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The Unbelievable Part I
by R. West

It started with an innocent conversation... my downward spiral into oblivion began on that spring night when my sister Vanessa came home from school with her friend Sandy. I hid in my favorite spot watching them as they splashed in our above ground pool. I was a pathetic sight... my pants around my ankles watching from the second story window slowly masturbating while looking at their young bodies. I don't try to defend my actions because I know that I am a loser but if you had a sister as hot as Vanessa who had friends as cute as Sandy you would do the same thing. What happened shortly after that day would change my life and mark the end of my spying games.

Vanessa was 18, she had long brown hair, green eyes, and she had inherited a very shapely body from our mother. Having snuck into her room to raid her panty drawer many times I knew that her breasts were 36D. She made me blush whenever she was in the same room and I loved her more than life itself. My sister's friend Sandy was 19 and in my grade in high school. She was just as shapely as my sister with nicely curved hips and breasts that were comparable to my sister's. They had just recently upgraded their swimsuits to two-pieces and I was in heaven... They splashed each other and swam around each other and I slowly stoked myself imagining them nude. I closed my eyes and leaned against a chair trying to envision the feeling of Vanessa's tongue on my cock. I completely forgot about my sister and her friend even when the splashing stopped and their laughter subsided. I was getting close to climaxing when I was shocked back into reality but the sound of my sister's laughter.

"Having fun stoking your meat you perv?", Vanessa said with her hands on her hips.

"I, I'm just... um... " I struggled to get my cock back into my pants and zip up. Frantically I tried to find an explanation.

"you're such a loser..." My sister turned and walked to her room with Sandy giggling behind her.

I was a loser... I just stood there for what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out how I was going to continue living. Sandy would spread what had happened around school and I wouldn't be able to show myself on Monday. Vanessa would probably tell our parents and I would be ostracized from home as well. With a deep feeling on imminent doom I walked slowly to my bedroom, fell onto my bed and prayed for a blood clot in my brain. In the distance I head the front door open, then close a moment later. I kept my eyes closed wondering how long it would be before my parents would get home. I was completely shocked when there was a short knock on my door.

"Brian? Are you in here?", Vanessa asked while peeking around the door as she opened it slightly.

"Yeah, I'm here..." I replied without moving.

"We need to talk bro...", she sat on the edge of my bed.

"I'm sorry sis, I couldn't help myself... please don't tell dad. I promise I won't do it anymore.", I said sitting up. Vanessa was still in her bikini and I couldn't help but stare at her while she talked.

"I didn't mean to laugh at you Brian but it was pretty shocking to see you with your pants down jerking off like that."

"Well, It was pretty shocking to turn as see you behind me..." I meekly replied...

"We need to be more cautious if we don't what people to find out."

"What?!", I raised an eyebrow. "Find out what?"

"About this..." Vanessa reached out and touched my cock through my shorts. I nearly had a heart attack as the blood rushed to my cock. In a flash our lips were together in a passionate kiss and we laid back onto the bed.

"I've wanted you for years sis..." I said in between kisses.

"Shut up and get those clothes off bro." Vanessa replied as she undid the strings on her bikini. I got my first glimpse of her breasts as she pulled the fabric away. I'm sure my eyes must of gone buggy as my gaze was locked on those beautiful globes... my hands fumbled with my zipper and I nearly tore my shirt trying to take it off quickly. Vanessa pulled her bottoms off and sad back down on my bed. When I pulled my boxers off and sat down she was on top of me like an animal in heat. She whispered as she nibbled on my ear, "I want you inside of me bro." I wasn't going to argue with her on that one. My hand spread her soft pussy lips and I slowly rubbed her clit with my index finger. We were kissing as she laid on top on me my fingers probing her crotch.

"Do you like that Vanessa?" I spoke as I slowly plunged my fingers into her cunt.

"Oh yeah bro! I'm getting really wet for you... can you feel it?"

"Sure can! Are you ready for me baby?"

"Do it!"

I maneuvered my very hard cock until the tip was pressing against her opening. She reached back and spread herself so I could get in easier and I began to press my dick into my little sister's pussy. Now I know the standard sentiment at this point is to say that the girl was very tight but my sisters pussy was more like a velvet glove curled around my shaft. It was not easy but with my efforts to enter her and my sister pressing her hips down upon me our bodies merged completely. I was so shocked by the good feeling that I froze hoping that if I didn't move that it would last forever. Vanessa was far less patient and began to hump against pusher her hips against me... I quickly realized what I was there to do and began to work my cock into her tight pussy... our bodies began to move in rhythm. Vanessa letting out small groans as my cock hit the back of her canal... My desperate thrusts were paying off as I felt myself getting close to climax. Vanessa's grunts had turned into small screams as she began to cum. Her muscles clamped down on my cock, which drove me over the edge as well. I came like a shotgun blasting into her pussy with all that I had. Wave after wave of heat hit us as our orgasms subsided and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

To Be Continued...


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