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The Voice
by Jimi Linden

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Jill stared at her reflection thinking it must surely be someone else. The young lady in the mirror staring back at her couldn't possibly be her. That girl was much too pretty and her body had way too many curves in just the right places. Her shoulder length auburn hair was carefully combed and squeaky clean unlike Jill's normal haystack loose mop. She looked for her familiar scratched, scraped and bruised tom-boyish mug but found instead a soft, round almost pixyish cute, young woman's face with mischievous green eyes, a button nose and one very kissable small mouth.

It was the kissable mouth she now anxiously decorated with what she hoped was just the right shade and texture of lipstick to turn Jerry on tonight. She knew she would have to carefully wipe every trace of lip gloss from her face before her father glimpsed it, but now the selection of color and the practice of putting it on just right were worth the risk. Besides, her dad never came into her room without knocking and waiting for an answer, and she could always stall him by saying she wasn't dressed.

Her father, the local sheriff was anything but shy, but he felt that since his daughter was now a young lady, her privacy was mandatory. He was sometimes downright paranoid about his daughter's activities and location, but when she was safe in her room he would never enter without plenty of warning.

When she was not in her room, she was supposed to act like a virtuous angel around the house. She was required to always be properly dressed, didn't dare let out with an unladylike burp or fart, and God forbid she should swear!

Her dad did have provocation though not from Jill. Repeatedly he would tell her mother that no matter what, his little girl was not going to wind up like those little sluts at her school. His officers had caught more than a few of them letting themselves be degraded in the back seats of cars on the lonely county backroads. Therefore, he had laid down the law. No dating except to church and other properly chaperoned functions.

Satisfied with her mouth, she made up her eyes. Funny, her dad had never noticed her eye makeup and she'd been using that since she turned twelve.

Her face decorated to her liking, she stood, slipped her long Tweety bird tee-shirt over her head and stood looking at her naked body in the full length mirror on the back of her bedroom door.

Her breasts still seemed too small, though she'd noticed that most of the girls in gym class really didn't have boobs any bigger than hers. Definitely, she was too skinny although she supposed some folks might call her coltish. Her soft brown bush had filled out nicely and was now quite thick and luxurious. Few girls she noticed had as much hair as she did between her legs, and she was anxious for someone that mattered to discover just how soft and mature she was. Someone like Jerry.

God he was handsome. He had a face like ... like ... like no one else she could think of. His eyebrows were so thick they met in the middle and he could say volumes just by raising them. That's what attracted her to him in the first place she realized, his expressiveness and his humor. He was always laughing about something, but never in a mean way. He was just fun to be with. And God could he kiss.

Both belonged to the same Methodist church and had met at MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship). Nothing happened though until they were assigned to the same study hall at school and struck up a friendship. Then they began sneaking off together at church functions. Jerry was the first to notice that during the worship service, the sunday school area was almost deserted. Since they both sang in the youth choir and it was easy, once the service started, to slip out quietly for a restroom emergency. No one wanted to disturb the service by returning to the choir loft in front of the whole congregation. Most people just quietly came in the back door of the chapel and sat in the rear pews.

Jill and Jerry had slipped instead into one of the unused classrooms and initially just sat and talked while the sermon droned on. Then one day he'd held her hand during a particularly intense discussion. That led to an arm around the shoulder, followed by a kiss when she broke down and cried. After the first contact there had been no pretense of talking, they'd just necked like crazy every Sunday.

So far that was all they had done, just necked. Tonight was going to be different she decided as she looked at her nakedness in the mirror. She wanted Jerry to see her nude body and she wanted to see his. Particularly she wanted to see his dick. Jill was no stranger to the male anatomy as she had been babysitting for years. The way she felt though was that she'd seen a lot of little peters, now she wanted to see a real dick.

Just the thought brought a wetness to her crotch. In sex education class at school there had been pictures and discussions about the human female sex organs. Amid many giggles and titters, the girls had been able to ask a few questions of Mrs. Horner. Most of the girls had been too shy to ask their teacher specific questions though, because she was so old. No one could imagine her ever having had sex. Mrs. Horner had to be fifty if she was a day, and she had grown-up kids of her own. Jill supposed that she had had sex at one time, unless the kids were adopted. God, she wondered if her teacher was still married. Even if she was, she was probably too old for sex anymore though.

Jill had come home from that class and thoroughly investigated herself with a mirror and her fingers. That was when she first discovered her clitoris and her wetness. She dearly loved to stroke two fingers up and down her clit until she was dripping wet, just like she was doing now. She sat down on the rug, put her heels on both sides of the mirror, thought about Jerry's dick and fondled herself until she came with a slimy gush. Tonight was going to be great.


This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Jimi Linden.

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