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Thru the Window
by Crista

I wanted to relay this incident which happened to me when I was 19, (I'm 26 now) which totally changed my life and my attitudes toward sex. Until this happened, I had never even thought about being with another girl sexually, it just never occurred to me. After though, I found it difficult to get the idea out of my mind.

I remember it was late May or early June and I had cut my classes that day and stayed home because I had awakened with a pretty bad migraine that morning. Well after three or four Excedrin and a long nap, I woke up a second time a little after 1:00 in the afternoon and felt much better. I was laying in my room at the bottom of the bed watching television. My bed was lengthwise against the wall and there was a window on the wall near the bottom of the bed. The mini-blinds had been closed to keep the sun out while my head pounded, but now that the migraine was gone I decided to let some light in. I turned the valence slightly looking outside and noticed that our next door neighbor Maria was sunbathing in her backyard. My room was on the second floor so I was looking down at her.

Maria was about 35 at the time, about average height and build. She had short dark hair and I would guess b-cup breasts. She always seemed to me to be pretty conservative, married with two kids. She was wearing a blue, one-piece bathing suit, cut kind of high on the sides and there were two buttons at the top which were opened allowing her cleavage to get some sun. Maria was reading a paperback book.

I didn't pay too much attention at first, and diverted my attention back to Days of Our Lives but I did look back down at her from time to time. At one point I noticed that while she read, she was lightly stroking her thigh with her nails. It was just one of those casual, unconscious things that we all do so it didn't keep my attention for very long so it was back to the TV.

When I looked out again at the next commercial she was still doing it, and this time the motions seemed more deliberate; she was grazing her thigh in an up and down motion from her knee to just where her suit started, while still reading. This time I didn't turn my attention back to the TV; something about this caressing seemed too intentional. Was the book she was reading that good? Fortunately, when I had opened the blinds I had turned them up so that it allowed light in, but so it didn't flood the room. This allowed me to look down at her yard, without her being able to notice me.

She kept this movement up for a while, but it became very obvious that it wasn't casual anymore because the scratching became a little more...intense I guess is the word. She was also now moving to her inner thigh, same movements from the knee, but now when she finished the motion up she was lightly grazing her pussy over her suit. I should note that Maria's yard is fenced in with a very high privacy fence; actually the only vantage point into her yard was my window and I guess because nobody is usually home at my house during the day, she felt there was no way she would be noticed.

I should also note that for a second or two I thought of turning away and not looking at her, but there was this very strange feeling inside me, one of intense nervous excitement. It worried me a bit because though I had felt it before, it had never been because of another woman, and it had never been either this nervous or this exciting before either. I could feel (almost hear) my heart pounding in my chest. It felt very wrong to be looking, but there was no way I could turn away.

I inched closer to the window, up on my knees now, making sure I wouldn't be noticed. Maria was now stroking her stomach, still with her nails, still holding the book. The way she was laying with her head at my end of the yard, gave me the perfect view to look down the length of her body. Again the feelings of guilt hit me, but the nervous excitement continued to rule. When she stroked her breasts through the suit I could see her stomach rising and falling a little faster; my breathing too quickened. This is the moment when I actually realized this nervous excitement of mine was turning into total arousal. Again the guilt and confusion, but I didn't allow those feelings to linger, I'd deal with them later. I started rubbing my own breasts through my T-shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra, so it was only seconds before my nipples hardened. I could see hers as well, pointing through the bathing suit. She stroked her breasts through the suit and then brought her hand up to her cleavage and her fingers disappeared down into the top of the suit as she rubbed her breasts directly, stroking the sides and underneath them.

I followed her lead and reached under my shirt to caress the bottom of my breasts, and lightly scratching the areola, making circles around my nipple. My mouth hung open and my breathing was was Maria's. I could see she too was breathing from her mouth and her stomach heaved up and down.

Soon her hand came out of the top of the suit and she stroked down her body, past her pussy and again rubbed her legs and inner thighs. I had sweatpants on and tried to mimic her motions, but it wasn't the same through the sweats. She was still holding the book, but it was obvious she was no longer concentrating on it. Now her hand for the first time made direct contact with her sex, through the bathing suit. She rubbed her mound with her palm, fingers curling downward. She had opened up her legs with one foot now resting on the ground. God, this was the most exciting thing I'd ever witnessed.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I took off my sweatpants and sat there in just a T-shirt and panties rubbing my pussy hard through the cotton material. I was soaked and I don't recall ever being that turned on before. I was actually feeling light-headed.

Finally she put the book down and her other hand disappeared into the top of her suit again; this time I could see the outline through the suit that she had her nipple between two fingers and she was pinching them. The other hand still rubbing her pussy. Again she guided me and my left hand rubbed by nipples while my right hand worked its way inside my panties and into my soaked pussy. Oh God, my breathing increased, I could hear myself breathing hard...

So was Maria, her mouth was opened and her chest heaved. It was obvious she was close to cumming and at that moment, she pulled the crotch of her suit over to the side and for the first time actually made direct contact with her pussy. That brought me over the edge, I could actually see the dark hair above her pussy and saw her two fingers disappear into herself. I came that very instant, feeling the intense spasms deep inside. Oh my God, it was the BEST!!!

And Maria was cumming the same time!!! Her body tightened and I could tell she was cumming hard, her fingers still inside her pussy. I was so turned on, at that moment I would have given anything in the world to be down there, to be with her to kiss her, to feel...and even taste her wetness. I started to lick my own fingers, the first time I had ever tasted my own pussy. I pretended it was Maria's. God....I wanted it to be Maria's.

I felt guilty about this for a few weeks after the incident, guilty and confused. Was I gay? I avoided any eye contact or words with Maria for about a month afterward. I knew if I talked to her, she would somehow know she had been caught. I did manage to sort out the feelings over time; I just came to accept the fact that I was intrigued and incredibly curious about being with another girl. I started to fantasize about girls and eventually did so without guilt. A few years later I got the chance to actually be with one...That's for another time.

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