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The Wedding Anniversary
by Tiger110

It's a warm summers evening in the middle of July and here I am tied face down naked to the kitchen table with a vibrator sticking out of my arse. It all began a few hours ago when I returned home from a hard day at the office. I walked in to find my wife Susan all dressed up ready to kill, only the look on her face said it was me she was going to kill. She promptly informed me I was supposed to have been home two hours ago and we were supposed to be going out to dinner for our wedding anniversary. After much groveling I finally convinced her to have a night in with the promise of a dirty weekend away no expense spared, and a dam good shag tonight where she could call the shots. Okay she said turning all dominant, we'll do it on the kitchen table, you go in and get undressed while I go upstairs and change into something more appropriate.

Ten minutes later here was I sitting on the kitchen table naked with a big grin on my face and an even bigger hard-on in my hand when my wife walked in. Now Susan is only 5'2" but tonight she looked over 6'0" as she walked in wearing a short rubber dress, 4" black leather heels and bright red lipstick that set off her flame red hair. The rubber dress had the effect of squeezing her 40" tits up and out, squashing her waist in so small I could get my hands to meet round it, and finishing so high up her legs that she was unable to wear stockings. 'Like what you see?' she said, bending over to get something out of the refrigerator. As she did this I could just see the tiny pair of red knickers she had on and remembed that they were the crotchless ones I had bought her a couple of weeks previously.

She turned round to show me the can of whipped cream she had taken out. " Well don't just sit there playing with your cock, lie down I want to try out something I've been dreaming of for ages", she said, with a wicked and frightening look on her face. Slowly I lay back and as I did so up came my cock sticking out like a fag pole." Mmm, what shall I do about that? Its not as if you've been a good boy, I don't think we should make things to easy tonight, and you did say I could do what I liked!" she said. With that she produced a small ball of string." Spread your arms and legs I want to tie you down" she said. Well in the past we had played around with mild bondage but it had always been me who tied her up and extracted my every whim, maybe this time it might be fun to be on the receiving end. It took a few minutes for her to tie down my legs to the table, especially as I kept having a quick grope under her dress, and at one point even managed to get a finger inside her cunt to find it dripping wet. When she was finally finished she shook the can of cream and proceeded to turn my cock into a large white cone, giggling all the time and pushing her arse close to hand but just out of reach.' Mmm we need something to top it off with she said just as the door bell rang, now don't go away she said and ran off to answer it leaving the door slightly ajar. I could hear voices and some giggles for several minutes but try as I might I couldn't make out the conversation. Susan came back in and said I had to keep quiet as it was Derek wanting to know if we wanted to go out on the town for our anniversary. Derek is one of our friends, he's 6'4" black and in the local rugby team, I said did it look as thought I wanted to go out and for her to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Suddenly she turned angry complaining that we never went out any more and that tonight was her night and she could call the shots, she said she was going out without me and I would have to wait for my fuck until she'd had some fun herself. She turned round and went back into the living room and began to flirt with Derek again. Finally she returned and with a giggle said Derek was going to look after her, she took out a jar of cherries and put one on top of my cream mountain before carefully inserting one under her dress into her fanny, saying that I could have that one latter; provided she didn't let anybody else have it first. Then with a wicked laugh and a kiss on one of my nipples she left, I could hear a deep male voice telling her that he would take extra special care of her tonight since I was unavailable and then the front door slammed.

Several hours later the front door slammed again and Sue walked into the kitchen, she didn't say anything but got a chair and placed it in front of my head and climbed on top. Slowly she rolled up the hem of her dress and lowed her pussy down onto my mouth. As she came down I noticed she was knickerless but was quickly smothered in soft warm wet flesh before I could say a word, it was then that I felt her lips slide down my creamy cock and suck off the carefully placed cherry. I began to lick round the outer folds of her quim and gather up some of the vast amounts of creamy fluid ozing out of her cunt and had to swallow several times before I could go to work with my tongue on the inside. I worked round and round feeling for her cherry, the one she had put in earlier, but to my dismay couldn t find it; suddenly I heard somebody go into the fridge. Susan slowly got off, turned round on the table and moved backwards so that she could impale herself on my waiting cock, only to give me a clear view of Derek with a pot of chocolate pudding and a spoon." Hi", he said, as Sue slowly began to pump my cock in and out of her creamy cunt while pinching at my nipples. At this point I had to ask what was going on, why hadn't she any knickers on, why was Derek here, and where was the cherry she had put in her cunt earlier? She laughed and reminded me that it was her night and I had said she could do anything. She told me how they had been at the club and had a few drinks before going onto the dance floor, they had to dance very close as it was so crowded and she could feel Derek's penis pushing into her belly, soon his arms were round her neck and the music began to slow down. While he was kissing her she opened her mouth so that their tongues could meet and his cock began to grow even larger, suddenly she felt a hand working its way up under her dress and inside her crotchless panties, this wouldn't have bothered her until she remembered that his hands were still at the back of her neck. Slowly it worked its way from the back of her leg to between them and on to her clit, her cunt was already dripping wet from Derek's attentions and as one finger began to massage her love bud several others slipped inside and started to pump in and out quicker and quicker. Derek whispered in her ear, did she like it? and did she want more? Before she could answer a small climax ripped though her stomach and Derek picked her up to carry her off to a table in the far corner.

At the table several of Derek's friends were gathered round and cleared a space as he approached, he laid her on the table before reaching up inside her dress to remove her damp stained pants saying they were now his, a souvenir of the night to come. At this he backed off slightly and somebody else dived between her legs and began to lap at her wet pussy. It must have been him who took her cherry, but she really couldn't say because somebody else had put his cock inside her open mouth and her hands were now wrapped round two other equally large members wanking them. After all the men had taken turns to fuck her, in both her cunt and mouth, Derek positioned himself at the end of the table, he opened his zip and pulled out the biggest cock she had not only seen, but even dreamt about. He said that if she promised to do as he asked later he would stop them from having another go and save her cunt for his play toy . That explained why Derek was here now and why her cunt tasted so creamy, it was full of the other men's spunk. At this point Derek unzipped himself and with a grin came to stand next to the table by my head, Sue lent forward and slowly began to swallow his limp 7" cock between her lips.

Now it is very interesting to have your wife sitting on top of your cock while tied to the kitchen table, but to have her sucking a black man's prick not 2" from your face at the same time is incredible. Slowly as his pick began to increase in length her head moved backwards because the thickness of it made it impossible for her to get anything but the head between her lips. Her lips began to stretch and look like bright pink elastic bands round a dark brown pole, the sucking sounds became more and more exaggerated, and her nostrils began to flare as she scrambled for breath. It was at this point that Derek explained that only once had he been with a woman that could take all of his 13" cock into her mouth at any one time, the most Sue could manage was the bulbous head. In fact it was normally only possible for him to fuck a woman after she had been excited from fucking other men so that he could use their lubricants to enable him to squeeze enough in so that he could then ram hard enough to make himself cum. This of course needed time and some very special help, hence why he had not fucked the arse off her in the club. Puzzled, I asked how I might be of assistance in this area? Only to be met by the kitchen door opening again and in walking Del and Winston, each carrying a carrier bag.

Derek pulled away from Sue, Del and Winston helped her off the table and placed her sitting on the edge of the sink draining board. Winston opened his carrier bag and removed a razor and a can of shaving foam, some baby oil, talc, and two pieces of soft rope. At this point Derek told the others to turn me over so I could get a better view of his woman, but to make sure I was securely retied and couldn't interfere. After doing this Del tied Sue's legs open to the far ends of the work top and proceeded to kneel in front of her. Before he began to shave her he had a good long look at her ginger snatch, wet a small shaving brush and began to work shaving foam all around her minge. He paid particular attention to the top of her slit where her clit was located and soon had her crying out in short moans begging for him to let her come, for Derek to come and fuck her, for me to do something, wanting anything between her legs to ease the tension building up inside her. Winston came over with a carton of chocolate pudding and began to spread it across her tits but not the nipples as he said he had a warmer recipe for them. Sue made a move to wank herself off but Derek was quick off the mark to catch her he then got Winston to tie her arms back to the taps with a stern warning that she had promised to obey his every whim and if she didn't they might have to resort to fucking my arse instead. Del then began to shave her cunt. Slowly he pulled the skin tight, he held open her labia and kept on washing out the razor, this of course meant he had to keep applying more shaving cream. Ten minutes later Sue was on the edge of insanity, only now she had a hairless cunt, Derek moved closer and inspected Del's handywork with the tip of his finger, pleased with what he saw he knelt down and ran his big pink tongue from bottom of her slit up onto the top of her clit; Sue let out one tremendous moan as she came to orgasm. O.K! Time to stretch that cunt young lady he said, moving out of the way for Winston who had been going round the kitchen collecting things. Winston poured baby oil over a large carrot from the refrigerator and began to insert to into her sopping twat, it went in easily so he took it out and handed it to Derek who began to eat it. Next was a large cucumber, however this time she could take the girth but the length was around 12" and she began to thrash around when he got up to about 9". This was the cue for Del to step in with the rest of the menu for her tits, he slowly broke open a red chilli and rubbed it right on the nipple, her cry of pleasure was deafening and as she forgot about the penetration between her legs and in slipped the cucumber to the full 12". Once again Del pulled out the long green phallic and handed it to Winston, only this time as he did so it caused her to climax again. Next was a wine bottle, the long cylindrical shape one, like Black Tower but a little larger. This time before he began to push it in he opened her pussy and began to suck on her now very large clit until she was once again on the point of no return. Then very quickly he pushed it at least 7" into her cunt before she began to come down, once again he called for Winston who rubbed the chilli onto her body; only this time it was on her clit. Susan nearly hit the roof and began to plead for Derek to fuck her before she lost her mind, Del continued to ram home the bottle until all bar the last 2" were left for him to hold on to. Quickly they untied her and removed the bottle, by which time Derek was lying on the floor in front of me with this huge great pole sticking out from between his legs, it was as thick as a child's arm and blacker than a piece of liquorice but had a strong pink bulbous head on it that must have been at least 3" in diameter. They held Sue under her arms and slowly began to lower her gapping twat on to this huge member, the first 4" disappeared straight in after the head finally forced its way past her lips, they then started to bounce her up and down and inch by inch the black shaft crept into her white hairless tunnel. Only a few inches to go little lady, said Derek with a smile on his face, he then nodded to the other two men who lifted her high up in the air before letting go her; unable to hold up her own body weight Sue let a scream of ecstasy as the cock rammed up into her and pieced her womb, his balls slapped against her arse. Again they pulled her up and pushed her down until a steady stroke was established, I could clearly see her cunt lips being dragged in and out by his black shaft and a stream of sticky fluid flowing down her thighs all over his balls, she was very close to the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Del moved behind Sue and began to rub baby oil over his now erect cock, Winston moved in front and smeared his in chocolate pudding, both were ready for the final climax. Del pushed her forward, but as she went down Winston grabbed her red hair and forced her head up so he could ram his cock into her mouth when needed. The time had come and Del pulled open her arse hole and thrust his cock into her, she screamed out and as she did so Winston pushed his cock into her mouth, Derek began to buck inside her cunt and within three or four thrusts from each of them they all came off together.

After a few minutes for Sue to regain some of her composure the two lads lifted her off which caused her have yet another small orgasm. They lifted her onto the sink and made her stand up while they washed all the dried on spunk and chocolate pudding off her, they produced a length of hose and even washed inside her cunt, mind you the cold water did make her jump a bit. Derek told the two men to set-up in the bedroom as he would be along in a few minutes, he then turned to Sue and told her to put on the clothes in the second carrier bag, bid good night to her husband and follow him to the bedroom where they could have a proper fuck from behind, who knows he might even take her up the arse if she was very obedient. At the door he said she should use the last item in the bag for my pleasure, the timer was preset. Inside the bag was some more black patent leather shoes, this time with 4" heels, a black lace suspender belt and fine mesh stockings. There was also a short 14" silver chain to which was attached nipple clamps at either end, along with a 12" slim vibrator that was mains powered via a timer device. Sue quickly got dressed up and I saw tears come to her eyes as she tightened the nipple clamps harder than she needed to, as she walked over I looked at her now very swollen pussy and said that if she wanted to call it a night we could, she just smiled and said no way, tonight was her night to call the shots and she was only just beginning to enjoy it. With that she smeared baby oil over my arse and rammed home the vibrator, it came with a strap that she put round me so I couldn't force it out and plugged it into the power socket. Its set to go off every 30 minutes and run for 10 minutes at a time she said, hope you don't cum to much because tomorrow night we're going back to the club to find you some girls for the night. With that she gave me a kiss on the arse and said she'll tell me all about it in the morning, that is if I didn't hear it all in the night that was.

So here I am, face down waiting for the vibrator to start yet again, my wife is up stairs with three black men being used as a sex toy and enjoying every minute of it by the sounds of the noises coming down through the ceiling, and to make things even better she came down stairs later for the rest of the fruit bowl, 2 table tennis bats and some more chillies. She also let me have a quick suck at one of her chilli flavoured nipples while she checked the state of my cock by squeezing it hard and rubbing one of the hot peppers onto it. She told me as she was leaving that she was now going to try out Derek's last idear and be the first woman to have him up her bum and I wasn t to get to worried if I heard some screams, the boys said that they would break her in slowly before Derek had his turn just like before.

PS. I must remember to forget her Christmas present this year, provided Derek is still around of course!!!

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