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The Weekend
by Indy

We sat on the sofa. I sat at one end, as Terri lounged at the other, one foot on the floor and the other tucked under her knee. I wanted to touch her so badly I ached. Instead, I reached out and took the tucked foot and put it on my lap. Rubbing her ankle, I got gutsy and took her shoe off. I could feel the stress and tension in her foot as I began massaging it. The sock came next. I peeled off the garment and resumed rubbing, all the while studying her long toes, gently curving arch, perfectly shaped toenails, and soft skin. Oh my God.. even her feet turned me on! Slowly, methodically, I soothed away the stress in this foot. She was talking. What was she saying? I have no idea... I was totally engrossed and enamoured by the foot in my hands. So I gave her the non-committal "Uh-huh", as if I were listening.

She lifted her other foot to my lap. Oh, God, I'm in Heaven! Both feet at my disposal. I took the other shoe and sock off and let them fall to the floor with the others. I turned to face her, this new foot in my hands. I know the look I gave her was pure passion. To be honored by massaging such masterpieces was beyond anything I have ever imagined! Her feet were so perfect! With my fingers on the top of her foot, and my thumbs on the underside, I gently massaged the stress away from the ball of her foot and between her toes. Studying and concentrating on the silky smoothness of her skin, my eyes followed my hands as they moved up to her ankle and began rubbing around it, I rubbed her Achilles tendon, then slowly moved up to her calf. One hand in front of the other, palm open, I rubbed the muscle with my fingers, as my thumbs rubbed the sides of her calf. Her skin was so smooth! She began to relax under my fingers and a soft sigh escaped her lips. My hands reached up to her thigh, thumbs pressing into the muscle, as my fingers gently pulled and rubbed the muscle. My heart was pounding in my chest as I felt the heat emitting from the center of her body. My hands moved from one leg to the other, repeating the same movements as before, and slid them down her thigh, over her knee, stopping to concentrate on her calf, then down to her ankle.

I raised myself to my knees as I began moving my hands back upward on the inside of her legs. I looked into her eyes for a sign that she wanted me to continue. What I saw almost startled me. Her eyes were dark with passion, and her breathing was labored. It was as if she were begging me to continue.

"Please don't stop," was all she said.

I slid my hands over the top of her upper thigh and over her groin to her hips and continued upward, over the fabric, then over her shirt. My body hovered over hers. I looked into her eyes, then allowed my eyes to roam over her face, stopping at the sight of her soft and inviting lips.

I leaned down to kiss her. Oh God... what a kiss! The moment our lips touched, the fire raged out of control. Our tongues entwined, as if they were wrestling. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, feeling it's texture with my own. I became intoxicated with the taste of her. My hands found the soft mounds of her breast and began caressing them through her shirt. I released her tongue from my mouth, kissed her lips, and began kissing and gently sucking on her chin, working my mouth down her neck. She raised her head to expose more of her neck to my hungry mouth.

Finding the buttons on her shirt, I began unbuttoning them. When my fingers released the last button, I sat upright as my hands exposed the beauty before me. I drew a ragged breath, and my hands cupped the rising beauties before me. I put both hands around the left breast, leaving the nipple uncovered as my head dipped toward it. As my mouth was about to devour this luscious morsel, my tongue stretched out to meet her nipple. Barely touching, my tongue traced tiny circles around the areola, and moving in the same circular pattern, moved to the tip. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked her breast into my mouth, creating a vacuum with my mouth, and teased her nipple with my tongue. Her moans of delight excited me even more. My left hand moved to cup her other breast and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. As I sucked her breast, her hands moved to the back of my head, rubbing my hair and pressing me into her. Her moans became more intense. I sucked her deep inside my mouth, until her nipple rested at the back of my throat. And in doing so, my tongue caressed the underside wanting more.

The nipple between my fingers was rock hard.. almost begging for the same treatment. Slowly, I released the pressure on the left breast and pulled my mouth off, only to move to her right side and repeat the process. As I sucked her breast into my mouth, her moans became louder and she arched her back in obvious pleasure.

My hands moved down her sides to the top of her shorts, and around to the front, unbuttoning her fly. With her breast still in my mouth, my hands moved to her waistband and began gently tugging downwards. She raised to hips to accomplish this feat. As the shorts moved down to her knees, I brought my foot up to assist in their continued descent. My hands caressed her now naked hips and around to her buttocks, squeezing an kneading them under my hands and lifting her up to me. I released her breast from my mouth and began a trail with my tongue over her abdomen, dipping into her navel for quick taste. Moving my body between her legs little by little until my mouth reached the top of her bush. I paused here, closed my eyes and inhaled deeply of her wondrous scent.

Gently, I put her one leg on the back of the sofa and assisted the other foot to the floor, opening her up to me. Oh, she was gorgeous! I opened her lips to expose her glistening womanhood. Noticing a drop of her juice was about to spill onto the sofa, I dipped my head to lap it up with my tongue. I couldn't stop there. My tongue moved as if it had a will of it's own. Making wide circles around her clitoris and along the inside of her lips, and reaching the bottom, came up the middle to gently tease her clit. Her hands were still on the back of my head.. rubbing and caressing my hair. Her moans were very audible, spurring me on. I sucked her into my mouth, again creating a vacuum with my mouth, and licked her clit as it swelled to rock hardness inside my mouth. My fingers moved to her opening and I gingerly slid one finger inside, she was so wet, I inserted a second. Pressing my fingers deep inside her, I found her cervix and began lightly rubbing it with my fingertips. Her "oohs" and moans telling me she was loving what I was doing, my fingers became more demanding in their assault on her cervix, flicking and rolling my fingers around it. She felt so good in there, I imagined my whole self being inside her. From the amount of moisture beginning to generate from inside her, I knew her orgasm was imminent. I was enjoying this far too much to allow this to happen just yet, so I slowed my pace just a little. I was not successful.... her orgasm came full force.

She pressed my face hard against her clitoris, bucking her hips, crying, "Please don't stop... please, please don't stop!!!"

Her wish was my command. My fingers moved in and out of her faster and faster, stroking her cervix, my mouth sucking and licking her clitoris. My own orgasm building. "Come on, Baby, cum for me....." I whispered. "Feed me.." As she reached her peak, her hips were high in the air, off the sofa and my fingers became stiff inside her as I came too. Our moans and cries mixing in harmony. As the wave of pleasure passed us both, I pulled my mouth from her clitoris, and slowly removed my fingers from inside her. I lay my head on her bush, reveling in the feel of her against my cheek. She pulled me up to lay on top of her and kissed me, tasting her juices on my mouth. I pulled back and looked into her sparkling brown eyes then lay on her chest.

"You hungry, Babe?" she asked smoothly, nuzzling my hair.

"Not overly... I just ate," I replied with a grin.

"I mean for real food, silly," she laughed.

"Hummm... does that mean we have to get up?" I groaned.

"Well.... we could order in," she said. "Let me get the delivery menus."

Reluctantly, I stood up and helped her to her feet.

After looking over the menus, we decided on gourmet pizza and breadsticks. I didn't realize just how hungry I was until we placed the order.

When it finally arrived, we sat in the middle of the floor... rather lounged in the middle of the floor, with the pizza and breadsticks between us. Laying on our sides, braced on our hands, still naked, enjoying the fare.

At first, we made small talk. Leaning over to kiss each other once in awhile. Ummm... the pizza tasted so much better on her lips than my own. Her kiss was electrifying. The pizza only half finished, I rolled over on my back and looked at the ceiling. Not wanting to miss the opportunity presented, she came over to me and lay on me. She starting kissing me and caressing my body with her own.

Her cat didn't want to miss the opportunity to have pizza, and began munching while we were pre-occupied. The swish of his tail brought my attention what he was doing.

"Ummm... Honey, how does your cat handle people food?" I asked.

"Not very well.. .why?" her face was buried in my neck as she answered.

"Well, how does he handle pizza?"

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed as she rose and brushed him away.

We got off the floor and put the food away. Then she took my hand and led me to the bedroom where we explored our bodies all over again.

What seemed to be a few minutes of intense lovemaking, was actually several hours. I hadn't slept so well in a very long time. I began slowly rising out of my peaceful slumber. I opened my eyes, wondering what woke me up. Then I realized she was gone. A moment of panic burst into my head, then I heard her moving around in the kitchen. Ummm, she's making coffee. I lay there on the bed, naked, on my stomach, listening to her movements. The activities of the night mulling around in my mind. What a night it was! I never dreamed I'd ever meet anyone as fulfilling as she was... much less fall in love with that person. My eyes were closed, with a smile on my face, when she came back to the bedroom.

"I see that grin," she said laughing, "what are YOU thinking about?"

"Nothing, just remembering..." I said as I let my voice trail off.

She lay her body on top of my back, and I could feel her pubic hair on my buttocks pressing against me. I've never been a "morning" person.... never really had the desire to have sex as soon as I woke up. But something in her changed all that. I found myself very aroused at just the touch of her. She began moving against me, bracing her arms on either side of me on the bed, thrusting her pelvis into my backside. I arched my back to meet her thrusts. I rose up on my knees, as did she. It was like she was making love to me from behind. She held my hips and began rocking me back and forth against her. I could tell from her moans, that she was as excited as I was. She sat back on her heels, and ran her hand along my womanhood, feeling it's wetness. Her fingers found my clitoris and began rubbing, then slid a finger inside me, sending sparks of excitement throughout my body.

"More," I said pleadingly. "Please give me more."

She slid one then two more fingers inside me and began making love to me with her fingers. The feeling was fantastic! I wanted all of her inside me!

"More... please?" I cried.

"Leslie, honey, are you sure?" she asked, concern showing in her voice.

"Yes... please....?" I begged.

She reached over me to the nightstand where the tube of lubricant was kept and spread it over her hand. She moved back to her position and gently inserted three fingers inside me. Moving in and out, stretching the skin to my opening. Then four fingers... the pressure becoming intense. Gingerly, she massaged and stretched to accommodate her thumb. I now had all five inside me. She rotated and gently pressed, moving in and out, then slid her whole hand inside me. The immediate rush of pleasure made me cry out. My gasp made her stop.

"Are you ok?" concern evident in her voice.

"You feel WONDERFUL! Please don't stop...."

She began rotating her hand as I pushed backwards to take all of her inside me.

"You feel so good in there!" I cried.

"I love being inside you," she said. She thrust her hand in and out as she made love to me with her fist, rocking her hips back and forth with every stroke.

She sensed I was close to orgasm and increased her rhythmic pace.

"I'm gonna cum, Baby... fuck me... oh, please... FUCK ME! Oh, God! I'm cumming!" I screamed.

"Cum for me, Baby... oh yeah, I feel it! Cum for me...."

"I'm cum...oohhhhhhh Baby FUCK ME!!!!!"

"Come on, yeah.. ummmm... feels good..." she said as she fucked me deep and hard.

"I'm cumming all over your hand, Baby, cummin' cummin' cummin'" all the words jumbled together as wave after wave washed over me.

When my body took all it could stand, we both stopped moving... I stopped to catch my breath and feel her inside me, and she stopped to bask in the overwhelming feel of being inside me. Neither of us wanted her to withdraw, but we knew it had to be done. Slowly, she began pulling her hand out and instinctively, my vaginal muscles closed in around her wrist. With a gentle tug, she was out. That moment was almost depressing. She was no longer inside me... I felt so empty...I missed her already. I would keep her in there always, if I could.

She lay down beside me and cuddled me in her arms, both of us spent with no energy for anything. She told me she had never done anything like that before. Because of the size of her hands, all the other women she had been with couldn't handle their size. I felt wonderful that I could give her that pleasure.

After a few minutes of rest, she got up and brought me a cup of coffee. We sat on the bed, enjoying each other's company, and contemplating what additional pleasures awaited us.

The End
Another Fine Story by Indy.

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