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The Workout
by Dinghy(Jo)

It was late Friday night and I was tired, relaxed and horny as hell.

I had just finished an aerobics workout and an hour on the gym equipment. I was standing under the shower letting the warm water wash away the rest of the weeks problems.

I thought I was alone in the gym except for the old maintenance man that locked up at 11 p.m. so I was surprised when I heard in noise in the locker room outside. Through the door I could see that it was one of the aerobics instructors. I think that her name was Kathleen or Kathryn but everybody called her Kat. She was the epitome of aerobic instructors, tall, blond, blue-eyed and very shapely.

The bathing area was quite large but only had three showers. From where I was standing with my head bowed and my back to the center shower the entrance to the room was to my right. I couldn't help but peek at her as she entered the bathing area. She caught me looking at her and smiled as she passed directly in front of me on her way to the shower at my left. I was immediately attracted to her so I returned her smile but quickly looked away, a little embarrassed. When she turned on the shower and stepped back to adjust the temperature I stole another glance at her. We were almost the same height but she was in far better shape than I. Her skin was a beautiful bronze color and unbroken by tan lines. It offered an outstanding contrast to her naturally blond hair. Her breasts stood out as they do only in drawings of beautiful women. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples appeared to be hard, I know that mine were. Again she caught me staring at her and smiled at me. I returned her smile and I am sure I blushed before I looked away.

I turned around to face the shower and tilted my head back to let the invigorating water cascade over my neck, shoulders and breasts. Although it felt wonderful it did nothing to alleviate my sexual urges and in fact only increased my needs as I thought of the beautiful woman next to me. When I peeked at her this time she was staring directly at me with a wide grin on her face. I quickly looked away but this time I could feel the heat on my face as I blushed. I turned my attention to the soothing waters that were rinsing the tension from my body.

I stood there for a few moments with my eyes closed when suddenly I felt hand on my left shoulder. This was quickly followed by second hand fondling my right breast from behind and a gentle kiss on my right shoulder. She pressed into me until I could feel her nipples boring into my back and the warmth of her body against my buttocks.

My first instinct was to escape but the wall with the showers was in front of me and she was almost surrounding me from behind. Besides, it felt good and I wasn't sure I wanted it to stop. Now both of her hands were on my breasts, fondling, kneading and tweaking. My already firm nipples were as hard as acorns and despite the hot shower I was covered with goosebumps. I made a snap decision and turned around to face her. My nipples brushed against hers and it was almost like an electric shock went through me. When her lips met mine and her tongue pushed into my mouth I felt a weakening in my knees and an exotic feeling as my pussy came alive with moisture. Without breaking our kiss or our embrace her right hand found its way down to my crotch and felt the dampness my pussy was producing. Slowly her lips left mine and without moving her hand from my pussy she lowered her head and took the nipple of my left breast into her mouth.

Up to this point I had only been a passive participant in my own seduction. This changed completely when I pulled her head hard against my breast with one hand and began to massage her breasts with the other. Without letting her mouth lose contact with my body she went down on her knees in front of me and kissed a path from my nipple to my belly button. The fingers of her right hand had found my clitoris and were alternating between rubbing it and being inserted into my vagina. Her left hand had slid down my buttocks and was exploring my anus. With a gentle shove she pushed me back against the shower wall and put the thigh of my right leg on her shoulder. This laid my pussy bare so that her tongue could replace her fingers on my clit. Between her finger sliding in and out of my anus and her tongue doing the same to my pussy I knew that it would only be seconds before I climaxed.

She must have sensed this because she pulled me down on the floor and had me take a position on top of her straddling her face. All I had to do to reach her pussy with my mouth was to lean forward. Both showers were still running but we were in the center the floor well away from the mainstream. Her tongue fucking my pussy and her finger fucking my ass hole made it impossible for me to concentrate on my part of this 69 proposition. All I could do was to sit there with my head back while the waves of pleasure washed over me.

Within just a few moments I reached my first orgasm and could feel rivers of my cum flowing out of my pussy and onto her face. Each time her tongue touch my clitoris I shuddered and more of my juices flowed. Even her nose touching my anus caused me to shiver. After my third or fourth orgasm I was so spent that it was a welcome relief to stretch out and bury my face in her crotch. I couldn't tell if her shaved monds of Venus was wet from the showers or from our encounter. When I slid my tongue into her pussy I knew it was wet for me. The moisture was sweet and delicate without any mustiness. She began to squirm almost immediately and within seconds she was bucking her hips against my face has my tongue plunged ever deeper into her. Her orgasm wasn't as intense as mind but it left her gasping for breath.

When it was over, we took turns bathing each other, giggling like a couple of school girls.

Later, when we were leaving we ran into Thomas, the old caretaker. He gave us a knowing smile and asked if we had a nice shower.

I think she winked at him when she said "one of the best."

His parting remark was "come again."

I couldn't help but think "I sure as hell hope so."

And we did! (Many times)

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