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The Voice
by Jimi Linden

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Chapter 3 - DECEPTION

Rhonda was just perfect. She had called Jill's mom and asked if Jill could spend the night. After many assurances that Rhonda's parents wouldn't mind, both Jill's mom and dad had agreed. Of course her dad had to take her over to Rhonda's house and make sure the parents would be home. OF COURSE! He could be so embarrassing at times.

Immediately after supper the girls asked if they could go to the mall for a little while. Rhonda's parents seemed more than anxious to say yes and Jill wondered if they had something they wanted to do while the girls were gone. Probably just some TV they wanted to watch.

The mall was always so boring. Rhonda looked at lingerie in Victoria's Secret for a while, but the hostile attitude of the sales girl finally drove her off. Jill suggested a bit of ice cream to kill the time so they ate sundaes and drooled over the boys passing by.

Finally at seven o'clock Rhonda's boyfriend got off work and they all headed out to the parking lot.

Mark and Rhonda climbed into the back of Mark's car while Jill sat up front and fiddled with the radio. She could hear slushing sounds coming from the back seat and readjusted the mirror to watch. Neither Rhonda or Mark seemed aware of her at all and, as she watched, he slid his hand up Rhonda's skirt. Rhonda responded by spreading her legs wide and moaning loudly. Jill was so turned on by this display that she too was dripping wet, and her nipples were so hard they actually hurt.

Mark had unbuttoned Rhonda's blouse and unfastened her bra. Now he was leaning down to nurse her naked nipples while his hand was doing indefinable noisy things up her skirt.

The mirror was just not giving her a good enough view so Jill turned around and faced the back seat. Mark immediately jerked his hand from Rhonda's thighs and tried to close her blouse. Jill said "Oh God! Don't stop! Please don't stop. I'm going to cum just watching you guys!"

Rhonda grabbed Mark's hand and reinserted it where it had been while Jill rubbed herself to a grinding climax. Before he could protest, she pulled his lips to hers and kissed away any objections. Jill's orgasm was so intense she almost fainted. Rhonda came also as much from watching Jill as from Mark's administrations. She looked at Jill and asked "Are you ready for Jerry now?"

"Oh shit! Am I ever! If he was here right now I'd fuck him right here in front of you two."

"Well then watch sweetie" breathed Rhonda "cause that's what we're about to do right in front of you!" So saying she climbed astraddle of Mark and guided him into her.

Jill couldn't believe what she was seeing. They were actually fucking right in front of her. Not only didn't they seem to care that she was watching; it seemed to be making them hotter. Mark kept looking at Jill as he slammed into Rhonda and Rhonda kept asking things like "Is she watching? Can she really see what we're doing? Pull my skirt up so she can see you going in and out!" Then a little louder "Can you see him going in and out of my pussy?"

"Yeah, I can see! Wow, he's really stuffing you full. God, I can't wait to do that!" moaned Jill. Then leaning over the seat, she said, "I've just got to touch. OK?" and so saying she reached out and cupped Mark's balls in her hand. She could feel him tighten as he thrust upward into Rhonda. Lifting his delicate testicles with each stroke felt like she was actually feeding him into the now sloppy wet orifice of her friend.

"Jesus! What are you doing? " Rhonda panted, "It feels like he just got bigger and long, long, longer!"

At that moment Mark exploded into Rhonda and then, with a gasp, fell back against the seat saying, "Holy shit, what a feeling. I've never cum that hard before! I think I shot a full quart!"

Rhonda turned around to look at Jill who immediately pulled her hand back into the front seat. "Oh God Rhonda," Jill said. "I'm sorry. I just got carried away watching you two."

"Sorry!? Sorry doesn't cut it" Rhonda hissed. "You just played with my boyfriends dick!"

Again, Jill could only mumble "I'm sorry. Actually it was his balls!"

"Well you should be" Rhonda started to scold, but then couldn't keep her face straight. Laughing she exclaimed, "That was the most fantastic sex we've ever had. What'd you do? Wait! Before you answer I want you to promise me you'll do it again sometime"

Hardly believing her ears Jill blushed and murmured "I just squeezed his balls a little bit. Yeah! I'd like to do that again. I damn near came in my pants just watching you two."

Rhonda turned around and kissed Jerry long and hard. "You liked that, huh? I've never seen you that goddamn horny before". Then they both climbed back into the front seat with Jill.

Leaning across Rhonda, Mark put his hand up Jill's skirt without asking and felt the wet crotch of her panties. Jill was startled but really didn't mind a bit. She rather wished he would do more because his few quick strokes against her furry crack felt really great.

Mark observed as he returned to his place in the car, "I wish I could be a little mouse in the corner tonight when you and Jerry get it on". "I'll bet he's going to be surprised. But I ain't gonna warn him he's got a wildcat on his hands and you better get ready cause here he comes now."

Jerry's metallic green and gold Cutlass wheeled into the lot and pulled in a few spaces down from where the three were parked. Jill jumped out of the car, waved a sexy wiggle to the other two with her rear and ran to catch Jerry before he went into the mall.


This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Jimi Linden.

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