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Testing The Waters
by Anon

First let me say that I am happily married and have been for thirty years. However, lately with surfing the net my curiosity has risen as far as having some sexual contact with members of the same sex.

This morning was my first contact and I must say I am even more intrigued. I got up early and left for work so I would have about an hour and a half to mess around. I went to one of the all night stores where they sell all kinds of erotic things and have the video booths in the back. I found a booth with a couple of holes in the wall adjoining the booth next to it. I was able to watch my video clips and also watch whoever was next to me as they jacked off. One guy stood up and came towards the hole and proceeded to cum on the floor on his side of the wall. I moved my hand around in front of the hole hoping he would see and put his dick through the hole. Remember, I don't really know what I am doing. Several guys came and went without doing much.

Another guy came and he was jacking off on his side and I was jacking off on my side. I finally got tired of waiting and pulled my pants up and was preparing to leave when all of a sudden the head of a dick just partially came though the hole. I surprised myself by reaching out and touching it. He pushed it in further so that the head and maybe a quarter of and inch was on my side. I once again surprised myself by bending down and licking on it. I put my mouth around it and tongued it and sucked on it. He moved it in a little further but I couldn't get much in my mouth. I sucked on it for a little bit and then proceeded to jack him off with what little was coming through. Pretty soon I quit and he pulled it back through and left. Almost immediately someone tried to open the door to my booth. I didn't know what to do so I waited a few minutes before I left. There were a lot of men standing around in the hallway and all kind of looked at me. Being new to this I was somewhat embarrassed not knowing who it was and if he was there he knew who I was by my coming out the door.

I plan on going back during my lunch hour and see what happens next. I was hoping to feel and maybe even suck on a dick and did. I was really hoping someone would suck on mine and maybe they will at lunchtime. What do you call that, a nooner?

By the way, this guy's dick was a lot bigger around than mine. I don't know if it was stubby or if he just didn't stick it through as far as possible. I really want a dick further in my mouth so I can suck on it the way I have been reading about on the net. I would even consider having a dick up my butt if it isn't too large like the one I saw this morning.

Wish me luck!!!!.
Another Fine Story by Anon.

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