my plan to you, you caught on quickly and you've never missed a beat. You never questioned my excuses for having to be away from you, no matter how lame the excuse was. You know that I don't have an "Aunt Jenny" that lives in Elmsford, but you didn't say a word in protest. You knew that I couldn't be visiting my mother for the weekend.

You went to my mother's funeral with me last year. Sometimes, I just couldn't think quickly enough to come up with a good excuse on the spur of the moment, still, you didn't question me. You trusted me. But, my sweetheart, the thing that I appreciate even more is this. No matter how well I researched the role, no matter how good my makeup was, or how perfect my accent or costume, you knew from the start each time that it was me.

But my wonderful Phillip, you never said a word. You played along with my game. You knew exactly what I needed and that's what you gave me each time. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, baby. Thank you.

You will always have me, my darling; thank you for letting me become your personal Trinity. Of course, Toi, Asia and Charisma will eventually give way, one by one, to three others. After all, my dearest, no affair can last forever. For you, for us both, there will always be someone new.

Now you Phillip, the love of my life, come home to me right away. I have been preparing something special for you all night. We are going to have some kind of day today, sweetheart. I hope that you got plenty of rest.

Love forever,


As he folded the letter and placed it back into the envelope, Phillip, for what certainly would not be the last time, smiled, shook his head and said, "What an amazing woman!"

Yes, Phillip Frazier is, in every sense of the phrase, a "one woman man," or at least he was, until he


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