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The Workout
by Still_me

Oh man it had been a roller-coaster of a day. My proposal was now two weeks overdue and you, my best customer, had started to lose your patience with me. If I could only keep this phone from ringing for just one more hour, I know that I could wrap it all up.

"Ring - Ring"

Oh no, not again. "Yes" I answer brusquely

"Well", came your familiar voice, "if that is how you answer for your best clients, I only wonder how you treat your worst! Not to mention the timeliness of your proposals needs something to be desired" Your voice always made me nervous, especially how she drew out the word "desire". I though "Oh no, I can't put your off any longer."

"I am truly sorry. It has been crazy here and while your proposal has been in front of me for the last two weeks, I just can't seem to get away form the office long enough to finish it. I am very sorry. I should have it completed in the next hour or so, if the phone doesn't ring."

"I have a wonderful solution" It was your practice to make suggestions in your sweetest voice, a voice that contained a slight accent that conjured up images of palm trees and beaches and crashing surf. "Why don't you come over here, I have a full suite at the Ritz and you can work in peace while I conclude my business in New York." It was a perfect solution. I could focus on your needs alone, without the office distractions. I readily agreed.

I arrived at your suite and realized that I was in a shambles. My 14-hour day had caught up with me and it showed. My suit was a mess, I had beard nubs emerging on my chin and I could only imagine what my hair looked like. Standing in the hall, I had no other choice. While I had my work out clothes packed in my oversized briefcase, I don't think it would be appropriate to meet you for the first time dressed in an oversize T-shirt and lycra shorts. Who would have imagined that I would be wrong.

The door swung back to reveal an extremely attractive woman in your early twenties dressed in a fashionable warm-up suite. She was, much younger than your voice on the phone. "HI" I said, extending my hand, "I am ..."

"I am in here" said a voice over the shoulder of the young woman in front of me. "Bridgett, please show him in." That was the voice I had heard on speakerphone over the last two months. The living room of the suite had been turned into a mini-gym, complete with Stairmaster, treadmill and free-weights. "Bridgett is my personal trainer, she travels with me," you explained, as you effortlessly climbed the Stairmaster. "Do you work out?" You inquired as I set my briefcase down and I glanced back toward you. Actually, it was much more than a glance. It was more of a gawk. My eyes started at your hardened calves, moved past your sinewy legs, firm butt, paused at your breasts, which were covered in a thin stretch material, hardly concealing your swollen nipples on average sized, nicely proportioned breasts. My eyes locked in with yours, which were in the process of giving me the once over as well. "Do you always sleep in your clothes?" you asked with a mischievous smile. "You can set your laptop over there while Bridgett and I finish." With that, you turn away while Bridgett stepps to your side and began pushing you to go faster.

For the briefest of moments I had visions of the three of us together, causing my shorts to feel a bit tighter, but I put those thoughts aside, after all you were my client, and I focussed on finishing up so that I too could get my work out in.

With no distractions, I was able to finish in half an hour. I printed a copy and walked over to you while you were on a lifecycle, pumping away. I started to leave, knowing it would take your quite a while to absorb all the nuances of the proposal;. "Where are you going?" you asked between pages.

I told you that I was going to the local gym to use the treadmill and weights. "Why don't you change and work out here, I have everything you need." You said with a sweep of your hand, "then I will have the opportunity to discuss this proposal with you." It made good sense to me, too, and since I had my gym clothes with me, I agreed.

I emerged form the bathroom feeling a bit self conscious in my stretch shorts. After all, it was not the familiar faces at the gym, but a client who would be seeing me in shorts that left nothing to the imagination and a shirt that covered my muscular shoulders but stopped just above my hips.

You and Bridgett had moved on to the free weights while I warmed up on the treadmill. Just a few miles then I too would join you on the weights. You spent a long time on your legs, working them hard and it showed. Your muscles were toned to perfection and I could not believe how much weight you were able to move - almost as much as I lifted!

You had just started your bench presses when Bridgett's alarm went off and she excused yourself for the evening. You were disappointed that you would not have your coach as the door closed behind Bridgett. I offered to help your with the rest of your workout. "You think you can keep up with me?" was all that you said. For the next twenty minutes, we took turns on the equipment, pushing each other as hard as we could, willing each other to our physical limits. All the while I had trouble staying focused, keeping my thoughts off the swell in your chest when you were on the bench. A few times I realized that I had swollen hard, thinking about your moisture-covered body. While standing over you at the bench with your eyes just inches from my groin, I am sure that you noticed my hardness straining my shorts.

It was still a shock when at the end of our workout, you said, "You can shower now, while I finish reading" and you turned your back to me and sat down. My heart had been pounding in anticipation, I thought you were feeling the same energy, I was embarrassed. I felt sure you wanted more. I know that I did.

In the shower, I had washed my entire body, over my rock hard abs and my semi-erect manhood. Oh well, at least it was a good work out, I thought to myself. As I worked the shampoo into my hair, I thought I felt a slight breeze. Then I heard water running. My heart started to pound wildly. Were you in the bathroom? "as if reading my thoughts, your voice called out that you needed a bath. By the time I had the lather rinsed out of my hair, your bath water had ended. I opened the door and realized that the towels were all across the room and I would have to step in your full view to retrieve one. You must have sensed my dilemma, as you said in a wicked voice, "go ahead, I won't look" I turned away from you, trying to hide my hardness as I wrapped the towel around my waist and turned towards you. You looked radiant in the tub, your dark hair cascading to your shoulders and floating on the water. Your toes peeking out from the bubbles of the bath, which seem to have magically gathered around the tops of your breasts, hiding most of your chest, yet revealing a hint of your cleavage. It was a very sexy sight to see the white bubbles against your dark skin. My erection beneath my towel echoed my sentiments, a sight your eyes did not fail to miss. "Come over here and bath me" you commanded. I was happy to oblige. I took the sponge and began with your shoulders. I lightly scrubbed your neck and back, your arms and legs, diving beneath the water to follow the contours of your magnificent body. Your strong demeanor melted only once when the rough sponge brushed across the tip of your chest, when a small moan escaped your lips. I had scrubbed you clean.

Boldly, I stood and removed my towel, then slid behind and underneath your in the tub. You were only to happy to allow me in. There was enough room in the tub for both of us. Enough room for me to lift your up to the water's surface and float you on top, supporting your neck with one hand while exploring your body with the other.

My fingers brushed away the bubbles from your chest as I lightly etched circles on your body. The contrast of my long white fingers rolling your very dark nipples kept me swollen to the breaking point. I needed your bad and I needed you soon. With you still floating on the surface, my fingers traced down across your flat abdomen, sending shivers throughout your entire body, which contracted in spasm. My fingers slid across your stiff pubic hair and traced the outline of your labia. You moaned in my ear as my fingers slid up and down between your labia, which were swollen and protruding. And very wet. My fingers slowly spread you apart, encountering the soft buttery insides of your lips.

Eyes closed and still floating, You were radiant. Breasts pointing to the ceiling, nipples erect and begging to be sucked. Floating you to my mouth, my lips found your nipple as my fingers continue to massage your labia. Not yet entering your cervical canal, even though I know you wanted me to. As my teeth gently bit and scraped your nipple, my fingers slid deep insider you for the first time. An intense orgasm shook your body as water sloshed everywhere. Your screams of passion echoed off the ceramic walls of the bathroom and yet you still wanted more.

Slipping underneath your I surfaced between your legs. Facing my lips to your calf muscles, my hands moved under your buttocks and my fingers spread out to support you. You comment on how large my hands were, able to cover each globe of your firm ass completely. You do not talk for long, as my mouth has now found the inside of your thigh and all your attention is focussed there. Inches away from your mound, I know you can feel my breath.. I know you could anticipate what was about to come next. My hands spread your globes apart, fingers touching in all the right places. With extreme care, I allowed only the tip of my tongue to caress the folds of your lips, a small up and down flick that had your begging for more. God you tasted good. I was so hungry for you. Starting at the tender spot of skin at the base of your vagina, I slid my tongue up in excruciating slow steps. As my tongue neared your clitoris, I was careful not to touch, but rather encircle all around its base. You started to grind yourself into my mouth, begging me to go deeper, to suck your clit hard, make love to your little knob of pleasure. Your thighs now had my head in a vice like grip as the movements of my tongue were having their effect. Water continues to splash out of the tub as you near an orgasm, I thrust my long hard tongue deep into your and you come in volcanic proportions, grinding my face in to you, screaming in joy and passion as water goes everywhere!

From my vantage point, all I could see are your beautiful breasts, gleaming in the light reflected off their wet surface, every vein and hair follicle puckered and alive in your orgasm. You looked marvelous, hair wet and wild, chest heaving as you try to catch your breath.

After many minutes passed, I helped you out of the tub and towel you off. Taking my time, I am able to worship every nook and cranny, dabbing the towel across your bronze skin that now smells of lavender bath soap. While you stand in the center of the bathroom, I apply lotion to every inch of your body, careful to be gentle behind your knees and in your more sensitive zones. As I stand behind you to massage the lotion into your shoulders, I pull you back against me so that we could see the reflection of our bodies in the full length mirror at the end of the room. My beard stubble scratches against your neck, sending shivers down your spine. You watch in the mirror as my hands slid down your shoulders and around your waist, then up to your chest. Pulling you tight against me. My hardness now rests in against the top of your crack as my hands roll your nipples. Placing your hands over mine, You guide me down, across your stomach and to the tops of your thighs. There our hands traveled up to the inside of your thighs, lifting your off your feet and spreading your legs and lips open. I lowered you so that the tip of my hard cock, gleaming in anticipation, penetrates you for the first time. Our fingers intertwined as my engorged head stretched your to your limits. Four hands caress the point of our juncture. Four hands covered in juices. You raise our fingers up to your mouth and suck those juices off while I rocked into you.

Our reflection in the mirror does no justice to the ecstasy that we feel. As my hard cock thrusts into you, my face scratches your back and my hands kneaded your breasts, your breath quickens. The image is too wicked, too visual. I close my eyes as my attention becomes focussed on one overwhelming feeling. My GOD! So tight, So wet,. So warm, SO sexy, my mind numbs as my balls scream they had to explode. I stop my kneading and pull you tight to my chest as I now pound into you with animalistic passion. You can see the veins throbbing in my cock as it pounds into you. With a few thrusts to go my balls contract, my hips take over and a primal moan fills the room.

AGHHHH!!!!! I thrust deep one last time as it is my turn to erupt, shooting deep inside. I keep cumming, OH GOD!! It feels so good. I am shivering from the excitement, my hands have left indentations on your breasts. My breath comes in ragged gasps as I fight for oxygen. I realize that you too, have orgasmed and after a few more moments, we collapse together.

My arms wrap around you and the reflection in the mirror says it all. We stagger to the bed and collapse in a pile of arms and legs twisted together.

It was the best workout ever!


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