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Three Words
by Curtis V.

Finally, she was here.

I'd been waiting for her for what seemed like hours, even though only minutes had passed since she had called for final directions to my hotel. An excess of sexual energy had me pacing the length of the suite, my mouth watering for that first taste of her skin. I stood over the hot tub, losing myself in the bubbling water for a moment, but it did little to stem the rising lust I was experiencing. I sat back on the plush sofa and tried my best to relax. No sooner than my eyes were closed, the vision began:

Opening the door to see her standing there, wrapped in a thigh length leather coat. I reached out to take her hand and lead her inside, but she stepped away from my hand and undid the belt to her coat, opening it wide for me while she stood in the hallway. My eyes did nothing to hide the passion growing inside me as they wandered over her luscious body: those soft, succulent breasts, braless and practically begging for my tongue to encircle their nipples; the hollow of her navel, and the nearly transparent lace panties she was barely wearing, already wet with her arousal. This time my hand did not miss, and I greedily pulled her inside.

I stood her next to the couch and slid the coat from her shoulders, making certain it kept contact with the skin of her back as it slowly slipped to the floor. Sitting on the edge of the seat, I pulled her to me, planting slow kisses on her belly until her hands crept to the back of my head. I moved my hands to her back and pressed her into my face, licking up the sides of her ribs like a candy cane. My mouth continued upward, over her breast to her collarbone, then the side of her neck, sucking the skin there until my teeth grazed her flesh. Lacing my fingers in her hair, I pulled her head back to expose her neck to my teeth and tongue. The warmth of my breath on her skin brought goosebumps to her upper body. I bared my teeth but kept them just off her neck, enjoying the shivers anticipation created deep inside her. I nibbled the tip of her earlobe as my hand slipped inside her panties, fingers opening her even more. She gasped at the presence of my finger tickling between her lips, then lower. I sucked hard at her neck, the sensations combined with my finger pumping inside her making her knees falter. Pulling my hand from her panties, I brought my fingers to my mouth and hers, juicy with her honey. One by one she sucked them into her mouth, shuddering through an orgasm. I lowered her to the couch, lifting her legs to my shoulders as I slid down her body to nestle my face between her thighs.

I held nothing back, eating her with abandon. I growled into her soaking wetness as her hips bucked and writhed against my face and her hands gripped my head as if her life depended on not letting go. Sensing her approaching orgasm, I slowed the pace slightly, then stroked her smoothly as deeply as I could with two fingers while my lips locked around her clit and sucked it in and out of my mouth. Her orgasm was as long-lasting as any I could remember, and I loved every second of it. I extended my tongue fully and slid it into her folds, licking her inside. When I stopped moving my head, she took the hint and began to direct me with her hands, fucking herself with my tongue like it was her own toy. At this moment, it was.

She didn't see my hands bringing the ice cubes up from the bucket next to the couch. The shock of the sudden cold against both of her nipples at once stiffened her spine and locked her hands on my head as she came again, the snap in her hips so violent I was forced to hold on. "Good," I thought, "come again. Come for me until you can't move, until you can't even scream. I want you to have everything, to be totally satisfied tonight."

Her come was sugar on my tongue. It drove me crazy for more. I tore into her with an intensified sense of urgency, licking her as fast as I could. Her thighs pressed hard against the sides of my head, muffling the almost constant whimpering from her throat when it changed to a guttural scream of release as she came again. Every sound she made, every movement of her body in appreciation of my efforts spurred me on. We were caught in a vicious circle: the more she showed me how much she liked what I did, the more I tried to please her even further. This was one vicious circle I was in no hurry to escape.

Every time she screamed into another orgasm, I bit into my tongue to distract myself from coming along with her. The sounds she was making set me on fire to a point where I could've come without touching myself. I looked up to see her face, flushed and glistening, and found her hands waving back and forth telling me to wait. I pretended not to understand, slowly licking her lips from the bottom to the base of her clit, pausing for a second or two, then flicking it once hard. Seeing her stomach muscles contract with each flick put an evil smile on my face, and an idea into my mind. With each tongue trip up her smoldering sex, I began to suck her clit into my mouth and capture it between my lips, then roll it back and forth while jabbing it with the tip of my tongue. Two fingers inside her punctuated each attack of my tongue on her most sensitive spot. Her head thrashed back and forth, nails dug into the couch, hair soaked and matted with perspiration. I sensed her orgasm approaching again, and slowed almost to a stop. Her feet kicked the air, hands clawed at my shoulders in frustration. "Oh God no, please, please..." ...just the moment I had been waiting for.

I picked up the pace again, watching her face and body for a cue. When she held her breath and began to flush even more deeply, I quickly shoved her legs wide, bounced up to a kneeling position, and slammed all of myself into her in one smooth thrust just as she came. Her eyes flew open wide, and her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me as she let out a scream that could've shattered glass. I laid my weight down on her body and rolled my hips into her, grinding her clit mercilessly as her orgasm shook her. As her legs gave way, thighs trembling, I pulled the backs of her knees to my shoulders once more and stroked her as softly as I could, half strokes at first, increasing in speed and depth with every thrust. Her ankles locked behind my head and pulled me down close to her face, where she kissed me with a passion that I had never seen before. The look in her eyes was pure and uncontrolled lust as she said through gritted teeth, "Do it. Do it your way, baby. Fuck me to death and back."

Pulling out as slowly as I could stand, I pounded into her with enough force to make her breath hiss between her teeth. Her head whipped back hard against the couch, back arching to me. I withdrew again with the same slow deliberation, letting us both feel every nerve ending being stroked as if one at a time. Another pounding thrust, and her eyes squeezed shut with a groan, then opened again with that same fiery look that made my cock pulse inside her. This time as I pulled back she watched me, anticipating the next stroke with a wickedly evil grin on her face. I smiled back, but only half-stroked her back and forth until she reached for me, saying, "Uh uh, you know what I want. Giv--- ..." The next slamming stroke turned the words on her lips into a deep groan of savage pleasure that was music to my ears. No more teasing.

I stood up, grabbed her by her hips, and turned her in the air so that she was face down on the couch. Pulling her hips back toward me, I entered her again swiftly and pumped her as hard as I could. My hands encircled her waist, gripping tightly. The force of each impact shuddered through her body and mine, but neither of us cared. Total animal lust had taken over. I reached for her shoulders, pulling her back onto me as I thrust forward. One hand went to her hair, bunching it into my fist and pulling her head up and back. She groaned her approval.

She slowly gave way before the strength of the pounding strokes smacking her ass, arms weakening until her face and chest were down against the couch. Her reddening ass remained high in the air, just where I wanted it. I pounded into her with everything I had, all control gone now. The skin of her upper body was slowly becoming deep red due to her holding her breath, straining to push back against me. Through the sounds escaping my own throat, I heard her whimper, "God..... fuck me..."

I couldn't take any more. I grabbed her by her hips once again, and flung her onto her back. Leaning down onto her, I picked her up with me and sat down on the couch. Free to move at her own will, she was a woman possessed. Her hands gripped my neck as she slammed herself down onto my aching erection as fast and hard as she could. Sitting down to take me fully in, she wiggled her ass into my lap, grinding my cock inside her in all directions. It was more than I could bear.

I came with an intensity that threatened to render me unconscious. My vision dimmed, every muscle felt ready to burst from my body as I shot my come hard into her; her white hot canal contracting, squeezing firmly all around my shaft, milking me dry. I had to smile at the smirk on her face ... that smug all-conquering woman look I know so well...

I awoke to the sound of a car starting outside my window, and found a note next to me on the couch. I picked it up and almost screamed:


I'm sorry I was so late. You were sleeping so soundly when I got here, I knew you had to be exhausted from the trip. As much as I wanted you, I couldn't bring myself to wake you. It must've been one hell of a dream you were having, by the way. You had a smile on your face that wouldn't quit.

- Me

p.s. Maybe next time..

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