The Best Erotic Stories.

The Visit Pt. I
by Mr. Discreet

My flight had arrived a few minutes late...I rushed through customs, dragging my pack, and scanned the crowd, looking for her red hair in the crowd. Ah, there she was...I watched her face break into a big grin as she recognized me. Pushing through the crowd, we pulled each other close...It had been much too long since we had felt each other.

She lead me out to the parking lot, and to her car. Throwing my luggage into the back, we set off for her home.

I turned, watching her face as she drove.

"I've missed you." My left hand rested on her thigh, gently stroking the fabric of her jeans. "God, I've missed you so much."

She smiled again, blushing a little... "I missed you, too."

The drive to the Marina took only a few minutes. There, I pulled my bag from the backseat, and took her arm, as she escorted me onto her boat.

It was a lovely little home, neatly arranged, and glowing with new paint and wall paper. Overhead, the sky was darkening.

"I think there will be a storm tonight." Louise said.

I grinned. "Good. I've been looking forward to spending a night with you, while the boat rocks."

We stopped and kissed for a while in the first room, my bags falling to the floor.

"Is there anything I can get for you?" she asked. "You must be tired from the trip."

"I am, but I think I would like a shower more than anything else. Airplane air always makes me feel a little dirty. And I'd like to clean up before the storm starts."

I was rewarded with another of her lovely grins.

"Oh?" she asked, "you want a shower already? Want me to scrub your back?"

To answer, I pulled her to me, slipping my hands under her shirt, and kissing her ear. "There's nothing I'd like better, right now, Darling."

We stumbled towards the shower, pulling each others clothes off, and kissing and licking each newly exposed piece of flesh...Louise reached behind her, turning on the water, and letting it get hot, while I lowered my head and nuzzled her breasts. She backed into the shower, leading me.

The sight of the water flowing over her body was incredible. I gently ran my hands over her hips, fingertips brushing across her stomach, then up to cup her breasts, playing in the water running down her.

"Let me wash you."

She handed me the soap, and a cloth, and turned to face the shower faucet. I lathered the soap between my hands, got the cloth sudsy, and began washing her, pressing hard into the muscles of her back.

"Ooooh," She moaned. "that feels so good."

"Yes," I smiled. "you do feel good."

I began sliding my soapy hands under her arms, in sloppy circles, moving slowly towards the front of her body, until I was caressing her breasts again. I pinched at her nipples, while kissing the back of her neck, pressing myself against her.

She moaned, and reached back with her hand to grasp my cock. Sliding her wet hand over it, causing it to grow even larger.

I let my hands wander lower, stroking her stomach, pulling her back against me. Then I slid my left hand lower, lightly running my fingertips through the small amount of hair over her cunt. My right hand moved back up, cupping her breast again, as I nibbled at her earlobe.

She squeezed my cock, causing me to catch my breath. I slipped my left hand lower, seeking her clit, rubbing, then sliding my middle finger along her slit...up and down, stroking softly, letting just the tip of my finger separate her lips.

Her hand on my cock moved faster, pulling me between her legs. As I slide my fingers down, I could feel my cock head rubbing against her cunt...I braced myself against the wall of the shower, bending my knees slightly, and pulled her back, onto me.

Using my fingers to open her, I pressed into her from behind. Louise stood on her toes, groaned, then pressed back...down, onto me...forcing me into her...We stood like this for a moment, enjoying the sensation of the warm water still running over us, my cock throbbing slightly inside her.

Then I started flexing my knees, raising into her, rocking with my back against the wall...lifting her, so that she slide up and down, riding on me. Louise turned her head, leaning back, and we kissed. A wild, passionate kiss, our tongues straining with each other. oh god...With my left hand, I continued rubbing her clit, feeling her move in time with me...then I pulled most of the way out, bit at her neck, and thrust into her, while flicking my thumb faster over her clit. Louise started to tremble.

"Yes, baby," I murmured in her ear. "Let me hear you cum...come on Baby...let me hear you."

"Uhn...uhhnn..." she started shaking faster.

I rolled my hips, seeking her rhythm, listening to her moan.

"Cum on sound so feel so good....cum on..."

Her head leaned back, resting on my shoulder...she trembled more...then her legs seemed to give out, and she collapsed against me...


I held her, staying still inside her, until the tremors ended. Then I kissed her, helping her stand.

"Hey girl, I think you missed me, too." I smiled.

She turned, and smiled back, looking into my eyes.

"We still need to get you cleaned up, David." She picked up the cloth, and dropping to her knees, started to wash my cock.

"I don't want you getting into my bed all dirty, you know."

With a wicked grin, she slowly rubbed me, lifting my balls, and washing underneath, then stroking my cock. After she washed it, she licked the head, then smiled up at me.

"I think it's time we went to bed."

To be continued....


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