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The Voice
by Jimi Linden

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Chapter 6 - FORCED?

The Voice said "Not bad for starters. I'll bet we can make it nice and hard before we're through. Now Jerry, slip Jill's bra the rest of the way off and then help her out of those pretty little panties."

Jill shucked her bra off as Jerry reached to take it. Then she raised her hips from the seat to help him work her panties down.

Reaching in with his wand The Voice stopped Jerry before he could pull Jill's last piece of clothing completely off. Wrapped around her ankles the panties held her feet together. Still using his baton, The Voice pressed first one knee open and then the other until Jill was spread wide before both males. Then he rubbed her crotch with the tip of his magic wand until she began to breathe heavily.

"Time to get those panties out of the way Jerry. You don't need me to show you how do you?" The Voice crooned.

As her panties slipped from her toes Jill opened her legs wide and defiantly asked "Is that what you wanted? To see my pussy? Well take a good look! What's next, are you going to rape me?"

"Very nice. Yes, very very nice! No, my sweet, next you must help poor Jerry join in the fun. Jerry, stretch out with your head on the driver's seat and your legs pointing out this door.

Jill watched as her partner arranged himself as ordered.

"Now Jill, I want you to kneel down with your legs on both sides of Jerry. Very good. Now take his dick in your hand and gently rub it up and down."

All her life Jill had been waiting for this moment it seemed, but this was definitely not how she had pictured it. She stretched Jerry's prick out to its full length and then relaxed it back to its soft mount. Only twice was she able to do this though before it was long and hard it wouldn't relax. Then she ran her hands up and down his shaft and watched his face go from grimace to a pained grin.

"Well done my sweet. Now back up toward the door and take his dick in your mouth. No, no, don't suck, not just yet anyway, just lick it gently at this point. That's it, round and round and every so often push the tip of you tongue into the little opening in the end. Grip it with your lips, not your teeth. That's it, now slide your mouth all the way down (or is that up) his shaft to the hair."

His shaft was warm and hard in her mouth and she could tell she was giving him immense pleasure whether he wanted it or not. She gasped as she felt a hand on her exposed pussy lips and then an exploring finger enter her most private parts.

"Oh, you're going to like this Jerry. Jill's tight as a drum and wet as a waterfall. That's right, I've got my finger in your girlfriend getting her ready for you. Is he about to explode, Jill?"

Jill could only mumble around the monstrous erection in her mouth, but she managed to say, "I don't know. He sure is long and hard though."

"Well we'll just have to take a short break. Turn your head and watch for a minute".

A hand appeared just inside the car with a small, square foil packet. "Here Jill, open this rubber and put it on Jerry."

"I don't know how. I don't want to hurt him"

"Oh you'll not hurt him, I promise. Just tear the foil open and then roll the condom down his dick. That's it. See how nicely it's rolled and ready for use. Wrap your boyfriend's dick in it, all the way down. Good"

"Now stroke him some more with you hand until the rubber is tight against his prick."

Suddenly as Jill stroked she felt something enter her pulsing vagina. Before she could jerk away it was withdrawn and she felt a warm wetness inside. "What ..." she began.

"Nothing to be afraid of. That was a small plastic tube containing a spermicide. A female contraceptive. Now you are doubly protected from getting pregnant. So, climb astraddle, slip that nice long shaft into your nice wet opening and FUCK!"

Never had she felt anything so exciting as Jill followed her orders. Jerry was by now very hard and very long and Jill was doubly wet. His dick slipped completely in without the slightest resistance and Jill began to move up and down on his shaft.

Jerry for his part couldn't lay still and had to follow her crotch each time it lifted from his body.

After a surprisingly few stokes, and much before Jill was ready, Jerry filled the balloon of his rubber almost to bursting. Jill continued to stroke up and down but to no avail as Jerry withered back to nothingness.

Just as Jill was about to cry out and complain, The Voice said, "Now my dear, you must help him rise again to the occasion. Gently roll the condom from his dick and then suckle his shaft some more. I assure you it will reward you a with second cumming."

Jerry winced as Jill pulled several hairs along with the now spent rubber. He could only lay quietly and enjoy though as she took his tool in her warm mouth and began to lick and stroke again.

As Jill straddled Jerry to excite his manhood to a second rising she felt their attacker fondle her now drenched pussy. She gave no protest as he ran his fingers in and out of her and was not terribly surprised when she recognized the feel of his prick enter her still steaming pussy.

"Oh you're tight!" he said as he slowly stroked in and out. "I knew you were going to enjoy this but I never dreamed how much you'd get into it."

He reached around and massaged both nipples with his thumbs and Jill felt herself letting go. She didn't really want to give him the satisfaction of making her cum, but she couldn't stop herself. She began to clamp down on his shaft so tightly her muscles actually quivered and then she suddenly sent a gush of fluid shooting from deep within her cunt. Yes, her cunt! Not her vagina nor even her pussy, but that had come from her cunt. She suddenly loved that word. She said cunt, cunt, cunt over and over in her mind!

"That was fantastic little one." The Voice said, "It came from deep inside didn't it? Where did you feel it, my love?"

Before she could stop herself, Jill pulled Jerry's dick from her mouth and screamed "It came from my CUNT! Way up inside my CUNT! I want to do it again!"

"Well we certainly wouldn't want to disappoint, now would we?" soothed The Voice as he continued to stroke. "Is Jerry about ready again? I hope so, because I just shot my load up inside you and I'll be soft in just a moment."

Instead of answering aloud, Jill simply pulled away from The Voice's pumping imposition and mounted Jerry's rigid shaft. They exercised their new talents again until both collapsed from exhaustion.

"I hope you're satisfied now", Jill eventually snapped at The Voice. "I don't know about Jerry, but I'm too tired to do anything more. And I stink!"

Jerry affirmed her statement by saying, "Yeah, man. I couldn't get it up again with popsicle splints! Can we put our clothes back on and go home now?"

They waited several seconds before they realized there was no one to answer their pleas for they were all alone in the dark with their nakedness and memories.

This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

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