The Best Erotic Stories.

Teasing Terri Part VI
by Mark Singer

Wayne Reed walked slowly across the sidewalk to the pool area. Darkness had pretty much fallen and the subdued landscaping lights he'd had installed last year lighted his way. The glow of the lights in the pool also guided him, reflecting off the tall pines that surrounded his backyard.

He paused his steps when he noticed Terri and Jason standing close by the patio table. Their arms were around each other's waist, and Wayne felt his cock harden as he watched Terri grind her hips against Jason. Wayne waited in the shadows, trying to hear their conversation, but could only grasp bits and pieces of it. The gist of it though, was that Terri was doing her best to convince Jason to stay and "swim". Wayne knew that Jason had been looking forward to his date with Terri, and also knew that his desire was more motivated by his hormones than his head. He was doing his best to convince Terri to leave with him, but Terri was quite convincing in her own way.

She continued to move her hips against his groin, all the time talking to him in muted whispers and smiling sexily at him. When he seemed to still hesitate, Terri moved to plan "B", and Wayne crept closer, being very careful not to make a sound.

Leaning back slightly, Terri reached between them and undid the sash around her beach robe. Then stepping back a pace, she opened her robe, placing her hands on her hips and smiling. Wayne could hear the groan that escaped from Jason's lips, and his own cock gave a lurch, pressing against his swim trunks.

"I promise you'll be able to see these better here than in your car..." Terri teased, smiling as Jason's eyes washed over her body. She looked fantastic in a tiny off-white bikini that encased and showed her tits to perfection. The sides of her globes were exposed, as was a generous amount of cleavage. Actually the top was nothing more than two small triangles made of very thin cotton. The bottom was of the same material...a single small triangle of cotton that barely covered her pussy. Neither Wayne nor Jason could see the back of it, but Wayne was quite familiar with the suit. In fact Jenny had worn it just last week, at a pool party with two other couples they often played with. Jenny had raised three raging hard-on's that night when she turned to show off the tiny white thong that ran between her ass cheeks.

By the end of that evening, the three couples were engaged in various forms of sexual activity, and Wayne was as proud as he had ever been as he saw the eyes of the other two men fixed on his wife's firm ass.

That type of "soft swinging", having sex with others around, but not actually sharing partners, had been a part of their sex life for almost a year, and had always been enough to satisfy them. Tonight though, Wayne wondered. Jenny's heated comments about almost sucking Jason off in the upstairs office, made him think that maybe she wanted to take things a step further. And, as he had told her, the thought of watching her suck another man's cock turned him on immensely. Since Terri had expressed her desire to retain her virginity, he knew that things wouldn't go beyond the oral stage, and that suited him fine. He'd already experience Terri's cocksucking talents, and would have liked nothing more than to receive a complete blowjob from her.

As he watched Jason's hands move up to cup Terri's firm breasts, he fantasized about getting a blowjob from Terri as he watched Jenny sucking Jason's cock. His cock throbbed as he imagined the sight of his wife's mouth filling to overflowing with the young man's semen, and he had to physically shake the thought from his mind for fear he would reveal his hiding place. He smiled and turned his attention to the young couple standing in front of him.

Terri was smiling sensually, swaying slightly as Jason toyed with her tits. "Isn't this better than a cramped car...?" Terri whispered to him. Jason only nodded and stepped forward to put his arms around her. Terri laughed and stopped him, though. "Wait a minute..." she said softly. "That's not the only advantage to staying here..." Reaching her hands out, she quickly undid the top button of his pants and deftly pulled the zipper down. Reaching inside, she grasped his hard cock and straightened it out, allowing his pants to fall in a pool by his feet. Grinning wildly, Terri looked down at his shaft as her hands moved up and down it's length.

"I couldn't do this in a car either, could I...?" she whispered, looking up at him. Again, Jason only nodded dumbly.

"Or this...." Terri continued. Slowly moving downward, Terri squatted in front of her young man. His hard cock bobbed just inches from her face. She looked up at him and smiled again, rubbing his shaft lightly over her cheek. Her tongue snaked out, making sexy circles in the air, but not touching his cock. Jason groaned and began to move his hips, sliding his cock over her cheek.

"Wanna stay...?" Terri teased, flicking her tongue against his cockhead. "I'll make it worth your while..."

Again, Wayne heard Jason's groan of agony, then grinned as the boy nodded excitedly. "Good boy..." she said with a grin. Opening her lips, Terri covered Jason's pulsating cockhead with her mouth, sucking him fast and hot, her head moving from side to side as she sucked him into her mouth. She sucked him furiously for just a few minutes, then brought her hands to his asscheeks as she felt his hips begin to move.

Pulling him towards her, she held his shaft in her mouth as she kept her head stationary. Jason responded as much from instinct as anything as he began to fuck her mouth. His hips moved faster and faster, sliding his cock between her lips as she rolled her tongue over his plunging cock. Wayne's hand slipped into his trunks, his fingers curling around his own throbbing hard-on as he watched Terri suck her boyfriend off. There was no pretense in her actions. She wanted Jason to come in her mouth and come fast. And she was doing everything in her power to make that happen.

Wayne couldn't help himself. He opened his trunks and pulled his cock out, stroking it in the night air as he watched Terri suck. Suddenly his heart stopped as he saw Terri turn her head slightly and look directly at him just as Jason let out a low moan and slowly sank his cock deep into Terri's mouth. She choked slightly and her cheeks ballooned as she fought to contain Jason's flow. Wayne's eyes were locked on Terri's but he could still see her throat moving as she swallowed every drop of Jason's shooting cum. Only a small globule escaped her mouth, pooling on her lip and trickling over her chin.

Wayne's hand continued to stroke his cock as he watched Terri swallow her lover's juice. And he almost screamed when he felt the touch of someone's hand on his naked ass. Turning quickly he saw Jenny's grinning face in the shadows next to him. She motioned for him to be silent, then knelt down, opening her mouth wide and sliding one finger sensually over her lower lip. Wayne continued stroking his cock. He was too far gone to stop now and Jenny's invitation drove him over the top. He'd not intended on coming right then, but couldn't hold back.

Turning his hips to face Jenny, he smiled lovingly at her and directed his cockhead towards her open mouth as he continued to jerk himself off. Jenny was smiling with her mouth open. her eyes were focused on Wayne's cockhead as it disappeared, the reappeared in his hand. She could actually see the head swell just before a huge gout of semen erupted from the tip, sailing over the short distance and splashing thickly on her tongue. She merely knelt there, her mouth open, as Wayne jerked himself off into her mouth. She loved the sensual and subservient feel of simply being a receptacle for his masturbation. And, on the other hand, she had always loved the feel and taste of semen in her mouth.

As her mouth filled to the brim of her lips, Jenny simply tilted her head back, letting his cum flow backwards into her throat as Wayne finished his stroking. Then smiling tenderly, and looking into his eyes, she closed her lips and swallowed, showing her throat to her husband as his warm semen slid downward.

As calmly as she'd arrived, Jenny stood and stepped deeper into the shadows, drawing Wayne with her. "that was a nice surprise..." she whispered with a grin. "The perfect appetizer for Chinese food..." She kissed him, pressing her body against his as her tongue slipped deep inside Wayne's mouth. He sucked her tongue, enjoying the taste of the mixture of his own semen and her saliva. He'd grown to love that taste over the years.

She stepped back from their kiss and helped him stuff his cock back into his trunks. Wayne grinned as he watched his wife. She was wearing a black beach robe, making it impossible to see which suit she was wearing, but from the five inch black heels she was wearing, he knew that it was a hot one. That outfit was definitely not made for swimming.

After giving his cock a moment to go down a bit, Wayne took Jenny's arm and walked with her to the patio area. He smiled as he saw Terri and Jason sitting in two of the comfortable loungers, sipping calmly on a cocktail as if nothing at all had just happened. Terri had reaffixed the sash of her robe and was leaning back almost demurely in her chaise lounge. As he approached though, Wayne received a secret, knowing smile from her. She obviously enjoyed showing off for others, and Wayne was amazed at how quickly the young girl fit into their private lifestyle.

"I see you found the drinks...that's good. Tell me, Jason...was Terri able to convince you to reschedule your date?"

Jason looked over at Terri and the two of them smiled at each other. "Uh...yes, Mr...uh...Wayne...Terri's pretty persuasive sometimes. Besides, I agree that it's a great night to be outside. I'm looking forward to using your pool."

Terri placed her hand on top of her boyfriend's and squeezed. Wayne chuckled as he sat down and began some small talk with the boy. They chatted about football and various local sports and all during the conversation, Wayne noticed the boy's eyes stealing occasional glances at Jenny and Terri. Wayne knew that Jason was feeling just what he was...extremely lucky to be in the situation he was in.

Jenny poured drinks for herself and Wayne and moved to sit on the foot of Terri's chair. As the boys talked, Terri and Jenny did the same although it was a bit harder to talk with the boys there. The level of sexual excitement that charged the air like electricity made small talk almost impossible for Jenny. All she wanted to do right then was to feel a long hard cock pumping inside of her. Her mind wandered, fantasizing about Wayne fucking her from behind as she sucked Jason's thick cock into her throat. She remembered the thickness of it as she'd watched Terri suck him off earlier and wondered if she could take the whole thing into her throat. She knew she would love to try, but tonight she was determined to move slow. The last thing she wanted was to scare the shy boy away.

The sound of the doorbell shook her from her reverie, and she smiled as Wayne jumped up to get the food being delivered. After he'd left, she got up and retrieved the pitcher from the table and walked over to freshen everyone's drink. The gin was beginning to have the desired effect, and she was certain that it was effecting Jason and Terri in the same manner.

As she grabbed the pitcher, she snuck a hand to her robe sash, pulling it so that it hung loosely. The front of her robe separated just the right amount as she turned around, and she smiled as she saw Jason's eyes move to her breasts. They stayed there as she leaned over him to fill his glass, and she was sure they were on her ass as she turned to fill Terri's.

Jason felt his cock begin to rise as he saw Jenny turn around and walk towards him. He still wasn't sure what the game was, but he was beginning to get the feeling that something was. And he certainly enjoying the learning process. Jenny's black bikini was at least as tiny as Terri's and his cock lurched as he watched her breasts sway under the fabric as she walked towards him. Her sexy smile added to the moment and he almost groaned out loud as she turned to fill Terri's glass. The black thong of her bikini bottom was hidden between her ass cheeks and as she leaned over Terri her robe rose up, giving him a perfect view of her exposed ass. His cock was tenting the front of his pants and he quickly adjusted it before Jenny stood up straight again and turned towards him.

The three of them toasted to life and then Jenny offered a toast of her pleasure. She smiled at Jason as she raised her glass, and the gleam in her eye made him begin to wonder again just what was going on. It was quite obvious that she was coming on to him. Hell, in the upstairs office, she'd curled her fingers around his cock and probably would have jerked him off...or more... if Wayne hadn't called from downstairs! She'd been very obvious about her playfulness upstairs...and was continuing with it now, in plain view of her husband.

And from the look in Terri's eyes, he thought that she probably was playing along also. As he thought to himself, he looked over at his girlfriend. She was chatting lightly with Jenny, but when their eyes met, she winked and smiled before returning to her conversation. She had let her robe fall open also, and was leaning back with one leg cocked up. She looked incredibly sexy in that bikini, and for just a moment, Jason felt a twinge of jealousy. After all, she was showing off in front of Wayne too! His jealousy melted away almost immediately though, as Jenny looked up and smiled at him.

"So...Jason...are you having fun yet...?" she teased. She leaned back slightly letting her robe part a bit more. Jason looked from her to Terri, then back again as he raised his glass and smiled. The gin was making him just a little braver. He let his eyes drop to Jenny's breasts as he exhaled a deep breath.

"I feel like I'm on an island with the Sports Illustrated models!" he said jovially. He took a long sip of his drink, feeling the gin warm his insides. "I've never sheen two more beautiful women in my life..." His words slurred a bit, and they all laughed, continuing to laugh as Wayne showed up with two large bags of food.

"C'mon...let's eat!" he said with a grin. "Shit, Jason...are you going to be the only one dressed tonight? Run into my closet and grab a pair of trunks while I set this out. We don't allow clothes in the pool!"

Jason stood up with Jenny and Terri. "Here..." she said, "Ill show you where the bathing suits are..." Taking him by the arm, they walked into the house as Terri helped Wayne with the containers of food.

"Thanks for tonight, Wayne..." Terri said as they set the containers around the table. "I'm having a great time. And I think Jason is beginning to loosen up too. The G and T's were a wonderful idea.

Wayne looked at her and grinned. "He seemed pretty loose when I walked in on you earlier..." he teased.

Terri looked at him and grinned. "That was fun having you watch us..." she replied. "I never realized how exciting it was to have someone watch you. That's another thing I want to thank you and Jenny for. You've really opened my eyes today. I mean I knew I always enjoyed it...but this is kind of like...doing it...on purpose....It's a total turn on!"

"Me too, too..." Wayne replied, laying out four plates.

The smell of Jenny's perfume filled Jason's head as they walked to the master bedroom. He was trying his best to retain his control but his cock seemed to have a mind of it's own, rising in his pants as he walked beside Jenny.

Jenny led him to the bedroom and flicked the light on. "The closets over there..." she said, pointing the way. "Pick any suit you want...Wayne has quite a few new ones in there also..." As she explained, Jenny's eyes moved down, and seeing the tent in Jason's trousers, smiled sexily. "I'm sure they'll be the right size..."

Jason saw Jenny's eyes fix on his cock as she spoke, and the last of his inhibitions washed away. After three gin and tonics, he was now enjoying this fully. Walking into the closet, he chose a pair of black cotton boxers and held them up to his waist as he turned to Jenny. She was on the other side of the room, leaning against the doorway, giving no indication that she was leaving. Her robe hung loosely at her sides, and she had one hand on her hip, almost posing for him.

"Think these'll fit....?" he said to her. Again his words slurred slightly and he gave her an embarrassed smile. Jenny smiled back and nodded.

"I'll bet they will...." she purred sexily. "Want some help...or you think you can manage...?"

No...I think I can manage,,," he replied. Jason hesitated, waiting for her to leave, but she stayed where she was, an excited expression on her pretty face. Unsure of the right thing to do, but having to make a quick decision, Jason tossed th trunks on the bed and pulled his shoes off. Seeing Jenny stay where she was, he too a deep breath and undid his pants. He was nervous and almost glad that they were on opposite sides of the bed. His cock was still quite hard and he was a little embarrassed to drop his pants in front of Jenny, but she was obviously not going anywhere and he was sure Wayne and Terri were waiting for him.

Tanking another deep breath, he shrugged his shoulders and let his pants drop, reaching immediately for the suit to cover his cock. Jenny's eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of his cock, and she smiled at his feeble attempts to keep it covered. She watched as he shucked his pants off and slipped his feet into the trunks. He began to pull them up, and for that moment, had to straighten up.

"Wait..." Jenny purred, making him stop. Her eyes were fixed on his hard-on... her tongue poking out to run over her lower lip. She stared at his cock as he stood there, her mind silently sizing him up...wondering again if that thing would fit in her throat.... Finally, she looked up at Jason and smiled as if nothing at all unusual was going on.

"Okay...let's go eat something...I'm famished all of a sudden.... There's a robe on the hook behind the door if you want it."

Grinning, she took one last look at Jason's cock, then turned in the doorway, her heels clicking in the hall as she walked back to the patio. Jason pulled his trunks up, grabbed his robe and followed her. He was still confused as to what was going on, but decided then and there to let his cock do the thinking for the rest of the evening... His face had a drunken buzz grin on it as he walked out to the patio.

* * * * *

Terri and Wayne had already started eating when Jason and Jenny joined them. The four of them dug through the containers with a passion, making small talk and laughing through the half hour it took to put it all away. The evening remained unseasonably warm, in the mid-eighties, through dinner. When they were through, Wayne got a garbage bag, and they all cleared the table, Wayne and Jenny tossing the trash, while Terri and Jason brought the left-over food into the kitchen. Jenny called out to Terri to ask her to make another pitcher of gin and tonic. When they'd left, Wayne took Jenny into his arms, hugging her closely.

"Thanks Wayne...that was great..." she said, moving her body against his. Wayne just smiled, loving the feel of his wife's body and enjoying the glow. "I'm so stuffed!" Jenny laughed, "I don't think I could eat another thing!"

Wayne grinned and stepped back. "Not one other thing...?" he said quietly, holding his robe open. The outline of his semi-hard cock was plainly visible in his trunks. Jenny smiled and stepped forward, letting her fingertips trail along it's length. "I always have room for this...." she purred. "In fact, I was thinking earlier about maybe having two helpings..." She smiled to herself as she felt Wayne's cock growing.

"Really...?" Wayne said comically, "Tell me more..." Jenny smiled at him and cuddled closer. She slipped her fingers under his waistband and curled them around his growing shaft as she explicitly related her earlier fantasy about having him fuck her from behind as she sucked Jason's cock. Her telling was slow, deliberate and erotic. By the time she finished , Wayne's cock was rock hard in her hand, coating her palm with pre-come.

"Do you want to do that tonight...?" Wayne whispered to her, cupping her firm breast. Her could feel her hard nipple poking against his palm. The idea was obviously turning her on greatly. He smiled, wanting to tease her a little bit.

"I think I do..." came Jenny's muffled reply. Her face was still buried in his chest and her hand continued to milk his cock. "We've never gone there....I mean, if you didn't mind...if we agreed.... How do you feel about it...?"

Wayne grinned again. The way his cock was throbbing in her hand should have been a good indication of how he felt, but he understood Jenny's need for reassurance. He kissed the top of her head as he spoke to her.

"I think you can see how I feel..." he chuckled, pushing his cock through Jenny's fingers. He smiled as he felt her squeeze him appreciatively. "I told you earlier that the thought of watching you suck someone off turned me on. It still does..." His fingers stole under her suit, toying with her pussy lips and clit as he related to her his own fantasy of a couple of hours ago....her on her knees, sucking Jason off as Terri sucked his own cock. Of watching her swallow Jason's cum as he filled Terri's mouth....

They were both breathing heavily by the time he was done. Jenny was pushing her wet pussy down onto his probing fingers and she deftly pulled his trunks over his hips, releasing his hard cock. Stepping back, she looked him in the eyes.

"I just want you to know that it's your cock that I crave....I think and dream about...." she was moaning as she spoke, her hips moving against Wayne's fingers. Her hand stroked faster, making a slapping sound as she milked his pre-come out of it. "If you let me suck Jason's cock...I promise I'll suck you off whenever you want...wherever you the car...the your office....wherever....whenever you want I'll suck you off...." She was so hot she was beginning to ramble, making Wayne grin.

"But you do that already, Jenny...." he teased, sliding his fingers deeper inside her. Jenny paused as his words sank in and laughed.

"You are such a pig, Wayne Reed... I guess that's just old hat to you isn't it...?" She put her arm on his shoulder and leaned forward, taking his cock into her mouth. Her tongue made furious circles around the shaft as she took it deep inside, bending her head slightly and sliding him into her throat. She smiled to herself as she heard him groan loudly. She knew for certain that Wayne was not bored with her blow jobs! She pulled her mouth off him slowly, again working her tongue around the shaft as she released him. She stood up, facing him with a sexy smile.

"Then while I'm sucking Jason off..." she whispered, using her fingers again on his cock. "Why don't you fuck my ass...." she smiled as she felt his cock jump. She loved the feel of his cock in her ass, but always used that to tease him. "Mmmmm....I see you'd like want to slide this big cock into my ass hmmmm.....?" She had him and wasn't about to let him go.

"You want to fuck my tight asshole while you watch me suck off a stranger, lover....? Would that turn you on....?" Jenny began to jerk him off faster now...wanting to take him to the brink of shooting...making sure his balls were full when he finally did shoot. She was an expert at this, and knew it.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass, Wayne...Fuck your hard cock in my ass while I suck Jason off in front of you...suck him off and swallow his hot cum while you shoot off in my ass.....Mmmmm...oh that....I'm gonna come....Ooohhh...fuck me with your fingers....oh...FUCK....!!"

Jenny was no longer teasing. She released her grip on Wayne's cock and bent her knees, pulling her suit aside and grinding her pussy against his hand... coming on Wayne's fingers as he pumped them in and out of her cunt. The palm of his hand made wet slapping noises as it moved harshly back and forth. Wayne was grinning as he slapped her pussy. He knew she loved it hard and fast when she came like this and he was more than happy to oblige.

Then, when he felt her peak, he stopped slapping and gently fucked his fingers in and out, feeling her muscles contract and expand against them. Slowly Jenny regained her composure and smiled up at her husband.

"Wow..." she said, releasing a lungful of air.

" sounds like a plan, lover..." Wayne said pulling his hand away and licking her juice from his fingers. Jenny grinned and tucked his cock back into his trunks, squeezing him as she did so. "Sounds like two plans, if I heard correctly." she joked. She patted his hard-on and turned towards the house. "Unless we've lost the lovebirds..."

"Terri and Jason!" Jenny called out. "You got those GT's ready yet??" She continued to absent-mindedly squeeze Wayne's hard-on as they waited for a reply. After just a minute, she heard the sliding door open and saw Jason and Terri coming towards them. She kissed Wayne one last time and went to help Terri with the pitcher and tray.

* * * * *

"'Bout time, girl!" Jenny said to Terri, taking the tray from her and setting it on the table. "I'm just about ready for a swim...."

Terri looked apologetic, and smiled back. "Sorry...we got sidetracked..." she said, winking at Jason.

"Well, I guess it's okay, then..." Jenny teased. "We got into a little "side tracking" of our own..." She ran her hand over Terri's back as she kidded her and could feel the heat underneath. "Let's have an after dinner drink, then maybe go for a dip..."

She poured everyone a fresh drink and walked with Terri to the lounge chairs. Wayne and Jason lingered behind, watching the two girls walk. "You're a lucky man, Jason....Terri's a real beauty..." Wayne said wistfully.

Jason grinned as he watched the two girls sit down and face them. He kind of liked the feeling of talking about his girlfriend with his new friend. "I know I am." he stated simply. "She's a huge turn-on... And so's Jenny. You're pretty lucky yourself to have such a beautiful wife..." He said the last as if testing the waters with Wayne, anxious to hear his reply. He was almost holding his breath before Wayne finally spoke.

"Looks like we're both great judges of women, my friend..." Wayne said, raising his glass to Jason. They clinked glasses and turned their attention back to the girls.

"I have to admit, Wayne...I was a little jealous at the way that Terri was showing off in front of you. But after seeing Jenny in her suit, I figured that I was being a little selfish...

Wayne looked at Jason and smiled. "I understand completely..." he replied, sipping his drink. "I used to get jealous when other guys looked at Jenny...but after a while I realized that it turned me on to see how excited she made them. I also realized that it turned her on at the same time. And, hey...she has a great body...and she likes to show it off... Far be it from me to stifle her desire... especially when they turn me on at the same time." He laughed and clapped Jason on the back.

Jason grinned back at his host, feeling more and more comfortable with the present scene. Wayne was making it obvious that he didn't mind Jason lusting after his wife. That was too cool, he thought. He wondered, though, how Wayne would feel if he knew that Jenny had been playing with his cock earlier. Or, for that matter, how Terri would react if she found out. Still, the gin was making him bold and horny at the same time that Wayne was doing his best to make him feel at ease.

"You're wife has a great body, now that you mention it...." he said kiddingly, "I'll bet she has great tits..." He was speaking dreamily, mixing his fantasies with the reality of the situation. He could feel his cock expanding in his trunks.

Wayne grinned as he felt Jason relaxing. As the two guys focused on the girls, they saw them share a laugh, then slowly remove their robes before settling back into their lounge chairs. They both looked over at Wayne and Jason and giggled before resuming their conversation. Wayne knew what was going on, and smiled as he heard Jason say "whew!"

"You're right about those tits, my friend...and like I said, she likes to show them off.... And from the looks of it Terri enjoys the same thing... I hope you don't get upset if I tell you that your girlfriend is making these trunks a little tight..."

Jason looked over at him, his jealousy momentarily rearing it's head, then relaxed as he realized how he, himself, felt. "I guess not..." he replied. "After all, Jenny is doing the same thing to me. Well, actually both of them are... I've never seen Terri She's been pretty hot today..." His mind wandered, remembering the two blow jobs that Terri had given him earlier, both times letting him come in her mouth. The only other time she'd blown him was at the drive-in, and that time she'd finished by jerking him off. This was a new facet of Terri, and he was loving it! Wayne's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Both of them have been pretty hot today..." he was saying. He paused, wondering if Jason was ready for another step forward. Deciding to go for it, he continued. "As a matter of fact, Jenny gave me a great blow job earlier...just before we joined you guys on the patio." He saw Jason's eyes light up and focus on Jenny. "Damn, she was hot!" he continued, "She told me to come in her mouth...and really made a show of swallowing it all...she was too hot!" He paused again, waiting for Jason to return to reality.

"Did I mention how much she loves to suck cock?", Wayne said nonchalantly. He grinned as Jason choked on his drink and kept up his teasing of the boy. "Guess not...but boy she does... She's the best I've ever had... It's one of her favorite things to do..." He stopped then, letting the mental picture sink into Jason's mind. He smiled and turned to the table, grabbing the pitcher and refreshing both of their drinks.

"Well, let's see if the ladies are ready for another drink, shall we? We've been ignoring them..." He patted Jason on the back and walked towards Jenny and Terri, a huge grin on his face.

"I think I convinced Jason about the fun we might have..." Terri was a low whisper. Both girls were watching the guys watch them as they talked. "I was playing with his cock in the kitchen and asked him if he thought you were sexy. He almost choked! But I got him to admit that he thought you were the hottest woman he'd ever met... next to me, of course..."

"Of course..." Jenny said with a grin, flattered nonetheless by the remark. "They're talking about us, you know..."

"I know..." Terri replied, glancing at the men. "And from the looks of their trunks, they're not talking about hair-style..."

"Uh-huh...I think you're about we step this up a notch? Give 'em something else to talk about..." With that, Jenny leaned forward and removed her robe. Terri followed her lead, tossing her robe onto the chair next to her and leaning back into her chair. She saw both men smile and grinned back at them.

"I think they like what they see...." Jenny chuckled. "Look how hard their cocks are...God, I love it... Does it turn you on to be watched like this? It's so hot!"

"I guess I do..." Terri replied thoughtfully. "I mean I never did it like this before, and I'm hotter than hell right now. The other times was just letting my girlfriend watch Jason and I in the backseat at the drive-in...."

"Did you ever watch her and her boyfriend?" Jenny asked, obviously enjoying where this was going.

"Oh, yeah..." Terri answered. "I loved that...we both did... In fact, she was the first girl I ever watched give a blow job. Jason was finger-fucking me in the front seat and I watched her suck him off. I must have come a hundred times that night! She made him come right in her mouth and she grinned at me when she swallowed his cum. We talked about that night for the rest of the week, and I told her that it was my turn that next Saturday. That night, Jason and I took the backseat and I sucked him off while she watched from the front. It was so fucking hot!"

Jenny smiled and nodded. "'s a turn-on, alright... Was that the first time you sucked someone off?"

Terri smiled back and shook her head. "No...I've been doing it for a while before I met Jason. But I knew that it was something that he craved. I could tell by the way he acted whenever we watched x-rated movies together. His cock would start to jump around whenever there was a girl on the screen sucking some guy off. I held back for a long time. I guess, 'cause I like to tease him. Give him something to look forward to...I really like him and want to hang on to him. I'm not ready to give my cherry up and that was the only thing we hadn't done. I'd tease him by telling him that someday I was going to suck him off...and he was always satisfied with me jerking him off with my hands.

"Actually, tonight was the first time I made him come in my mouth. At the drive-in, I ended up jerking him off. I think he liked coming on my tits, though... He stayed hard, and I ended up jerking him off again on the way home...." Terri was getting turned on by her reminiscing. She squirmed in her seat as she spoke to Jenny, and Jenny smiled with a knowing look.

"I know what you mean about the teasing..." she said, turning slightly and facing Terri. "Wayne knows that I love to suck his cock, and will do him whenever and wherever he wants. And he fucks my pussy almost every night. What I tease him with is my ass..." She grinned as Terri eyes opened wide.

"You let him fuck you there....God! He's so big...!"

Jenny grinned and nodded. "Yeah...I love it! Almost as much as sucking him off...." Leaning forward and whispering in Terri's ear, she shared her conversation with her husband she'd had earlier, including her fantasy about sucking Jason off while Wayne fucked her ass.. When she finished, she leaned back awaiting Terri's reaction.

Terri was obviously flushed from Jenny's pornographic description of her fantasy. Her breathing was labored as her eyes went from Jenny to the two men watching them.

"Would you mind...?" Jenny asked softly. "Would it bother you to watch me suck Jason's cock...?"

Terri took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She shook her head as she stared open-eyed at Jenny. "No...god, not at all...I think I'd love to see you suck Jason's cock..." She squeezed her thighs together as a shiver ran through her pussy. "And watch Wayne fuck you in the ass....damn....yeah!"

Jenny grinned with pleasure and leaned over to hug Terri tightly. She felt a tingle of desire as her hand brushed against Terri's breast. "I have another fantasy..." Jenny began to say, but Terri stopped her.

"It'll have to come the boys...."

As Jason and Wayne approached, they were swaying slightly, and both were grinning broadly. Moving between the girls, Wayne poured each of them a fresh drink and stepped back beside Jason. Both of their hard-ons were plainly obvious to the girls.

"So what have you boys been talking about...?" Jenny teased, her eyes moving from crotch to crotch. She was through with being subtle. The gin was making her desire to fuck burn inside of her and she wanted to speed things up as quickly as possible. Her eyes locked on Jason's, then deliberately moved to his bulging trunks. Parting her lips, she ran her tongue around them, making them glisten. Then she returned her eyes to his.

"I hope you haven't been talking about us..." she teased, looking over the top of her glass as she took a sip. "That would be so unfair if we couldn't defend ourselves...I'm sure Wayne was telling you all sorts of lies, Jason...."

"Actually..." Wayne interrupted, "We were simply admiring you ladies from afar, and discussing your many charms..." he said with a bow. "And we thought it was time to admire you both from up close..."

"Well, do you like what you see up close...?" Jenny teased, pulling her shoulders back and pushing her breasts against the thin fabric of her suit. Terri grinned and followed Jenny's lead, loving the way two sets of eyes wandered over them.

"Up close is much better..." Jason rasped. "Much better..." His eyes danced across the two girls and he melted as he saw Jenny staring at his cock through his trunks. He thought of Wayne 's description of her love for cocksucking and imagined her full lips running up and down his shaft. Still picturing this, he stared as Jenny stood up from her chair.

"I think we need a swim...." she breathed, walking up to him. His eyes dropped to her tits, making her smile, and she turned to Terri. "Join me?" Terri grinned and slowly got up from her chair, very aware of the eys upon her. She stepped over to Jenny and linked arms with her.

"Why don't you come with us, guys..." she breathed. "Just walk this way...."

Jenny and Terri walked over to the pool, with Jason and Wayne following four steps behind them, their eyes fixed on the naked asscheeks of the two girls. Reaching the edge of the pool, both girls turned around. Jenny walked up to Wayne, grinning. Opening his robe, she pulled it off his shoulders and tossed it aside, pressing her body against his.

"Now you Jason...can't swim with a robe on...." She smiled at him as he removed his robe. "Much better up close..." she teased, staring at his trunks. She cupped Wayne's asscheeks, pulling him close as she ground her pussy against his cock, then abruptly turned and dove into the pool. The other's watched until she surfaced, then all three dove in after her, yelling and laughing.

The four of them swam around for a bit, getting used to the cooler water temperature. The mood was sexual and frisky as they played....hands groping and grasping as they swam by one another. But when Jason "accidentally" pulled the string to Jenny's bikini top, things definitely turned warmer.

Jenny looked at him and grinned. She was in the shallow end of the pool and placing her feet on the bottom, stood up and stared at him. Her tits were half in and half out of the water. The top to her suit floated in front of her with the neck strap still tied. The effect was very erotic as the waved moved the top back and forth, every once in a while revealing a naked breast and very erect nipple.

"So I guess this is war..." she laughed, reaching up to untie the neck strap. Her top floated away as she immersed herself in the water again. She dove underwater, swimming madly towards Jason as he laughingly tried to move away. He didn't try very hard, though, and they both emerged from the water laughing and wrestling. Jason was doing his best to grab the string tie of her bottoms as Jenny hooked her thumbs into his trunks and tried to pull them down.

Wayne floated at the edge of the pool as he watched Jason and Jenny wrestle in the water. He was immensely turned on by the vision of his wife playing with another man. So turned on, that he'd actually forgotten about Terri for a moment. Until, that is, he felt her swim up behind him. He sighed as he felt her push her body up against his back.

"This could get interesting..." Terri whispered in his ear. Wayne nodded and continued to watch the pair in front of him. Jason had managed to undo one side of her string ties, and was working on the other when Jenny manged to pull away.. She quickly swam behind him and pull his trunks halfway down his hips. She cried out, and wrapped her legs around his thighs as she raised one hand in victory. Jason reached back and grasped the second string tie, undoing it quickly.

It seemed then, that the wrestling slowed in it's intensity. Both of them treaded water, making feeble attempts at escape. Wayne watched with growing lust as Jenny's hand stole around Jason's waist and worked it's way past the elastic band, slipping inside to curl around his cock. Then suddenly, she dropped under the surface, and used both hands to pull his trunks all the way down. When she surfaced, she crowed triumphantly, holding Jason's trunks aloft like a trophy. Throwing them onto the pool deck, she turned back to Jason, a sexy smile of victory on her face. He grinned back, very happy to have lost this battle, but as Jenny slowly swam towards him, he seemed unsure of how to continue.

His eyes moved from Jenny and over to Terri and Wayne. His mind was whirling with dozens of different scenarios. His cock was fully erect from his wrestling with Jenny, and he was very turned on by the sight of this naked beauty moving towards him. But Terri and Wayne were just ten feet away, watching him. And although he wasn't so naive to think that this was all innocent fun, his experience level also didn't allow him too much comfort. He need a moment to think...

Leaving the edge of the pool, he back paddled slowly away from Jenny as she reached him. She smiled and followed him, letting him keep a distance of a couple feet. Her eyes were bright with excitement as she thought about what was next on her agenda. And each time that Jason used his arms to back paddle, his hips raised upwards, giving her enticing glimpses of his long, thick cock just below the surface. Circling to the right, she sort of steered Jason in the direction of Wayne and Terri and grinned as Terri silently swam up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, stopping him.

"Nice way to be chased, huh..." Terri said, helping him to tread water. Jason looked back at her and grinned. "Yeah it is..." he laughed. "And a nice way to be caught, too..."

Jenny swam up to them and both girls pressed their bodies against him, laughing and teasing him. Wayne stayed by the edge of the pool, one arm draped on the tile and a huge grin on his face. The whole scene was making his heart pound in his chest. Jason laughed and played along as both girls kicked their feet to stay afloat and ran their hands over his body. Both of them had a hand on his cock, stroking it, and Wayne saw them share a glance of communication as only women can do. They began swimming slowly towards the shallow end of the pool, maneuvering Jason backwards until his butt gently hit the steps.

He looked surprised for just a moment, then he grinned lustfully as Terri began to slide over his body, rubbing her tits over his chest and moving up until her face was level with his. Her tongue snaked out, licking wetly over his lips and chin, then sliding deep into his mouth. Jason's hand moved over her wet hair as he kissed her passionately, then over her back. He cupped her ass, squeezing her cheeks as she moved against him.

Jenny was half floating in the shallow water, watching them with a lusty look in her eyes. Her hand continued to grip Jason's hard cock, stroking it up and down...occasionally lifting it above the surface and looking longingly at it.

Finally, Terri broke their kiss and moved her face away from his. "I told you you'd enjoy swimming..." she teased. "While you were inside, I told Jenny that you probably wouldn't mind it if she played around a little bit..." Jenny looked at him and smiled.

"I came out to the patio when Terri was sucking your cock..." she said softly, stroking him slowly. "I think you already know that I like to watch..." Jenny squeezed him gently before continuing. "Anyway...I asked Terri if she'd mind showing me your big cock a little closer... Is that okay with you...?" she teased.

Jason couldn't believe that this was happening to him. His girlfriend was lying next to him, half naked in her bikini, and smiling as a gorgeous stranger stroked his cock. It was straight out of a movie. A very, very good movie! He smiled and shook his head, then reached behind Terri, finding the string to her top and pulling out. She smiled and sat up in the water, letting the fabric fall away from her breasts. Wayne had disappeared from view, making him rethink his situation.

"Is Wayne okay with this....?" he whispered to Terri. She smiled reassuringly and nodded. "He's very okay with it, lover." she said quietly.

Actually Wayne had slipped away and run upstairs for the video camera. He was setting it up beside the three of them and smiled to himself as he heard Jason's concern.

"Wayne likes to watch also..." Jenny said in a throaty voice. "And from what Terri's told me, the two of you do also..."

Terri grinned at him as he looked questioningly at her. "I told her about how turned on we got watching Cindi and Tom in the backseat. And how exciting it was when we knew they were watching us..." Jason nodded with understanding. It was something they never really talked about, but it was definitely true. And he knew that Cindi and Tom also enjoyed it. That's what began the unspoken rule of taking turns in the backseat on every other date. His nod of realization was very similar to Terri's earlier when Jenny and Wayne had opened her eyes.

Terri smiled and nodded, then motioned for Jason to move higher on the steps. Jenny released her hold on his cock, floating two steps lower as he sat on the cool tile. Terri slid lower into the pool, floating beside Jenny as both girls ran their eyes over Jason's jutting hard-on.

"Now watch this..." Terri whispered. Like a fish rising from the water to take the bait, Terri raised herself until her face hovered over Jason's cock. Right on cue, Jenny tilted his shaft straight up as Terri's open lips descended to capture her prize. Jason moaned long and low as Terri's lips moved lower and lower onto his cock.

Jason had certainly fantasized about having sex with two beautiful women, as most men have, but had never in his wildest dreams thought it would ever really happen. He'd spent many hours dreaming of Terri and Cindi alternating their tongues on his cock, but it had simply been a fantasy. He'd never even mentioned it to Terri, although he felt she instinctively knew. Hell...before today, Terri had only given him a blow job once before.

Now, here he was, lying naked on his back, as Terri sucked his cock and another beautiful women stroked his cock as it slid in and out of his girlfriend's mouth! He was in absolute heaven. So much so, that he had to concentrate harder than he had ever done not to come from just the thought of what was happening to him!

Terri was sucking him passionately as Jenny stroked his cock. He watched in amazement, wondering if Jenny would join her. Was he finally going to feel two tongues licking his cock? Two mouths sucking him? He had to close his eyes and think about something else just to get his mind off the thought. If he shot off now, he'd never get to find out how far they were going to take this.

Jenny's face was only inches from Jason's cock, her eyes focused on it as it slipped wetly in and out of Terri's mouth. A movement over Terri's shoulder made her look up and she saw Wayne setting up the video camera at the side of the pool. She smiled at him as he stood up, his hard-on tenting the fabric of his suit, and walked slowly over to the naked trio. Standing on the first step of the pool, he grinned as Jenny reached her hand out, grasping his cock through his suit, then pulling down on the leg. He decided to help her, so as to allow her to retain her grip on Jason, and slowly pulled his trunks down and stepped out of them. Then, moving two steps lower into the pool, he pushed his hips toward his wife as she raised herself up on her free arm. Smiling at him, she opened her mouth and moved her head forward, running her tongue wildly over Wayne's cockhead before drawing it inside her mouth. Continuing to stroke Jason's cock, she held her head still, letting Wayne fuck her mouth with slow, even strokes.

Jenny could see Jason watching her as she sucked her husband's cock. She looked deeply into his eyes as she made a show of it, taking Wayne's cock deep into her mouth, then pulling slowly away, letting Wayne's wet cock pop free and slide over her lips. Releasing her grip on Jason's shaft, she knelt on the next step up, feeling her nipples harden in the cooling night air. Taking Wayne's throbbing cock in her hand, she turned her body towards Jason, giving him an excellent view of her nakedness as she rubbed Wayne's hard-on over her lips and face. Jason groaned as he watched this gorgeous near-stranger play with her husband's cock in front of him. Combined with the soft feel of Terri's sucking mouth, the image was more intense than he'd ever felt.

Smiling and winking at Jason, Jenny captured Wayne's cock between her lips and moved her head forward as he pushed his hips to meet her. She saw Jason's eyes widen as he watched Wayne's huge cock slide almost effortlessly into her throat. She stopped only when the thick long cock was completely buried in her mouth, and winked at Jason again, making him grin.

Terri continued to suck Jason's cock, but was also watching the action in front of her. She felt Jason's shaft expand between her lips as he watched Jenny deep throat her husband, and felt he was ready for the next step in her plan. Pulling her lips from his cock, she stroked him gently as she watched Jenny tease Wayne with her mouth.

"Let's move out of the pool..." she suggested. "Those exercise mats look pretty inviting..." Jason nodded and sat up, but his eyes were riveted on Jenny's face. He'd never watched another woman suck a cock so close to him, nor with such delight and enthusiasm. The turn on was as intense as he'd ever felt.

Terri saw his fascination and smiled to herself. Jason was definitely hooked on the scene unfolding in front of him! Moving up to sit beside him, she moved between him and the others, but leaning back so as not to obstruct his view. Her hand returned to his cock, stroking him slowly as they both watched Jenny perform. And when Jenny slowly slid her lips off Wayne's cock and tipped the shaft towards Terri, she didn't hesitate. Still stroking Jason, she leaned to the side and took Wayne's huge cockhead into her mouth, running her tongue over it wetly as she sucked him inside.

She felt Jason's cock expand in her hand as she began to suck Wayne, her head bobbing and tilting as she took him deeper. Wayne sighed as Terri sucked with a passion, and groaned as he felt Jenny's tongue run over his balls and lower shaft. Then suddenly, Terri released his cock from her mouth and stood up.

"I need something soft...let's move to the mats..." she said, taking Jason by the hand. He turned to her, then, looking up at her glistening body. Terri smiled at him and pulled the string that held her tiny bikini bottom in place. Jason sucked in a huge lungful of air as the bottom fell away, exposing her closely trimmed pussy to him for the first time. The only other times he'd been fortunate enough to see her pussy was in his car, and that was in half-light, at best.

Seeing her standing naked in front of him now, made his blood boil. Grinning at his response, Terri walked over to the mats and sat down, motioning for him to follow. As if in a trance, Jason stood and walked over to her, his cock jutting out in front of him. He saw Terri staring at his cock, her tongue making wet circles around her lips. But when he moved to sit beside her, she stopped him, by reaching up and curling her fingers around his hard shaft.

Without saying a word, she knelt in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. She began to suck him slowly, making loud slurping noises, and turned her eyes to Jenny, sending her a telepathic message to join them. She saw Jenny whisper something to Wayne, then stand and slowly walk over to the mats.

She walked up to Jason and kissed him sexually, moving her tongue in and out of his mouth. She smiled as she felt his hands move to her firm tits, squeezing and teasing her nipples. She broke their kiss and looked into his eyes as her hands covered his.

"Do you like my tits...?" she teased, "Do you like feeling my tits while Terri sucks your hard cock....?" Jason tried to smile, but couldn't. He nodded silently, his eyes glazed with lust. At this rate, he knew he wasn't going to last very long. Jenny knew this, too. She'd made enough men come to know when they were ready to shoot. Nonetheless, she continued her teasing talk.

"You liked watching Terri suck my husband's cock, didn't you...?" Again Jason could only nod. "I knew that... I liked watching her too... We're all peas from the same pod, Jason..." She stepped back slightly, opening a sight line between them. "Watch her suck your cock, Jason....see how much she loves wet her lips are..."

Both of them watched Terri's mouth moving up and down Jason's cock. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at them. She was incredibly excited, but continued to suck Jason slowly, wanting to make this moment last as long as possible. She could taste and feel his pre-come as it poured over her tongue. Releasing Jason's cock, she extended her tongue, letting the others see the pool of pre-come on her tongue as she rubbed Jason's cock over her lips and face. She felt as if she was performing for an audience, which indeed she was., and she was loving it. Turning her gaze, she could see Wayne standing beside them, stroking his own cock as he watched the trio. She smiled and resumed her cocksucking.

"She loves to suck your cock, Jason... She's a natural-born cocksucker..." Terri thrilled at Jenny's pornographic talk. She resumed her sucking with a vengeance, showing off for her audience... She took Jason's cock into her mouth as far as she could, then pulled away, rubbing him over her lips and face until they shone with a wet luminescence. Jenny grinned and kissed Jason hotly.

"I am too, you know..." she panted, "A natural born cocksucker, that is.... I love sucking a hard cock...fucking it with my mouth...making it shoot...swallowing all that love the feel of a hard cock shooting off in my mouth...." She smiled to herself as Jason groaned out loud. She saw his hips begin to move, fucking his cock into Terri's mouth, and knew she had to act quickly.

"Do you want to come in my mouth, Jason...? Do you want to watch me swallow your hot cum...?" She grinned when he couldn't respond. His entire being was focused on his cock now. Exactly where she wanted it. He groaned again as he felt her sliding down his body.

Jenny knelt beside Terri and smiled at her. Terri pulled her shining, swollen lips from Jason's cock and offered it to Jenny. She looked up at Jason as Jenny's lips parted and moved over his cockhead. His eyes were wide as he watched Jenny suck him. She leaned forward, running her wet tongue over his balls as Jenny set to her task. Her eyes were just centimeters from Jenny's lips and she watched with growing passion as Jenny took more and more of Jason's cock into her mouth. Both girls were curious as to whether Jenny could Take Jason's thick cock into her throat. And Terri's anticipation grew as she saw Jenny hesitate and pause, signaling the fact that Jason's cockhead was at the entrance...

Terri watched, trying to learn as much as she could, as Jenny pulled back slightly, then pushed her face forward. Terri held her breath as Jenny's lips moved steadily lower on Jason's shaft. Then the three of them groaned in unison as Jason's hard cock bent slightly and slid deep into Jenny's throat.

Jason almost screamed as he felt his cock pass into Jenny's hot throat. His hips began to pump involuntarily against her face as she held him deep. He could feel her muscles milking him, almost as if she was jerking him off with her throat. He felt the cum boiling in his balls and his cock expanded.

Jenny could feel his impending orgasm, but had to pull back in order to breath. She pulled her lips off his shaft, panting heavily. A long, thick strand of saliva and pre-come extended between his cockhead and her mouth before breaking off and spilling wetly over her lips and chest. She laughed and leaned forward, ready to take him deep again, when Jason's cock erupted in her hand.

Both girls squealed with surprise as Jason shot a huge river of semen over their lips and faces. Jenny responded first, closing her lips over his cockhead as he fired another huge blast into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure, sucking passionately as his third full blast filled her mouth, then pulled away, keeping the semen in her mouth as she offered Jason's cock to Terri.

Terri didn't hesitate. She closed her lips over Jason's cockhead just as he let go with another full load. She sucked wildly, trying to milk every drop of semen from his balls as his orgasm waned. Smiling around his cock, she looked up at her boyfriend and swallowed his cum, feeling his cock buck in her mouth as he watched her.

Jenny turned to Wayne and grinned as she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out, showing him the large pool of semen she held in her mouth. She saw his eyes glaze over with lust as he masturbated in front of her, and smiled again as she closed her lips. Tilting her head back slightly, she offered him a view of her throat and she let the thick semen pour over her tongue and into her throat. She sighed as the heady aroma of Jason's semen filled her senses. The texture of his cum was slightly thicker than Wayne's and tasted slightly different, making it wildly exciting for her.

This was the first time since they'd been married that Jenny had swallowed another man's cum and she was savoring every drop of it. Prior to marrying Wayne, she'd been almost promiscuous with her cocksucking, loving the feel of a cock expanding in her mouth, then flooding it with semen. Every cock she sucked off, she unconsciously compared the taste and texture of the semen, taking great pride in the fact that she often remembered specific dates simply from the taste of the guy's cum.

That was one of the reason's she'd fallen for Wayne. His cum was the sweetest she'd ever tasted and she'd never in her life met a man who came as much as he did. And as often. During the first year of their courtship, Jenny had sucked Wayne off as often as she could, often to the point of preclusion of "regular" sex, and sometimes as many as six or seven times a day. Each and every time, his ejaculation was as thick and full as if he'd waited for days to come. They both decided it was a match made in heaven...

All these thoughts passed through Jenny's mind in seconds as she slowly swallowed Jason's cum. This boy was definitely a very close second to Wayne. Certainly in the category of amount. Her face was covered with cum, her mouth was full, and that didn't take into consideration the amount that Terri was currently sucking from his cock! This boy was definitely a contender in her history book...

Jenny smiled at Wayne as she finished swallowing, then turned back to Terri, leaning forward and joining her as she licked the last vestiges of semen from Jason's cock and balls. Then moving closer still, she began to lick the semen from Terri's face. Terri moaned and returned the favor, licking and sucking Jenny's cheeks, chin and lips, laving the cum away and swallowing it. When they'd gotten every last bit, both girls sat back and looked up at Jason. His legs were beginning to shake slightly as the realization of what had just occurred washed over him like a tidal wave.

"Did you enjoy that, lover....?" Terri teased, massaging the wetness on her face into her skin.

Jason was staring at the two of them, his mouth open and his eyes still wild. Then the light in his eyes grew and he grinned like a canary eating cat. "Wow!" he said in a raspy voice, Damn! I!' The girls giggled with delight as he stammered. "That was incredible...I've never...I...uh...I'm sorry I came all over your just happened..." His voice held some concern, but Jenny only grinned sexily.

"Obviously you don't know me very well...." she said throatily, running her tongue over her lips. Jason sighed and amazingly felt his cock grow a bit, as he took in her words. "Maybe Wayne will demonstrate for me..." she breathed looking over at her husband.

Wayne grinned as Jenny lay on her back...motioning with one finger for him to come to her. He knew what she wanted, and he was more than willing to oblige. His balls were so full right then that he felt he was going to explode. He watched her cup her tits with her hands as he straddled her body. Leaning forward, he licked the valley between them, coating them with his saliva before leaning back and placing his raging hard-on between them.

"Oh," Jenny panted, "You know what I want, don't you... oh, yeah....slide that big cock between my tits....fuck my tits, baby...Mmmmm....." Wayne groaned as Jenny pushed her tits against his cock, and he started to slide it back and forth. Jenny had perfect tits for fucking. Just large enough and so firm that it felt like a cunt when he tit-fucked her. And, as always, it was her wanton enjoyment of the act that turned him on the most. She'd never made any bones about her love for watching him come like this. Or of her love for his cum on her tits and face. He fucked her slowly as she continued to talk like a slut...urging him to fuck her shoot his cum on her tits and face...Damn, he loved this woman!

Jason sat down beside Terri, fondling her tits as they watched Wayne and Jenny. Terri was stroking his half-hard cock, almost absentmindedly, as she listened to Jenny urge Wayne on. The words were definitely a turn on for all of them, but Terri was amazed at what they did for Wayne. His eyes were bright and open, and he had an almost maniacal grin on his face.

They were having a noticeable effect on Jason too. Terri felt his cock slowly grow in her hand, and she increased her stroking until he was fully hard again. She looked up at him and smiled.

"That's turning you on, isn't it...?" she whispered. "Listen to her beg him to come on her face....her tits...I'll bet you'd like me to do that, wouldn't you...beg you to fuck my tits and come on my face....Mmmmm...I lie that too, Jason..." She leaned over and took his hard cock into her mouth, sucking him deeply before pulling off and returning her attention to Wayne and Jenny. She could tell that he was going to come soon. Jenny's tits were covered with pre-come as Wayne fucked his cock between them. Terri began to jerk Jason off as they watched, moving her hand faster and faster on his cock. She leaned back against him, holding his cock close to her chest as she worked him.

"Come on my tits..." she whispered as her eyes locked on Wayne's cock. It seemed twice it's former size as it slid out from Jenny's tits then disappeared again. He was panting heavily and his flushed face dripped sweat onto Jenny's tits. Suddenly he groaned like an animal and raised up slightly. Jenny squealed and let go of her tits. She wrapped her hand around his cock and raised her face as his first blast of semen erupted. She yelled with delight as it rained thickly over her lower face and her mouth opened wide as she jerked him off into her mouth and over her face and tits. Again and again he fired, amazing even Jenny with his ejaculation. She felt as if she was swimming in semen, his flow was so great.

Pushing her hand away, Wayne grasped his own cock, jerking it off in her face... He stared at Jenny's face, loving the way this wanton woman took his cum. Then, feeling his orgasm coming to an end, he leaned forward, sliding his cock between her lips and fucking her mouth as the last streams of cum poured into her mouth. He continued to fuck her mouth slowly as his cock began to deflate. The two of them stared into each other's eyes with a look of pure love and lust.

Beside them, Terri was stroking Jason's cock furiously as Wayne began to shoot. She watched in fascination as Wayne's thick semen coated Jenny's tits and face. "Come for me..." she repeated over and over, "Come on my tits...shoot your hot cum on my tits..." Then she felt Jason's cock grow in her hand as they watched Wayne slide his still spurting cock into his wife's mouth. And, for the first time in their relationship, she didn't watch Jason's cock as he began to come. She stared at Wayne and Jenny as she felt Jason's hot cum spray over her tits. It was totally exciting for her to feel him come again and again as she watched the other couple. She continued to jerk him off as Wayne slowly pulled his cock from Jenny's mouth and collapsed beside her on the mat. Only then did Terri look down at Jason's cock.

Her hand and chest were covered with semen. He had finished coming, but Terri, pressed his cock against her tits, rubbing the cum into her chest as she slowly stroked him. The sensation was wonderful for her and they both simply basked in the glow, neither of them saying a word.

Finally, Jenny looked over her shoulder at them and grinned. She'd let Wayne's semen pool on her neck and face, and she looked incredibly sexy. Her grin widened as she focused on Terri's cum-smeared tits and chest.

"I think you and I could use a dip in the pool, girl..." she said with a laugh.

"And I could use a drink..." Wayne replied.

Terri laughed and jumped to her feet, pulling Jason up with her. "It must be the Chinese food..." Jason said, seeming a bit dazed. They all laughed and stood up on creaky legs. Terri walked over to Jenny and hugged her, delighting in the feel of the slippery cum as they rubbed their tits together.

"Mmmmm....this feels good..." Terri said softly, pressing her tits against Jenny's. Her hands stole lower, cupping Jenny's asscheeks as she smiled at her friend.

"Looks pretty good, too...." Wayne and Jason said in unison, as if they'd rehearsed it. Everybody cracked up laughing and Jenny winked at Terri, then looked at the boys with a sexy grin.

"Gee, Terri...maybe we'll have to put on a show for the boys a little later..." she said, her hand moving up to cup Terri's breast. Terri moved her hips sensually against Jenny's, her mind already fantasizing.

"Only if you think it'll get them up and going again..." Terri said with overdramatic sexiness. Jenny looked over Terri's shoulder, then turned her around.

"I think it's working already..." she whispered, turning her gaze to Jason's crotch. His cock was already standing at half mast, and his eyes were growing warm with rekindled lust. The girls looked over at Wayne to see the same result happening to his cock.

"Well", said Jenny, "I can see three good reasons for considering that thought..." Her eyes ran over Terri's body, and her tongue moved over her lips. "But I still want a dip and a drink!" She kissed Terri's lips quickly and turned, diving headlong into the pool. Terri turned to the guys, and raised her eyebrows like Groucho Marx. Then she dove into the pool after Jenny.

"This just gets better and better, my friend..." mused Wayne with a grin. The evening was turning out entirely different from what he'd thought. But only in a most exciting way. The two men laughed and dove into the pool after the girls.

The four of them swam for a few minutes, then climbed from the pool, exchanging heated looks as they dried themselves off. The evening was getting rapidly cooler and the dip in the pool accentuated the effect. When they walked back to the patio table, Jenny and Terri both put their robes on, shivering slightly. Wayne and Jason soon followed suit as Jenny poured their drinks from the pitcher.

"Maybe we should move the party inside, folks." Jenny suggested. "I'd hate for anything to cool this party down..." Everyone readily agreed and began to gather up their glasses and such. Jenny walked back to the pool and picked up the video camera and tripod.

As Wayne watched Terri and Jason walk towards the house, he felt Jenny sidle up next to him. "Thanks, lover..." she whispered to him. "I'm having a too?" Wayne nodded and grinned. "Time of my life." he said, kissing her pouting lips. Jenny smiled at the fire in his eyes.

"You liked watching me suck him, didn't you?" she said, looking directly into his eyes. Wayne smiled and nodded. "Almost as much as you enjoyed swallowing him...You liked sucking him off...I could see it in your eyes when he came..."

"It's been a long time since I've tasted another guy... You didn't mind?" Jenny asked, truly concerned.

Wayne laughed and hugged her. "Mind?! Damn, saw my cock...I was hard as a rock! I don't know if I'm ready to let you "stray" very often...but seeing the pleasure in your face as you sucked him off turned me on more than I've been in months...after all, your mouth is one of the things that first got me interested in marrying you..."

Jenny smiled, reassured that Wayne was okay with everything. She hugged him tighter, letting her hand sneak between the folds of his robe to curl around his cock. She smiled again as she felt how hard he was already.

"Well, just so you know..." she said walking with him to the house. "I'll never love sucking a cock as much as I love sucking yours..." She stopped and looked at him seriously. "And I promise never to suck another cock when your not watching"

"Deal..." Wayne replied, putting his arm around her and walking inside. "Let's have that drink and see what's on T.V...."

Jenny smiled knowingly and handed him the camcorder. She had a feeling that the night was still quite young....

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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