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The Video Arcade Pt. II
by The Hare

To recap briefly, Sara and I visited an adult bookstore and went in the back to view videos in the arcade. Having neglected to lock the door, a man opened the door, saw us, and then entered the next booth. Sara and I had just spent the night at a club with gorgeous female dancers. Sara has always had a fantasy of making it with another woman. Me, I simply have fantasies about Sara and others while I watch. We left the club frustrated having been unsuccessful at getting one of the dancers to go back with us to the hotel. The surprise of the man opening our booth door immediately sparked an idea in me. I went next door talked to the man, and satisfied he was not a creep, invited him to our booth where we proceeded to treat Sara's breasts to the attention they deserved. After awhile we told Bob, that was his name, that we were considering inviting him back to the hotel. We were going to leave, and he should give us five minutes to talk it over. If we were still in the parking lot when he came out chances were he was going to get lucky. Now, to pick up the rest of the story...

Sara and I went out to the parking lot and talked about the possibilities, dangers, and whether she was attracted to the guy. She stated her attraction wasn't real strong, but that he seemed OK. We had long talked about including another man and this seemed like a good opportunity. Soon, Bob came out and got in his pickup. I got out of the car and went over and talked with him again. Still a little nervous about the whole thing, I questioned him some more about his ability to do only what he was asked to do and that he understood, NO MEANS NO! He agreed and I told him to follow us to the hotel, park, give us a few minutes, and I would be out to get him.

Sara and I entered our room. We decided the leather look was sexy and she would stay clothed for the time being. One thing Sara likes though, is to be blindfolded. She likes that because it allows her to concentrate on all the feelings she experiences from unknown hands caressing her body and allowing her body to bring her pleasure. I tied a black scarf around her eyes, kissed her, told her I loved her, and then went to get Bob.

Upon entering the room, we found Sara sitting on the bed. I went over and took her by the hand and faced her towards Bob and told her to say hello. Then I started to untie the front of her vest and let it fall open revealing her breasts. The effect was way different than it was in the darkened booth. You could see the delight on Bob's face. Then I unzipped her leather skirt and let it fall to the floor revealing her black garter belt, stockings, and panties. Still in her boots, she looked very sexy and her shallow breathing indicated she was also getting excited. I told Bob to slip off her vest and he kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples as he did so. Sara suggested he get undressed and as he was doing so, she sat back on the bed. Not wanting to unhook her garter belt to remove her panties, I took my pocket knife and cut a large whole in the crotch of her panties. Basically, I presented Sara's most intimate parts to our new found friend for his enjoyment.

By then Bob was undressed. I handed him a condom and he put it on then laid down on the bed next to Sara and started kissing and nuzzling her neck and breasts again. Her nipples resumed their previous "strawberries on a sundae" proportions. Bob reached down and began to rub Sara between the legs and found her pussy. He remarked about how wet she was, and I said she was always like that. Kissing his way down her belly, he ended up with his head between her legs and began kissing and sucking her. I could tell she was enjoying it by the look on her face, that dreamy far away look she gets when she is allowing her body to do what it will. I bent over her and kissed her lightly and asked her if everything was alright. She responded with a quick nodding of her head, YES! I got the camera and began taking pictures. We wanted to preserve the moment for later enjoyment and to share with friends.

By then Bob had moved into position and took her legs and pushed them back over her and entered her, slowly at first, then all the way. He began a rhythmic stroking and I could tell Sara was off in lala land. Bob was not super endowed, but he was sufficient in length and thickness to give her the "full" feeling she so enjoyed. The sight of his cock entering her pussy through the hole I had cut in her panties was very much a turn on for me as well! Soon he was banging her hard with full force and Sara was responding and pleading to be fucked harder. She could stand it no longer, pushed him off, and got on her knees begging her to fuck her hard from behind. Soon his thighs were slapping against her ass with smacks almost loud enough to make one think she was being spanked. I like watching Sara in this position because it gives me the opportunity to see her tits swinging back and forth in time with the fucking she was getting. Before, all I could do was watch in the mirror. This was a whole new perspective and I wasted no time getting more pictures. The only thing I wished was that I had a camcorder so I could get a video of her in motion. Oh well, next time! Sara was cumming and cumming. Of course, she had been cumming ever since Bob first entered her. She is multi-orgasmic and has told me she is not sure if it is one continuous orgasm, or one building on another. Perhaps some of you ladies reading this can relate.

It wasn't long before Bob stiffened and let out a low throaty growl. He pushed in as far as he could and you could tell he was filling the condom with his white hot sperm. Then Sara did a most surprising thing. She pulled away and turned on her hands and knees to face Bob. She pulled off the condom and quickly took it into her mouth sucking some of his cum into her mouth. Then she grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times, and bent down and took him in her mouth. She voraciously sucked and ran her tongue around his semi-hard cock. But, soon she had it at full hardness again and she proceeded to suck him with a simulated fucking motion. He soon caught on and grabbed her by the hair, another thing she likes, and began fucking her face almost as hard as he had just fucked her pussy. She reached out and grabbed both his ass cheeks with her hands and helped pull him in to her harder and harder. By this time I had taken two packs of Polaroid pictures and had run out of film. That was very unfortunate, because some of the best sights were yet to cum (sorry couldn't resist the pun). Her talents soon had Bob reacting as he did before only with more voice. Growling and telling her to suck his cock. Soon he exploded for the second time and I could see Sara was doing her best to keep up and swallow all she could get. But, as hard as she tried she couldn't and soon driblets of cum escaped the corners of her mouth. Bob was soon flaccid and his legs were weak as well and he stumbled back and sat in the chair. Then Sara did another thing I was wholly unprepared for. She left the bed and came over to me and kissed me very hard on the mouth. There was no mistaking her intent or the different taste. Here I was tasting the cum in my lover's mouth. Cum from another man's cock!

Things then settled down and we talked for awhile. Bob got dressed, thanked us both profusely, and left, a happy man. I was sort of glad he didn't overstay his welcome because I was anxious to talk to Sara to see what she thought about the experience. As we cuddled and kissed I never felt more in love with her than I did at that moment. We went over the details of the evening and we both got excited and I tried to take care of Sara's needs, By the way, did I mention she was insatiable? We began to lay plans for our next adventure. As we fell asleep I also contemplated the thought of her having kissed me with her mouth bathed with another man's cum wondering what was next in store for us.

To Be Continued...


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