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The Very Hot Tub Pt. I
by Weasel

So, anyway, my friends and I were at a party. One of those, "friend of a friend" parties, actually. I had spent the majority of the early evening running all over town to find a place that would fill a keg for a relatively cheap price, and right about now, I was trying to relax and have a good time. I was with my roommate and a couple of our friends that had just moved up from our hometown to go to college here.

Jake, my room mate, was being his usual self, acting the damn fool, and getting way too drunk. I could tell early on that yet again, he would be going home alone. Myself, I was checking out this hot little blonde. She was about 22, thin, with around 34-C's and a nice tight little ass. Through conversation I had learned she was a kindergarten teacher in Dallas, and there was something oh-so dirty and alluring about the idea of fucking the shit out of this little school marm...but alas, shortly there after, in comes her boyfriend (yeah, she could've mentioned that earlier) and they take off to go screw somewhere. Shit. I looked up and saw Jake was having no better luck, as expected.

Just as we were about to give up and move the party elsewhere, in walks these two chicks...Shelle and Lenore. Really, it was weird, but that was their names, ok? Anyway, Shelle and Lenore came in, and the testosterone level in the party shot through the roof. It was funny watching all the frat boys and shit puff up their chests and trip over each other trying to get to them first. But I was already there. As I introduced myself, I knew one of them was going to be mine for the evening. And they both knew it too. Shelle was tall, blonde, pretty tone for a girl of 19. Her tits were nice, at lease a D. She was wearing short shorts, and her thighs were nice and tan. But Lenore....damn. She was shorter, and was of Hispanic descent. She had long black hair, huge friggin firm tits, and the kind of ass that makes you just want to take a bite out of it. She was to be the one with me for the evening.

After introductions were made, and I quickly whisked the ladies away from all the brew-ha of the frat boys in the living room, the asked if I had any weed. "Of course." Said I. The next thing I knew, we were on our way to Shelle's house. It was myself and the girls, and a few of my friends from the party-Tom and his girlfriend Katie, Rick and his girl Mary, and Jake. After smoking a few bowls from Shelles bong, she suggested we all go to the Hot Tub.

Now, I knew what this meant. You get a group of kids ranging from 18-22 years of age all fucked up and throw a hot tub in the mix, there's going to be something cool happening very soon. So we all head out there, and Shelle and Lenore just start stripping. Everyone else follows suit. Within a few minutes, everyone is naked in the hot tub. As Lenore disrobed, I marveled at her. She had the nicest tits I'd seen in a long time. Her Latin color and dark eyes on her tight firm naked body, dripping and glistening in the warm bubbly water was more than I could take, and I got the biggest fucking hard-on. Of course, the water was bubbly, so no one could see. But Lenore sat right next to me and leaned against me, pressing those wonderful tits into my side and whispered in my ear "I'll bet you have a huge cock..."

Now I'm not your typical guy, I'm aware of the Irish curse which has afflicted my people, so I said, "No, not really, but I could eat your pussy like no one has..." With this she moaned softly and slid her hand up my thigh and tickled my balls before wrapping her hand around my dick. She said it was pretty big, but you know chicks, none of them are ever going to say "Man, you were right, that is tiny." Anyway, I looked around and everyone else had paired off as well, even Jake had ended up with Shelle.

At this point, I didn't care who could see what. As Lenore jerked my cock under the bubbly hot water, I reached over and rubbed my hand over her shaven pussy lips. She moaned and leaned closer into me. I rubbed back and forth over the lips a while, gently pulling at them, and finally I separated them and zeroed in on her clit, which stiffened up under my touch...I varied my manipulations, flicking the underside of her little bud lightly and quickly, then giving a little more pressure. After a few minutes of this she started bucking towards my hand in the water and jerking my dick more rapidly, trying not to moan loudly. I kissed her, putting my tongue far into her mouth, which she accepted ferociously, and our tongues did battle for a few moments before I slipped two fingers way into her cunt, the water and her own womanly lubrication allowing me to do so easily. She grasped me close to her, and her thighs and pussy muscles clamped down on me to where I could barely wiggle my fingers around inside her to carry her through her orgasm. After it subsided, she pulled her mouth from mine and giggled. We looked around us and noticed the same thing was going on around us. Rick and Mary were going at it, Tom had Katie up on the side of the tub and was licking her pussy like mad, and even Jake had Shelle riding up and down on his cock.

Not to be out done, Lenore looked at me and grabbed my still hard cock. She straddled me in the hot tub and lowered herself onto my dick, holding her pussy lips apart with her fingers. I leaned my head back as I felt the satiny warmth of her snatch engulf my cock, that mixed with the warm bubbly water was pure ecstasy. She sighed deeply as she sank down until our pubic bones met. She started to ride me up and down, making cute little grunts and squeaks. I attacked her beautiful tits as they bounced in the water before me, grabbing one while sucking the nipple of the other into my mouth and biting it gently. This drove her crazy, as she began to buck even harder in the water, which was starting to have it's own tide it seemed, with all the splashing going on. As she rode me harder, her sounds could not stop.

She didn't care who heard her, and started moaning loudly, and yelling things like "Aye, poppi....I'm fucking you so like my pussy? I love your cock inside my sweet little pussy... I want to make you come inside me, I want to feel your hot cum inside my sweet little cunt...." Needless to say, I was taken aback by this dirty little girl, but I could not hold back with her tight cunt playing miracles around my cock and her dirty talk egging me on...I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks tightly, pulling them apart and playing with her ass hole. She loved this and started to beg me..."Put a finger in my asshole, I want to feel you in there when I come...oh baby, you're making me come....yessssss".. she was screaming as I worked my finger into her asshole, and when she came her whole body tightened around mine.

There was nothing I could do except explode my load deep inside her. She screamed that she could feel it and she came again, screaming loudly. All the other people in the tub were doing the same, too, coming and moaning and screaming and all....when everyone was spent, we all just kinda chilled in the tub. The Lenore suggested we all jump into the pool to cool off...

But that...

is another story.

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