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The Visitor
by itsinuse

Scott loved living out in the country. He had bought the old farmhouse a couple of years ago and had just about finished the remodeling projects he had wanted done.... Actually, the house was warm and inviting. A place where you could relax and get away from all the pressures of day to day life. It was Friday evening and the beginning of a long weekend. That was always nice having several days off to do things that he really enjoyed or just being able to kick back and watch the corn grow...

This particular evening however, his plans for the weekend were rapidly being changed. A freak winter storm was blowing in and frigid temperatures would prevail until Wednesday according to the weather report. "Just my luck" Scott muttered to himself as he clicked off the television.... "Four days off and I will have to be stuck inside because of the snow." With this disappointing news, he began to build a fire. That always made him feel somewhat better, the den had a huge fireplace on one end and complete with the bear rug in front of the hearth... and the fire always added a rosy warm glow to the room..

Once the fire was burning, he fixed himself a drink and planned to spend some time on ICQ when he heard a knock at the door. Wondering who in the world could be out there in that storm as he made his way to the front of the house..... There before him was a young woman, wet, shivering with cold huddled against the door frame.... "Please excuse my intrusion, but my car slipped off in the ditch a ways back and I have been walking for quite a while..." she said. He immediately let her in, and told her they would have to get her into something dry before she got sick.... There was a bathroom close to the front door and Scott told her he would be right back with something for her to put on.

Racing up the stairs, his mind was replaying her looks. Petite, shapely, from what he could see under her coat. Long darkish hair and big blue eyes. In the master bath, he picked up a robe for her to put on while her clothes dried. Back down the stairs in a flash, he got just a glimpse of her stepping into the shower. Calling out to him, she said, "I hope you don't mind me taking a hot shower, but I am just about frozen" Mesmerized by the stolen look, he just shook his head in agreement, and then realized that she wouldn't be able to hear a head shake and told her to help herself..... Leaving the robe, he went into the den and fixed himself another drink and poured her one as well.

In a few minutes, she entered the den, and immediately went to the fireplace. Taking the drink Scott offered her she sat down on the rug and fanned her hair out behind her to dry. She began to tell him how nasty the weather was turning outside and how she wound up on his doorstep. Scott could help studying her features as she talked. Her hair he noticed wasn't that dark as it began to dry. Her name was Misty and she was from Florida.

Wanting to make sure she was comfortable, Scott offered her some dinner, and they decided to eat in front of the fire. During dinner, the wind was howling threateningly outside and they could see the snow falling thickly as well. "I am really glad I found your house before it got really bad out there," Misty said with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Once they had finished eating, she poured them both another drink and brought the bottle with her as well. Sitting there on the rug, they soon found that they had a lot in common. Laughter was in the air as they exchanged road trip stories, jokes and people they had met on the internet...

The evening continued comfortably in front of the fire, and drinks were flowing freely as well. Misty leaned back a bit and was looking at Scott. She liked what she saw, and with the intimate surroundings her mind began to drift towards sensual thoughts. Scott had been studying her as well, his mind having long since turned to sensual fantasies... Her long blonde hair framed her face and hung down her back.... The robe was open at little at the top, just enough to give him a glimpse of her breasts whenever she moved. He also couldn't help but noticed that the way she was leaning back now that he could almost see her crotch. Not quite, but the sight of her long shapely legs were making him feel quite warm.

So caught up in his thoughts, he didn't hear her last remark, and when she touched his shoulder, he realized that he had been very very deep in thought about those incredible legs. He had been looking at the fire again to keep from blatantly staring at her. When he turned to look at her, he realized the robe was open slightly, but enough for him to see her breasts, down her flat, firm stomach and just a peek of her mound... Knowing he was staring with his mouth open, she opened the robe further and then let it drop in a heap around her feet. The only source of light in the den was coming from the fireplace and it cast a golden glow on her body.

She dropped to her knees right beside him and began to rub her nipples, asking him if he could give her some assistance. He couldn't believe the luck he was having. She had an incredible body with perky breasts and nipples that were already hardened nubs and her mound was covered with light blonde hair so fair and fine that he could see her lips just peeking out at him. Her enormous blue eyes had a pleading look in them, when she brushed her nipple against his lips. As he sucked her nipple into his mouth, she placed herself in his lap facing him. The heat radiating from her pussy was extreme. Scott could feel her hands in his hair, stroking his head as he feasted on her gorgeous breasts... Her pussy was so wet that he could feel his pants getting damp while she was rubbing herself against him.... But every time he tried to leave her breasts, she would guide his head right back to them.....

"We have all night, so there is no need to rush things, Scott." His fingers did make their way to her cunt and began to stroke her. He could tell she was enjoying herself very much and then to his surprise, Misty stood up which put her cunt right at mouth level for him... But her hands kept him from getting close enough to touch her pussy lips... All he could do, was savor her aroma of her arousal. He could also get a very good look as well. Her pussy came closer to his lips and then brushed against them..... "Lick me Scott" and her hands guided him even closer to her..... As his tongue slid against her outer lips, he could hear the intake of breath and felt her body stiffen in anticipation. Excited as well, his tongue probed deeper into the folds of flesh, savoring her juices. When he found her clit, it was already swollen and peeking out from its protective hood. Begging to be kissed. Sucking it into his mouth, Scott grazed it a couple of times with his teeth, and then circling it over and over with his tongue.

Misty pulled herself away from him and laid down on the rug..... with her legs spread wide, he could see all of her cunt. It was glistening with her wetness and his saliva... "I want you to make me cum with your mouth first, Scott" she murmured..... Still clothed, Scott buried his face between those luscious thighs and began to excite her.... At first, he just let his breath caress her lips and the sensitive flesh on the inside of her thighs. Knowing she was already hot and excited, this inflamed the passion fires of them both. Then he teasingly, let his tongue lightly lick the outer lips before delving further into the folds. Blowing on her engorged clit, made her moan and writhe in pleasure...... then he finally let his tongue lick the slit of her cunt.... This made her cry out with extreme desire and need. She began to lift and buck her hips trying to get his tongue inside her hot wet hole.... But Scott was enjoying her cunt to much to hurry... he was going to make her remember the night of the storm....

Misty couldn't believe her luck. Finding a man out in the middle of nowhere that could eat pussy like this? It was just fantastic, she could feel her orgasm building and getting closer. She could feel him opening her pussy lips and sucking her clit into his mouth...... between the feel of his hot tongue and the little nips with his teeth, she was going over the edge in a big way. The white hot pleasure waves began crashing down and all over her body, starting at her clit. At that very moment, there seemed to be nothing around but her clit and his mouth..... once she came back to coherent thought, she sat up and began to undress him. Eager to see and touch all of him and of course to give him back the pleasure he had just given her. Excitement was thick in the room as she began unzipping his jeans while he removed his shirt..

Once she had him free of his clothing, Misty took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Precum was glistening on the tip. She bent down and lightly licked the tip tasting him. Then she began letting her long silky hair tease his cock and balls while she stroked him... Soon Scott could feel her hot wet tongue lapping at his balls, and then sucking one into her mouth and then the other one.... This really had an affect on him.... Then that hot tongue started flicking its way up the length of his shaft really driving him crazy. Once at the head, she took her time, sucking it, and circling it with her tongue....... Scott's breathing was beginning to get rapid as she suddenly went down on his cock.... He could feel her lips at the base! Then her tongue stretched out and licked his balls a bit, while she was stroking them. Feeling the tightness of her throat around his cock, he thought he would cum right then and there, but she began pumping his cock with her mouth...... He was fascinated with the expertise in her deep throat abilities..... His balls began to tighten with the warm familiar feel of an orgasm on its way..... Misty could feel it too and began to increase the tempo of her sucking and when he began to cum she took him all the way down and began milking his cock with her throat muscles... She was pleased with the way he just seemed to cum and cum and cum some more.... Afterwards she took great pleasure in licking every drop of his cream of the head of his cock.

Still nude, she poured both of them a drink and began to rub herself against him, enticing him to fuck her..... Scott could see her breasts in the firelight and wanted to lick those luscious globes again..... Pulling her closer to him, he began to lick and tease her nipples.. Misty pressed them into his face in such a way that it was hard for him to breathe, but he continued his oral assault on those perfectly shaped globes with their hardened nubs.... in doing so, he could feel himself getting hard again and she began to stroke and tease him to his full length..... "Fuck me, Scott" was all she could say..... begging and pleading to be filled with his cock.... "I want to fill me with your cock..." and then she pulled away and got on her hands and knees with her pussy and ass facing him.... His cock was very hard and when it jumped it thumped his belly. She was a sight to behold.... Ass and glistening wet pussy right there with in reach..... she started backing up to him, telling him how much she wanted him to fuck her.... But first, he wanted to get in a few more licks especially with the easy access he had to all of her now.

As his tongue began its journey over her slit she tensed a bit and began to moan and groan.... Grabbing her hips, he began to tongue her hot hole. She began to buck and grinding her hips against his mouth..... and constantly begging him to fuck her .... When Scott thought she had begged enough, he began to rub his cock on her slit, making her squirm and plead with him even more...... Finally, he couldn't take it any longer either, he drove his cock deep within her. He was shocked at how tight and hot she was. The silky smoothness of her pussy was closed all around him the muscles gripping as he slowly eased back until just the tip was still inside before sliding back into her. Grabbing her shoulders his pace quickened as he began grinding his hips against her ass....harder and harder as he impaled her over and over again...... She was moaning a lot now and her pussy began to pulse around his cock, and clamping down even tighter...... Scott began to feel his own cum squirting deep within her pussy and continued to pump into her......

Finally both of them spent and relaxed, they laid together on the rug, watching the fire and getting their breathing to normal again...... and thinking of the next round of play.


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