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The Voice
by Jimi Linden

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Chapter 4 - THE LANE

"Did you have trouble getting out tonight?" Jerry asked as they drove away from town. "I'm not going to get stopped by one of your dads Gestapo guys and wind up spending the night in jail am I?" he joked.

"He knows I'm over at Rhonda's and her parents know we're at the mall. So long as we make it back to the mall before they close at midnight it'll be clean" Jill answered as she cuddled closer to him.

Jerry was surprised at how tightly she was hanging on to him. He was trying not to get turned on but Jill kept pressing her tits tighter and tighter against his arm. Finally he pulled his arm free and put it behind her, across the back of the seat. This proved to be a mistake because now she was pressing into the softness his ribs instead of the hard muscle of his arm.



"Would you do something kinda naughty if I asked you to?"

Jerry wasn't just sure how to answer a question so broad but stumbled out with "Sure. You know I'd do anything for you. What do you want?"

Stretching out across the seat Jill put her head in Jerry's lap and said, "Touch my breasts, just a little bit, please".

Jerry wasn't sure what "a little bit" meant, but he began to gently knead the two soft mounds next to him on the seat. Jill, in turn, began to rub her head against his crotch and stroked his chest with her hand as he drove.

Much too soon they arrived at the barricade gate Jerry had modified and he was forced to pull away while he went about the business of opening and closing the gate. He drove down the old deserted country lane about a mile and parked under some overhanging trees. The spot was perfect. No one could see them from any road or house even if they turned on the dome lights.

Jerry wasn't sure why Jill was letting him play with her tits tonight, but God, he wasn't going to question the reason, just so long as she didn't ask him to stop. He cupped one lovely globe in his hand, squeezed and rubbed with his thumb while kissing her willing mouth. She was responding with her tongue like she never had before.

Jill had never been as hot as she was tonight. She knew she wouldn't even try to say "No" if Jerry really tried to go too far. After what she'd witnessed with Rhonda and Mark, Jill knew what she wanted, but she was afraid Jerry might not want the same thing. She really wanted to get fucked, then her "precious virginity" would be gone and they could really begin to have some fun.

Some of the other girls, who were already into sex, were always telling her about how much fun it was. Well tonight she had seen a first hand demonstration. It was fantastic.

Right now though, Jerry was mashing her boob so hard it hurt. She definitely didn't want him to stop, but she wished she knew how to tell him to be more gentle. All that really mattered though was that he was doing what she wanted him to do to her nipples. Their mouths were so far open, as they locked tongues, that both their cheeks were pulled painfully wide and their jaws ached from the strain.

Their bodies swayed against each other causing the car to rock on its springs. Jill was glad now she had let Jerry lay the seats back; otherwise they'd be cramped between the dashboard and the floor. They finally drew apart for air and to relax their mouths.

When Jerry looked at Jill, he noticed that her eyes practically glittered with impish ecstasy.

"What?" he asked. "You look like you're up to something".

Jill couldn't bring herself to just tell him what she wanted so she put her hand between her breast and Jerry's groping paw. "Not so hard" she said. "Rub me, don't crush me like a rubber ball."

Jerry quickly pulled both hands away from Jill's mangled mammary causing the top button of her blouse to open. Jill felt it and Jerry saw it, but neither did anything about it for a moment. Then Jerry gently slid his hand beneath the cloth and stroked her bra-covered breast. He could feel the nipple growing with his touch, so he pinched gently and was rewarded as Jill pressed herself harder against his hand.

Nothing had ever felt as good as what was now happening to her, but Jill still wanted more. She was afraid to tell Jerry how she felt and what she was thinking but she needed more! Sensing that Jerry was almost as shy as she was she decided to give him a little encouragement by opening her blouse all the way. That shouldn't be too bold, should it, she asked of her conscience as she undid the buttons. Before she could think of an answer Jerry put both arms around her, under her blouse, and kissed her so deeply she thought she would choke on his tongue. She loved it, and had he but known he could have done anything he wanted to her at that moment.

Yet she was surprised when he unsnapped her bra and before she could react he had cupped both bare breasts in his hands. It felt wonderful!

Jerry was almost as surprised as Jill. He had never unsnapped a girl's brassier before. It worked!

Her tits felt like silk to his fingers. They were both soft and heavy at the same time. The nipples were hard as rocks and felt like they stuck way out. Lifting her bra up and out of his way he examined Jill's bare breasts for the first time. Both were heavy but very firm and stuck straight out from her chest with no sag whatever. The areolas were only about an inch in diameter and her hard nipples were almost as large as the surrounding dark circles. He kissed first one, then the other, then sucked each again, switching back and forth, back and forth, back and forth; never able to satisfy his long held fantasies.

It felt wonderful! She had always known it would be like this but still could hardly believe how good her chest felt. She wanted him to suck harder. She wanted him to suck both at the same time. She wanted...


This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Jimi Linden.

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